Competency Development Plan Example

Student Name
George Smith

Management 301 Section
9:00 a.m. or 10:30 a.m.

Team #

Step 1
Competency/Beh avior Team Building
Capitalizes upon individual talents to build purposeful cooperation and commitment in a team.

Step 2
Development Goal
Lead a team comprised of individuals of diverse talents and backgrounds to accomplish a specific goal.

Step 3
Actions You Will Take 1. Identify an opportunity for team
leadership and obtain the position of team lead.

Step 4

Step 5

2. Identify the roles and responsibilities
of each team member taking into account each member’s strengths and weaknesses.

Identify the competency or behavior to develop.

Develop a SMART goal related to the competency or behavior.

3. Assign tasks according to the
defined roles and responsibilities. 4. Monitor progress making sure to make adjustments in assignments as necessary.

5. Interview team members to
determine their level of satisfaction with the team performance and project outcomes.

Appropriately initiates and effectively maintains relationships with peers, faculty, staff, alumni, and corporate contacts.

Establish a relationship with three experts or individuals of influence in your target career path.

1. Identify three individuals with whom you want to connect. 2. Identify an attainable method to establish contact. 3. Establish contact. 4. Create a plan for maintaining the relationship over time.

Target Results That Show Outline the Date Achievement steps required to 02/28/12 achieve the goal. These actions could 02/28/12 include training, mentoring 02/28/12 or coaching, taking 03/15/12 classes, Indicate participatin what proof g in clubs or you have projects, that shows reading 03/30/12 positive materials, progress etc. Set target toward your 03/31/12 completion goal. Proof dates for might be a each activity document, a 05/31/12 to help track website, a the brochure, a 09/01/12 individual’s PowerPoint, progress a video 12/31/12 toward the presentation goal. , etc.

Assignment Instructions: Using the form below, complete two competencies (each on its own form) by Tuesday, November 20th and upload the forms to your Passport account with the correct challenge (i.e. teamwork goes with the teamwork challenge). Please seek the help of a career services’ staff member if you would like assistance.

Competency Development Plan Form

Your Name
Kishan Balar

Management 301 Section
9:00 am

Team #

Step 1
Competency/Beha vior

Step 2
Development Goal

Step 3
Actions You Will Take
Dress in business professional attire

Step 4
Target Date
Nov. 15, 2012 Nov. 15, 2012 Nov. 15, 2012 Nov. 17, 2012

Step 5
Results That Show Achievement

Make a good first expression by giving a strong, confident hand shake To act professionally when I go in for my mock interview for this course. Be respectful and take the interview seriously Follow up the interview with a thank you letter

Remember to complete this form for two competencies.