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FOR CORROSION ENGINEER S ONLY: Accountabilities Plans and supervises the activities of assigned personnel.

Performs supervisory duties and exercises financial authority at the level established by management for the position. Implements the Companys corrosion control policies to mitigate corrosion attacks on static structures, equipment and associated facilities. Plans and implements work programs covering following activities: - Cathodic Protection - Chemical Treatment - Internal Corrosion Monitoring - Failure Investigation - Coating inspection & evaluation - Data Gathering and Processing - Miscellaneous Corrosion Inspection Conducts corrosion inspection on pipelines, well casing/tubing, and carries out failure investigations related to corrosion attacks on wells, processing, transm itting and storage facilities. Analyzes related corrosion results and recommends remedial measures. Plans and evaluates the results of all routine and non routine cathodic protecti on surveys intended to confirm the effectiveness of deployed systems. Makes appr opriate technical recommendations for possible improvements. Conducts effective monitoring programs on coatings of existing equipment, struct ures and facilities to assess conditions and identify problems. Prepares adequat e coating repair programs. Participates in supervising intelligent pipeline tool inspection. Analyzes recor ded data and plans necessary inspection/repair program. Reviews and evaluates survey results from electrochemical probes, weight-loss co upons, and other corrosion monitoring devices used to establish the effectivenes s of internal corrosion control methods. Ensures satisfactory implementation and evaluation of all chemical treatment pro grams formulated for internal corrosion control. Supervises laboratory and field testing activities including planning routine an d non routine sampling and analysis programs. Reviews corrosion mitigation measures for new facilities projects and/or modific ations. Ensures approved corrosion protection measures are incorporated in the d esign proposals and in selected materials. Participates in plant corrosion inspections during shutdowns and investigates fa ilures to identify causes. Highlights areas of concern and advises on improvemen ts required. Updates computer-based corrosion/material information systems to record and moni tor a wide variety of related data and information. Ensures that all corrosion t ests/analysis data of each equipment/facility and major problem areas are logged and identified. Liaises with Inspection Unit and other concerned parties to coordinates activiti es on corrosion mitigation and control matters. Keeps abreast of technological development in the field of corrosion mitigation & control engineering in the oil/ production industry and recommends their adopt ion by company. Participates in the preparation of the department budget as applicable to corros ion activities. Participates in the training and development of assigned UAE national employees. Includes developing and implementing O-J-T programs, monitoring and reporting o n progress and counseling employees as required. Knows the Company health, safety and environmental policy, procedures, regulatio ns and objectives as they relate to his area of responsibility, and ensures that they are effectively implemented in his domain.