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Lease cum licence agreement This agreement is made on 5th July 2011 at Bangalore between: Mr.

X S/o Y R/o Coimbatore Aged Major presently working in M/s Here after referred to as Tenant & Licensee (lessee) for brevity and Mr X...... Here after referred to as Lessor & Licensor (owner) for brevity. Whereas the lessee has approached the lessor ( co-owner of the property)and requested her to lease the Apartment mentioned in the Schedule herein on lease cum licence basis for a period of 11( Eleven ) months along with the furniture and fixtures therein for which he agrees to pay the rental charges to the property and the hire charges for the furniture and fixtures and whereas the Lessor & licensor has agreed to give the same accepting the request of the Tenant & Licensee After mutual discussions between the parties hereto in the presence of a witness the agreed terms and conditions of lease cum licence are as under: 1. Period of Lease shall be 11 (Eleven) months from 1st June 2012 to 30th April 2013. Lease rent for the property shall be@ Rs.9000/- (Nine thousand) PM and the hire charges towards the furniture and fixtures shall be@ Rs.3000/- ( Three thousand ) PM (Totally , Rs.11,500/Rupees Eleven thousand and five hundred )PM and which shall be paid on 1st of Every month to the lessor & Licenser and obtain receipt for the same . 2. At the time of taking the possession of the property , the lessee & Licensee shall pay one month advance rent and hire charges of Rs.11,500/3. The licensee shall pay all out going monthly charges like Electricity and water charges from the date of Occupation of the property and pay the monthly maintenance charges as may demanded by the society. 4. Lessee shall pay Rs.48,500/- (Rs. Forty eight thousand five hundred ) only as interest free Security Deposit to the Lessor & Licensor and the same shall be refunded to the lessee on Vacating the property and handing over the furniture and fixtures in good condition and also clearing all dues for the usage of the property .

5. Lessee shall provide all details of his family and identification at the time of signing the lease agreement and shall inform in case of any change/s in future as long as he stays in the property and he is not permitted to sub- let or allow un- authorised use of the property other than residential purposes. 6. The lessee hereby undertakes not to store any dangerous material in the property and also shall not allow any person to stay as paying guest or in any capacity in the property. The Lessee & Licensee agrees that the Licensor and owner of the property shall have a right to inspect the property at all reasonable times with prior notice. 7. Lessee & Licensee shall get minor repairs done in the property at his cost and however if Society takes any external repair either electricity motors or lift etc; then the lessor will take responsibility and pay the cost of such repair or replacement s. 8. Either party can terminate the agreement by giving one months notice on other side in normal course but if any illegal or un authorised activities are found and /or complained by anybody in the property then the lessor and owners of the property shall have a right to get vacated the property immediately without any notice. 9. The lessor and owner of the property hereby undertake to pay the property tax to BBMP regularly and make all necessary arrangements for peace and comfortable usage of the property. 10. In witness whereof the parties hereto have signed and delivered a copy each on the date and place above written in the presence of the following witness.

Schedule of the property, furniture & fittings.