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Owner’s Manual
32” Class 720p LCD HDTV
(31.5 inches measured diagonally)

Manual de usuario
Televisión de alta definición de 720p y clase 32” de LCD
(31,5 pulgadas medidas diagonalmente)

For assistance (U.S.A./Puerto Rico), please call:

1-877-95-VIERA (958-4372) For assistance (Canada), please call:

1-866-330-0014 Para solicitar ayuda (EE.UU./Puerto Rico), llame al:

1-877-95-VIERA (958-4372)

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Thank you for purchasing this Panasonic product. Please read these instructions before operating your set and retain them for future reference. The images shown in this manual are for illustrative purposes only. Gracias por su decisión de comprar este producto marca Panasonic. Lea estas instrucciones antes de utilizar su televisor y guárdelas para consultarlas en el futuro. Las imágenes mostradas en este manual tienen solamente fines ilustrativos.


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This product incorporates the following software: (1) software developed independently by or for Panasonic Corporation, (2) software owned by a third party and licensed to Panasonic Corporation, (3) software licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 2 (GPL v2), (4) software licensed under the GNU LESSER General Public License (LGPL) and/or, (5) open source software other than software licensed under the GPL and/or LGPL For the software categorized as (3) or (4), please refer to the terms and conditions of GPL v2 and LGPL, as the case may be at and In addition, software categorized as (3) or (4) is copyrighted by several individuals and/or entities. Please refer to the copyright notice of those individuals at GPL/LGPL SOFTWARE IS DISTRIBUTED IN THE HOPE THAT IT WILL BE USEFUL, BUT WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. For at least three (3) years from delivery of products, Panasonic will give to anyone who contacts us at the address provided below, for a charge of no more than our cost of physically performing source code distribution, a complete machine-readable copy of the corresponding source code covered under GPL v2/LGPL. Contact Information Source code is also freely available to you and any other member of the public via our website below.


VIERA Link™ is a trademark of Panasonic Corporation. HDMI, the HDMI logo and HighDefinition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries. SDHC Logo is a trademark of SD3C, LLC. This product qualifies for ENERGY STAR in the “Home Use” setting and this is the setting in which energy savings will be achieved. Any modifications to the “Home Use” setting or other factory default settings could result in greater energy consumption beyond levels that meet ENERGY STAR qualifications. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. HDAVI Control™ is a trademark of Panasonic Corporation.

Please read before using the unit

• Safety Precautions ········································· 4
Getting started
Getting started

• • • •

Accessories/Optional Accessory ··················· 7 Connections ·················································· 9 Identifying Controls······································ 11 First Time Setup ·········································· 12

Basic Features
15 • Watching TV················································· 18 • Using VIERA TOOLS ··································· 19 • Watching content from external devices ······ 20 • Viewing photos with VIERA IMAGE VIEWER ·····


Advanced Features
“HDAVI Control ” ··················· 22 • VIERA Link Setting Channels······················· 28 Editing and • How to Use Menu Functions ························ 30 •• Picture settings ··········································· 31


• Audio settings ············································· 32 • Timer settings ············································· 32 • Lock ···························································· 33 • Closed caption ············································ 33 • Setup ·························································· 34

Support Information

Support Information

• Ratings List for parental control ··················· 35 Information ··································· • Technical Cleaning ······································· 36 • Care and ··············································· 40 41 • Specifications Questions (FAQ) ············· 42 • Frequently Asked • Index ···························································· 44 • Limited Warranty Rico only)················· 45 (for U.S.A. and Puerto Services Directory • CustomerA. and Puerto Rico) ························ 46 (for U. S. • Limited Warranty (for Canada) ····················· 47


Safety Precautions
WARNING: To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove cover or back. No user-serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. The lightning flash with arrowhead within a triangle is intended to tell the user that parts inside the product are a risk of electric shock to persons. The exclamation point within a triangle is intended to tell the user that important operating and servicing instructions are in the papers with the appliance.

Note to CATV System Installer
This reminder is provided to direct the CATV system installer’s attention to Article 820-40 of the NEC that provides guidelines for proper grounding and, in particular, specifies that the cable ground shall be connected to the grounding system of the building, as close to the point of cable entry as practical.

Secure Ventilation
Slots and openings in the cabinet and the back or bottom are provided for ventilation, and to ensure reliable operation of the LCD TV and to protect it from overheating. These openings must not be blocked or covered. There should be at least 10 cm of space around the TV. The openings should never be blocked by placing the LCD TV on a bed, sofa, rug or other similar surface. This LCD TV should not be placed in a built-in installation such as a bookcase unless proper ventilation is provided.

Important Safety Instructions
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near water. Clean only with dry cloth. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding-type plug. A polarized plug has two blades with one wider than the other. A grounding type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong. The wide blade or the third prong are provided for your safety. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet. Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from the apparatus. Only use attachments / accessories specified by the manufacturer. Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket or table specified by the manufacturer, or sold with the apparatus. When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart / apparatus combination to avoid injury from tip-over. Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as power-supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped. Operate only from the type of power source indicated on the marking label. If you are not sure of the type of power supplied to your home consult your television dealer or local power company. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the LCD TV. Never push objects of any kind into this LCD TV through cabinet slots as they may touch dangerous voltage points or short out parts EXAMPLE OF ANTENNA GROUNDING AS PER that could result in a fire or electric shock. Never spill liquid of any (NEC) NATIONAL kind on the LCD TV. ANTENNA ELECTRICAL If an outside antenna is connected to the television equipment, LEAD-IN WIRE CODE be sure the antenna system is grounded so as to provide some GROUND CLAMP protection against voltage surges and built up static charges. ANTENNA In the U.S. Section 810-21 of the National Electrical Code DISCHARGE UNIT provides information with respect to proper grounding of the mast ELECTRIC (NEC SECTION 810-20) SERVICE and supporting structure, grounding of the lead-in wire to an GROUNDING EQUIPMENT antenna discharge unit, size of grounding conductors, location of CONDUCTORS antenna discharge unit, connection to grounding electrodes, and (NEC SECTION 810-21) requirements for the grounding electrode. GROUND CLAMPS POWER SERVICE GROUNDING ELECTRODE SYSTEM (NEC ART 250, PART H)



CREATING THE POTENTIAL RISK OF SUFFOCATION. DO NOT PLACE LIQUID CONTAINERS (FLOWER VASES. make sure the unit has been installed so that the power cord can be easily unplugged from AC outlet in case of an accident. Adjust only those controls that are covered by the operating instructions as improper adjustment of other controls may result in damage and will often require extensive work by a qualified technician to restore the LCD TV to normal operation. CUPS. NOTE: This equipment is designed to operate in North America and other countries where the broadcasting system and AC house current are exactly the same as in North America. f. or where it can fall into such power lines or circuits. 20) Unplug this LCD TV from the wall outlet and refer servicing to qualified service personnel under the following conditions: a. If the LCD TV has been dropped or the cabinet has been damaged. Therefore.) ABOVE THE SET (INCLUDING ON SHELVES ABOVE. ETC. Use with any other type of optional accessories may cause instability which could result in the possibility of injury. e. you will need to unplug it from the AC outlet to shut down all power. electric shock. MOISTURE. 25) CAUTION: The Power switch on this unit will not completely shut off all power from AC outlet.this indicates a need for service. 24) WARNING: To prevent the spread of fire. 5 .). power circuits. 28) CAUTION: DANGER OF EXPLOSION IF BATTERY IS INCORRECTLY REPLACED. INCLUDING PACKAGING MATERIALS AND PLASTIC BAGS/SHEETS TO PREVENT THEM FROM BEING PLAYED WITH BY YOUNG CHILDREN. 21) When replacement parts are required. DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPARATUS TO RAIN. when on vacation). DISCARD UNNEEDED SMALL PARTS AND OTHER OBJECTS. (All of the following accessories are manufactured by Panasonic Corporation) • Wall-hanging bracket: TY-WK3L2RW Always be sure to ask a qualified technician to carry out set-up. 29) CAUTION: This LCD TV is for use only with the following optional accessory. 27) CAUTION: USE WITH OTHER STAND MAY RESULT IN INSTABILITY POSSIBLY CAUSING INJURY. When the LCD TV exhibits a distinct change in performance . d. keep candles or other open flames away from this product at all times. the power cord should also be unplugged from the AC outlet when left unused for a long period of time (for example. KEEP SMALL PARTS AWAY FROM YOUNG CHILDREN. REPLACE ONLY WITH THE SAME OR EQUIVALENT TYPE. or other hazards. If the LCD TV has been exposed to rain or water. 26) CAUTION: TO PREVENT ELECTRIC SHOCK. To avoid fire hazard. If the LCD TV does not operate normally by following the operating instructions. extreme care should be taken to keep from touching such power lines or circuits as contact with them might be fatal. When the power cord or plug is damaged or frayed. When installing an outside antenna system. 22) WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK.19) An outside antenna system should not be located in the vicinity of overhead power lines. ETC. DRIPPING OR SPLASHING. COSMETICS. be sure the service technician uses replacement parts specified by the manufacturer that have the same characteristics as the original parts. c. DO NOT USE THIS PLUG WITH A RECEPTACLE OR OTHER OUTLET UNLESS THE BLADES CAN BE FULLY INSERTED TO PREVENT BLADE EXPOSURE. If liquid has been spilled into the LCD TV. 23) WARNING: SMALL PARTS CAN PRESENT CHOKING HAZARD IF ACCIDENTALLY SWALLOWED. other electric light. Unauthorized substitutions may result in fire. Since the power cord serves as the main disconnect device for the unit. b.

NJ 07094 Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company 1-877-95-VIERA (958-4372) consumerproducts@panasonic. Some wall mounts are not designed to be mounted to walls with steel studs or old cinder block construction. This equipment generates. Secaucus. contact a professional installer. CSA. To prevent personal injury or death. See page 5. uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and. desks. bookcases. WALL MOUNTING: IF YOU DECIDE TO WALL MOUNT YOUR FLAT PANEL DISPLAY. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference. especially on “larger than life” flat panel displays. pulled over. • Remember that children can become excited while watching a program. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. • Make sure the wall where you are mounting the display is appropriate. Flat panel displays that are inappropriately situated on dressers. of North America could void the user’s authority to operate this device. Panasonic recommends that a qualified installer perform the wall-mount installation. If you are unsure. and (2) this device must accept any interference received. pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. The consumer electronics industry (of which Panasonic is a member) is committed to making home entertainment enjoyable and safe. • Follow all instructions supplied by the display and wall mount manufacturers. ALWAYS: • Use a mount that has been recommended by the display manufacturer and/or listed by an independent laboratory (such as UL. there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception. However. • Don’t place flat panel displays on furniture that can easily be used as steps. such as a chest of drawers. if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions. Care should be taken to install the display where it cannot be pushed. Flat panel displays can be heavy.FCC STATEMENT This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device. be sure to follow the following safety guidelines: TUNE INTO SAFETY: • One size does NOT fit all. the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. • Don’t allow children to climb on or play with furniture and television sets. • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential CEA CHILD SAFETY NOTICES WARNING Flat panel displays are not always supported on the proper stands or installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. ETL). • Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. or knocked down. • Carefully read and understand all enclosed instructions for proper use of this product. • If you have any doubts about your ability to safely install your flat panel display. • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by Panasonic Corp. • Care should be taken to route all cords and cables connected to the flat panel display so that they cannot be pulled or grabbed by curious children. 6 . TC-L32C3 Responsible Party: Contact Source: email: Panasonic Corporation of North America One Panasonic Way. speakers. FCC Caution: To assure continued compliance. follow the attached installation instructions and use only shielded interface cables when connecting to computer or peripheral devices. contact your retailer about professional installation. shelves. which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the safe installation and use of your flat panel display. may cause harmful interference to radio communications. including interference that may cause undesired operation. chests or carts may fall over and may cause personal injury or even death. • A minimum of two people are required for installation. FCC Declaration of Conformity Model No. The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages television viewing for children younger than two years of age.

Take care when fixing wall brackets to the wall.39” (10. Incorrect fitting may cause equipment to fall. When using an angled-type wall hanging bracket. Back of the TV 7.Accessories/Optional Accessory Accessories Check you have all the items shown. Do not mount the unit directly below ceiling lights (such as spotlights. Any damage resulting from not having a professional installer mount your unit will void your warranty. Always ensure that there are no electrical cables or pipes in the wall before hanging bracket. Doing so may warp or damage plastic cabinet parts. floodlights or halogen lights) which typically give off high heat.A) Accessories/Optional Accessory Optional Accessory Wall-hanging bracket TY-WK3L2RW Please contact your nearest Panasonic dealer to purchase the recommended wall-hanging bracket. Always be sure to ask a qualified technician to perform any necessary set-up. “5-degree tilting”. For additional details. please refer to the wall-hanging bracket installation manual. 8) Owner’s Manual Quick Start Guide Child safety Product Registration Card (U.9 ” (200 mm) 7.9 ” (200 mm) Screw for fixing the TV onto the wall-hanging bracket (not supplied with the TV) Depth of screw: Minimum: 0.47” (12. For safety reasons. M4 (View from the side) WARNING Customer assumes liability if mounting the unit themselves or if a Panasonic bracket is not used.0 mm) The angle of wall-hanging bracket can be adjusted in “zero tilting (vertical)”. please ensure that there is sufficient space for the connecting cables so that they do not to press against the wall when the TV is tilted forward. 7 . “15-degree tilting” installation and “20-degree tilting” for this TV. Accessories Remote Control Transmitter N2QAYB000570 Batteries for the Remote Control Transmitter (2) AA Battery Pedestal TBL5ZX0084 Getting started How to assemble (p. resulting in injury and product damage.0 mm) Maximum: 0.S. remove units no longer being used from their wall-mounted locations. Holes for wall-hanging bracket “10-degree tilting”.

(Total 4 screws) Tighten screws firmly. Caution Do not use any pedestal other than that provided with this TV. Otherwise the TV may fall over and become damaged. personal injury may result. and personal injury may result. (such not mix different battery • Doalkaline and manganese types as batteries). A Accessories Assembly screws (4 of each) A B Bracket Front XSS4+16FJK size (M4 × 16) XYN4+F12FJK size (M4 × 12) Bracket (1) Base (1) Base Set-up Fix securely with assembly screws Tighten screws firmly. Hook Note the correct polarity (+ or -). the pedestal will not be strong enough to support the TV. 8 . make sure that all screws are securely tightened. During set-up. Do not use the pedestal if it becomes warped or physically damaged. (Total 4 screws) B B Foam mat or thick soft cloth WARNING Do not disassemble or modify the pedestal. and personal injury may result. • Do not use rechargeable (Ni-Cd) batteries. If you use the pedestal when it is physically damaged. Otherwise the TV may fall over and become damaged. Do not burn or break batteries. • Do not mix old and new batteries. resulting in damage to the remote control. and it might fall over and become damaged. If sufficient care is not taken to ensure screws are properly tightened during assembly. Installing the remote’s batteries Open Close Caution Incorrect installation may cause battery leakage and corrosion. Contact your nearest Panasonic Dealer immediately. . and personal injury may result.Attaching the pedestal to TV Assembling the pedestal Fix securely with assembly screws A .

Insert firmly. visit us at: www. multichannel surround-sound audio and interactive television. data broadcasting. Cable You need to subscribe to a cable TV service to enjoy viewing their programming.Connections Connection Panels Front of the TV A SD card slot (p. standard-definition television (SDTV).) VHF/UHF Antenna Cable TV or • NTSC (National Television System Committee): • ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee): Digital TV Standards include digital high-definition television (HDTV). external equipment and video cables shown in this manual are not supplied with the TV. (p. For additional assistance. The connection for high-definition can be done with the use of an HDMI or Component Video cable. 9 . Insert firmly. You may need to subscribe to a high-definition (HD) cable service to enjoy HD programming. 20) PC terminal DIGITAL AUDIO OUT B Getting started Back of the TV Antenna or Cable connection Connections Accessories/Optional Accessory Back of the TV VHF/UHF Antenna Power Cord (Connect after all the other connections have been 10) Note When using a Cable Connection references Antenna terminal Pin terminals red blue green green/ yellow HDMI terminal Firmly tighten by hand.

Blu-ray Disc player HDMI-DVI Conversion cable DVI OUT L R AV Equipment AUDIO OUT e. 23 The HDMI connection is required for a 1080p signal. Blu-ray Disc player VIERA Link connection.g.g.g. Blu-ray Disc player To use COMPOSITE terminals AV Equipment yellow white red red red e. 22 PC / Computer connection (VGA) RGB PC cable Conversion adapter (if necessary) PC OUT Computer Audio OUT Audio cable Connect cable which matches the audio out terminal on the computer 10 . Amplifier Optical cable For HDMI-ARC (Audio Return Channel) connection.AV cable connection Best To use HDMI terminals AV Equipment HDMI AV OUT e. see p.g. When using COMPOSITE (VIDEO IN 1) connection the Yellow connector (Video) should be inserted into Green connection. please refer to p. To use COMPONENT terminals Y green blue green green PB COMPONENT blue blue VIDEO OUT PR Good red AV Equipment red white red red L white white AUDIO OUT R red red e.g. VCR yellow white yellow COMPOSITE white OUT R L Basic (Not HD) e. DVD Recorder or The Green terminal is shared for both the COMPONENT and COMPOSITE (VIDEO IN 1) connection. Audio connection Audio equipment DIGITAL AUDIO IN e.g.

26-27) Displays Main Menu (p.S (Contrast Automatic Tracking System) Note The TV consumes a small amount of electric energy even when turned off. 20-21) Selects/OK/Change Go back to previous menu Channel up/down. 30) Displays Sub Menu for special functions (when available) (p. Do not place any objects between the TV remote control sensor and remote control.T. 16) Numeric keypad to select any channel or press to enter alphanumeric input in menus Use for digital channels. 15) Exits from menu screen VIERA Link menu (p. when viewing from ANT/Cable source Displays or removes the channel banner (p. 27) 11 . (p. 16) Colored buttons (used for various functions) Display VIERA TOOLS Menu (p. 19) Selects Secondary Audio Programming (p. off: no light) C.A. 18) Viewing from SD Card (p. 15) Switches TV On or Off (Standby) Select source to watch (p. 15) Volume up/down Sound mute On/Off Changes aspect ratio and zoom (p. 36) Switches to previously viewed channel or input External equipment operations (p.Identifying Controls TV controls/indicators Front of the TV Selects channels in sequence Volume up/down Menu navigations Remote control sensor within about 23 feet (7 meters) in front of the TV set Changes the input mode Chooses menu and submenu entries POWER button Getting started Power indicator (on: red. Identifying Controls Connections Remote control Closed Caption On/Off (p. 16. 15) Operates the Favorite channel list function (p.

Turn the TV On with the POWER button (TV) or or (Remote) Configure your viewing mode Select your language Language / Idioma / Langue English Español Français select OK Select your viewing mode (Be sure to select “Home use”) Set viewing mode Step 2 of 6 Home Use Store Demonstration select OK OK Select RETURN Please confirm your selection (Home Use) before pressing OK button. Yes No select OK If you select “Yes”. or if you used the EXIT button to quit before completing the settings. the picture mode will regularly reset to “Vivid” and a Picture Refresh message will be displayed on the screen. 34) Language. “First time setup” will not be automatically displayed. do one of the following: • Press and hold down the side POWER button for at least five seconds. You are selecting the store demonstration mode. Clock can also be changed from the Settings Menu. If you select “Yes”. • The settings up to that point are saved. Screen enters the store demonstration mode. Note If you use any other step other than then turn the TV off.First Time Setup First time setup screen is displayed only when the TV is turned on for the first time after the power cord is inserted into a wall outlet and when “Auto power on” (p. 34) 12 . (p. 34) is set to “No”. If you select “Store Demonstration” by mistake in confirmation screen will be displayed. Input labels. To display the “Set viewing mode” screen again as shown above and select “Home Use”. • Unplug power cord for 30 seconds and plug it again. Select “No” and return to previous screen . . ANT/Cable setup. • You can start “First time setup” at any time. the next time you turn the TV on. (p.

Press OK to continue. Press RETURN to quit RETURN Complete the Auto program setup Completion message is displayed when the Auto program scan is successfully completed. select “First time setup” in the Setup Menu. [EXIT confirmation screen] Are you sure you want to exit the First Time Setup? Yes No Yes No Exit “First time setup” Return to the original screen. Prevents accidental tuning to an unavailable signal. OK RETURN Press to go back to the previous screen Note About broadcasting systems Analog (NTSC): Conventional broadcasting Digital (ATSC): New programming that allows you to view more channels featuring high-quality video and sound Operation of the EXIT button during “First time setup” Press the button once to display confirmation screen. Auto program completed. Number of digital channels 0 “Not used” will be selected. Typical when a Cable/Satellite box is connected to a TV AV input.Auto channel setup (ANT/Cable setup) Select the connected Antenna in terminal ANT/Cable setup Cable Antenna Not used Step 3 of 6 Not used: Go to select (Label inputs) ANTENNA Cable In ANTENNA Cable In OK OK Select RETURN Select “Not used” when no wire is connected to the “Antenna/Cable” terminal. when Cable or Satellite box is used. Auto program Progress Number of analog channels Number of digital channels 10 0 8% This step is not needed when a Cable or Satellite box is connected to an AV input. 13 . To repeat the First Time Setup. If there is no available Auto program OK channel.) This process may take up to 20 minutes. Press again to close confirmation screen. Getting started Select “Start” Auto program Step 4 of 6 Skip: Go to select OK (Label inputs) Start Skip OK Select RETURN First Time Setup Start scanning the channels (Available channels are automatically set. return to Number of analog channels 10 (ANT/ Cable setup).

gaming device. or NEXT Blu-ray. for your convenience.Give names to the TV’s inputs (Label inputs) When done. The First time setup can be repeated at any time. • The input labels can be changed at any time from the TV’s setup menu. Complete the First time setup Congratulations! You are done. DVR./Video 1 Video 2 PC Next Step 5 of 6 select change HDMI 2 GA GA OK 1 @. select NEXT and press OK to go to the next step. or any other source (DVD. select NEXT and press OK to go to the next step.. abc B Y Delete Follow the instructions on screen to complete the following operations. Enjoy your Panasonic VIERA TV.. the input will be skipped when pressing INPUT. 2 ABC 3 DEF 4 GHI 5 JKL 6 MNO 7PQRS 8 TUV 9WXYZ LAST 0 . HDMI HDMI Select R RETURN G ABC abc B Y Delete Select Change R Edit RETURN G ABC 1 @. Press MENU and select SETUP. 14 .. Label inputs HDMI 1 HDMI 2 Comp. Satellite receiver. Afterward. Press to go back to the previous screen OK RETURN Setup is complete. etc. press the INPUT button and select the appropriate input. DVD .. Adjust the Clock (Set clock) When done. Label: [BLANK] Not used/Blu-ray/DVD/DVD REC/HOME THTR/GAME/COMPUTER/ VCR/CABLE/SATELLITE/DVR/CAMERA/MONITOR/AUX/RECEIVER/MEDIA CTR/MEDIA EXT/OTHER • Select “Not used” for any back-panel input that has no device connected to it. To watch TV via a Cable box. 2 ABC 3 DEF 4 GHI 5 JKL 6 MNO 7PQRS 8 TUV 9WXYZ LAST 0 .). Set clock Year Month Day Hour Minute Next ------ Step 6 of 6 select Minute 10 10 0 9 or Next OK RETURN change Select Change Edit RETURN 0 9 Follow the instructions on screen to complete the following operations. then “First time setup”.

Basic Other Useful Functions Listen with SAP (Secondary Audio Programming) Select the Audio mode for watching TV Digital mode Press SAP to select next Audio track (if available) when receiving a digital channel. 28) The channel number and volume level remain the same even after the TV is turned off. 19) or Select a channel number up or down • Also available side CH button on the unit. [For Cable/Satellite box connection] . 13. press the button to enter the minor number in a compound channel number. Contact your Cable or Satellite operator for instructions on enabling CC with their box. Channel Clock THE NEWS 15-2 12:30 PM ABC-HD CC SAP TV-G 1080i Standard 4:3 30 Station SAP Signal identifier indication resolution Closed caption Rating Level Picture mode Sleep timer remaining time Aspect ratio 15 . Audio track 1 of 2 (English) Watching TV First Time Setup Analog mode Press SAP to select the desired Audio mode. Closed Caption Switches the Closed Caption mode On or Off Closed caption Off Closed caption On Closed caption On mute Closed Caption is not available when watching TV with a Cable or Satellite box connected via HDMI. shows the channel banner. • Each press of SAP will change the Audio mode. (Stereo/SAP/Mono) SAP is not available when watching TV with a Cable or Satellite box connected via HDMI. Contact your Cable or Satellite operator for instructions on enabling SAP with their box.Watching TV Turn power on (Remote) (TV) Note Please select correct input --> (p. When watching programming via the Antenna/Cable input. To directly enter the digital channel number When tuning to a digital channel. (p. Displaying Information Displays and removes information. Getting started example: CH15-1: Note Reselect “Cable” or “Antenna” in “ANT in” of “ANT/Cable setup” to switch the signal reception between cable TV and antenna.Use your connected box’s remote control.

Set favorite channel (below) Edit the channel identifier (p. 15) Favorite channels 1 2 3 4 5 1/3 select 26-1 or Set the Favorite channel SUB MENU Setup SUB MENU Channel surf mode All Set favorite Edit CH caption Signal meter Set favorite 1 2 3 4 5 1/3 26-1 select the list number save the displayed channel or select the list number (to save the channel without pressing OK) Delete a favorite channel Set favorite 1 2 3 4 5 1/3 select 26-1 delete (while holding down) To change the page Press repeatedly to change between pages (1/3. Some content. 29) Check the signal strength (p. 720p: FULL/H-FILL/JUST/4:3/ZOOM Use when the picture does not fill the whole screen (bars appears on either side of the image) or portions of the picture is trimmed. Sub menu is only available when the TV is using the Antenna/Cable input. 480p: FULL/JUST/4:3/ZOOM • 1080p. 36) • 480i. such as Cable/Satellite box. 2. (p. Select the desired broadcast station with the cursor or use the number buttons. 3/3 or exit) Changes the page forward/backward Favorite channels cannot be set when using Cable or Satellite box. 16 . 2/3. not when using Cable or Satellite box. are available in extra-wide format.Change aspect ratio and Zoom the picture Press FORMAT to cycle through the aspect modes (p. Display the SUB MENU Press SUB MENU to show the Sub Menu screen This menu consists of shortcuts to convenient functions. Adjust the device’s aspect settings. 29) Call up a favorite channel FAVORITE Channel numbers registered in Favorite are displayed on the favorite tune screen. Connected devices. such as film-based movies. Top and bottom bars are unavailable. Note 1. SUB MENU Setup SUB MENU Channel surf mode All Set favorite Edit CH caption Signal meter Specify favorites or type of channels to view when pressing the channel up/ down button. 1080i. DVD/Blu-ray players and game consoles have their own aspect (format) settings.

. Select R OK RETURN G ABC abc B 1 @./Video 1 Video 2 Video 1 ABC abc 123 Press each number key to cycle through the alphanumeric character.Other Useful Operations Entering characters You can use the remote control keys to enter the alphanumeric characters. Switches input mode. Input your 4-digit password Menu Password Enter password. 2 ABC 3 DEF 4 GHI 5 JKL 6 MNO 7PQRS 8 TUV 9WXYZ LAST 0 . Menu Input labels HDMI 1 HDMI 2 Comp. * * * - If it is your first time entering the password. (If you have forgotten your password. Make a note of your password. consult your local dealer. 33) 17 Basic Watching TV . Y Delete Navigation area Password setting/entering You need to enter the password when you access locked channel or inputs. Do not forget it. enter the password twice in order to register it.) When you select a locked channel. Change password (p. a message will be displayed that allows you to view the channel after you input your password.

Press to exit from a menu screen Eco mode Game mode setting (Game/Standard) (p. 20-21) Game mode Please select Picture mode.Using VIERA TOOLS VIERA TOOLS is the easy way to access the TV’s special features. 31) Game mode allows optimum picture settings for gaming. Display VIERA TOOLS Select the item select next VIERA Link Set each item VIERA Link VIERA Link (p. They are displayed as shortcut icons on the TV screen. Game Standard Press to go back to the previous screen ECO/energy saving (p. 26-27) Slideshow Slideshow (p. 34) 18 . 20-21) VIERA IMAGE VIEWER VIERA IMAGE VIEWER (p.

/Video 1 Video 2 PC AUX DVD or select (example) enter (shortcut) press the corresponding NUMBER button on the remote control to select the input of your choice. to cycle through the available inputs. Cable box. • You can also enter the label name directly. etc. 34 for list of available label names. • See p. Watching content from external devices Using VIERA TOOLS Operate the connected device directly by using its own remote control. * set unused input to “Not used” (below) for quick skipping. the “Input select” menu disappears. 17)) 19 . see below. During the selection. (Entering characters (p.Watching content from external devices With the connected equipment turned On Display the Input select menu Select the input mode Input select 1 2 3 4 5 6 TV HDMI 1 HDMI 2 Comp. press label or to edit Menu Input labels HDMI 1 HDMI 2 Comp. Note PC adjustments (p. then press OK. The terminal and label (names) of the connected equipment are displayed. Or. press the INPUT button repeatedly. To label each of the inputs. if no action is taken for several seconds. Basic HDMI 1 DVD Terminal Label (example) Note The input label will be displayed on the “Input select” screen if the Input label was customized. /Video 1 Video 2 PC to select a select set 1/2 Labeling each input with names of connected devices such as DVD Player. will help you to identify and switch between them. Select the input of your choice. 31) Label each input Select “Input labels” in “Setup” Menu Setup Channel surf mode All Language Clock ANT/Cable setup Input labels For each input.

microSDHC Card (32 GB).Viewing photos with VIERA IMAGE VIEWER The VIERA Image Viewer lets you easily view still images on the television by simply inserting an SD card into the VIERA SD card slot. insert / remove it together with the adapter. 34) Slideshow next VIERA IMAGE VIEWER Displayed Thumbnail screen. Displays one at a time Slideshow Single photo view Rotate 90 degrees (counter-clockwise) To next photo Rotate 90 degrees (clockwise) To previous photo To display/hide the Navigation area Return to the Thumbnail view 20 . 18) Select the item select Auto play setting Image viewer auto play (p. Select the data to be viewed Thumbnail view VIERA IMAGE VIEWER All photos Total Name Pana0001 Date 03/04/2010 Size 1029×1200 Pana0005 Pana0006 Pana0007 Pana0008 select Pana0001 Pana0002 Pana0003 Pana0004 238 view Select OK RETURN Pana0009 G Folders Pana0010 Pana0011 Pana0012 R Slideshow B Sort by month Y Sort by date To start Slideshow Selected picture information is displayed. 37) Display “VIERA IMAGE VIEWER” Using VIERA TOOLS (p. Insert the SD card Insert the card Remove the card Gently insert the SD Card label surface facing front. Play Next RETURN Play Next RETURN Prev. Pause Next RETURN Rotate Prev. SD Card (2 GB). Cutout Compliant card type (maximum capacity): SDHC Card (32 GB). then release. 37 (Data format for SD card browsing) for details. “Information” contents may not be displayed correctly. Refer to p. Slideshow Start slideshow. miniSD Card (2 GB). miniSD Card or microSD Card is used. For cautions and details on SD Cards (p. Label surface Push until a click is heard Press in lightly on SD Card. View Navigation area Accessing Present status (While reading the data) Accessing Press to exit from a menu screen Press to go back to the previous screen Accessing Rotate Prev. microSD Card (2 GB) (requiring microSDHC Card/miniSD Card/ microSD Card adapter) If a microSDHC Card. Note Depending on the JPEG file format. Total number of images.

31-32) Select the music from 5 options. month or date In Select the sort type VIERA IMAGE VIEWER All photos Total Name Pana0001 Date 03/04/2010 Size 1029×1200 Pana0005 Pana0006 Pana0007 Pana0008 Folders (ascending order of numeric/alphabetical) Pana0001 Pana0002 Pana0003 Pana0004 238 Sort by month (ascending order of the month) Sort by date (ascending order of the date ) Select OK RETURN Pana0009 G Folders Pana0010 Pana0011 Pana0012 R Slideshow B Sort by month Y Sort by date Select the directory. (Short/Fast/Normal/Slow/Very slow) Turn the slideshow Repeat (cycle) function on or off (Off/On). Select the transition effect shown between photos (Off /Wipe /Wipe /Wipe /Comb /Comb /Dissolve/Checker wipe/Random/Array/Collage) Select the display effect (Off/Sepia/Gray scale) /Wipe 21 . (Off/Music 1/Music 2/Music 3/Music 4/Music 5) Slideshow settings Slideshow settings Display interval Repeat playback Transition effect Photo effect Fast Off Off Sepia Select Adjust Note To stop in mid-cycle Press Display interval Repeat playback Transition effect Photo effect Set how many seconds each image is displayed in the Slideshow mode. VIERA IMAGE VIEWER All photos Sort by date 15 Date 09/23/2009 Number of photos 28 photos Accessing select 09/23/2009 28 photos 09/28/2009 58 photos 10/10/2009 3 photos 11/20/2009 8 photos VIERA IMAGE VIEWER Total Name Pana0001 Date 09/23/2009 Size 1029×1200 Accessing All photos 09/23/2009 28 Pana0001 Pana0002 Pana0003 Pana0004 OK 12/25/2009 24 photos 01/01/2010 10 photos 02/15/2010 16 photos 03/04/2010 32 photos Pana0011 Pana0012 Pana0013 Pana0014 Select OK RETURN Select OK RETURN Go back to previous screen Pana0055 G Pana0056 B Pana0057 Y Pana0058 R Slideshow G B Y R Slideshow Basic Photo settings In or Display “Photo settings” Select the item Photo settings Picture Audio Slideshow settings Soundtrack Off select change Viewing photos with VIERA IMAGE VIEWER next Adjust the picture/Audio Picture Reset to defaults Picture mode Back light Contrast 20 0 Vivid Set the Soundtrack Select Adjust Soundtrack Off 1/2 change example :Picture menu Picture menu/Audio menu (p.Sort To sort by Folder.

Home theater system. RP-CDHS30 (9.4 ft/5. HD Camcorder. HDMI cable This function needs an HDMI compliant (fully wired) cable. HDAVI Control 2 or later HDAVI Control 3 or later HDAVI Control 4 or later HDAVI Control 5 When adding new equipment. and make sure that the image is displayed correctly. Non-HDMI-compliant cables cannot be utilized. 24-27.VIERA LinkTM “HDAVI ControlTM” Simultaneously control all Panasonic “HDAVI Control” equipped components using one button on the TV remote. Connections to equipment (DVD recorder DIGA.) with HDMI cables enables VIERA Link controls. RP-CDHS50 (16. is based on the control functions provided by HDMI and industry standard known as HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). for more information) Input • Automaticlink Switching • Power on link • Power off • Default speakers • Speaker control control only with the TV’s remote • VIERA Link device energy save (for available control only) equipment • Unselected Provides setting information (Language. please refer to the operating manual for the equipment. 22 . turn the equipment on and then switch the TV on. with unique function that we have developed and added. This TV supports “HDAVI Control 5” function.0 m). its operation with other manufacturers’ equipment that supports HDMI CEC cannot be guaranteed. Enjoy additional HDMI Inter-Operability with compatible Panasonic products. It is recommended that you use Panasonic’s HDMI cable. Recommended part number: RP-CDHS15 (4.0 m) * For more details on the external equipment’s connections. As such. etc.9 ft/1. 19).5 m). Amplifier. Please refer to the individual manuals for other manufacturers’ equipment supporting the VIERA Link function. Equipment with the “HDAVI Control” function enables the following operations: Version HDAVI Control or later Operations (See p.) • Automatic lip-sync function • • Energy saving mode (with Quick Start mode) • Audio Return Channel (ARC) is a function that enables digital sound signals to Audio Return Channel be sent via an HDMI cable back from the TV to a connected audio device. etc. VIERA Link “HDAVI Control”. Set the input mode to HDMI1 or HDMI2 (p. reconnecting equipment or changing the setup after the connection.8 ft/3. time.

(When connecting to an AV amp via HDMI. HDMI cable Home theater systems with VIERA Link function Optical cable AV amp with VIERA Link function DVD recorder (DIGA) with VIERA Link function No optical cable is necessary when connecting a Home Theater supporting “HDAVI control 5” with an HDMI cable. When audio from other equipment connected to this unit via HDMI is output using “DIGITAL AUDIO OUT” of this unit. the system switches to 2CH audio. you can enjoy higher sound quality. (p. After connection. 22) One AV amp and one DVD recorder (DIGA) can be operated with this unit. confirm the HDAVI control functions. Please refer to their respective manuals. Note Individual HDMI equipment may require additional menu settings specific to each model. then connect the camcorder to this input. 24-27) HDMI / mini HDMI cable HD Camcorder with VIERA Link function LUMIX with VIERA Link function If connection (or setting) of equipment compatible with HDAVI control is changed. switch the power of this unit Off and On again while the power of all equipment is On (so that the unit can correctly recognize the connected equipment) and check that the connected equipment playback operates. 23 . Audio will be supported via ARC (Audio Return Channel) (p. HDMI (type A) to Mini-HDMI (type C) cable or adapter should be used.VIERA Link™ Connections (with VIERA Link function) Terminal overview Back of the TV Connecting DVD Recorder (DIGA) VIERA LinkTM “HDAVI ControlTM” HDMI cable DVD recorder (DIGA) with VIERA Link function Connecting Home theater system/AV amp HDMI 1 is recommended. Advanced Connecting HD Camcorder/Digital camera Press INPUT and select an available HDMI terminal.) Some devices use Mini-HDMI terminal.

Some features are disabled depending on the “HDAVI Control” version of the equipment. set “VIERA Link” to “On”. in VIERA Link settings menu. 22) Display the menu Select “VIERA Link settings” in “Setup” Menu Setup VIERA Link settings ECO/energy saving Advanced setup First time setup About Reset to defaults 2/2 select next Select “VIERA Link” Menu VIERA Link settings VIERA Link Power on link Power off link Energy saving mode Quick start Unselected device energy save No (stay on) Default speakers TV On No Yes select Select “On” (default is On) Press to exit from a menu screen change Select and make other settings Press to go back to the previous screen Menu VIERA Link settings VIERA Link Power on link Power off link Energy saving mode Quick start Unselected device energy save No (stay on) Default speakers TV On No Yes select 24 . Please check the list (p.VIERA Link settings and Available features To use all VIERA Link functions: After everything is connected.

when playback begins on one of those devices. Power off link When “Yes” is selected and the TV is turned off.Automatic Input Switching When using a Blu-ray Disc player. • The TV remains on even if the VIERA Link compatible equipment is turned off. TV provided setting information Advanced The following information about the TV settings can be transmitted to each piece of equipment (Recorder/Home theater/Player) that has “HDAVI Control 3 or later” function connected to a TV with an HDMI cable. Automatic lip-sync function Minimizes lip-sync delays between the picture and audio when you connect to a Panasonic theater system or Amplifier. Transmittable data On Screen Display Language setting (English/Español/Français) Panel Aspect Ratio (16:9 fixed) Closed caption information (Mode/CC type/Digital setting) Channel information (Input signal/Channel list/Caption information) --------- Recorder Home theater Player Note There is a possibility that all the GUI language information might be set from equipment that has an HDMI CEC function connected to the TV with an HDMI cable. For more details on the external equipment’s operation. 25 . Energy saving mode Quick Start: When TV is turned off. • The connected equipment has “HDAVI Control 2 or later” (for available equipment only) [ Example of timing for operation ] • When the input is switched from the HDMI. change the Default speakers setting from “TV” to “Theater”. Depending on the operating conditions or the specification for each piece of equipment the setting may or may not be applied. DVD player/recorder or Home theater system. Power on link Yes: The TV is turned on automatically and switches to the appropriate HDMI input whenever VIERA Link compatible equipment is initially turned on and the Play mode is selected. all connected VIERA Link compatible equipment is also automatically turned off. all connected VIERA Link compatible equipment is moved to ECO Standby mode* automatically under these conditions. Default speakers “TV” is the default setting. the TV will automatically change to the appropriate input. VIERA LinkTM “HDAVI ControlTM” Unselected device energy save Yes: The connected VIERA Link compatible equipment will be turned off automatically when not in use under these conditions. Sound will be output from the Home theater whenever the TV is powered on. To set the Home theater system as Default speakers. • A Panasonic DVD Recorder will not turn off if it is still in Rec mode. • For a Home theater system the speakers automatically switch to the theater system. please refer to the operating manual for the equipment. • Power off link:(Yes). The connected equipment has “HDAVI Control 4 or later (with Quick Start mode)” * Minimum power consumption of Standby condition for the equipment.

22) Display the VIERA Link menu or select next VIERA Link Select the item select VIERA Link control Recorder Speaker output TV Back to TV Items in the VIERA Link menu may be grayed out if no compatible equipment is connected (must be HDAVI Control 2 or later) or if the equipment has not initiated a connection with the TV. In that case.VIERA Link menu and Available features Some features are disabled depending on the “HDAVI Control” version of the equipment. switch the equipment’s power Off and On while the TV is On. see “VIERA Link” on page 24. Select VIERA Link control change Press to exit from a menu screen Press to go back to the previous screen Home theater Speaker output TV Back to TV Set 26 . Please check the list (p. For further details.

change You can select available items only. a number Select “VIERA Link control” after the name indicates the number of items. read the manual of the equipment. theater” turns the equipment on • Selecting “Home is in Standby mode. (e. the TV speakers is turned • When the take over. Continue using your TV remote control to operate the equipment. pointing it at the TV.. and a total of three for Home Using VIERA TOOLS (p. Select “Back to TV” select VIERA Link control Recorder Speaker output TV Back to TV OK 27 . VIERA Link control only with the TV’s remote control VIERA LinkTM “HDAVI ControlTM” In the VIERA Link menu.g. Move the cursor/Select Set/Access Return to previous menu SUB MENU Play Stop Reverse/Forward Advanced Display the functions menu on the equipment Available when the purpose of the keys is displayed on screen Exit Channel Up/Down Skip Reverse/Forward Pause Closed caption SAP (Select Audio Mode) Select digital subchannel - 0-9 Back to TV Returns the input selection of the device selected with the VIERA Link Control to the TV input.Speaker control You can select the Home theater or TV speakers for audio output. pointing it at the TV To operate the equipment. This function is available only when a Panasonic Amplifier or Player theater is connected.. Control the theater speakers with the TV remote control. Select the equipment you want to access Recorder 1/Recorder 2/Recorder 3. Available TV remote control buttons Whether an operation is available differs depending on the connected equipment. you can select HDMI connected equipment and access it quickly. select VIERA Link control Recorder Speaker output TV Back to TV Note There is a limit to the number of HDMI connectors. If there is more than one equipment item. automatically if it Select “Speaker output” Select “Home theater” or “TV” select VIERA Link control Recorder Speaker output TV Back to TV change TV: The TV speakers are on. 18) theater/Player/Camcorder/LUMIX/Digital camera. Operate the equipment with the TV remote control. off. Home theater: Adjustment for the equipment Volume up / down Mute of the TV • The soundequipment is muted.) (Recorder/Home theater/Player/Camcorder/LUMIX/ The number of equipment items that can be connected Digital camera) is three for recorders.

(see p.Editing and Setting Channels The current channel settings can be changed according to your needs and reception conditions. 13). All previously saved channels are erased. ANT/Cable setup and operation Display the menu Select “Setup” Menu Setup Channel surf mode All Language Clock ANT/Cable setup Input labels 1/2 next select Select “ANT/Cable setup” Menu Setup Channel surf mode All Language Clock ANT/Cable setup Input labels 1/2 next select Press to exit from a menu screen Auto program (Set automatically) Automatically searches and adds available channels to the memory. 29 ). Select “ANT in” Select “Cable” or “Antenna” Or select “Not used” (p. select “Apply”. 28 . Select a scanning mode (p. 13) Menu Auto program All channels Analog only Digital only OK select Select “Auto program” Menu ANT/Cable setup ANT in Auto program Manual program Signal meter Cable next select After the scanning is completed.

... Select “Apply” Advanced l program Apply el Caption . If no problem is found. . Cancel Favorite Add Yes Yes Yes Yes Y R G ABC B abc Y Delete select next Caption Select or edit the station identifier. .. Available only for digital antenna channels. ..... 28). ... or change channel OK Signal strength Current Peak level 86% 98% Note Not available if “Cable” is selected in “ANT in” (see p. Cancel Favorite Add Yes Yes Yes Yes select the item to edit (Caption/ Favorite/Add) next 1 2 3 26-1 set . consult your local dealer........ .... Menu Signal meter Channel -- If the signal is weak. .. . 34) Edit Caption Edit CH caption Channel Caption OK Select RETURN 80-101 @ D--A or change set Select “Edit” Manual program Edit Channel 2 3 4 5 6 Apply Caption . .. Also.. Cancel Favorite Add Yes Yes Yes Yes Changes will be lost.... .... Yes OK RETURN Set favorite Select the number • Y R G Next page B • • Proceed to next page Go back to the previous page Caption: Changes the station identifier Favorite: Registers channels to the Favorite List Add: Adds or skips channels Add Press OK to select “Yes (add)” or “No (skip)” Move the cursor to a channel number Manual program Edit Channel 2 3 Apply Caption . Continue? Yes No OK select next (returns to “ANT/ Cable setup”) select “Yes” Signal meter (Check signal strength) Check the signal strength if interference is found or freezing occurs on a digital image. . ... Add . . . .... use this to add or skip channels from the channel list manually. Signal intensity 29 . . Cancel Favorite Add Yes select OK To cancel the Edit Manual program Edit Channel 2 3 4 5 Apply Caption ..... .. .. .... ........ Yes Caption .. ..... .. . . check the antenna... .... . Cancel Favorite Add Yes Yes select press OK to tune to the channel.. You can select a channel tuning mode (Digital only/Analog only) in “Channel surf mode”(p.. (maximum 7 characters available) Favorite Set favorite 1/3 Editing and Setting Channels Select the item to edit Manual program Edit Channel 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Select select Apply Caption ..... .. ... Yes Favorite Yes . ..Manual program (Set manually) Use this procedure when changing the channel setup or changing the channel display.. .

and other functions so that you can enjoy watching TV best suited for you. Y Delete (example: Input labels) Select the menu Menu Picture settings Audio settings Timer (Sleep. Menu items Press OK to proceed to next screen if available. Program etc. 2 ABC 3 DEF 4 GHI 5 JKL 6 MNO 7PQRS 8 TUV 9WXYZ LAST 0 . Some functions will be disabled depending on the type of input signal. Menu structure Menu Input labels HDMI 1 HDMI 2 Comp. On/Off timer) Lock (Channel. Select Change R Help information Operation guide Edit RETURN G ABC abc B 1 @. Game. sound.. Display the menu Shows the functions that can be adjusted.) Closed Caption setting Setup (other settings) Adjust or select a menu item Press to exit from a menu screen Menu Picture Reset to defaults Picture mode Back light Contrast Brightness Color Tint Sharpness 0 0 0 0 0 Vivid 20 1/2 adjust or select Press to go back to the previous screen (example: Picture menu) 30 .How to Use Menu Functions Various menus allow you to make settings for the picture. Select or enter the name of the device connected to the HDMI 1 terminal./Video 1 Video 2 PC Menu bar Press OK to move to the Menu items.

WVGA (852×480 pixels). Adjusts the color. 36) Adjusts vertical alignment and size when aspect setting is “ZOOM”. Advanced V-position Adjusts the vertical position. then adjust the clock Phase so that a clear picture appears. or Warm (red) color. Tint. It may not be possible to display a clear picture due to poor input signals. The H and V sync signals are input from the HD/VD connector. XGA (1. WXGA (1.+50 Cool/Normal/Warm Off/On Off/On Off/On Selects a choice of Cool (blue). Leave it off when receiving a strong signal. (p.S. Lets you choose the aspect depending on the format of adjustments FULL/H-FILL received signal. for each picture mode to suit your taste • Display range Contrast/Brightness/Color/Sharpness : 0 . 39) Sync H&V Uses a synchronized signal on the Video G signal. Photo is displayed in JPEG menu. Switches to wide display. A.110 kHz Vertical: 48 . Sharpness Color temp. Reduces noise. Display range Horizontal:15 . Provides enhanced picture contrast and sharpness for viewing in a well-lit room.120 Hz 31 .“Reset to default” will be grayed out if no changes are made in the following menus: “Picture”. For watching movies in a darkened room. How to Use Menu Functions • Some menus are grayed out depending on the input signal or condition. (p.100 Tint : -50 . commonly called snow. For playing video games. Picture settings Adjust the image or picture quality Item Description Resets all picture adjustments to factory default settings except for “Advanced picture”. “Zoom adjustments” will be grayed out if the aspect is not set to Zoom. Brightness. “PC adjustments”. “Audio” and “Closed caption”. flickers partially or is blurred. (e. picture C. Clock phase Input resolution H-frequency V-frequency Alleviates the problem if the whole picture appears to flicker or is blurred. Settings Items Reset to defaults Picture mode Vivid Standard Cinema Game Custom (Photo) Back light Contrast. (p. Adjusts the horizontal position.A. Controls dark areas without affecting the black level or brightness in the overall picture. etc. film-like picture. 36) Adjusts the horizontal display range to reduce noise of both side H size Size 1/Size 2 edges of an image. (p. Automatically adjusts the screen brightness according to the ambient lighting condition. It provides a soft. 39) Alleviates the problem if a picture appears to be vertically-striped.024×768 pixels). Size 2: Adjusts the image size according to the aspect mode to reduce noise. Color. brightness. Customizes each item according to your taste.) Aspect Screen format JUST/4:3/ZOOM/ Changes the format (aspect ratio).280×768 pixels) Options change depending on signals Displays the H (Horizontal)/V (Vertical) frequencies.I. Recommended for normal viewing conditions with subdued room lighting. Zoom PC adjustments adjustments Reset to defaults Resets PC adjustments. First adjust the Dot Clock to get the best possible picture.g.T. Video NR Adjusts the luminance of the back light. which is On green Dot clock H-position input from the G connector. Normal. VGA (640×480 pixels).

Enables or disables this timer. Color matrix SD/HD SD: Standard Definition HD: High Definition Only used with 480p video signal. 34) and make sure “Auto power on” is set to “No” (see p. On time Off time 32 .) Minimizes noise and cross-color in the picture. (Digital input signal) Select audio input terminal when DVI cable is connected. Advanced 3D Y/C filter Off/On picture Selects image resolution of component-connected devices.g. 34) Items Sleep (minutes) Timer set Inputs Channel Day Select how long for the TV to automatically turn off. Increases or decreases the treble response. (Off/On) Sets the input to select when the TV turns on. Valid only for external input signals. (e.Settings Items Item Description • Some menus are grayed out depending on the input signal or condition. Treble. etc. Enhances audio L/R response when listening to stereo. The default setting is “Digital” for the HDMI connection. “3:2 pulldown” will be grayed out if the input signal is high definition or you are viewing photos. Settings Items Reset to defaults Bass Treble Balance Advanced audio Surround Volume leveler TV speakers Off/On HDMI 1-2 in Digital/ Comp./Video 1/ Video 2 Switches to “Off” when using external speakers. Adjusts the picture recorded in 24 fps for optimum quality. The TV will turn off after 90 minutes or as specified. Item Description 0/15/30/60/90 If the Timer settings are grayed out. etc. and Balance adjustments to factory default settings. [SUN/MON/TUE/WED/THU/FRI/SAT(displays the nearest future date) MON-FRI/SAT-SUN/DAILY/Every SUN/Every MON/Every TUE/Every WED/Every THU/Every FRI/ Every SAT] Sets the time when the TV turns on. Off/On Minimizes volume disparity after switching to external inputs. Selects Dark or Light. Reduces noise of specific digital signals of DVD. Off: “Surround” and “Volume leveler” do not work if “Off” is selected. Cable box. first set the clock (see p. MPEG NR Black level 3:2 pulldown Off/On Dark/Light Off/On/Auto Audio settings Adjust Audio quality Item Description Resets Bass. Increases or decreases the bass response. Sets the channel to select when the TV turns on. (Analog audio input signal) Timer settings Settings Sleep (Off timer) Timer 1-5 (On/Off timer) The TV can automatically turn On/Off at the designated date and time. Sets the time when the TV turns off within 24 hours. Sets the day when the TV turns on. Emphasizes the left / right speaker volume.

opacity Outline • The settings in “Analog” or “Digital” depend on the broadcaster.) Digital setting Size (Set display Font settings Style in digital program) Foreground Fore.L. CC1-4/T1-4 CC1-4: Information related to pictures (Appears at the bottom of the screen) T1-4: Textual information (Appears over the entire screen) Primary/Second. Service 3/4/5/6 Text size Text font Text style (Raised.) • The Off rating is independent of other ratings. Locks specified inputs of “Channel”. On: Set each rating level (MPAA. Depressed.E. Advanced Digital On: To display Closed captions. Channel (These channels will be blocked regardless of the program rating.F.L. Region Rating System” when available. select “Off”).S. (Select up to 7 (1-7) channels to block.S. For more U. (Off/All/Custom) All: Locks all channels Off: Unlocks all channels Custom: Locks specified channels. Settings Mode Items Off All Custom Mode Item Description Unlocks all the Lock settings of “Channel”. C. Change password Change the password.E.) Locks Channel 3. information Canadian English ratings. and external inputs. • This television is designed to support the “Downloadable U. You will be asked to enter your password each time you display the Lock menu.R. C. C. (Off/On) “V-chip” technology enables restricted shows to lock according to TV ratings.. Input the new 4-digit password twice.S. etc./ The Digital Closed caption menu lets you configure the way you choose to view the digital captioning. Set program lock status. “Game” and “Program”. (p. movie ratings to lock.F.A.) Game Program (To set a rating level) Channel 1-7 On/Off Mode How to Use Menu Functions MPAA U.S.R. CC on mute: To display Closed captions when the audio is muted.“Channel 7” Select a channel to lock.L.) Select U.TV C. • Password setting/entering (p. Choose the Closed caption service of Analog broadcasting. “Game” and “Program” settings.S. 33 .TV. Set channel lock status. 38) Settings Items Reset to defaults Mode On/Off/ CC on mute Analog Item Description Resets all Closed caption settings to factory default settings. Locks all the inputs regardless of the Lock settings of “Channel”. The program being viewed must be transmitting the Closed caption (CC) information.Lock Locks specified channels or shows to prevent children from watching objectionable content. TV program ratings. (p. 35) Canadian French ratings. Closed caption Display closed caption The television includes a built-in decoder that is capable of providing a text display of the audio. “Game” and “Program”. the Off rating and any other more restrictive ratings will also be blocked. Channel 4. (Available only in U. ”Game” and “Program”.R.) Color of text Opacity of text Color of text box Opacity of text box Outline color of text (Identify the setting options on the screen.L. US. • When placing a lock on a specific-age-based-rating level. (When not using. Set “Channel 1” .R. opacity Background Back. 17) Set “Custom” in “Mode” to specify “Channel”.

TV turns on every time the power is restored.Setup Settings Channel surf mode Language Other function settings Items All/Favorite/ Digital only/ Analog only English/ Español/ Français Item Description Sets the mode to select the channel with the Channel up/down button. • Password setting/entering (p. (Input select (p. • “No activity for 3 hours was activated” will be displayed for about 10 seconds when the TV is turned on for the first time after the power was turned off by “No activity for 3 hours”. the TV automatically turns off when NO SIGNAL and NO OPERATION continue for more than 10 minutes. Devices connected to external input terminals can be labeled for easier identification during the input selection. 24-25 for more detail. 17) No activity for 3 hours (Stay on/ Power TV off) Advanced setup Auto power on (No/Yes) Image viewer auto play First time setup About Reset to defaults 34 . or “On/Off Timer” is set. • The on-screen display will flash 3. Thumbnail/ “Viewing photos with VIERA IMAGE VIEWER” (p. Selects the terminal and label of the external equipment. To conserve energy. (p. 14) See p. Favorite: Only channels registered as FAVORITE. Slideshow/ Set later: “Image viewer settings” menu will be displayed repeatedly. Clock ANT/Cable setup Input labels (Display labels of connected devices) Adjusts the clock. minutes • Not in use when “Auto power on” is set to “Yes”. (Entering characters (p. • The on-screen display will flash 3. Performing Reset will clear all settings made with Setup. (Stay on/ Power • “No signal for 10 minutes was activated” will be displayed for about 10 seconds TV off) when the TV is turned on for the first time after the power was turned off by “No signal for 10 minutes”. • Not in use when “Auto power on” is set to “Yes”. or while “PC inputs” is selected. 28-29 for more detail. 17)) VIERA Link settings See p. ECO/energy Power save Reduces screen brightness to lower power consumption. Sets the playback type to play back SD cards automatically. TV AC cord must be plugged into this device. (p. Saving) No signal for 10 To conserve energy. Eye-friendly for saving (Standard/ viewing in a dark room. 16) Selects the screen menu language. 2 and 1 to indicate the last three (3) remaining minutes prior to the shut-off. 2 and 1 to indicate the last three (3) remaining minutes prior to the shut-off. 19)) Terminals: HDMI 1-2/Comp./Video 1/Video 2/PC Label: [BLANK] Not used/Blu-ray/DVD/DVD REC/HOME THTR/GAME/COMPUTER/VCR/ CABLE/SATELLITE/DVR/CAMERA/MONITOR/AUX/RECEIVER/MEDIA CTR/MEDIA EXT/ OTHER • You can also enter the label name directly. or “On/Off Timer” is set. (p. such as channel settings. the TV automatically turns off when no operation of remote and side panel key continues for more than 3 hours. Turns TV On automatically when the cable box or connected device is turned On. 20) Set later/Off Restarts the first time setup from “Language” setting. 12) Displays TV version and software license.

Programming may not be suitable for children under the age of 13 . If the option of blocking “NR” programs is chosen “unexpected and possibly confusing results may occur.Contains frequent scenes of violence or intense violence. or may frighten children under the age of 7.) E C C8+ G PG 14+ 18+ E G 8 ans+ 13 ans+ 16 ans+ 18 ans+ Exempt . Programming contains themes or content which may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 14.Not recommended for young children. CANADIAN ENGLISH RATINGS (C. and little or no sexual dialogue or situations.S. Some material may not be suitable for children.V (all selected) Any combination of D. Mature audiences only. Some material may not be suitable for children. nudity or sexual content. GENERAL AUDIENCES.V (all selected) Any combination of D. graphic violence.Programming intended for audience of all ages. weather warnings and others) • Locally originated programming • News • Political • Public Service Announcements • Religious • Sports • Weather 35 .L.S. Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. L. 8+ General . talk shows. L. PARENTS STRONGLY CAUTIONED. sports. or the violence content is minimal or is depicted appropriately. S.S. limited violence. V D.Exempt programming includes: news. ADULTS ONLY. Parental guidance suggested. Parents strongly cautioned. No profanity.Ratings List for parental control “V-chip” technology enables you to lock channels or shows according to standard ratings set by the entertainment industry.S.S. Advanced CANADIAN FRENCH RATINGS (C. NO ONE 17 AND UNDER ADMITTED. Programming intended for children under age 8. All children. Programming generally considered acceptable for children 8 years and over. R. The themes and elements in this program are specifically designed for a very young audience. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. some suggestive sexual dialogue and situations. S. V Ratings List for parental control How to Use Menu Functions Description Not Rated.V (all selected) Any combination of L. E. including children from ages 2-6. All ages admitted. L. Parents are strongly cautioned to exercise discretion in permitting viewing by pre-teens and early teens. F. No offensive language. Parental Guidance suggested.Exempt programming. music videos. It contains little or no violence. profane language. Adult supervision recommended. and explicit sexual content.Contains either a few violent scenes or one or more sufficiently violent scenes to affect them.120(e)(2). no strong language. Contains constant violence or scenes of extreme violence. suitable for all audiences. U. TV PROGRAMS RATINGS (U. Directed to older children. strong language and more intense violence. V: Violence S: Sex L: Offensive Language D: Dialogue with sexual content. General audience. and variety programming. S. This program may contain sophisticated themes. U. The program may contain infrequent coarse language. TV) Age-based Group NR (Not Rated) Age-based Ratings TV-NR TV-Y Youth TV-Y7 TV-G TV-PG Guidance TV-14 TV-MA • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Possible Content Selections Viewable Blocked Viewable Blocked FV Blocked Viewable Blocked Viewable Blocked D. Programming intended for a broad audience but contains light or occasional violence. MOVIE RATINGS (MPAA) NR G PG PG-13 R NC-17 X NO RATING (NOT RATED) AND NA (NOT APPLICABLE) PROGRAMS. Movie which has not been rated or where rating does not apply. L.L. Contains no violence. nudity or sexual content. This program may contain mature themes. PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED. Programming restricted to adults. and you may not receive emergency bulletins or any of the following types of programming:” • Emergency Bulletins (Such as EAS messages. Exempt . 18+ years old. sexual content. Programming restricted to adults. R. RESTRICTED. V L. documentaries and other information programming. S.) Support Information Caution The V-Chip system that is used in this set is capable of blocking “NR” programs (non rated. FV: Fantasy/Cartoon Violence. Contains constant violence or scenes of extreme violence. Adult supervision strongly suggested. not applicable and none) as per FCC Rules Section15. Themes and elements in this program may include mild physical or comedic violence. General programming. Programming may not be suitable for children under the age of 16 . General .

(Recommended for normal TV broadcast) H-FILL H-FILL 4:3 Side bar Enlarges the 4:3 image horizontally to the screen’s side edges. 16) (e. JUST. Select “Zoom adjustments” on the “Picture” menu.Technical Information Aspect Ratio (FORMAT) Press the FORMAT button to cycle through the aspect modes. 480p (4:3). 4:3 or ZOOM Enlarges the 4:3 image to the entire screen. 31) V-position: Vertical position adjustment V-size: Vertical size adjustment To reset the aspect ratio (OK) H size Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Size 1 Size 2 The width will be decreased on both sides to reduce noise. 36 See page 31 for more information . (Recommended for Letter Box) Zoom adjustments Vertical image position and size can be adjusted in “ZOOM”. (p. Stretches to justify the 4:3 image to the four corners of the (Recommended for anamorphic picture) screen. 4:3 or ZOOM 1080p / 1080i / 720p: FULL. JUST.g.) ZOOM Note ZOOM 480i (4:3). The side edges of the image are cut off. 480i (16:9). Standard (Note that “Image retention” of the side bar may occur from displaying it for a long time. This lets you choose the aspect depending on the format of the received signal and your preference. Aspect Ratio: FULL/JUST(H-FILL/ZOOM) Size 1 Size 2 The width will be increased on both sides to reduce noise.: in case of 4:3 image) FULL JUST FULL JUST Enlarges the 4:3 image horizontally to the screen’s side edges. (p. H-FILL. 480p (16:9): FULL.

Do not touch the terminals on the back of the card. http://panasonic. Meaning Support Information VIERA LinkTM “HDAVI ControlTM” HDMI connections to some Panasonic equipment allows you to interface automatically. Note Folder structure viewed in PC DCIM 100_PANA (This site is in English only) Cautions when handling SD Cards Use an SD Card which meets SD standards.000 * DCF (Design rule for camera file system): A Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association’s standard ** EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) Caution A JPEG image modified with a PC may not be displayed. static electricity or erroneous operation may damage the data or card.JPG P1000003.” and “_” The folder and file names may be different depending on the digital camera used. The file is broken or unreadable.JPG Created automatically 3-digit folder number + 5-digit arbitrary characters 4-digit arbitrary characters + 4-digit file number Usable characters: 1-byte “a to z”. “0 to 9. 37 . Image or sound may not be available for the first few seconds when Input mode is switched. number of files: 9. Volume function will be displayed when adjusting the volume of the equipment. please confirm the latest information on the following website. For the suitable SD Memory Cards. Do not remove the card while the unit is accessing data (this can damage card or unit).JPG P1000002.999 Image resolution: 160 x 120 to 20. 4:2:2 or 4:2:0) Max. No photos Cannot read file The card is not inserted.) mm 2.Data format for SD Card browsing Photo: Still images recorded with digital still cameras compatible with JPEG files of DCF* and EXIF** standards Data format: Baseline JPEG (Sub-sampling: 4:4:4. If not. The equipment can be operated by other remote controls with this function on even if TV is in Standby mode. (Panasonic is not liable for any deterioration or damage of recorded data. the sound from DIGITAL AUDIO OUT terminal can be output as multi channel surround. This standard is compatible with the conventional HDAVI equipment.1 32 mm Technical Information 24 mm SD Card warning messages Message SD card slot is empty. Back up the recorded data at regular intervals in case of deteriorated or damaged data or erratic operation of the unit. card or unit may be damaged). The TV does not support the format. If you connect equipment that has “HDAVI Control 2 or later” function to the TV with HDMI cable. (p. “A to Z”. Electrical interference.000.JPG P1000004. “HDAVI Control 5” is the newest standard (current as of December. 23) This function may not work normally depending on the equipment condition. it may cause the TV to malfunction. Do not subject the card to high pressure or impact. The card has no data or this type of data is not supported. Insert the card in the correct direction (otherwise. Image or sound may not be available for the first few seconds when the playback starts. 2010) for the HDAVI Control compatible equipment. Partly degraded files might be displayed at a reduced resolution.

44. the output from the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT jack will be Dolby Digital.HDMI connection HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) allows you to enjoy high-definition digital images and high-quality sound by connecting the TV unit and HD devices. 32 kHz (*1): The HDMI logo is displayed on an HDMI-compliant device. If the external equipment has only a DVI output. For details of the applicable HDMI signals. connect the audio cable to the audio input terminal. 39. 1080i. DIGITAL AUDIO OUT terminal You can enjoy your Home theater by connecting a Dolby Digital (5. Match the output setting of the digital device.1 kHz. 1080p. If the connected device has an aspect adjustment function. can be connected to the HDMI connector using an HDMI compliant (fully wired) cable. the CC needs to be set up on the recorder or output monitor. The HDMI input terminal can be used with only the following image signals: 480i. Check with your Cable or Satellite provider for instructions. All signals are reformatted before being displayed on the screen. the output will be PCM. These HDMI connectors are compatible with HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) copyright protection. (*2): Enquire at your local digital equipment retailer shop. the CC data will also be output in analog format. Closed Caption (CC) For viewing the CC of digital broadcasting. connect to the HDMI terminal via a DVI to HDMI adapter cable (*2). set the aspect ratio to “16:9”. characters might be cut off).PCM): 48 kHz. HDMI is the world’s first complete digital consumer AV interface complying with a non-compression standard. If a digital program is being output in analog format. HDMI-compatible equipment (*1) with an HDMI or DVI output terminal.1 channel) decoder and “Multi Channel” amplifier to the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT terminals. These HDMI connectors are “type A”. If the CC is set to On on both the receiver and TV when the signal is 480i (except for the HDMI connection). (p. The CC can be displayed on the TV only when the receiver (such as a Cable box or satellite receiver) has the CC set to ON within the device itself. 32) Applicable audio signal sampling frequencies (L. 720p. 38 . ZOOM or 4:3. A device having no digital output terminal may be connected to the input terminal of either “COMPONENT” or “VIDEO” to receive analog signals. JUST. set the aspect to FULL (If viewing with H-FILL. If the recorder or output monitor is connected to the TV. When an NTSC channel is selected. such as a Cable or Satellite box or a DVD player. see p. the CC may overlap on the TV. 480p. Caution Use with a PC is not assumed. The TV’s CC button does not operate the Satellite or Cable box’s CC function. Audio settings can be made on the “HDMI 1 in” or “HDMI 2 in” menu screen. Caution Depending on your DVD player and DVD-Audio software the copyright protection function may operate and disable optical output. When an ATSC channel is selected. When the DVI to HDMI adapter cable is used.

36 56.00 23.024 × 768 @60 1.00 75.75 67.89 60.47 35. Signal Name NC (not connected) NC HD/SYNC VD NC 39 Support Information .280 × 1.47 31.98 24.280 × 768 @60 1.94 66.080)/60p 1.024 × 768 @75 1.200 lines.50 31. PR).00 59.00 37. 11 12 13 14 15 6 1 7 2 8 3 9 10 4 5 Pin Layout for PC Input Terminal Signal Name R G B NC (not connected) GND (Ground) Pin No.68 68.02 60.88 46.94 59.024 @60 1.125 (1.00 31.080)/24p 640 × 400 @70 640 × 480 @60 Macintosh13” (640 × 480) 640 × 480 @75 852 × 480 @60 800 × 600 @60 800 × 600 @75 800 × 600 @85 Macintosh16” (832 × 624) 1.06 59.67 75.125 (1.87 60.08 74.39 vertical frequency (Hz) 59.68 47. The above signals are reformatted for optimal viewing on your display. the image will not be displayed properly if the signals exceed 1.73 31.07 75.080)/24p 1.98 48. Computer signals which can be input are those with a horizontal scanning frequency of 15 to 110 kHz and vertical scanning frequency of 48 to 120 Hz.94 59.00 85.Input signal that can be displayed * Mark: Applicable input signal for Component (Y. Signal Name GND (Ground) GND (Ground) GND (Ground) NC (not connected) GND (Ground) Pin No.50 26. PB.024 × 768 @85 Macintosh 21” (1.152 × 870) 1.125 (1.48 60.366 × 768 @60 horizontal frequency (kHz) 15.47 45. (However.73 48.080) /60i 1. HDMI and PC 525 (480) / 60i 525 (480) /60p 750 (720) /60p 1.08 59.080)/60p 1.94 60.125(1.94 59.) PC Input Terminals Connection Technical Information Signal Names for D-sub 15P Connector Pin No.97 27.02 68.04 COMPONENT HDMI PC * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Note Signals other than above may not be displayed properly.94 59.78 63.32 75.00 70.024 × 768 @70 1.88 53.125(1.43 67.44 37.00 70.67 49.03 85.55 60.00 33.

Use this cloth to wipe the cabinet and then wipe it dry with a dry cloth. Do not use products such as solvents. or household wax for cleaning. Do not allow long-term contact with rubber. Pedestal Cleaning Wipe the surfaces with a soft. Avoid contact with volatile substances such as insect sprays. operating problems may result. solvents.) Do not attach sticky tape or labels. clean it using a cloth soaked with water to which a small amount of mild liquid dish soap has been added and then wipe with a dry cloth. solvents. thinner. otherwise. as they can damage the surface coating. follow the instructions supplied with the cloth. or the like. Use this cloth to wipe the surface of the display panel. dry cloth. the quality of the cabinet surface may be adversely affected or the coating may peel off. otherwise. (Moisture and dust can lead to fire or electrical shock. Furthermore. If the unit is particularly dirty. Display panel The front of the display panel has been specially treated. If the surface is particularly dirty. soak the cloth in a weak mild liquid dish soap and then wring the cloth dry. unplug the Power cord plug from the wall outlet. dry cloth. wipe it with a soft. soak a soft. Do not allow any mild liquid dish soap to come into direct contact with the surface of the LCD TV. Do not scratch or hit the surface of the panel with fingernails or other hard objects. Do not let articles made from rubber or PVC be in contact with the TV for long periods of time. and thinner.Care and Cleaning First. avoid contact with volatile substances such as insect sprays. and thinner. If the cabinet is particularly dirty. lint-free cloth in diluted mild liquid dish soap (1 part mild liquid dish soap diluted by 100 times the amount of water) and then wring the cloth to remove excess liquid. as they can make the surface of the pedestal dirty. (If using a chemically-treated cloth.) 40 . If water droplets get inside the unit. Wipe the panel surface gently using only a cleaning cloth or a soft. the quality of the surface may be adversely affected. Cabinet If the cabinet becomes dirty. lintfree cloth. (Doing so will cause deterioration.) Power cord plug Wipe the plug with a dry cloth at regular intervals. then wipe it evenly with a dry cloth of the same type until the surface is dry. vinyl products.

366 (W) x 768 (H)) [4. 41 . 60 Hz 106 W 0.088 (1.35 V [p-p] AUDIO L-R: RCA PIN Type × 2 0.0 20.0 V [p-p] (including synchronization) PB.0 lb. XGA.2” (207 mm) Note Design and Specifications are subject to change without notice.098 x 768 dots] 1-way 2 bottom SP System 20 W [10 W + 10 W] (10 % THD) VGA. VD / 1.0 lb.0” × 8. SXGA Horizontal scanning frequency 31 . (9.7” (779 mm) 21.8” (350 mm) 8. CLOSED CAPTION.7 V [p-p] (75 ) HD.0 V [p-p] (high impedance) PC signals Channel CapabilityATSC/NTSC (Digital/Analog) Operating Conditions VIDEO IN 1-2 COMPONENT IN HDMI 1-2 PC Card slot DIGITAL AUDIO OUT FEATURES Including TV stand TV Set only Including TV stand TV Set only • SD CARD slot × 1 Specifications Care and Cleaning PCM / Dolby Digital.7” × 19.0 ) NET ) NET Support Information [TC-L32C3] 30.5 V [rms] TYPE A Connector × 2 This TV supports “HDAVI Control 5” function. PR: ±0.5 inches measured diagonally) 27. Fiber Optic 3D Y/C FILTER.B / 0.049.7” × 21.0 .G.6” (497 mm) 3.5 V [rms] Y: 1.4” (85 mm) 13.0 V [p-p] (75 ) AUDIO L-R: RCA PIN Type × 2 0. CATV: 1 .0” (531 mm) 19.69 kHz Vertical scanning frequency 59 .69. VIERA IMAGE VIEWER 30.86 Hz VHF/ UHF: 2 .Specifications TC-L32C3 Power Source Power Consumption Display panel Sound Connection Terminals Dimensions Mass (W × H × D) Rated Power Consumption Standby condition Aspect Ratio Visible screen size (W × H × Diagonal) (No. Mass and Dimensions shown are approximate. HDAVI Control 5 Vesa compatible.3 W 16:9 32” class (31.6” × 3.5 ” × 15. WXGA. V-Chip.2” (779 mm × 531 mm × 207 mm) 30.4” (779 mm × 497 mm × 85 mm) 22.4 ” × 31. SVGA. of pixels) Speaker Audio Output AC 110-127 V.135 Temperature: 32 °F – 95 °F (0 °C – 35°C) Humidity: 20 % – 80 % RH (non-condensing) VIDEO: RCA PIN Type × 1 1. (10. D-SUB 15PIN: R.5 ” (698 mm × 392 mm × 800 mm) 1.5.

Blu-ray or DVD player? Answers Press the INPUT button on the remote to select the correct input source. When using external video source. Sometimes a few pixels may be bright or dark. such as a Cable/Satellite box or DVD player.16) Check the aspect settings on your external video source. 15. HD channels sometimes broadcast non-HD content. check that the device is on and functioning correctly. HD signal should be 720P. please refer to the table below to determine the symptoms.S. Note: Some content. change the connection (wiring) to Composite. to narrow down the source of the problem.A.10) If you’re using an antenna. (p. Ensure that your HD source (HD box. (p. game console. such as a DVD player or a game console. then the TV is working. Press MENU on the TV’s remote control. If the blinking returns. If the menu is displayed. etc. are available in extra-wide format. check that all connections are secure. Blu-ray player. Why do some small spots on the screen remain bright or dark? 42 . such as Cable/Satellite box. They may interfere with the TV’s picture. When using a cable service (without a box). (p. such as film-based movies. When using a cable or satellite box. Check if the power cord is plugged in and the TV is turned on (front red LED light should be on. Check that the device is turned on and functioning correctly. DVD/Blu-ray Disc player. Press the INFO button on the remote to confirm the type of signal being received (p. Top and bottom bars are unavoidable. If this does not solve the problem. If there was a temporary power surge on the AC line it may now be OK. (p. (see cover) Questions How do I view the picture from devices such as a: Cable/ Satellite box. then check that connections are secure. call 1-877-95VIERA (U. 38) Why is the screen blank and the power indicator blinking? The TV has gone into shutdown mode to protect itself. These pixels do not indicate a defective panel and will have no impact on the performance of the TV. Change the format (aspect ratio) of the picture by pressing the FORMAT button on the remote control. etc. The LCD panel is made up of a few million pixels and is produced with advanced technology through an intricate process.) is connected to the TV with an HDMI or Component cable and set to output an HD video signal. Try viewing a picture from another device.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) If there is a problem with your TV. 15). black or snowy screen being displayed? Why doesn’t the picture look like it is in High Definition? Why do black bars appear on the top and bottom and/or sides of the screen? Picture Why is the picture snowy when “ANT/Cable in” is selected? Why is the picture chaotic and/ or torn and/or with a buzz in the speakers? Why is there a black box on the screen? Change settings of Closed Caption (CC). 1080i or 1080p. Select a High Definition channel from your HD source (Cable. Why is there no picture or just a blue. Component or HDMI.) or 1-866-330-0014 (Canada). recheck above steps. Try unplugging it for a few minutes and connecting it again. Change the position or direction of the antenna and check the “Signal meter”. fluorescent lights or light dimmers are nearby. Ensure all connections are correct and secure. then carry out the suggested check. visit the Panasonic web site for further assistance.29) Check if electrical products such as kitchen appliances. Satellite or fiber optic service). not blinking) Press the INPUT button on the remote to select the correct input source.

check the device’s audio settings. you indicated that the “Antenna/Cable in” connector is “not used” (p. Be sure to connect the red and white audio plugs into the appropriate red and white audio inputs. Closed Caption is available only at supported TV programming. (p. Ensure good ventilation. Check that the batteries are fresh. select SETUP and then redo the First time setup.13).32) Check that the correct SAP (Secondary Audio Program) is selected by pressing the SAP button on the remote control. Check that all connections of external equipment connected to the TV are secure. Use an HDMI cable. Check “HDMI 1 in” or “HDMI 2 in” analog/digital audio settings.Questions Answers Make sure the volume is up and MUTE is off. ticking or buzzing sound coming from the TV unit? What is the easiest and best way to connect a High-Definition Cable or Satellite box to the TV? Why is there no yellow jack (video 1 input) on the back of the TV? Why does the CC button not display Closed Caption? Frequently Asked Questions Why does the screen and back cover of the TV get warm? Support Information Why doesn’t the Remote Control work? Why is the “ANT/Cable” option at the top of the “Input select” menu gray-out and cannot be selected? Some menu items are grayedout and cannot be selected. press MENU. (p. HDMI cable is the only cable needed to connect an HD device to the TV. When using Cable or Satellite box. use the remote supplied with the device. 10) When viewing TV via an HDMI connected device. It carries both digital video and audio signal in HD. This is the proper setting if the TV is connected to a Cable or Satellite box via any of the other inputs. distorted. such as a Cable or Satellite box. Depending on certain modes or the selected input. Do not block the ventilation holes of the TV and do not place the TV on top of other equipment.15) If the TV is connected to a Panasonic Home Theater via HDMI cable. Changes in the temperature and humidity of the room may cause thermal expansion and contraction that can produce sounds. the audio system is on. some options are not available. The main unit radiates heat and some of the parts may become hot. selecting Cable or Antenna in step 3. (p. Zoom adjustments are only available when the FORMAT is changed to zoom mode. such as changing channels when using Cable or Satellite boxes or operating non-Panasonic Blu-ray players. This is not a sign of faulty operation or a malfunction. step 3.22) If the TV is connected to a Home Theater via optical cable. This is normal operation and does not affect the performance of the set. then: Check the connection. For example. Just connect the yellow plug into the green jack. Why? 43 . During “First time setup”. CC must be enabled at the device. To re-activate the “ANT/ Cable” input. This is normal operation. then check VIERA Link controls. Confirm the TV speakers are set to ON by pressing MENU and selecting “Audio” --> “Advanced audio”. (p. the correct input is selected. Why is there no sound coming from the TV? Sound Other Why is the sound unusual. are of the same type and are installed with the correct polarity (+ & -). (example: try changing the box’s Audio Range to ‘narrow’) When TV power is turned on or shut off there are electrical components that make a click sound. (p. To operate other devices. low volume or in another language? Why is there a clicking. The Video 1 input is shared with the Component input. 32) Check that the correct SAP (Secondary Audio Program) is selected by pressing the SAP button on the remote control.

.......................... 7.......................................................................................... 7 ANT/Cable ............................................................... 34 Clock ........................................................... 12 I Image Viewer Auto .. DVD.. 42 C Cable ..... 20 VIERA Link ............... 13........... 19 L Language ... 20-21 Picture............................................................................................................................................. 45........................................................................... 18......................... 29 Sleep .......................................................................................................... .................................. 38 Channel ....... 31 Power ................................... 36-39 Timer ......... 15...... 22 HDMI ............................... 33.............................. Advanced .......... 18 Viewing Photos ..................... 12 Sub menu .... 10..........Index Accessories ..................................... 32 Specifications ................................... 41 Store Demonstration .............................................................11 P Pedestal ............... 8 Blinking LED ...................................................... 32 Auto Power ON ........................................................ 16...11 Component ....................... 19 Z Zoom .............................................................. 32 Picture settings .................. 33.................. 34 Format ....................................... 36 H HDAVI Control................................................. 16.............................................. 9-10 Customer Services Directory ................... 4 SAP ............................................. 47 Watching TV. etc....... 41 Composite ..... 22-27 VIERA TOOLS .................. 20 Volume . 13...................................... 30 Mute ................................................................. 28-29 Channel Surf Mode .....11 Reset ..... 28 Antenna .................... 15........ 28 SD Card ... 13............................ 15 Input ............................................................................................................................... 16............................................................................................................................................ 32 Audio..........................................11 F FAQ’s .................................. 18.......................... 34 Last .............................. 35 M Menu ................................................................................. 10 Connections ... 16 First Time Setup .................................. 14 Colored buttons . 12.................................................................. 34 S Safety ............................... 20......................11 R Remote control .............................................................. 10.................. 36 V 44 ................................................................................................................ 10 Care & Cleaning .......................................................................... 41 Home use .................................................................... 40 CC Closed Caption .................................... 34 Auto Program ................................................. 16 T Technical Information .............. 9................................................. 28 B Battery ..............11 W Warranty .............11 Lock / Parental control ............................................................................................................................ 15 Scan ..................................................... 9.................................................... Blu-ray................................................................... 42-43 Favorite ........................................................................................ 38...................... 34 Exit .................................................. Advanced ..... 32 A VIERA IMAGE VIEWER .................................................................................. 15-16................... 12-14......................................... 8 Photo ............................................................. 34 Info ......................................................................................... 13 Audio ...................................................................................... 37 Signal Meter . 46 E ECO/energy .........................................................................................

there will be no charge for parts. restaurant. If non-rechargeable batteries are included. or (c) refund your purchase price. mishandling. ARE LIMITED TO THE PERIOD OF THE LIMITED WARRANTY. or failures which are caused by products not supplied by the warrantor. The items listed are not exclusive.Limited Warranty (for U. misuse. set-up adjustments. and Puerto Rico only) PANASONIC CONSUMER ELECTRONICS COMPANY. THE WARRANTOR IS NOT LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT.S. then write to the warrantor’s Consumer Affairs Department at the addresses listed for the warrantor. non-expanded standard 4:3 pictures on wide screen TV’s. During the “Parts” warranty period. replace or refund will be made by the warrantor. lightning damage. or commercial use (such as in a hotel. service by anyone other than a Factory Service Center or other Authorized Servicer. modification. or failures which result from accidents.S. (As examples. New Jersey 07094 Panasonic LCD Televisions Limited Warranty Limited Warranty Coverage If your product does not work properly because of a defect in materials or workmanship. nor does it cover markings or retained images on the LCD panel resulting from viewing fixed images (including. DIVISION OF: PANASONIC CORPORATION OF NORTH AMERICA One Panasonic Way Secaucus. among other things. faulty installation. (b) replace it with a new or a refurbished equivalent value product. THERE ARE NO EXPRESS WARRANTIES EXCEPT AS LISTED UNDER “LIMITED WARRANTY COVERAGE”. misapplication. but will require that the product or parts of the product. The decision to repair. but are for illustration only. so the exclusions may not apply to you. Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company (referred to as “the warrantor”) will. or travel to and from the servicer. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. It is possible that certain on-site repairs will not be completed on-site. abuse. for the length of the period indicated on the chart below. you may contact your dealer or Service Center. or onscreen data in a stationary and fixed location). which starts with the date of original purchase (“warranty period”). This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have others rights which vary from state to state. cost of having someone remove or re-install an installed unit if applicable.A. Limited Warranty Limits And Exclusions This warranty ONLY COVERS failures due to defects in materials or workmanship. The warranty ALSO DOES NOT COVER damages which occurred in shipment. rental use of the product. WHERE APPLICABLE) WHICH ARE NOT COVERED BY THIS LIMITED WARRANTY ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. bug infestation. improper maintenance. A purchase receipt or other proof of the original purchase date is required for warranty service. or damage that is attributable to acts of God. You must carry-in your product or arrange for on-site service during the Limited warranty period. LCD TV CATEGORIES Up to 42” (diagonal) 46” (diagonal) and larger PARTS 1 (ONE) YEAR LABOR 1 (ONE) YEAR SERVICE Carry-In On-Site Limited Warranty (for U. or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts. INCLUDING THE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY. at the servicer’s discretion be removed for shop diagnosis and/or repair and then returned. neglect. office. PARTS AND SERVICE (INCLUDING COST OF AN ON-SITE SERVICE CALL. If a problem with this product develops during or after the warranty period. On-Site or Carry-in Service For On-Site or Carry-In Service in the United States and Puerto Rico call 1-877-95-VIERA (1-877-958-4372) On-site service where applicable requires clear. this excludes damages for lost time. and Puerto Rico only) Index During the “Labor” warranty period there will be no charge for labor. This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of a new product which was not sold “as is”. and DOES NOT COVER normal wear and tear or cosmetic damage. power line surge. at its option either (a) repair your product with new or refurbished parts.A. they are not warranted. This warranty only applies to products purchased and serviced in the United States or Puerto Rico. alteration. OR ARISING OUT OF ANY BREACH OF THIS WARRANTY. misadjustment of consumer controls.) ALL EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES. or other business). If the problem is not handled to your satisfaction. 45 Support Information . complete and easy access to the product by the authorized servicer and does not include removal or re-installation of an installed product.

Kent. For hearing or speech impaired TTY users.Customer Services Directory (for U.A. TTY: 1-866-605-1277 46 .panasonic. or make Customer Service and Literature requests by visiting our Web Site at: You may also contact us directly at: 1-877-95-VIERA (958-4372) Monday-Friday 9 am-9 You may also contact us directly at: 1-800-332-5368 (Phone) 1-800-237-9080 (Fax Only) (Monday .Friday 9 am to 9 or. Accessories and Instruction Books on line for all Panasonic Products by visiting our Web Site at: http://www. Discover Card. American Express. purchase Parts and Accessories. contact us via the web at: http://www. send your request by E-mail to: MasterCard. Saturday-Sunday 10 am-7 pm. and Personal Checks) For hearing or speech impaired TTY users. TTY: 1-877-833-8855 Accessory Purchases (United States and Puerto Rico) Purchase Parts. and Puerto Rico) Customer Services Directory (United States and Puerto Rico) Obtain Product Information and Operating Assistance.) Panasonic Service and Technology Company 20421 84th Avenue South. WA 98032 (We Accept Visa.pstc. locate your nearest Dealer or Service Center. EST.S.

or failures which are caused by products not supplied by Panasonic Canada Inc.) In certain instances. Ontario L4W 2T3 PANASONIC PRODUCT – LIMITED WARRANTY Panasonic Canada Inc. some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. Limited Warranty (for Canada) Customer Services Directory (for U. neglect. complete and easy access to the product by the Authorized Servicer and does not include removal or re-installation of an installed product. please contact Viera Customer Care Agent using the above contact info. misadjustment of consumer controls. power line surge. data or other memory or recorded content. this warranty excludes damages for lost time. mishandling. Mississauga.vieraconcierge. so the above limitations and exclusions may not be applicable. LIMITED WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES. Dry cell batteries are also excluded from coverage under this warranty. set-up adjustments. THIS EXPRESS. faulty installation. modification. restaurant. humidity or liquids. replace or refund will be made by Panasonic Canada Inc. Include details of the defect claimed. or service by anyone other than a Authorized Servicer. The decision to repair. (As examples. This warranty is given only to the original purchaser. 47 . IN NO EVENT WILL PANASONIC CANADA INC. INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. If removal is required to service the product. loss of or damage to media or images. at its option either (a) repair your product with new or refurbished parts. or the Servicer be liable for any special. and Puerto Rico) Support Information WARRANTY SERVICE For product operation and information assistance. misuse. parts (including panel) and labour. which product was not sold “as is”. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary depending on your province or territory. or damage that is attributable to acts of God. parts (including panel) and labour. but for illustration only. it will be at the discretion of the Servicer and in no event will Panasonic Canada Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and for a period as stated below from the date of original purchase agrees to. (b) replace it with a new or a refurbished equivalent value product. and which product was delivered to you in new condition in the original packaging. Viera TV (42” & over) Viera TV (under 42”) In-home service Carry-in service One (1) year. or (c) refund your purchase price. One (1) year. This list of items is not exhaustive. IF YOU SHIP THE PRODUCT TO A SERVICENTRE Carefully pack and send prepaid. SHOWING AMOUNT PAID AND PLACE OF PURCHASE IS REQUIRED LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS This warranty ONLY COVERS failures due to defects in materials or workmanship. or the person for whom it was purchased as a gift. or the exclusion of implied warranties. BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL. abuse.A. office. In-home service requires clear. lightning damage. A PURCHASE RECEIPT OR OTHER PROOF OF DATE OF ORIGINAL PURCHASE. 5770 Ambler Drive.. In-home Service will be carried out only to locations accessible by roads and within 50 km of an authorized Panasonic service facility. EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. and DOES NOT COVER normal wear and tear or cosmetic damage.Limited Warranty (for Canada) Panasonic Canada Inc. adequately insured and preferably in the original carton. or failures which result from accidents. alteration. misapplication. commercial use such as hotel. please contact: Our Customer Care Centre: 1-800 #: 1-866-330-0014 Email link: “Contact us email” on www. or other business or rental use of the product. and proof of date of original purchase. indirect or consequential damages. travel to and from the Authorized For product repairs. introduction of sand.S. IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE WARRANTY SERVICE HEREUNDER. improper maintenance. of a Panasonic brand product mentioned above sold by an authorized Panasonic dealer in Canada and purchased and used in Canada. INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT OR ARISING OUT OF ANY BREACH OF ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY. The warranty ALSO DOES NOT COVER damages which occurred in shipment.

60 Hz Rated Power Consumption 106 W On mode Average Power Consumption 42 W Standby condition 0.7 (779) Side View 3.4" (85 mm) (TV Set only) Mass 22.7" (779 mm) x 19.2 (207) Back View 7.6 (497) 21 (531) Rear Panel 13.7" (779 mm) x 21. Panasonic cannot be responsible for inaccuracies in cabinet design or manufacture. we recommend that you use the LCD TV itself to make the necessary cabinet measurements.TC-L32C3 32" LCD HDTV SPECIFICATIONS 30.0 lb.6" (497 mm) x 3. 7.0 kg) (Including TV stand) 20.9 (200) Note: To make sure that the LCD TV fits the cabinet properly when a high degree of precision is required.0" (531 mm) x 8.9 (200) Specifications are subject to change without notice. P110118 .2" (207 mm) (Including TV stand) 30.3 W Dimensions (W x H x D) DIMENSIONS Top View Side Panel JACKS Front View 30.0 lb. (9. Non-metric weights and measurements are approximate.8 (350) 2.4 (85) 19.0 kg) (TV Set only) Power Source AC 110-127 V.9 (73) 8. (10.

as a permanent record of your purchase to aid in identification in the event of theft or loss.eiae. 2011 Panasonic Corporation of North America. Customer’s Record The model number and serial number of this product can be found on its back cover. Debido a consideraciones or the Electronic Industries Alliance: http://www. Ontario L4W 2T3 CANADA Printed in Malaysia Impreso en Malasia M1110-1011 . como prueba permanente de su adquisición. Disposal may be regulated in your community due to environmental considerations. Deberá anotarlos en el espacio provisto a continuación y guardar este manual. puede que deshacerse de este material esté regulado en su comunidad. Panasonic Canada Inc. 5770 Ambler Drive Mississauga.A. póngase en contacto con las autoridades de su localidad o con Electronics Industries Alliance: http://www. and for Warranty Service purposes. For disposal or recycling information. All Rights Reserved. plus your purchase receipt. Secaucus New Jersey 07094 U. Para obtener información sobre cómo deshacerse o reciclar este material. y también para disponer de los servicios que le ofrece la garantía. please contact your local authorities. Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America One Panasonic Way. Este producto tiene una lámpara fluorescente que contiene mercurio. más el recibo de su compra. para que le sirva de ayuda al identificarlo en el caso de que le sea sustraído o lo pierda. Model Number Serial Number Anotación del cliente El modelo y el número de serie de este producto se encuentran en su panel You should note this serial number in the space provided below and retain this book. Modelo Número de serie Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company.This product has a fluorescent lamp that contains mercury.S. 2011 Panasonic Corporation of North America. Todos los Derechos Reservados.