Choose only one correct answer. 1.

Regarding antepartum care: A comprehensive antepartum care program include the following except a) b) c) d) Preconceptional care Prompt diagnosis of pregnancy Initial prenatal evaluation including abdominal x-ray to assess pelvis Follow up prenatal visits

2. About normal pregnancy duration a) The mean duration of pregnancy calculated from the first day of the L.N.Mp is close to 280 days or 40 wks. b) One can use (a) above as the gestational age c) Only the abdominal ultrasound scan between 30 and 34 weeks gives the accurate pregnancy duration. d) The mean normal duration of pregnancy is 42 weeks.

3. As regards preconceptional counselling a) It is only necessary for couples who have genetic problems b) It is not necessary in general since very little intervention can be done c) One of the goals should be creating awareness to the public to improve knowledge, attitude and behaviour concerning various health problems d) It should only be given by an expert doctor to antenatal mothers before H.I.V. testing for H.I.V.

4. About prolonged pregnancy, this a) Occurs between 15% and 20% of pregnancies

b) Should be managed by elective C/section at 41+ weeks c) Should be managed by induction of labour at 41+ weeks (except where there is a* ) d) Its incidence is increased by early ultrasound

Hypertension 3. When treating moderate hypertension in pregnancy a) b) c) d) The risk of pre* is reduced The risk of severe hypertension is reduced There is an increase in birth weight Treatment should be discontinued 24hrs after delivery

Anaemic 1. The recommended daily allowance of iron for a reproductive age * is a) b) c) d) 12 – 18 mg/day 6 -10mg /day 30 -35 mg/day 60 mg/day

2.The initial laboratory evaluation of anaemia includes a) b) c) d) Complete blood count Haemoglobin level alone Peripheral blood fibre is enough *


4. In megaloblastic anaemia a) The cause is due to increased demand by the fetus b) The * destroys the red blood and white blood cells

c) * d) *

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