Social Media

Social Media and College Students Interact With Each Other

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Date: November 18 ,2012

3.Cause-Effect 4.Compare and Contrast 5. Process

Abstract As one of the most popular way to communicate with others, Social Media really changes people’s lives, especially the college students’ lives. On the other hand, the uses also cause some feedbacks which may influence social media as well. This article will help you recognize the relationship between college students and social media

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Part 1 What is Social Media

I. What is Social Media?
Under an advertisement, it’s very common to see a strange picture, which is called two-dimensional bar code. If you don’t know what it means, you may be outdated. The two-dimensional bar code can lead you to the product’s page in Facebook. That means, Facebook, which is considered the symbol of the Social Media, is appearing in our life all the time. As a person living in the modern world, it’s very important for us to realize what Social Media is and how we can use them properly and effectively. Social Media is a group of various applications which provide the users platforms to share and communicate with others based on the technology which is called Wed 2.0 (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010). According to their functions, social media platforms can be divided into 5 different types: blogs platform, collaborative projects platform, social networking sites platform, content communities platform

and virtual world platform. Though you may not be familiar with these academic words, you should already know many specific applications which actually belong to Social Media. YouTube, Facebook and Wikipedia are all famous social media platforms. Though it is not very necessary to identify them well, nevertheless, as the users, we surely need to know how to use them and what the impact is from them. After all, we can take use of social media better if we know more about it. Besides making us able to communicate and share with others, Social Media really influences people, especially college students’, lifestyles. On the other hand, college students also influence the development of Social Media as well. In the next part, we may have a better understanding that how the social media influences a college student’s daily life.

Social Media ’s Impacts
II. How dose social media influence a college student’s daily life. In fact, nowadays, it is nearly impossible for a college student to study or live in an environment without Social Media. Sometimes, they just sit in front of their computers to work with all kinds of social media platforms. For example, in class, students are usually required to get information from YouTube which may provide them with video. After class, students are used to downloading the class sources from the website if lecturer has uploaded them. When the students need to be together to conduct some activities, they always seek help from collaborative projects platform, such as Wikipedia. Furthermore, most students use Facebook to contact their old friends and make new friends daily. (Lavrusik, 2009)It is clear that Social Media really influences college students’ daily life. According to the data from a research, there are 96% of

Part 2 How dose social media influence a college student’s daily life.

college students in American using Facebook while there are 84% of them using YouTube (Martin, 2010). College students have changed most of their ways in studying and living because of the development of the Social Media. Another truth is that the education department is encouraging college education to use social media. For example, NUS, which is one of the top universities around the world, has its own social media platforms, for example, Wiki, which allows the professors and students contact with each other conveniently. In conclusion, collage students, who are famous for the ability to accept new technologies, have become very familiar with social media. And they just influence each other.

Benefits and Adverse Effects
From the last paragraph, we can see that social media really changes people, especially the students’ lives in many ways. Though social media become more and more popular and more people begin to use social media, we should realize clearly that social media give the students both the benefits and adverse effects. There is no doubt that social media make the students study conveniently and more effectively. As social media provides a platform for students and teachers to discuss and give their ideas wherever they are, students can solve their problems and share their opinions in time. What’s more, social media also gives students more space to do projects after class. With the help of some SNS(Social Networking Sites), they can publicize their activities with the help of the internet and make more people know it. The last but not the least, social media also makes it possible for students to get enough academic information without going to the library. This way really saves time and makes it easier for students to finish their academic tasks. Besides social media brings so many benefits to students, there are also issues caused by social media, which cannot be ignored. Firstly, students spend too much time in front of computer. They are busy with social media and have little time for exercising. It is very bad for their health. Secondly, social media addicts many students. It is to say that they overuse social media and cannot control themselves (Cabral, ND). It is very contact, which will be bad for dangerous as it may cause both the mental undergraduates to get to know how and physical issues. In addition, social they should behave when really telling media provides some offenders with new with others instead of using social ways to commit a crime such as spam media (Blankenship, 2010). In short, emails. In addition, the contact by social social media has two sides. It is media after all is different from the way important for students to think what that talk face-to-face, this communication they are supposed to do to avoid being lacks eye harmed by social media.

Part 3 The benefits and issues caused by Social Media. college student’s daily life.

Part 4 Undergraduates Play an Important role in Social Media

Social is influenced By undergraduates
As we can see from the last part, it is sure that social media has various impacts on college students. In fact, college students also bring some impacts to social media. Compared with the people in other age stages, the undergraduates who are adolescents play an especially important role in social media. Their behavior may directly influence themselves and social media. Firstly, compared with the people in other age groups, adolescents occupy a larger proportion of the social media’s users. Different from the adults and the old people, adolescents usually have more choices to use social media to contact others. Because the development of internet does not have a very long history, social media provides a completely different lifestyle for the old generation. As a result, it seems a little hard for some adults to accept such a new thing. Things are different for adolescents. They just grow with the use of computer and they are more familiar with it. They even spend more time with the computer than the adults. Therefore, it is very nature that the adolescents occupy the largest proportion of the social media users. Secondly, adolescents don’t have so many social experiences as well as adults. Though the adolescents may use the computer much more frequently than the adults, it is still hard for them to avoid the bad impacts coming from social media. After all, they haven’t formally lived an independent life yet and as a result, sometimes it will be very hard for them to know what is good and what is not. And many of them do not realize what responsibility they should take when using social media. For example, Sunxu, who is a scholarship student in Singapore, said something bad about Singaporeans in his Facebook profile and this thing really caused many problems. (2012)He then got into trouble. Maybe at first, he just wanted to let off some bad mood. Nevertheless, he did not realize what a bad result it may lead to and how Singaporeans would feel when they heard it. From this example, we can easily figure out that adolescents always lack enough sense of responsibility to make sure that they use social media in a proper way. In conclusion, compared with adults, adolescents have more connections with social media. Therefore, they are supposed to be responsible to social media as well.

Part 5 How can college students behave themselves when using social media?

Some Recommendations
V. How can college students behave themselves when using social media? As chapter III and IV have mentioned, adolescents and social media influence each other. As a college student who is willing to make good use of social media, it is necessary to get to know how they can take the responsibility for both themselves and social media. There are some suggestions which may be helpful. Firstly, make plans before using social media. There is much information full of social media and if you do not have a clear plan, you may get confused and

even addicted to social media. If so, using social media will be a waste of time instead of a good use of time. Secondly, pay attention to your behaviors all the time. Though there is freedom of speech in social media, it does not mean that you can say anything you want. You should always be responsible for what you said because it can give others prejudgment about yourself. In fact, social media should not be a place where you could put your secrets and emotions because it is usually open to the public. It is very dangerous to regard social media as another form of diary.

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