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CONSOLIDATED RESULTS – PERFORMANCE HIGHLIGHTS 3Q FY2009 as compared to 3Q FY2008 − Total Operating Revenues reported growth of 30% to Rs 1,602 million from Rs 1,235 million − − Net Profit reported growth of 29% to Rs 299 million from Rs 231 million Segmental Revenue Contribution given below
New media, 4% Broadcasting, 22% Movies, 23%

Television, 26%

Interactive, 25%

9 months ended Dec 31 2008 as compared to the same period last fiscal − − − Total Operating Revenues reported growth of 86% to Rs 4,681 million from Rs 2,516 million Net Profit reported growth of 77% to Rs 878 million from Rs 497 million Segmental Revenue Contribution given below
New media, 3% Broadcasting, 13% Movies, 44% Television, 24%

Interactive, 16%

Note: Intersegment revenue contribution is not considered in the pie charts above

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EARNINGS RELEASE – 3Q-FY2009 Mumbai, India; January 27, 2009 – UTV Software Communications Limited (UTVSOF.BO, UTVSOF.NS) today announced its results for the quarter ended December 31, 2008. STATEMENT FROM THE CEO – RONNIE SCREWVALA We have committed to high growth while we consolidate each of our businesses and to that extent we have demonstrated success. While the third quarter shows a growth of 30%, the nine months cumulatively show a growth of 86% on our Revenues and these clearly would not have been achieved if we had not invested heavily into the businesses that demonstrate high growth for the Company. Correspondingly all of this financial year and into at least 6 months of the next year we continue to remain in Investment Mode. Therefore, it would be unfair to judge UTV on the basis of Net Operating Margins primarily because our first commitment will be to grow them to a critical size that can offer stability and better margins and our second commitment will be to bring about the right operational efficiency once we have demonstrated growth. So the key factors to review for this quarter and also for the nine–month YTD results have to be looked at in the following perspective. Broadcasting, as anticipated, we have Rs 113 million loss for the quarter and Rs 200 million till date. Without that loss, our consolidated operating margins would have been substantially higher. Furthermore, for a Company with a four channel bouquet, that is less than a year old, I believe we have one of the best cost models and for a startup, our losses are substantially more in control and within budget than any of our peers. Motion Pictures in this quarter, we have released only Fashion and Oye Lucky. What is important for everyone looking at our Studio Model is to understand the workings and the objective. UTV clearly decided that it wanted to own intellectual property in perpetuity as also be in charge of its own distribution and revenues worldwide. In that context, it is important to understand that the increase in distribution platforms and changing dynamics in syndication of movies have resulted in the revenue exploitation cycle stretching beyond just the first few quarters of release. Therefore to judge the margins over a short term for our Movie Division, which is rapidly growing its movie repertoire, might not give the right perspective. TV Content – we have maintained that it is a stable business. We have added some new shows this quarter and overall we will continue to strive to improve the margin profile of this business. Games Content – we are extremely pleased with our progress so far. Despite the macro environment, India Games has grown around 20% quarter on quarter and has witnessed most of its growth contributed from its India operations as it is one of the fastest growing markets for mobile gaming. Ignition continues to focus on its 3 IPs, and we are making good progress for their release plans which I believe, would be the next big quantum jump for UTV. True Games is the start-up and will be in investment mode for another 4 quarters and during this period we are releasing our games on our own platforms.

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EARNINGS RELEASE – 3Q-FY2009 New Media – we have aggregated a strong Library in the Digital Space in Regional Languages. Furthermore our finance portal has been rated the No.2 Finance Business Portal in the countrya and our Technology site continues to be one of the popular websites in the news and media category for technologyb. For a business that has been in operation for just a few months we are pleased that it has reported revenues of approx. Rs 143 million for the 9 month period in such a start-up mode. Quality of Earnings While Fiscal 08-09 continues to demonstrate our growth strategy having recorded over 80% growth so far – we believe that our operating margins don’t necessarily reflect the true potential that this revenue growth symbolizes for the years ahead. And my observations, as well as what the entire Management team is working towards are as follows Broadcasting - Q4 of this fiscal plus Fiscal 09-10 will continue to be in the red, with a clear objective to see break even during Q1 of 2010-2011. Motion Pictures - The growth as well as the success of our movies has not corresponded with the bottom line thus far, primarily because revenue exploitation has been back-ended and the cycle extended. However, we expect that the coming quarters shall witness benefits of larger aggregated library with quality movies in our repertoire. This is expected to reflect a closer to real long-term picture. Furthermore, our Hollywood Movies shall have added impact on the revenues in the coming quarters. Games Content - We expect next fiscal to demonstrate clearly the potential of this vertical that we have incubated over the last 18 months and the following year will see the benefits from the games being developed by Ignition, from TrueGames’ Online platforms, distribution and syndication model worldwide and from IndiaGames’ focus on the Indian mobile market and the Games On Demand businesses. New Media – Even though it’s a start-up, we expect this business will be in the black during the next fiscal. TV Content – We expect this segment to show stability. COMPANY PERFORMANCE (CONSOLIDATED) The Company has consolidated the financials of UTV-US, IG Interactive, UMP PLC, UTV TV Content,

UTV New Media, UTV Games and UTV Global Broadcasting and the group’s indirect subsidiaries Ignition Entertainment Limited, Indiagames Limited, UTV-Motion Pictures (Mauritius), ITNation Media, RB Entertainment, True Games Interactive, GenX Entertainment and UTV Entertainment Television (UETL) and UTV’s television joint ventures Smriti Irani Television Limited and Windmill Entertainment Limited. The Board of Directors in its meeting held today, has taken on record the unaudited consolidated financial results of UTV Software Communications Limited and its subsidiaries/JV’s.

a No.1 in terms of pages per visit and Time spent – ComScore data for Oct, Nov & Dec’08 b As per Alexa ratings

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EARNINGS RELEASE – 3Q-FY2009 For the quarter ended December 31, 2008, the Company, as compared with the same quarter previous fiscal, reported a growth of 30% in Total Operating Revenue to Rs. 1,602 million from Rs. 1,235 million and 29% in Net Profit to Rs. 299 million from Rs. 231 million. Given below is the brief income statement of the Company consolidated with its subsidiaries and joint venture for the fiscal 2009 and 2008.

Rs in million Operating Revenues Other Operating Income Total Operating Rev. Expenditure Operating Income

Q3FY09 1,349 253 1,602 1,516 86

Q3FY08 1,232 3 1,235 1,002 233

∆ 9% 30%

9MFY09 4,251 430 4,681 4,522 159

9MFY08 2,504 12 2,516 2,001 515

∆ 70% 86%

(63%) 150% 25% 29%

(69%) 326% 6% 77%

Operating Margin
Add: Other Income Less: Interest exp (Net) PBT PAT

20 (196) 302 299

8 241 231

145 (243) 547 878

34 31 518 497

PAT Margins





At the end of December 31, ‘08, consolidated debt of the Company stands at Rs 2,525 million and company consolidated cash and cash equivalent amount to Rs 870 million. Total Capital Employed in operations is Rs 16,514 million. Increased investments in various businesses have resulted in ROCE of 8%. INVESTMENTS IN CORE SEGMENTS

It is pertinent to communicate the 3 principle areas of investment (Increase in Capital Employed) during past 9 months of operations that the Management expects to have a positive impact in the years to come. a) Around Rs 3.8 billion into Motion Pictures business, that provides visibility of our movie slate for the next two years. The Management expects that investments in this business provide a strong foundation for us to deliver one of the largest slates year-on-year as compared to any Movie Studio out of India. A substantial amount is invested into our Hollywood slate which are expected to show results during the quarters to come. b) Rs. 3.1 billion in Broadcasting, in the specialty segments areas of Youth and Movies where the Company’s channels have already attained leadership positions from time to time. This business segment is expected to be a significant value driver in the coming quarters upon its reaching breakeven. c) Rs. 1.6 billion for the Games Content segment, which includes Ignition, which is in the process of creating 3 international next-gen console IPs for the world markets and TrueGames, which is
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EARNINGS RELEASE – 3Q-FY2009 creating an online gaming platform in the US and Turkey and developing long term IP for online gaming.

SEGMENT PERFORMANCE (CONSOLIDATED) (Rs in Million) The business has been categorized under five segments – Movies, Games Content, Television, Broadcasting and New Media. Segment Revenues Movies ^ Games Content Television * Broadcasting New Media √ (Inter-segment) Total

9MFY09 1,887 707 1,013 548 143 (47) 4,251


9MFY08 1,493 296 724 (8) 2,505

44% 17% 24% 13% 3% (1%)

26% 139% 40%


Segment Results Movies ^ Games Content Television * Broadcasting New Media √ Total

9MFY09 543 (48) 45 (200) (27) 313 As on December 31,


9MFY08 438 22 130 590 As on December 31,


(36%) (19%) 7%

24% (318%) (65%)


Capital Employed Movies ^ Games Content # Television * Broadcasting New Media √ Unallocable Total

08 8,248 2,712 401 3,135 349 1,669 16,514


07 3,992 711 322 1,188 6,213

50% 17% 2% 19% 2% 10% 100%

107% 281% 25%

41% 166%

^ Movies segment include, Films Production, Distribution – Domestic & International and Home Entertainment # Games Content segment currently include Gaming businesses * Television segment include, TV Content, Airtime sales and Dubbing businesses Broadcasting segment currently includes the four channels of UGBL √ New Media segment currently include Web and Mobile business.

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EARNINGS RELEASE – 3Q-FY2009 BUSINESS SEGMENT REVIEW Movies Segment Movies segment comprises all products and services resulting in the big screen exploitation such as movies production and distribution in India and overseas. The Movies segment during the quarter, reported a revenue of Rs 321 million, contributing 23% to the total segmental revenue. The Company released two movies during the quarter under review, Fashion and Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! as compared to five in the same quarter last fiscal. Nonetheless, Fashion opened to packed houses and received great reviews from film critics. Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!, which has been well received by critics, was released on the weekend of the Mumbai terror attack thereby doing business below the Company’s expectations. However, Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! was the first Indian Film to be telecast on two major DTH platforms - Dish TV and Tata Sky within a month of being released theatrically. This telecast was made available on a pay per view basis. The response to this form of exploitation has been very encouraging, thereby opening up another window for revenues for movies like this. At the fag end of the quarter, the Company inked another commercial deal with Walt Disney, yet another step towards a fruitful and synergistic strategic relationship. Going forward, UTV shall exclusively distribute all Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures’ movies in India. The immediate pipeline of Disney movies to be released by UTV in India includes Bedtime Stories, Confessions of a Shopaholic and Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Games Content Segment This business segment comprises UTV’s gaming businesses which include Ignition, Indiagames and True Games. During the quarter under review, this segment has contributed about 25% of the operating revenues of the Company and is expected to be one of the major contributors in the near future. Ignition: Following are some of the new games published this quarter. Name of the Game SNK Arcade Classic Metal Slug 7 Tornado King of Fighters Anthology Game format Wii NDS NDS PS2 Territory EU USA & EU USA & EU EU

Indiagames: Indiagames has reported a growth of around 20% QoQ. It continues to enjoy a majority market share in the country in the mobile gaming segment and represents several large international publishers including Electronic Arts, Glu Mobile, THQ Wireless and I-Play. The Company has diversified its revenue concentration across telcos in India and has entered some strategic distribution relationships internationally to further growth in the US and EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa) regions. A restructuring of the development team also resulted in greater focus for the APAC (Asia Pacific) region which traditionally has been its smallest segment but has shown some significant growth in the last two quarters. Key launches in Q3 include Ghajini for which Indiagames created and published 4 games in addition to a ‘work-out’ application. In the international market “Flavour of Love” based on a hit Vh1 (Viacom)

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EARNINGS RELEASE – 3Q-FY2009 show was launched along with extensions in launches for several games including Godzilla, Office

Games, Predator and Curry in a Hurry. Indiagames also launched its first title on I-phone - an original IP called 3D Movin Maze.
In the PC based Games on Demand (GoD) business, Indiagames added the highest number of subscribers to its service with more than 25,000 people having now experienced GoD through its partner broadband networks of which Airtel and BSNL were the largest. Several new games were added to the portfolio averaging about 4 new games a month. Some of the new games that were launched by Indiagames this quarter on the mobile platform include the following: Name of the Game 3D Movin Maze KS Manga Flavor of Love Playboy Racing Ghajini Territory International International International International India

True Games: True Games, a start up company based in the US has gotten off to a great start with their model of creating original games for the online platform for a world audience. Their business model is mainly focused on creation of their own gaming platform in US and Turkey and syndication of its content to online platforms to the rest of the world. Their revenue model is mainly based on micro-transactions and syndication.

True Games has tied up with award-winning game developer Petroglyph for developing an upcoming
Free-to-Play micro-transaction based online game which is in advance stage of completion.

Petroglyph is known for its high quality RTS (Real Time Strategy) games with global appeal. For the second game, True Games has acquired the global publishing rights for the highly anticipated free-toplay MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) Warrior Epic, developed by Possibility Space. True Games has entered into a game development agreement with Possibility Space to
develop another high end MMORPG, to be released in FY2010. First game is expected to release during first quarter of next fiscal. Television Segment Television segment primarily consists of all products and services offered for the small screen. Therefore, this segment of the Company constitutes TV Content production, Airtime sales and Dubbing businesses. The contribution from this segment during the quarter ended December 31, 2008 was 26% of all operating revenues. TV Content: UTV’s TV Content segment represents the shows produced by the Company on a commissioned basis. This quarter, UTV’s two reality shows Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka on ZeeTV and Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena came to a close with a grand finale. UTV continues to produce Cash Cab for Bindass, which is one of the most intelligent and fun reality shows. Also in the pipeline for the next quarter is a bi-weekly reality talent hunt show, Dance India Dance on Zee TV.

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Besides these initiatives, UTV is also focusing on the South Indian markets where, in addition to the already existing show called Nagavalli, we have recently produced another new reality show called Athiradi Singer on SunTV, which is also marketed by the Company’s Air Time Sales division. During the quarter under review, the Company has produced over 60 hours of programming. Air Time Sales: During the quarter, the Company has managed a monthly average of approximately 140 hours of content under management across all leading South Indian Channels such as SunTV, GeminiTV, SuryaTV and UdayaTV. UTV still retains the leadership slots on SunTV where the Top 3 programs on prime time on the channel is being managed by the Company Thirumati Selvam followed by Kolangal and then Arasi. Also, the No.1 show in the afternoon slot on SunTV belongs to the Company. New Media Segment This segment comprises the Web and Mobile foray of the Company. During this period, this segment has contributed about 4% of the operating revenues of the Company. During the quarter, the Company acquired digital rights for a number of regional films including 3 Kannada Movies, 2 Telugu movies and 1 movie from Haryana. The Company also acquired digital rights for a Hindi movie called Bad Luck Govind. Besides domestic, it is also looking at the international space for acquisitions. This quarter the Company has made four acquisitions internationally including albums from popular artists like Pussy Cat Dolls and LL Cool J., the business news website has already become the No.2 finance business portal in the country, beating other popular websites like Yahoo Finance and and we also foster the aim
to gradually overtake the No.1 player as well.

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Broadcasting During the quarter under review, this segment has contributed 22% to the operating revenues of the Company. The Company entered the specialty and focused channel space because it believes that this would be the model of the future. The Company believes that this approach has been rewarding so far with all its four channels, despite the corrective steps taken with respect to cost, spend and investments.

Bindass, on an average is the No. 1 youth channel in India, ahead of its rivals like MTV, Channel [V], Zoom and the othersc. Bindass Movies has forged ahead of Star Movies and HBO to become the No.1 Hollywood channel in the countryd. World Movies is a pioneer in this specialty segment and has an
enviable library in the international space giving it a clear head start. With the strength of these achievements and a good tight cost model, we believe we are well equipped to face challenges engulfing most broadcasters today. BUSINESS OUTLOOK

UTV’s unrelenting focus on exploring new opportunities and develop market leadership positions in all
businesses being regardless of borders have enabled us to deliver consistent and strong financial results. Over the last couple of years, UTV has built a robust and scalable business model across its five verticals of Television, Movies, Games Content, New Media and Broadcasting.

UTV’s ability to generate returns from a multitude of sources puts us in a great position to maintain
our financial momentum even in times of economic uncertainty. The Company has been proactive in taking the necessary steps to insulate itself from the potential liquidity crunch, forex exposure without compromising on the growth or brand value of its businesses. The Company shall continue to take steps to correct course wherever necessary.

Week 30 to week 34, 2008 CS 15 to 34 ABC, Market HSM, Source: TAM Media Research d Week 1 to week 52 2008, TG CS 15 to 34 ABC, Market HSM Source: TAM Media Research


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Caution Concerning Forward-Looking Statements
This document includes certain forward-looking statements. These statements are based on management's current expectations or beliefs, and are subject to uncertainty and changes in circumstances. Actual results may vary materially from those expressed or implied by the statements herein due to changes in economic, business, competitive, technological and/or regulatory factors. The Company is under no obligation to, and expressly disclaims any such obligation to, update or alter its forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise.


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ANNEXURE I – Consolidated Financials
Rs in Lacs Particulars Quarter ended 31/12/2008 31/12/2007 Unaudited Unaudited Net Income from Sales & Services Other Operating Income Total Revenues Direct Cost Personnel Costs Depreciation Other Expenses Total Expenditure Profit/(Loss) from Operations before Other Income, Interest & Exceptional Items Other Income Profit/(Loss) before Interest & Exceptional Items Interest Expenses/(Income) (net) Profit/(Loss) after Interest but before Exceptional Items Exceptional Items Profit/Loss from Ordinary Activities before tax Tax Expense - Current - Mat Credit Entitlements - Deferred - Fringe Benefit tax Total Tax Expense Net Profit/(Loss) from Ordinary Activities after tax Extraordinary Item (net of tax expense) Net Profit/(Loss) for the period Minority interest Net Profit After Minority Interest Paidup equity share capital (Face value Rs 10 each) Reserves (excluding revaluation reserves) as per Balance Sheet of Previous Accounting Year Earnings per share (Rupees) - Basic - Diluted Public shareholding - Number of shares - Percentage of shareholding Consolidated Nine Months ended 31/12/2008 31/12/2007 Unaudited Unaudited Year ended 31/03/2008 Audited

13,488.15 2,531.79 16,019.94 11,292.37 1,625.31 186.96 2,052.39 15,157.03 862.91 204.86 1,067.77 (1,958.82) 3,026.59 3,026.59 251.62 10.12 (250.14) 24.55 36.15 2,990.44 2,990.44 52.00 2,938.44 3,419.50

12,318.26 34.80 12,353.06 8,647.24 574.93 77.59 720.86 10,020.62 2,332.44 84.73 2,417.17 (0.77) 2,417.94 2,417.94 80.58 (5.38) 21.73 12.50 109.43 2,308.51 2,308.51 538.52 1,769.99 2,289.36

42,510.04 4,303.01 46,813.05 35,259.31 4,349.16 457.31 5,157.50 45,223.28 1,589.77 1,448.16 3,037.93 (2,429.22) 5,467.15 5,467.15 447.91 (67.80) (3,755.32) 64.57 (3,310.64) 8,777.79 8,777.79 1,336.73 7,441.06 3,419.50

25,044.33 117.30 25,161.63 16,198.10 1,626.41 278.24 1,903.91 20,006.66 5,154.97 339.47 5,494.44 310.48 5,183.96 5,183.96 145.46 (5.38) 43.90 26.32 210.30 4,973.66 4,973.66 1,157.95 3,815.71 2,289.36

43,415.00 828.63 44,243.63 30,471.60 2,583.60 389.10 3,887.90 37,332.20 6,911.43 330.87 7,242.30 598.60 6,643.70 6,643.70 208.60 (84.70) (1,291.00) 41.80 (1,125.30) 7,769.00 7,769.00 2,003.20 5,765.80 2,484.30 43,237.70 25.01 25.01

8.59 8.59

7.73 7.73

22.64 22.64

16.67 16.67

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Rs in Lacs Particulars Quarter ended 31/12/2008 31/12/2007 Unaudited Unaudited Segment Revenues Television Movies Games Content New Media Broadcasting Less: Inter-segment revenues Total revenues Segment results Television Movies Games Content New Media Broadcasting Total segment results before Interest and Tax Less: - Interest Expenses/(Income) (Net) - Other unallocable expenditure (net of Other Income) Total Profit before tax Capital Employed Television Movies Games Content New Media Broadcasting Unallocable Total Assets - Liabilities Notes: 1. The Statutory Auditors have carried out a limited review of the standalone results of the Company. 2. The above results, including consolidated, are reviewed by the Audit Committee and approved by the Board of Directors at its meeting held on January 27, 2009. 3. The consolidated results include the subsidiaries: UTV Communications (USA) LLC, IG Interactive Entertainment Ltd, UMP Plc, UTV Global Broadcasting Ltd, UTV TV Content Ltd., UTV Games Ltd, First Future Agri & Developers Private Ltd, UTV New Media Ltd and the group's stepdown subsidiaries - UTV Motion Pictures (Mauritius) Ltd., Ignition Entertainment Ltd., Indiagames Ltd, True Games Interactive, Inc., Genx Entertainment Ltd, UTV Entertainment Television Ltd, RB Entertainment Ltd. & IT Nations Media Private Ltd and the Joint Ventures - Windmill Entertainment Ltd. and Smriti Irani Television Ltd. Consolidated Nine Months ended 31/12/2007 31/12/2008 Unaudited Unaudited Year ended 31/03/2008 Audited

3,562.96 3,214.55 3,460.19 546.05 2,998.60 294.20 13,488.15 194.89 2,150.64 122.36 14.05 (1,131.48) 1,350.46

2,592.26 8,900.93 825.07 12,318.26 531.00 2,321.85 (148.89) 2,703.96

10,124.99 18,869.78 7,071.24 1,433.80 5,475.73 465.50 42,510.04 445.62 5,425.67 (480.56) (267.63) (2,002.26) 3,120.84

7,239.04 14,927.29 2,962.54 84.54 25,044.33 1,295.75 4,382.15 223.33 5,901.23

10,064.20 26,371.24 7,421.76 442.20 43,415.00 1,801.28 5,556.95 928.46 8,286.69

(1,958.82) 282.69 3,026.59

(0.77) 286.79 2,417.94

(2,429.22) 82.91 5,467.15

310.48 406.79 5,183.96

598.60 1,044.39 6,643.70

4,007.25 82,481.99 27,123.17 3,492.40 31,349.34 16,689.37 165,143.52

3,219.33 39,923.39 7,109.61 11,881.27 62,133.60

4,007.25 82,481.99 27,123.17 3,492.40 31,349.34 16,689.37 165,143.52

3,219.33 39,923.39 7,109.61 11,881.27 62,133.60

3,421.71 44,649.74 10,933.46 13,691.57 72,696.48

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EARNINGS RELEASE – 3Q-FY2009 4. Number of investor complaints for the quarter ended December 31, 2008: Beginning -Nil, Received - 8, Disposed off - 8, Pending - Nil. 5. On August 8, 2008, the Company had acquired 75% equity stake in UTV Global Broadcasting Limited. Accordingly, the above consolidated nine month numbers include the results of the broadcasting segment for the period August 9, 2008 to December 31, 2008. 6. As at December 31, 2008, 490,000 options were outstanding. Upon exercise of these options, these would be converted into equivalent number of equity shares. 7. Previous period figures have been rearranged / regrouped, wherever necessary. 8. ‘Interactive’ segment has now been renamed as ‘Games Content’. Previous year / Quarter figures of Animation Division (earlier included in Interactive segment) have now been reclassified under Movies segment in the above results.

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