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How to Reset your BlackBerry Without Removing the Battery
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Occasionally, you will need to reboot your BlackBerry, (e.g. if the BlackBerry seems to get stuck hour-glassing, or doesn’t respond). Did you know that you don’t have to pull the battery?

You can do a quick reset, but press Alt + Caps + Del. This will perform a quick reset, and should be sufficient for most problems. Purpose: People often don’t know when / how to reset their BlackBerry when they have a problem, this guide will cover the methods, reasons, and order in which resets should be done. Reason: There are many reasons to reset a BlackBerry, in general when things are just not working the way they should a reset is likely to correct the problem. Some possible reasons to perform a reset: Network Issues Handheld displays an X beside the coverage indicator Handheld displays GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) or lower case gprs (General Packet Radio Service) as the network status indicator User is unable to send or receive messages on the handheld Software Issues User receives an error code on the handheld Applications do not appear to be functioning correctly Desktop Manager is stuck at “working” status when the handheld is connected Bluetooth is not detected Hardware Issues Handheld display is hard to read. For example, the display shows lines obscuring text Keypad is not functioning correctly. For example, keys do not work, the trackwheel is not functioning correctly, or the handheld does not turn on Works on Models: All models except the 850/857 & 81XX Series

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27-Jan-09 3:09 PM » How to Reset your BlackBerry Without Removing the ...

There are four different types of resets, and they should be tried in order: 1. Power cycle - simply turn the device off, then on 2. Soft-Reset - Hold down ALT + CAP + DEL 3. Double-Soft-Reset Hold down ALT + CAP + DEL once the screen illuminates repeat to press ALT + CAP + DEL again. 4. Hard-Reset - Locate and push the reset button using a paper-clip. Or remove the battery for 30 seconds, then replace. Performing a double-soft reset stops all applications on the BlackBerry device and is nearly the equivalent of a hard reset. Timing however is critical. Perform a soft reset by pressing the ALT + CAP + DEL keys. The screen will go blank. When the screen is no longer black, press the ALT + CAP + DEL keys again. You should then see another blank screen followed by an hour glass. Note: This does not apply to the BlackBerry Pearl smartphone. Note: The BB-7100 and BB-7290 and BB-7520 do not have reset buttons, on these you need to remove the battery (gently) wait a few seconds and then re-insert the battery. Be careful as you do not want to damage the contacts (or get them dirty for that matter). Reset-Button Locations: 67xx / 95x / 77xx - On the back, at the bottom of the unit (small hole) 62xx / 72xx - Underneath the battery cover (small hole, marked as RESET) 6510 / 7510 - By the battery (small hole)

No reset button: 71xx / 7290 / 7520 BlackBerry 7290 can Perform the Reset after an upgrade to 4.1 OS or later Hold down ALT + CAP + DEL

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