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Banking Abberevations BC: Banker's Cheque BCA: Basic Current Account BCP: business continuity plan BDS: Branch

Delivery System BG: Bank Guarantee BGB: Bank Guaranteed Bonds BHC: Bank Holding Company BIA: Basic Indicator Approach BIA: Business Impact Analysis BIC: Bank Identifier Code BICOS: Bulk Issuance of Cashier's Ord BIDS: Bonds & Information Disseminati BIS: Bank for International Settlemen BLR: Base Lending Rate BNM: Bank Negara Malaysia BPM: Bank Pertanian Malaysia BSA: Bank Secrecy Act BSA: Basic Savings Account BSE: Bahrain Stock Exchange BSE: Bombay Stock Exchange BSN: Bank Simpanan Nasional CA: Capital allowance CAFIB: Capital Adequacy Framework for CAS: Capital Adequacy Standard CASA: Current Account and Savings Acc CCIRS: Cross Currency Interest Rate S CCM: Companies Commission of Malaysia CCRIS: Central Credit Reference Infor CD: Certificate of Deposit CDD: Customer Due Diligence CDL: Credit Discretionary Limit CDM: Cash Deposit Machine CDRC: Corporate Debt Restructuring Co CDS: Central Depository System CF: Commodities finance CIB: Corporate and Institutional Bank CIB: Corporate and Investment Banking CIF: Customer Information File CIP: Customer Identification Program CLS: Continuous Linked Settlement COB: Close of Business CP: Commercial Paper CPI: Consumers' Price Index CPR: Customer Profit Rate CRM: Credit Risk Management CRM: Customer Relationship Management CTCS: Cheque Truncation and Conversio CTR: Cash Threshold Reports CTR: Currency Transaction Report DBEP: Domestic Bills Exchange Purchas DBEP/AP: Domestic Bills Exchange Purc DC: Documentary Credit DD: Demand Draft DFI: Development Financial Institutio DFM: Dubai Financial Market DIF: Domestic Input Financing DNA: Darlehen Nach Aussehen DOBI: Department of Banking and Insur

DOF: Domestic Output Financing DP: Discretionary Power DP: Domestic Purchase Order DRP: Disaster Recovery Plan DSM: Doha Securities Market EAD: Exposure at Default EALIS: External Assets & Liabilities EBRD: European Bank for Reconstructio ECB: European Central Bank ECBS: European Committee for Banking ECEF: Electronic Continuing Examinati ECM: Exchange Control of Malaysia ECR: Export Credit Refinancing ECR-i: Export Credit Refinancing Isla ECT: Electronic Cheque Terminal EDI: Electronic Data Interchange EDMS: Electronic Documents Management EFT: Electronic Funds Transfer EFTPOS: Electronic Funds Transfer at EGX: The Egyptian Exchange EIB: Europische Investitionsbank EIB: European Investment Bank EMI: European Monetary Institute EMV: Europay, Mastercard, Visa EPF: Employees Provident Fund ESCB: European System of Central Bank FAST: Fully Automated System for Tend FATF: Financial Action Task Force FBEP: Foreign Bills Exchange Purchase FBEP/AP: Foreign Bills Exchange Purch FCA: Foreign Currency Accounts FCS: Financing Collection System FCY: Foreign Currency FD: Fixed Deposit FDD: Foreign Currency Demand Drafts FEA: Facility Excess Application FEC: Forward Exchange Contract FFIEC: Federal Financial Institutions FICPS: Financial Institutions Corpora FIDS: Fraud Information Database Syst FIMAS: Financial Institution Message FinCEN: Financial Crimes Enforcement FINS: Financial Intelligence System FINTS: FINancial Transaction Services FISS: Financial Information Statistic FMB: Financial Mediation Board FOBC: Foreign Bills of Collection Forex: Foreign Exchange FOS: Financial Origination System FPX: Financial Process Exchange FRA: forward-rate agreement FRR: Facility Risk Rating FRS: Financial Reporting Standards FSA: Financial Services Authority FSMP: Financial Sector Master Plan FSX: Frankfurt Stock Exchange FT: Funds Transfer FTD: Financial Times Deutschland FTP: Funds Transfer Pricing FTT: Foreign Currency Telegraphic Tra

FWTT: Foreign Worker Telegraphic GDP: Gross Domestic Product GIA: General Investment Account GLC: Government-Linked Company GP: General Provision HBCI: Home Banking Computer Interface HKEx: Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearin HP: Hire Purchase IAB: Islamic Acceptance Bills IADB: Inter-American Development Bank IBAN: International Bank Account Numb IBBM: Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia IBFIM: Islamic Banking and Finance In IBG: Interbank GIRO IBI: Islamic Banking Institutions IBRD: International Bank for Reconstr IBT: Interbank Transfer IC: Inward Bill Collection ICCS: Inward Cheque Clearing System ICIEC: Islamic Corporation for the In ICP: Islamic Commercial Papers ICULS: Irredeemable Convertible Unsec IDB: Inter-American Development Bank IDB: Islamic Development Bank IECR-DPO: IECR Domestic Purchase Orde IFRS: International Financial Reporti IFSB: Islamic Financial Services Boar IFX: Interactive Financial eXchange IIB: International Islamic Bank IIFM: International Islamic Financial IIMM: Islamic Interbank Money Market IIN: Issuer Identification Number IIS: Interest in suspense ILC: Inward Letter of Credit IMB: Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek IOFC: International Offshore Financia IPRE: Income-producing Real Estate IPRS: Islamic Profit Rate Swap IRB: Internal Ratings Based approach IRR: Internal Rate of Return IRR: Investment Risk Reserve IRS: Interest Rate Swap ISL: Interchange and Settlement Limit ITAN: Indizierte TransaktionsNummer ITEPS: International Transactions and ITIS: International Transactions Info IVR: Interactive Voice Response JANM: Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysi JSE: Johannesburg Securities Exchange KLIBOR: Kuala Lumpur Interbank Offere KUW: Kuwait Stock Exchange KWSP: Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Perkerja KYC: Know-your-customer L/C: Letter of Credit LC: Leased Contract LCP: Local Cheque Purchase LCS: Loan Collection System LCY: Local Currency LGD: Loss given default LHDN: Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri

LME: London Metal Exchange LO: Letter of Offer LOFSA: Labuan Offshore Financial Serv LOS: Loan Origination System LSE: London Stock Exchange MARC: Malaysian Rating Corporation Be MASB: Malaysian Accounting Standards MCS: Micro-Credit Scheme MCTF: Multi Currency Trade Financing MDB: Multilateral Development Bank MECD: Ministry of Entrepreneur and Co MGIA: Mudharabah General Investment A MGS: Malaysian Government Securities MIA: Months in Arrears MICEX: Moscow Interbank Currency Exch MICR: Magnetic Ink Character Recognit MIGA: Multilateral Investment Guarant MM: Money Market MOF: Ministry of Finance MPO: Murabahah for the Purchase Order MRTA: Mortgage Reducing Term Assuranc MSB: Money Services Business MSE: Muscat Stock Exchange MTM: Mark To Market MTN: Medium Term Notes NAB: Non-accrual basis NASDAQ: National Association of Secur NCD: Negotiable Certificate Of Deposi NID: Negotiable Instruments of Deposi NIDC: Negotiable Islamic Debt Certifi NII: Net Interest Income NOP: Net Open Position NPF: Non-Performing Financing NPL: Non-Performing Loan NSE: National Stock Exchange of India NYSE: New York Stock Exchange NZBA: New Zealand Bankers' Associatio NZDMO: New Zealand Debt Management Of NZX: New Zealand Exchange OBS: Off Balance Sheet OCCO: Outward Cheque Clearing Outsour OCP: Outstation Cheque Purchase OCR: Official cash rate OD: Overdraft OFSS: Oracle Financial Services Softw OFX: Open Financial Exchange OOP: Overnight Open Position OPR: Overnight Policy Rate OTC: Over the Counter OTS: Office of Thrift Supervision PBC: People's Bank of China PBDAC: Principal Bank for Development PBoC: People's Bank of China PCE: Private Commercial Enterprise PD: Probability of Default PDS: Private Debt Securities PF: Performing Financing PF: Project Finance PIN: Personal Identification Number PL: Promise to Lease

PMPC: Payment Multi-Purpose Card POS: Point of Sale PP: Promise to Purchase PS: Pre-Shipment PSIA: Profit Sharing Investment Accou PSR: Profit sharing ratio PTAL: Payment Transaction Application PWOR: Purchase Without Recourse PWR: Purchase With Recourse QIS: Quantitative Impact Study RAPM: Risk Adjusted Pricing Model RAROC: Risk Adjusted Return on Capita RBNZ: Reserve Bank of New Zealand RBSF: Risk based supervision framewor RC: Receivable Charges RC: Revolving Credit RENTAS: Real Time Electronic Transfer Repo: Repurchase Agreement RM: Relationship Manager ROE: Report of Examination RSB: Redeemable Secured Bonds RTGS: Real-Time Gross Settlement RUB: Redeemable unsecured bonds RW: Risk Weights RWA: Risk weighted Asset RWCAF: Risk Weighted Capital Adequacy RWCR: Risk Weighted Capital Ratio SAM: Sustainable Asset Management SAR: Suspicious Activity Report SBBA: Sale and buy back agreements SBLC: Stand-By Letter of Credit SC: Securities Commission SCC: Smart Card Clearing SCCL: Single customer credit limit SEC: Securities and Exchange Commissi SEPP: Secure Electronic Payment Proto SET: Secure Electronic Transactions SG: Shipping Guarantee SGX: Singapore Exchange SI: standing instruction SIA: Special Investment Account SIA: Specific Investment Accounts SIBE: Sistema De Interconexion Bursat SIZ: Sparkassen-Informatik-Zentrum SMF: Share Margin Financing SOD: Sum of Digits SP: Specific Provisions SPA: Sale and Purchase Agreement SPI: Skim Perbankan Islam SPICK: Sistem Penjelasan Imej Cek Keb SPV: special purpose vehicle SSC: Signature Specimen Card SSE: Saudi Stock Exchange SSPN: Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasion SST: Self Service Terminals STI: Short Term Investments STR: Suspicious Transaction Report STRC: Short Term Revolving Credit SVS: Signature Verification System SWIFT: Society for Worldwide Interban

SWX: Swiss Exchange TAN: TransAction Number TC: Travellers' Cheques TQH: Temporary Qardhul Hasan TSB: Trustee Savings Bank TSE: Tokyo Stock Exchange TSX: Toronto Stock Exchange TSXV: TSX Venture Exchange TT: Telegraphic Transfer TWCF: Trade Working Capital Financing VaR: Value at Risk Visa: Visa International Service Asso WB: World Bank WRA: Weighted Risk Assets ZBA: Zero Balance Account