Bachelor or higher

1. Instrument Engineer Responsible for reliability/integrity improvement of the instrument and control systems.  Male, age between 22 – 30 years.  Bachelor degree in Instrumentation, Control, Electronics Engineering.  0-7 years in DCS & Control System. 2. Civil Engineer Responsible for planning and managing civil engineering maintenance as well as rigging & scaffolding and crane service in refinery and affiliated companies.  Male , age between 25-30 years.  Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering.  3-7 years experiences in civil engineering work. 3. Project Engineer Responsible for planning, developing and controlling project activities of office engineering as well as field construction.  Male, age between 25-35 years.  Bachelor degree or higher in Civil, Instrument, Control Engineering.  0-5 years experiences in Project Engineering and/or maintenance in the oil industry or petrochemical industry is advantageous.  The job incumbent shall hold registered professional engineer level 2. 4. Process Engineer/ Technologist Responsible for plant monitoring, trouble-shooting and optimization.  Male or Female age between 22-28 years.  Bachelor degree or higher in Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology.  0-3 years experiences in oil or Chemical Industry is an advantage.
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5. Researcher Perform research and development testing to meet the objectives of the research and development activities in collaboration with others on projects and TOP group process units performance can be evaluate and consequently adjusted/modified for optimum operation. All feedstock/raw material are verified, compliance to environmental legislations, Ensure that accuracy of Laboratory equipment is always maintained. Coordinated with all relevant parties inside and outside TOP group  Male or Female age between 23-32 years.  Diploma in Chemistry, Bachelor degree in Chemistry is also qualified.  10-12 years experiences in oil laboratory work is essential. 6. Contract Admin. Responsible for ensure that the registered contractors are sufficient to create competitive bidding by the qualified contractors for all areas of works required by the company, ensure all contracts have been incorporated with custodian requirement in technical point of view and all appropriated commercial conditions have been enforced and appliance to legal and regulation requirements.  Age between 23-30 years.  Bachelor degree or higher in law, Engineering.  1-3 years experiences in Contract work is an advantage. 7. Materials Administrator Coordinator Responsible for to enhance the effectiveness of materials function in view of materials information system, materials cataloging, working procedures, performance measurements, stock accuracy and customs clearance.  Age between 25-30 years.  Bachelor degree or higher in Science, Business Administration or Technical.  3-5 years experiences in SAP-MM system and/or customs formality. 8. Strategic Planner Responsible for Strategic Planning for STS/Biz Plan/Financial Model, Strategic Planning for TP/TM/Others.  Age between 23-30 years.  Bachelor degree or higher in Economics, Finance, Business Administration, Organization Development, Human Resources or related fields.  Some experiences exploring in business planning or strategic planning is advantageous.
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9. ERM Specialist Responsible for ERM for IPT, TP, TES, Others.  Age between 23-30 years.  Bachelor degree or higher in, Business Administration, Economics, Social Science, Political Science, Finance or related fields.  At least 2 yrs. Experience in risk management , financial planning/management, business process/development, audit, strategy or human resources. 10. Investor Relation Under the company’s policy with respect to CG and market practice, to handle communication with sell-side analysts, credit rating agencies, influencing people among investment community and international financial magazine to enhance their understanding / interest in the business and prospect of the company.  Age between 23-30 years.  Bachelor degree or higher in Economics, Finance, Business Administration or related fields.  At least 3-5 years experience exploring in investor relations or finance in advantageous. 11. Warehouse Supervisor Responsible for control warehousing operations of receiving, inspection, storage, handling, issue, and recording in order to provide warehouse service effectively and efficiently.  Male, age not over 35 years.  Bachelor degree in Science, Administration Management, Industry Management or any fields.  3-5 years experiences in inventory industry. 12. Quality Administrator Responsible for establishing, implementing and maintaining the document control system and its database.  Male or Female, age between 25-30 years.  Bachelor degree in any filed.  At least 3 years experiences in refinery or petrochemical filed, strong knowledge in ISO system

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13. Business Development Coordinator Responsible for investment opportunity in Petroleum/Petrochem field for Growth.  Age between 22-30 years.  Bachelor degree or higher in Chemical Technology, Engineering.  0-3 years experiences in petroleum/petrochemical business or related, project management and financial analysis & valuation is advantageous. Knowledge in production planning and linear programming (LP) is a plus. 14. Commercial Analyst To support CPCL in order to best plan, monitor and manage Thaioil group commercial strategies in a manner that optimizes the group’s profitability.  Bachelor degree or higher in Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Petroleum / Petrochemical Technology, other engineering discipline or economics.  Possess strong English command, be extremely logical, and possess strong analytical skills. Background in research, management consulting or strategic consulting especially in the energy field will be beneficial. 15. Accounting Team Responsible for manage the cover daily accounting transactions of the company, excluded account payable transactions, to ensure that they are properly approved by appropriate authorized person, made for the company’s business and being recorded in to the book of the company correctly under the accounting policy, compliance with general accepted accounting standard.  Bachelor degree or higher in Accounting.  0-3 years experiences in accounting field or tax. 16. Financial Analyst Responsible for management accountant, corporate planning, analyzing financial accounting records.  Bachelor degree or higher in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Economics or Related field.  0-2 years experience in accounting activities for budgeting and controlling process including financial reports. Sound knowledge in financial analysis, financial evaluation and documentation. Ability to use SAP is advantageous. 17. Crude Operation To plan and manage all crude/feedstock operational delivery activities in compliance and accordance with both crude/feedstock purchasing and chartering contractual commitment. and, to ensure that all
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activities are in manner that smoothen company, minimize addition cost and optimize company profitability.  Bachelor degree or higher in Economics, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Petrochem. Tech., other Engineering or any field of study.  0-3 years experience if having experience in management consultation oil/chemical industry is advantageous. 18. Domestic Transportation To well manage own fleet and sub charter utilization to ensure the utmost operations service to clients especially PTT group and most profitability to shareholders.  Bachelor degree or higher in Economics, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Petrochem. Tech., other Engineering or any field of study.  0-3 years experience if having experience in logistics is preferred. 19. OD & Biz improvement Coordinator Responsible for identify develop and execute on the implement of Organization development and Business Improvement initiative including Organization need’s assessments, Organizational change, Culture and Performance.  Bachelor degree or higher in Business Administration, People Management or related fields.  0-3 years experience in organization and system development or HR field, KM, learning organization, process improvement or project management experience preferred. Experience in petroleum & petrochemical or related is advantageous. 20. HR Planner  Bachelor or higher in HRM, HRD, Business Admin., Economics or related fields.  0-3 years experience in HR filed in multi-national, high profile local firms, or consulting firm is advantageous. 21. Community Affair Sup. Responsible for Community relation activities.  Bachelor degree In Business administration, Marketing, Communication, Arts, Environment, Political Science, Economics or related fields.  0-3 years experience in PR, CSR, community relations preferred.
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22. Government Relation Sup. To coordinate the smooth and timely approval by government authorities of permits, licenses and various authorizations needed, in the designate area of accountability, for the Company’s operations according to relevant laws and regulations.  Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Communication, Arts, Environment, Political Sciences, Economics or related fields.  0-3 years experience in Government & Public Affairs or related. 23. Environment Legal Coordinator  Bachelor degree or higher in any field, however graduated in Law / Political Science or Public Admin. is preferred.  0-3 years experience in Government Legal. 24. Personal & Office Service Sup. – Landscape To ensure that the company’s landscaping including plants and gardens are maintained and developed in the way that contribute to the good working environment resulting in strengthening of the company image, and public relations (particularly in local) in the efficient and cost optimal manner.

<< All positions require >>     Male and Female GPA 3.00 or higher from accredited universities Good command of English and computer literacy TOEIC score of 550 is an advantage

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1. Combustion Coordinator To provide advice and guidance as well as coach shift personnel in their responsible areas on the operation of all furnaces and boilers and other relate fired equipments in order to achieve the most efficient, safe and economic operating condition in accordance with best practice.  Male age between 20-28 years.  Diploma or higher and Knowledge in heat transfer, combustion theory, burner, heater and fired equipment.  At least 1 year related combustion task. 2. Team Operator Under the direction of ASM and under the leadership of Lead Team Operator to help plan and execute operational field work and panel operating control work in the MCB, and to lead and execute specialist engineering and MMBO works, to ensure that optimum plant operation is achieved, meeting all efficiency, productivity, HSEO and GRM targets, by necessary consultation and cooperation within the team, and exercising engineering and operational knowhow to rectify minor plant and equipment problems, ensuring maximal plant availability, and even to lead part of shutdown maintenance as required.  Male, age under 28 years.  Diploma or higher in petroleum Technology Petrochemical, Electrical, Electronics, Instrument, Measurement,& Control, Mechanics, Automobile, Mechatronics with GPA equivalent or higher than 2.75.  English at/or equivalent to TOEIC score minimum 250.  Good team work & communication, ability to learn, HSE conscious, Mo-fit to shift work, self drive, high responsibility for work assignment. 3. Technician  Male, age under 28 years.  Diploma or higher in Instrument, Electronic, Mechatronic, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Power, Construction, Equipment.  0-7 years in maintenance field.
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4. Design Draughtsman Responsible for drawing design and development of construction project.  Diploma or higher in Mechanical, Civil, Instrument.  0-5 years of working experience as Design Draughtsman.  Proficiency skill in Auto CAD, Visio and standard office computer program is essential. 5. Scaffolding & Crane Supervisor To ensure rigging and scaffolding activities are well planned, organized and supervised safely and effectively in accordance with good engineering practice.  Male, age between 25-30 years.  Diploma in Civil or equipment.  5 years experience in relevant job. 6. Fire Main + Operation Sup. To maintain good condition of all mobile and fixed fire fighting equipment including fire truck operations to be ready for using in case of fire and conduct fire fighting training course for refinery fire fighting teams.

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