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Issue No. 169 Fortnightly email mini-magazine from Gopal Jiu Publications
19 January 2008 Śrī Putradā Ekādaśī, 26 Nārāyaa, 521 Gaurābda Circulation, 2,029

His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja
Srila Yadunandan Das’ Karānanda

REFORM IS BETTER all of you leaders. If there is great difficulty,
for the time being he may come and live
THAN REJECTION with me here in Los Angeles. I have no
His Divine Grace A. C. objection. But he has done very nicely in
Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Sydney up to the present time, so if you can
It is better to correct him to the utilize his experience and talents there, that
standard point by friendly is the best plan. 
— Letter to Madhudvisa and Amogha. 24 August 1972.
gestures. We can reject anyone
— that is very easy — but to
reform him requires great skill
Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja
and tact. If you can reform him
by kind words and dealings, If someone can satisfy Krishna, then
that is best. When I was there in Sydney, I automatically he can satisfy one and all. There
observed that ______ is a very, very good boy, will be no dissatisfaction. But how many of
and that he has great intelligence and talent. you are trying to satisfy Krishna? You may
Simply it has become a little misguided due say, “Yes, we are all trying. We are all working
to circumstances. Now you big leaders in for Krishna’s satisfaction. We are all engaged
Australia, along with the others, should in loving devotional service to Krishna.” But
make a concerted attempt to help him over if we are engaged in loving service to Krishna,
his difficulties. Persuade him that everything then why are we feeling dissatisfaction? Are
is all right and that I am not angry or you really satisfying Krishna? The Gītā says
displeased in any way. Tell him that these and the Bhāgavatam says. The vaiavas and
things will sometimes happen even with the gurus have been teaching you this every day
best devotees. In this way try and persuade — yuktasya bhaktāś ca niyuñjato ‘pi — the
him to become engaged with his previous guru engages you in the service of Krishna.
enthusiasm for becoming a great devotee. He That is the guru’s business. If an aspirant
is a young boy, so we should not take his devotee comes to the guru, he will engage him
actions too seriously. Better to forget the past in the loving service of Krishna. But why can’t
and try to reform him. His service can once you satisfy Krishna? What is wrong? Where
again be very valuable there in Australia. I is the mistake? Does anyone know?
know that he is a very good boy. Do not Devotee: Because we have some material
drive him away — that will be a discredit to desires?
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Gour Govinda Swami: Yes. In his purport eternal planet. Therefore it is said that if
to the verse we are studying today, (Bhagavad- anyone has any material desires they should
gītā 9.24), my revered spiritual master says: pray to the Supreme Lord. Krishna or Vishnu
gives us boons in such a way that we will
If, however, anyone has any material desire to be never ask again for anything material.
fulfilled, he had better pray for it to the Supreme
A very nice description is given in Caitanya-
Lord (although that is not pure devotion), and he
will thus achieve the desired result. caritāmta, madhya 22.38:
akāma sarva-kāmo vā moka-kāma udāra-dhī ka kahe, — ’āmā bhaje, māge viaya-sukha
tīvrea bhakti-yogena yajeta purua param amta chā
i’ via māge, — ei ba
a mūrkha

The Śrīmad Bhāgavatam (2.3.10) says that Krishna says, “He is worshiping me, and in
whatever desire one may have, whether they return asking for material enjoyment. He is
have many material desires, sarva-kāma, they such a foolish mūrkha. sva-caraāmta diyā
are desirous of liberation, moka-kāma, or they ‘viaya’ bhulāiba  He is such a rascal that he
may have no desires, akāma, let one pray to is not asking for my lotus feet (Cc. madhya
the Supreme Lord Krishna, and when he 22.39). He is asking for sense gratification. But
sanctions it, then one’s desire will be fulfilled. I am a wise man. ei mūrkhe ‘viaya’ kene diba
Take the example of Dhruva Maharaja; he — Why will I give such a fool material
had the material desire to sit on the throne of enjoyment? I will give him my lotus feet and
his father. He went to the forest and make him forget his desire to enjoy.” Krishna,
underwent severe austerities under the Vishnu, does like this. All desires will be
guidance of his spiritual master, Narada Muni. fulfilled, and at last you will get the lotus feet
Within a short six months, Dhruva satisfied of Vishnu, Krishna.
the Supreme Lord Vishnu. Then Lord Vishnu Better to worship Vishnu, Krishna, and
came and asked Dhruva, “Ask for any boon.” satisfy him. Then you can satisfy one and all.
However, by getting Lord Vishnu, all Dhruva’s But how can you do that? There is a very easy
material desires had disappeared. Dhruva then way. Srila Viswanath Chakravarti Thakur
replied, “I have nothing to ask from you.” describes it in his Gurv-a aka, text eight: yasya
In the Hari-bhakti-sudhodaya (7.28), Dhruva prasādād bhagavat-prasādo yasyāprasādān na
Maharaja states: gati kuto ‘pi — If you can satisfy and get the
mercy of your spiritual master, the bona fide
sthānābhilāī tapasi sthito ‘ha representative and intimate associate of
tvā prāptavān deva-munīndra-guhyam
Krishna, then automatically you can satisfy
kāca vicinvann api divya-ratna
and get the mercy of Krishna. Otherwise,
svāmin ktārtho ‘smi vara na yāce
whatever you may do, it is not possible.
“I had a desire for position, so I underwent Therefore, although we try, still we cannot
tapasya, penance. I was just searching for some satisfy Lord Krishna, or Vishnu, because we
pieces of glass, but I found divya-ratna, an don’t satisfy our guru. 
invaluable jewel. ktārtho ‘smi vara na yāce  — Excerpted from a lecture on Bhagavad-gītā. New Vrindavan, West
I am fully satisfied. I have no boon to ask for.” Virginia. 3 October 1990.

This is most important. At first, Dhruva had
a material desire. Therefore he underwent RAMACHANDRA MEETS SRINIVAS
tapasya. But then he became so satisfied that Adapted from Yadunandana Das’
he didn’t ask for anything. Still, Lord Vishnu Karānanda, chapters one and three
said, “No, no. You go and sit on the throne of One day, Srinivas Acharya Prabhu was
your father.” That was his first desire. Vishnu sitting on the bank of a pond to the west of
told him, “Sit there for 36,000 years and rule.” his house when he saw a marriage party
Not one or two years, but 36,000 years. He passing nearby. The bridegroom, who was
received such a great boon without even being carried on a palanquin, was extremely
asking. All his desires were fulfilled. Lord attractive. His skin was the color of a golden
Vishnu created a planet for him, the Dhruva ketaki flower. His arms were long, with
planet, which will never be annihilated even shoulders like that of a lion. His navel deep,
during the complete annihilation. It is an his feet and palms reddish, and he had silky
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Sri Krishna-kathamrita Bindu top right 3
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curling hair. He had a sharp, high nose and discovered that Prabhu had mistaken a coil
beautifully set teeth, and his lips were reddish of straw to be a snake. Nevertheless, he did
like the bimba fruit. His face was effulgent like not contradict his master. When Srinivas
the full moon, his eyes like lotus petals, and his himself discovered that it was a coil of straw
neck was like a conch shell. He had a slender and pointed it out, Ramachandra at once
waist, and well-shaped thighs. He wore silken accepted his opinion. Later, when the wives
cloth, had a garland of flowers, and his body of Srinivas were resting, Sri Acharya came to
was adorned with sandalwood paste. them and began to explain to them the exalted
Srinivas thought to himself, ‘‘Is he the son characteristics of Ramachandra. He
of a Gandharva? Or Kamadev himself? Such compared Ramachandra to Arjuna by citing
a beautiful person should certainly utilize his a story from the Mahabharata.
life in the service of Krishna. Otherwise what Once upon a time, Dronacharya was
is the use of such extraordinary beauty?’’ teaching the art of using weapons to
Srinivas inquired about the bridegroom from Duryodhan and his hundred brothers, along
some members of the marriage party, and was with Yudhisthir and the other four Pandavas.
informed that the young man was Sri Dronacharya put a target bird on the highest
Ramachandra Kaviraj, a great scholar with branch of a tree and ordered them all to aim
qualities equal to those of Brihaspati or at the eye of the bird with an arrow.
Sarasvati. He belonged to a high-class family, Duryodhan and his brothers took up their
was a famous physician, and was formerly a weapons and happily aimed at the mark.
resident of Kumaranagar. After obtaining this Drona then asked them what they were
information, Srinivas returned to his house, seeing at that moment, and they replied that
and Ramachandra, who had overheard they saw the tree, its branches, and the bird.
Srinivas’ enquiries, returned to his place. The ācārya, angry and dissatisfied with their
Ramachandra spent the night in a answer, rebuked them saying that they
brahmin’s house, thinking deeply about would never be able to learn the art of using
Srinivas Prabhu. In the morning, he came weapons. Next, he called Arjuna to aim at
running to Srinivas and fell at his feet, crying the bird and asked him the same question.
loudly. Overwhelmed with emotion, he Arjuna replied that he saw nothing other
begged the blessings of Prabhu. Srinivas than the eye of the bird. Dronacharya ordered
lovingly lifted him from the ground and him to shoot, and Arjuna’s arrow perfectly
embraced him warmly. Sri Acharya hit the eye of the bird. Greatly satisfied, the
emotionally declared that they had a long, guru explained to all that Arjuna never
deep-rooted relationship, and were meeting diverted his attention from the eye of the bird.
again after a long separation. Srinivas then That is why he passed the test. Arjuna bowed
chanted ka-nāma in his ear and sang rādhā- to the feet of his master and took his seat
ka-līlā to him. He also assisted among the other disciples. With content,
Ramachandra in the study of vaiava Drona told Arjuna that he would be the only
literatures, and blessed him to become an person who would be able to compare to his
earnest lover and devotee of Krishna. Srinivas master, and that he was his best disciple.
told Ramachandra about the glories of Srinivas took great pleasure in describing
Narottam Thakur, and instructed him to go this incident and comparing Kaviraj to
and meet him in Vrindavan. In due course of Arjuna. Ramachandra never disobeyed his
time, Narottam and Ramachandra became master. He always sincerely listened to
such good friends that people considered Prabhu, even when the latter ordered him
them to be like one soul. to take his food after everyone else. Srinivas
One day, as Srinivas was entering into the further described Ramachandra’s
compound of his house with Ramachandra, faithfulness by citing the time when he
they saw what appeared to be a snake. himself had mistaken a coil of straw to be
Srinivas jumped across it in fear. a snake, and although Ramachandra knew
Ramachandra Kaviraj searched for the snake this, he nevertheless tried to find the snake
but was unable to find it. Rather, he in the courtyard as ordered by Srinivas.
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One é[q k* Z<ak QaaMa*Ta ibNdu
Top 4 hundred sixty-nine, Page — 4 Top right 4
Yet, when Prabhu told him that it was a or Premananda Das, lived in the early 1700s
coil of straw, not a snake, Ramachandra at and was a disciple of Hari Goswami, a devotee
once accepted his master ’s opinion. in the line of Lord Nityananda Prabhu’s wife,
Ramachandra humbly submitted himself to Jahnava Devi. Amongst other writings,
Srinivas, saying that without the favor of Prema Das was the author of Vaśī-śikā, a
his master, how could he know what was poem dealing with the life and teachings of
right or wrong? Thus Srinivas openly Mahaprabhu’s associate Vamsi Vadananda.
declared that just as Arjuna was the dearest He also wrote Caitanya-candrodaya-
disciple of Dronacharya, so Ramachandra kaumudī, a Bengali metrical version of the
was most dear to him. ‘‘From now on,’’ Caitanya-candrodaya-nāakam of Srila
Srinivas said, ‘‘everyone should take it for Kavi Karnapur.
granted that Ramachandra’s opinion is the (Kāmoda-rāga)
same as mine.’’ Srinivas explained that
bhakta-gaa-śrī-carae mora ei nivedane
Ramachandra and Narottam were like his
sabe āśirvāda kara more
two eyes. Srinivas said, ‘‘He who receives
caitanya baliba mukhe caitanya baliba sukhe
the favor of Ramachandra also attains the tāre bhaji janma-janmāntare
blessings of Lord Krishna.’’ In this way Sri
Acharya took great pleasure in glorifying I place a request before the glorious feet of
Ramachandra.  the devotees. O devotees, please bless me.
Please bless me that my mouth will chant the
— Yadunandan Das Thakur. Śrī Karānanda. Edited by Hari-bhakta Das.
name Chaitanya, that I will always be de-
Published by Sri Giridhari Lal Goswami Tirtha. Gaurabdha 506. lighted to chant the name Chaitanya, and that
— Yadunandan Das Thakur. Śrī Karānanda. Unknown English translator. I will worship Lord Chaitanya birth after birth.
Found in the Vaiava Folio Archives. Compiled by Sri Narasingha
Caitanya Matha. No date. śrī-guru-caraa-padma viaya āśraya sadma
tāhā gati jīvana-marae
A PLEA FOR MERCY prabhu chila rāmacandra jāhnavā-caraa-dvandva
By the poet Prema Das sva-gaa caitanya yāra mane

The scholar Sukumar Sen in A History of Bless me that I will take shelter of my spiri-
Brajabuli Literature writes that Prema Das, tual master’s lotus feet, and that his feet will
) be my goal in life and death. Bless me that
Ramachandra Das will be my master,
Ramachandra who took shelter of Jahnava’s
feet. Bless me that I will consider association
A free bi-monthly service provided by: with his disciples to be my very life.
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