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Kent State Residency Program Brings College Readiness Experience to CCC Students

Rooted in Gospel values and Catholic tradition, Cleveland Central Catholic High School educates and prepares diverse young men and women for the future and challenges them to excel and deepen their faith to responsibly serve God, church and community.

Vibrant in the City . . . Learning to Lead – Preparing to Serve

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FALL 2012
President’s Notes


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President’s Notes

Collaboration Drives Progress at Central Catholic
Showing the Vibrancy and Spirit of Catholic Education
The new school year ushered in a new level of progress at Cleveland
Central Catholic. Most obviously, this development is demonstrated in the school’s enrollment of 564 students – which marks a 20-year high! In addition, our freshman class of 168 gives us a solid base for future enrollment figures. It is the third consecutive year we have matriculated over 160 freshmen. In many ways, it is a new day at Cleveland Central Catholic. This fall, we welcomed 10 new faculty and staff members to accommodate our growth. We have upgraded our facilities, extended our transportation fleet, added Leo P. Hyland, President extra-curricular activities for our students and our building feels full, happy and productive. The spirit of Catholic education and service is This vibrancy is evident in many ways, including alive and well on our campus. our opening Liturgy, interscholastic athletics, This vibrancy is evident in many ways, including our opening Liturgy, club activities and service projects. We are thrilled interscholastic athletics, club activities and service projects. We are thrilled to see our students and their families become to see our students and their families become energized and engaged in the CCC mission. Their futures are brighter because of all the caring energized and engaged in the CCC mission. people who give so much to provide a pathway to success via Catholic education. This wonderful “vibe” was clearly on display over Labor Day weekend, as CCC celebrated our 2nd Annual Welcome Back Day. Over 1,200 fans packed Stefanski Stadium to watch our Ironmen take on Euclid High School in our home football opening game. Thanks to the generous sponsorship provided by co-sponsors Third Federal Savings and PNC Bank, we were able to celebrate the new school year with our families, neighbors and friends. It was awesome! We are very fortunate to have strong leadership emanating from our new CCC Alumni Council. The Alumni Council has already pledged its support of CCC by partnering to co-sponsor four annual events: the CCC Golf Outing; Welcome Back Day; a CCC Recognition Dinner; and the CCC Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner. We are most grateful for their support! CCC is also blessed to have an outstanding group of 30 committed advocates comprising our Advisory Board. These professionals share their expertise, connections and financial resource to help secure our mission and promote our school throughout the broader community. They are busy executing our strategic plan and helping to build lasting corporate and foundation partnerships. Their leadership and commitment are crucial to our continued progress. The collaboration of all these constituents – along with excellent leadership from the Diocese of Cleveland – has propelled CCC to new heights. Please join us on this journey, as we begin a community-wide discussion about what the future holds for Cleveland Central Catholic. Your input is welcome, needed and important to ensure our success. Yours in Christ,
Keayha Dillon ’12 and Tyesha King ’12 at the Welcome Back Day




CCC Alumni Association Steps Forward
The Cleveland Central Catholic Alumni Association has come together to be a force in support of the school and its alumni. The group has created an Alumni Council which has met regularly to create organizational by-laws, elect officers and chart an agenda that will keep all alumni informed and engaged. “I am thrilled with the energy of this group and the progress they have already made since November,” stated Leo Hyland, CCC’s third-year president. “We have an excellent cross-section of alumni from all years, and are including each of the four founding schools. They are off to a great start.” Led by officers John Simon ’72 (President), Reggi Mack Tomek ’77 (Vice President), Willie Kennedy ’79 (Secretary), and Mike Sokolowski ’79 (At-Large), the Alumni Council has agreed to help co-sponsor four annual events for CCC. Those are: the CCC Golf Outing; Welcome Back Day; an Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner; and a CCC Recognition Dinner. The group also plans to increase alumni presence at the annual Calcutta fundraising event held each March. (See “Upcoming Events” below.) “We are glad to help Central Catholic in any way we can,” said president John Simon. The Alumni Council plans to meet quarterly and extends an open invitation to anyone who would like to become involved. Interested alumni should contact Pat Ayers in the alumni office at ayerspat@centralcatholichs.org or at 216.441.4700 x261.

Save the Dates!

Upcoming Event dates:
Recognition Dinner - Saturday, November 17 • 10th Annual Calcutta Auction - March 20, 2013 Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner - Spring 2013 • CCC Golf Outing - June 15, 2013

College Readiness

CCC Students Feel Life on Campus
KSU Residency Program Creates Lasting Impact
The Kick-Start College Summer Residency Program is a partnership between Cleveland Central Catholic, Kent State University, and University Hospitals in which Kent State introduced a select group of 14 CCC students to the exciting world of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through a week-long summer immersion program this past June. This small, 14-student learning community was immersed in projects aimed at turning college-classroom lessons into real-world applications where STEM concepts come to life. The week-long college exploration culminated with students presenting a PowerPoint project to parents, Kent State University staff, CCC students and other participants and discussing a variety of topics, such as: new knowledge found in the classroom and through field work; STEM career possibilities; budgeting their money to cover a week of college food and budgeting their time; and their overall experience of campus life. Junior Samantha Stypka shared the challenge of living with a roommate, stating, “I learned that if I am going to room with someone, they have to have similar sleeping habits so that I can get my work done.” Samantha plans on attending Kent State University, and was most interested in the outdoor lab work which included exploring different eco systems. Acting as mentors and counselors, Central Catholic science teacher Danielle Timko and CCC alumna

Students were asked to document their experience by keeping a journal and taking photos of their week-long experience. The journals indicate that the students have a diverse range of career interests, which include biology, engineering, computer science, and medicine.
Mercedes Thomas ’08 accompanied the group. “The week was a dynamic time of academic exploration, learning and camaraderie, all set in the campus of Kent State University,” Timko said. “We all loved it.” According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEM fields are expected to add 2.7 million new jobs by 2018, an enormous prospect for those who are prepared and a huge missed opportunity for those who are not. Of college-educated Americans, people of racial and ethnic minorities – including African-American, Hispanic and Native Americans – represented only nine percent of those in science and engineering occupations. The Kick-Start College Summer Residency Program provides a glimpse into career possibilities students may not have considered possible. It allows them to say, “Yes, I can try this!”



The following students participated and took photos: Jazzmin Abernathy Marissa Alvarado Makayla Fagan Cara Guidaitis Cordaireus Hubbard Kierra Obojski Brittany Rodriguez Louis Sadie Shade Sanders Rudolfo Soto Samantha Stypa Dominik Thomas La'Shanda Wilson Alex Yearout


2012 Graduates
Congratulations to our Cleveland Central Catholic High School Class of 2012! The senior

A Community of Learners
As I begin my 10th year at
Cleveland Central Catholic, I think it is appropriate to reflect on the changes Sr. Allison Marie Gusdanovic, SND, that I have experienced in my tenure here. Our enrollment has increased from 383 in 2003-2004 to a current enrollment of 564, a whopping overall increase of 47%. A building expansion project of 25,000 square feet, completed in November of 2006, included a new chapel, an all-purpose room, a practice gymnasium, and nine classrooms including a state-ofthe-art science lab. A new stadium complex, the result of a private-public partnership with the City of Cleveland, the Diocese of Cleveland, Third Federal Savings and Loan and the Cleveland Browns, was dedicated in September of 2010. What do these changes represent? The first word that comes to mind is growth. These physical changes, however, are representative of a much bigger reality. As I walk through the building, classrooms are filled with students engaged in learning. Parents are assisting in the cafeteria and in the hallways. There is an overall atmosphere of order. When someone observes a student doing something right, a yellow “celebration card” is issued. The action might be as simple as opening a door for someone, helping a fellow student in class, or being an active classroom participant. Last week I witnessed a student taking a picture of her “yellow card” that was posted in the hallway. Two days later a parent was taking a picture of her student’s yellow card. Taken individually, each example is small, but collectively it speaks to Cleveland Central Catholic as a community of learners where, indeed, it does take a village to raise a child. As part of our Catholicity goal of human dignity and the call to family, we are focusing on a specific theme each month. Using the book, God’s To Do List, each homeroom focused in September on the theme, “create.” Examples of creations produced included origami pieces, a tree of life, a collage forming the word “create,” and a mobile with student names. Students and teachers were proud of the creations they produced, bringing them to the office and finding places to display them throughout the building. All of this speaks to a significant truth. When we recognize the gifts, talents, accomplishments and good works of our students we are sending them a clear message. Who they are, what they do and how they use their God-given talents are important. Their choices to lead by example and to serve others will impact our society and our world. It is our hope and our prayer that we are providing fertile soil for growth where students are “Learning to Lead and Preparing to Serve.” May our good God bless you for your generosity as you support our students and the mission of Cleveland Central Catholic.

class of 114 earned over 1.8 million dollars in scholarships and individual students have been accepted to colleges and universities that include Baldwin Wallace University, Cleveland Institute of Art, Hiram College, John Carroll University, Lake Erie College, Miami University, Notre Dame College and St. Francis University. Many of our students have decided to proudly serve in the Armed Forces. Go Ironmen!

William Zender gives the Student Address at the Commencement Exercises.



Class of 2012 Valedictorian
ASIA BARKER is attending The Ohio State University

MEGAN CRETER is attending Notre Dame College

Phi Beta Kappa Award
JULIA SANTIAGO is attending Baldwin-Wallace University.

Marlene Anielski ’79, State Representative, Ohio 17th District addresses Class of 2012.

Above: In one of many duties as a Sister of Notre Dame, Sr. Melannie, pictured left, served as Novice Director when CONNECTION • CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL Sr. Allison Marie was 9 the novitiate. • FALL 2012 in

Advancement Notes

Celebrating the Universal Year of Faith at CCC
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Second Vatican Council, Pope Benedict XVI has declared this year a Year of Faith. This opportunity provides Cleveland Central Catholic with the opportunity to help nurture the faith of those with whom they work and serve – students, teachers, administrators and parents. The teachings of Vatican II are clear on its role and commitment to a Christian presence in society. All are called to holiness, by transforming human society and reflecting God within human society. There should not be a separation between faith and life. This means that all are called to live out their faith each and every day. With the Gospel message in mind, campus ministry has planned appropriate programs and events to help celebrate the Year of Faith. It is their hope that students and staff will be inspired to rediscover, live and cultivate their gifts of faith and to witness actively their faith to others.
Important Campus Ministry Events and Celebrations:
August, Common Prayer at Convocation September, Mass of the Holy Spirit (Opening School Liturgy) and Homecoming Liturgy, Fall Class Retreats for 9th and 12th grade, November, Eucharistic Liturgy of All Saints and Thanksgiving Liturgy with Junior Ring Ceremony, December, Eucharistic Liturgy of the Immaculate Conception and Christmas Common Prayer and Assembly, January, Catholic Schools Week Eucharistic Liturgy, February, Ash Wednesday Prayer Services, March, Lenten Rites of Penance, Spring, Class retreats for the 10th and 11th grades, April, Easter Prayer Service, May, Honor Assembly Common Prayer, and June, Baccalaureate Mass before Commencement.

Students Find Comfort in Support from the Jennifer Fund
Cleveland Central Catholic is grateful to receive funding
from The Jennifer Fund. This family fund was established by Aggie and Tom Hoskin in the memory of their daughter Jennifer who lost her life to breast cancer. Former executive director of West Side Catholic Center, Aggie listened to the needs of Central Catholic students around loss, grieving and healing and immediately responded with financial support from her family fund. This generous support will allow campus ministry to develop youth retreats with a focus on holistic spirituality, which may include small group art therapy sessions, guided imagery and responsive writing. These off campus retreats will be facilitated by a trained professional who will walk with students as they take healing steps in their journey through loss and grief. These retreats will encourage students to share their experiences, express their feelings, and learn about grief in the lives of their peers. These experiences will allow students to connect with one another and help them build skills to cope with the loss in their lives. Cleveland Central Catholic is blessed to have the support of The Jennifer Fund.

Other campus ministry programming focused on service to God, Church and Community:
Retreat & Spiritual Leadership Programs, Campus and Peer Ministry, Community Service, including volunteering at the Providence House, University Settlement, West Side Catholic Center, and Malachi House.
In the Gospel of St. Matthew (Chapter 28), the mandate given to His disciples is heard: “Go forth into every nation. Baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teach them to carry out everything I have commanded you and know that I am with you always.” This is the call that that is given to all as disciples in 2012, this Year of Faith.

Thank you to our lead sponsors ...

Freshman Retreat Held on the Campus of NDCL

Living Faith

Retiree Models Mix of Ministry & Family
Ron Gilak Shifts Gears into ‘Grandpa’ Mode
As faculty members donned academic attire for June’s commencement in the
basement of St. Colman Church, Ron Gilak sat down to take it all in. This was the last of 32 such ceremonies. His retirement from teaching inspired reflection about the way he has exemplified his faith as an educator and minister all these decades. In his youth, Ronald Gilak might not have imagined the role for a layman that has evolved in today’s Catholic institutions – a role for which he has been well suited. He attended Borromeo and came to Central Catholic in 1980. His duties over the years as English teacher, theology department chair, campus minister, Millwrite moderator and coach have given him many ways to minister to the flock that is the Central Catholic family – while raising his own family. Practical and calm, Gilak has overseen the big picture of liturgies, retreats, service hours and theology curriculum while taking time to listen and to counsel students and teachers alike. In prayer intentions and in actions, he has articulated both reality and hope. As the CHALTA representative for CCC’s lay teachers and a proponent of social justice causes, he was able to lead and to act on behalf of others. Coach Gilak did stats and more for the football teams over the years, and his stint as a soccer coach will be recalled by 1980s alumni. He’s kept up with new technology as it has evolved as a teaching tool over the last few decades, often aiding fellow teachers at the former Scranton Campus with new programs. Hence, a quote: “We’ve spent much of our adult lives waiting for a computer to boot up.” As parents of Amanda, Aaron and Rebekah, Ron and wife Gerry relish their growing role as grandparents to a half dozen more family members. The tech skills may come in handy, along with the time-honored values of being calm and practical, as Ron quietly leaves a great legacy at CCC to minister – along with doing whatever else he wants to do – to another generation.

Students Give Back

Alum in Rwanda

Editor’s note: “Back in the day” when computers were confined to a single room, Ron Gilak may have worn a path into the carpet of Scranton’s 4th floor, walking between his classroom and the computer lab at the other end of the hall, working many late nights. Scores of CCC faculty and students bear witness to his preparation and dedication, and I am happy to be among them. Ellen Howard ’66 OLL

Above: On behalf of the student senate, rising senior Sam Mullenax presents a check to a representative of Broadway Christian Church. Dennis Weber '08 volunteers his time to work with children in Rwanda.



Living Faith

El Camino Inspires Tim Angelone ’07
Blog Maps Pilgrimage from France to Santiago de Campostella
Excerpts from Tim’s blog map out his path on the historic route of pilgrims, along with his spiritual journey and insights reflected in his daily diary this summer. Dr. Lanny Hollis was among those who shared Tim’s ancient spiritual exercise in a new communication medium of blogging. July 2: I procrastinated, in true fashion, packing my backpack but I managed to
get it set up last night and everything looks good. If I would have gone with anything smaller than a 38 liter bag, there is no way it would have all fit. It’s big and kind of heavy but it has everything I need, and nothing I want, which is good.

July: I’ll wake on the morning of the 5th and begin hiking the 900km or 562 miles
to Santiago and later Cape Finis Terra, the most Northwestern part of Spain. All this should take me about 35 days, with a day or two of rest along the way.

July 5: It´s safe to say that I have met people from over 50+ countries so far and
they have all been nothing short of amazing! Words cannot describe how incredible this trek has been so far! Day one a solid rain, hiking up to about 1500km or about 5000 feet. Solid uphill but incredibly awesome.

July 11: The last few days have been quite amazing. It has been 7 days since
I began walking and it seems as if each day cannot get better, but some way, somehow they always do. I have been walking with a couple that is from Brecksville and about 20 others along the way from various countries all over the world.

July 13: Every town we arrive in has something special about it. I find that I
particularly like smaller towns and tend to have a rough day in the big cities like Logroño; after all I left to escape the big city. I have had a rough time with blisters for the last few days. I´ve been wrapping my feet in duct tape prior to departing each morning to reduce the friction which has really helped, and I think now my feet are finally settling into the rhythm of walking so many miles a day. The days are long and the routes tour through vineyards, forests, and cities. It’s pure beauty & I love it! Barren time

July 22: How interesting the last few days have been. Chelsea, Evan and I have been pushing hard to get into Leon so we can check out the city and surpass the roughly 2/3′s point of the camino into the home stretch of the trip. Just a bit ago Chelsea and I were talking about how much we do not want this to end. I am making great time and doing a half of a day more than the recommended amount each day to afford an evening or two in Finis Terra for a sunset and to unwind before coming home. My feet are badly blistered and so sore it hurts to even walk a step, but the motivation of the other pilgrims makes it that much easier. Tomorrow I believe I will rise early (around 4:00 a.m.) and begin to relax under the stars before the sun rises. I love being able to see the entire Milky Way and shooting stars every 5 minutes or so; it’s incredibly peaceful. I decided I will walk a full day in silence along the camino which will certainly not be easy but I figure I will write ¨Day of Silence¨ on my pack in English, Spanish and French so others won’t think I’m being rude. July 25: I did have a bit of foot pain for the first 5 or so miles from blisters forming under previous blisters but I took care of
them and pressed on. The pain subsided as I approached “La Cruz de Ferro” in a humbling monument. The majestic spot stands 1,505 meters above sea level with a simple iron cross that stands atop a weathered pole. The place has been, and still is, a spot where pilgrims can reconnect with the purpose of their journey. Whether it be religious or simply walking to leave something behind, they can continue to move on in life putting a positive foot forward. I approached when no one was around in the early morning. I touched the pole and spoke a few words to my god `The Sun´ (yes, the star in the sky) and asked to help better myself by leaving all negativity that I have carried thus far in my life behind on this pile of rocks and to continue to move in the right direction in life wherever that may be.


Late July: What an amazing last few days it has been. I was ‘adopted’ by a great group of Germans. We have been spending the last few days rising early still and hitting the beach and just enjoying the last few days with each other here at Finis Terra. August 3: Over the course of the last 30 or so days I can say I
have honestly learned SO much, not just about myself, but about others as well. I have spent time with someone from virtually every major country and every single moment has been something that I feel I will always remember. I believe I have made some new friends that I will have for a very long time. I love this quaint little fishing town with its beautiful beaches, happy people, and beautiful women. I feel like staying for a long time. A few friends of mine have joined a settlement of pilgrims that have just begun living here. Some have been here for over a year and knew a few of my friends who passed through here last year. Talk about a reunion for them… All I know is that Spain is a place that I will surely return to one day soon. Life is great here!

L-R: Azaria’h Pollard, Tyler Almond, D’Angela Porter, Alissia Harris and Cordaireus Hubbard sample “Nun Better” Snickerdoodle.

Living Faith

Students Verify: “Nun Better”
CCC Connects to a Pierre’s Ice Cream Signature Flavor
This summer “Nun Better” Ice
Cream was trademarked, just in time for Pierre Ice Cream’s release of “Nun Better” Snickerdoodle Ice Cream as one of eight signature flavors to celebrate their 80th anniversary. Two members of the Central Catholic family connect CCC to the new “Where great taste “Delicious! ice meets the taste buds.” The best ice cream cream Junior Cordaireus I’ve had.” To update the link to and its Hubbard Junior cheerleader Cleveland Central package. Azaria’h Pollard Catholic, a group of The Sister students politely Cookie logo, designed by Mary“I haven’t had ice cream waiting in the atrium helen Bednarchik ’77, was made into this good in a long time.” after a summer a label in 2002 for sales of cookies, one Sophomore cheerleader practice was asked of which inspired the new ice cream flavor. Tyler Almond to give instant The Sisters of the Holy Spirit feedback on a began to bake and sell sample of “Nun Better” “Nun Better”® Cookies in Snickerdoodle Ice Cream. 2001, selling through flyers “I haven’t tasted any See what they have to say. distributed at Jennings ice cream like this.” If the sale of this new Center for Older Adults. Sales escalated with Sophomore Alissia Harris flavor goes well, more advertising, along with inclusion in the More “Nun Better” catalog of Monastery Greetings, a company which Cookie recipes promotes products of convents and monasteries may be used to All this started in the mid-1980s eighties when the “This ice cream is the best. develop addiCleveland Indians were in a dramatic slump, and the Sisters I love it!” tional ice cream of the Holy Spirit tried to cheer them on to victory by baking chocolate chip Freshman D’Angela Porter flavors in a specookies for the team. Cookies were delivered to the club house with cial “Nun Better” hand-made signs to be posted there with promises of prayers and general line. Check the special support. That tradition led to the revenue generating venture. Sister Mary ice cream section or ask a Assumpta, CSSp was featured in the movie Major League and appears as a public grocer. Purchase cookies directly from the face for the Sisters, who are unabashed Indians fans. Sister Assumpta, who taught convent at 216-581-2941 or order through at CCC in the early years, is also Maryhelen’s aunt and wrote the “Alma Mater” for the catalog at www.monasterygreetings.org. Central Catholic.



Teacher Impact

The Moment That Led to Career Passion
Editor’s note: After the CCC golf outing last June, when so many alumni were reminiscing about their years at Central Catholic, Willie Kennedy ’79 told this story. It fit the topic of teacher impact so perfectly that he was asked to put it on to paper.

“During the last weeks before graduation,
after I had committed to attend Youngstown State University, I went to the gym (Social Classmates from 1979 and consistently active alumni, Mike Malec and Willie Kennedy swap stories at the golf outing. Center) to remove items from my lockers. On my way out I bumped into Coach Chase at the east end of the gymnasium. He asked They told me ‘yes’ (it was only May!). I was so me what college I was going to attend and I told excited that I drove down to YSU the next day him Youngstown State University. Then he asked and changed my major. me what I had chosen as my major, and I told “That single event, that simple conversation, him business administration. He asked why I helped shape my life. I have always looked chose business administration and I told him backed on that moment and often wonder what that I was not really sure what to choose as a would have happened had I not bumped into major, and with business administration I could Coach Chase. I think about all the counseling feel my way around. By this time we had walked sessions I had has a senior and how I had across the gym floor to center court. Coach overlooked this field. From that moment until this Chase saw that I had a copy of my transcripts very day, I eat, drink and live technology and I and asked to see them. Jerry Chase like to think that I have had a successful career “He told me that business administration was Willie Kennedy’s junior was a very generic major and asked whether varsity basketball coach. in this field. I cannot think of doing anything else, (other than golfing). I had considered something else. I told him that “I have had similar conversations with my I really did not have a clue as to what I wanted to nieces, nephews and sons to help them find their majors and do! After looking over my transcripts he noticed the A’s I had passion. Each of them has provided me with a copy of their gotten in Mr. Badar’s class. He asked what I did in that class transcripts and I look for those obvious patterns. I ask them that I liked, so I told him about the computer we worked on what they like to do, what they did in the classes where they and how much fun and interesting it was. I had gotten really have had the most success. I have been able to help each and excited as I talked about this class and how I liked it. every one of them find their major and passion. “Coach also noticed that I received pretty good grades “The reason I call this my passion is because from that in math. By this time we had walked to the west end of the conversation I had with Coach Chase and that light bulb going basketball court, and had arrived at the foul line. Coach Chase off, I have never wanted to do anything as strongly as I wanted looked me in the eye and asked, ‘Why don’t you major in to be involved with computer technology and if I could I would computer technology?’ He asked me what I thought about do this for free!” the computer classes I took with Mr. Badar. At that point something happened that I will never forget. A light bulb went off in my head and for the first time I had realized I had a passion, a calling, for computer technology. I immediately went home and contacted the university and asked if I could change my major to computer technology. Willie Kennedy, ‘79 Bachelors of Science in Applied Science and Technology (Youngstown State University)

Above: In one of many duties as a Sister of Notre Dame, Sr. Melannie, pictured left, served as Novice Director when CONNECTION • CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL Sr. Allison Marie was 15 the novitiate. • FALL 2012 in

Teacher Impact

Ironman Invades British Isles
Legendary English Teacher Visits Famous Sites
Legend has it that
English Department Chairperson Lin Sinclair actually went to Stonehenge for her senior prom, Lin Sinclair with JoVan Stoner ’12. JoVan and that her is attending Kent State University this fall. date was none other than: Beowulf! Not true, but this formidable educator has been teaching senior level English classes for so long, and so well, that she is forever fixed in the brains of her students, associated with the characters and strongholds of British literature. To this day, CCC alumni can recite passages from Shakespeare, memorized for her class. Even before the “big ideas” of contemporary education became a trend, the hallmarks of her course, like family coats of arms and term paper steps, have become rites of passage through which seniors must pass. Now, thanks to a summer trip to the British Isles, images and tales further enhance her third floor lair. Miss Lin and her sister Jan Sinclair stopped at sites in Scotland and Ireland to trace their family heritage, remembering their parents and brothers who have gone on to that final reward where bagpipes play eternally. The sisters toured key locations in England, accompanied by the Ironman, whose image will surely surface in classes as students trek through English literature this year. To erase the assumption that Miss Sinclair has been teaching English at CCC since the beginning of time, be it known that she spent nine years instructing grade school students in the diocese, and the next 31 at Central Catholic’s campuses. Her tenure goes back into the mists of time, back to the era of three campuses, and teacher travel between buildings. The faculty members who held down the fort at Tremont in the late 1980s bonded in a kind of “you had to be there” mode, and Sinclair is among them. By telling stories and then editing them, she contributed to the 1990s “Roots” document, an attempt to condense the experience of those early CCC years into several pages. Not a bookworm by any means, Lin Sinclair coached volleyball and softball and the ONLY boys volleyball team ever fielded by Ironmen from 1994-1997. In previous years, she has been a class moderator, along with advising the staff of the Millwrite and Cauldron publications. On a more serious note, she has chaired and served on the boards for chemical dependency and discipline review. For a decade, along with fellow faculty Joann Hynes ’69 and Maryhelen Bednarchik ’77, she managed a winter study table routine for athletes, who took turns sharing one gym, study time, and a family style meal on practice and game nights. After high school at Nazareth Academy, Lin attended Kent

State University, where she witnessed the events of May 1970. As a capable representative to CHALTA, the teachers’ union for Catholic High School & Academy Lay Teachers, she has negotiated on behalf of teachers, and continues to serve as vice president of the organization. She runs a tight ship as chair of the English Department as well, keeping binders of exams and notes for novels, and managing the English book room. Recently all English classrooms have been re-equipped with class sets of dictionaries. At the top of her annual “to do” list: arrange for the Great Lakes Theatre Festival performers to visit CCC classes. Shakespeare, meet the Ironman. And watch your step on the third floor.

Cleveland Bound

Who put the

in Cleveland Central Catholic

City’s Diversity and Resources Enhance Life at CCC
While Central Catholic has been “Vibrant in the City” for many years now, the opportunities and resources of Cleveland only serve to enhance life at CCC. Not only that, but throughout its history, Central Catholic has reflected the city’s rich diversity, thereby enriching the lives of students who embrace it. The Diversity Center’s 10th Annual “Walk, Rock & Run” event on May 5 became a perfect venue for a Cleveland Central Catholic contingent to show its face. The event unified communities across Northeast Ohio while raising awareness and sending proceeds to Diversity Center’s youth programming in nine counties. While “Imagine a community where all people are respected, connected, and valued” helped advertise the event, anyone familiar with the CCC mission can relate to that. Cleveland’s resources provide ample opportunities for Ironmen of all ages. For over 20 years now, the sophomore biology students have spent a day at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, each one observing an animal selected for study. During their Senior Career Experience in March, students in grade 12 shadowed professionals in many fields, often tapping Cleveland’s expansive medical community. Young talents have participated in the film industry as the city becomes a destination for movie makers. This summer, Paul Barrosse ’76, who once graced the CCC stage, found his name on a Playhouse Square marquee!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum provides a backdrop as CCC students, staff and families join the “Walk, Rock & Run” event. Participants could also gain entry into the Rock Hall, Great Lakes Science Center and Baseball Heritage Museum that day.

Below: Alumni join theater party for “The Vic and Paul Show” in July: Rob Sommerfelt ’78, Michele Stary Sommerfelt ’79. John Schrader, Maryhelen Bednarchik ’77, Ed Smolko and Fran Hansen Smolko, both ’76. Inset, opposite page: Victoria Zielinski, Emelia, Paul ’76 and Eva Barrosse check out the 1976 Ingot during CCC tour between Playhouse Square performances of the Vic and Paul Show.

Left: Shown here on the CCC stage, Soph Nick Adamczewski acted as an extra for the film Fun Size.

Matt Rodriguez ’12 spends Career Week at Burke Lakefront Airport. CONNECTION • CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • FALL 2012


School News

Central Catholic on Broadway
Third Concert Showcases Choral Talent
Featuring two chorus classes in a third concert for the
school year, the Central Catholic on Broadway concert included solos and ensemble numbers from hit musicals. Beginning and experienced choral students in the second semester chorus classes performed on May 17, directed by Ms. Traci Jones with assistance from Sr. Mary Seton Schlather, SND.

An expressive Cody Gooch rules with “Your Feet Too Big” from Ain’t Misbehavin’.

Marques Medley leads the class with “Tuxedo Junction” in the Central Catholic on Broadway Concert.

Choral Director Traci Jones shows how it’s done in her solo “Somewhere” from West Side Story.



Stanley Scott solos while the period 9 chorus class performs “Circle of Life” from The Lion King.

Seniors Light Up Landerhaven
Spectacular Prom Preparations Pay Off
Following months of preparation: choosing the right gown, coordinating men’s attire and getting
every detail just right, seniors and dates enjoyed a beautiful prom at Landerhaven on May 15. After limosine arrival for color-coordinated couples, dinner and dancing filled this evening, the social focus of the year. Senior class council and moderators planned the event.

Marice Robinson and Jada Smith, prom king and queen, reign over class festivities.



School News

Black Hearts and Bearded Ladies Channels Dramatic Talents on Stage
Alliance of Poles Becomes Sweetwater Inn
Four rude, crude, unladylike ladies took over the stage
as the Drama Club mounted its spring production of Black Hearts and Bearded Ladies at Alliance of Poles Hall in May. Directed by Michael Yako and Shelby Dennstedt, seasoned and rookie talents alike depicted a parade of assorted patrons of the Sweetwater Inn, along with the family and staff who manage it. In the title roles, the bearded ladies, thievish bandits by trade, stay at the inn incognito and turn the place upside down. Casting allowed CCC students to channel their talents into new stage personalities.

Clockwise from above: Joy Hopkins, Channelle Dennard, Chaunte Bobo and Pendeza Wadesisi pretend to be musicians staying at the Inn. Gabrielle Harris plays a maid adept at swatting flies. One of Grace Fana’s dual roles is Clarissa, a fortune-teller. Guillermo Meza plays a mysterious swindler.



Clockwise from far left: Grace Fana, Jocelyn Nichols and Denver Jacobs form the stage family. Halle Davis surfaces as a detective. The bearded ladies challenge Sweetwater guests. Malcolm Gaston, center, plays an egotistical and greedy psychiatrist staying at the inn.

Above: Victor Benton and Loren Swisher play two likable but lazy relatives. Left: All’s well at the end, with the inn’s crew bolstered on the right by Matthew Thompson, playing the delivery man, and Marisa Faulkrod and Nick Adamczewski on the left.



Sports News

Hemphill Regional Champ in 400
Track Star Returns to States
Last spring senior Keith Hemphill placed 5th in the
state in the 400m, his second year in the state finals. Regional champion in the Northeast Ohio Bedford region of Division II, Hemphill was also a regional qualifier in the 200m. Keith reigned as North Coast League meet MVP and district champion as well, besides contributing to competitive relay teams. Before graduating last spring, Tierra Collins merited First Team All-NCL honors for softball, along with junior teammate Alyxis Adams. Tierra was nominated for player of the year in NCL as well. On the baseball diamond, senior Larry Owens won First Team All-NCL, along with CCC’s Len Janiak Award. Other athletes honored with the Len Janiak Award were junior Damon Wheat and freshman Taylor Prewitt for track & field, plus sophomore Shelby Roberts for softball.

Keith Hemphill excels in sprints and relays.

Grant Innocenzi assumes duties as athletic director

Tailback Khairi Dickson ’12 was MVP for the West in the 40th annual Cuyahoga County East-West All-Star High School Scholarship Football Game in June.

See more sports and school photography by Allen Clark, on: For all team schedules, go to:

www.ironmanfilmworks.org www.centralcatholichs.org


Golf Outing

Event and Hole Sponsors Bolster Success
Alumni Foursomes Support CCC Benefit Golf Outing
The CCC Alumni Golf Outing featured 101 golfers having fun on June 9 at
sunny Valleaire Golf Course. Two special event sponsor donations along with a record twenty $100 hole sponsors assured financial success for the alumni association. The Springer family (Tony ’71, Carl ’72, Fran ’78, John ‘78) memorialized their mom, Florence Springer, as “A believer in Central Catholic’s academics and athletics” plus John Peca '70 honored Larry Soeder, Central’s first football coach, in sponsoring the event. Congratulations to the Tom Olschalger & Phil Laba team and also the T.J. and Tim Morgan team whose foursomes scored an excellent 10-under-par. Eleven volunteers scored above par in running a flawless event: Elaine and Charlie Oreskovic ’64 OLL, Kathy Wolowicz ’80, Lynn and Moe Brickman ’65 OLL, Diane Thomas Ginley ’73, Janette Pellas, ’78, Sandy Stelbasky Scott ’78, Bob Olschlager ’79, Bob Powell ’70 and Mary Lou Haas Fasko. The Valleaire staff was very complementary to operations and players. Tim Myslenski, John Simon ’72, and Jerry Fasko ’65 OLL once again did a great job of planning a memorable day,

Classmates Phil Kubec and John Simon share memories of the Class of 1972. Spirit of 1976 surfaces as Timmy Knighton and Dave Maronski team up for the golf outing. Foursomes from the top: Phil Laba ’76, Tom Olschlager ’79, John Shaver, Ryan Harnoscz; Ron Wayne, Nikki Johnson, Fran Springer Johnson ’78; Judy Mack ’74, Linda Obral, Susan Pagrabs, Reggi Mack Tomek ’77; Dan Comer, Joe Kilburg, Mark Anderson, Sean O’Brien.



Dinner crew prepares to feed Ironmen: Bob Olschlager ’79, Sandy Stelbasky Scott ’78, Jerry Fasko ’65 OLL, Janette Pellas ’78.

Jim Gabor, Mike Monastero and Bob Bobrowski ’75 stop for lunch at the turnaround. Bobrowski came from Texas for the outing.

Formidable foursome of Hodakievic men: L-R: Joe, his dad Coach Ron, Danny and his dad Coach Al. The younger men grew up watching their fathers coach CCC teams.



Welcome Back Day
Alumni and Students Connect During Annual Event
The month of September stands for "Back to School" so Welcome Back Day on September 1 was timed perfectly. In addition to 1970s alumni who toured the school building to see how it had changed, recent graduates from the class of 2012 now joined the ranks of alumni, assuming a new role in the Central Catholic Family. A great mix of parents, students and Ironman fans, along with alumni, neighbors and friends filled the stands to watch the Ironmen take on the Euclid Panthers in the gridiron opener. Airplanes from the air show at Burke Lakefront Airport passed overhead on this early autumn day, an additional spectacle on a spectacular afternoon.

Dwight Farmer ’84, Javier Smith ’94, Randy Ramsey ’86, John Abrams ’86, and a guest

Rita Wood Prinzo ’71, Suzanne Vanek Hovater ’71, Chris Filipowicz Polomsky ’71

Dee Price ’89 and godson Quishann Johnson

Sherry Chancey-Clark ’91 and Claudia Woloszyn Straub ’72

Joe Tanko ’72 and wife Cindy

Charles Kinney ’82

Emilia Ejsmont ’11, Irielle Foster-Nowden ’10, Marc’A Bickerstaff ’12, Dominique Hatchett ’11, Cortney Milczewski ’11. 29



Katherine Ann KaminskiShubert moved to Florida to enhance her career position. Now living in Lakewood Ranch, she works as a director of social services and is married to Robert Shubert. Her children are Kristian, Jakob and Jordan.

Tina Lindway Cobbs works as a receptionist and is married to Jay Cobbs. She has three children.

1963 St. Michael
Michael Nolan is retired and lives in Cincinnati . He and wife Mary Faust Nolan are parents of Tim, Shawn, Dan and Mike.

Kathy Kotwicki-Salvo is employed as an administrative assistant. Husband Steve and children Kyle and Kaitlyn complete this Parma family.

Robert W. Chase serves as a police officer for the City of Bedford. He graduated from Baldwin Wallace in 1979. His son Bobby begins his second year in the U.S. Marine Corps following in his grandpa's footsteps. Prayers are requested as he deploys to Afghanistan in April of 2013. “Semper Fi, son, and God Bless.”

1966 OLL
Robert Swift ’66 OLL has been married to classmate Diane Zronek Swift for 43 years. They have a son, Sean, and like to travel. Robert is an inspector of landing gear for Goodrich Corp. and Diane works as head cook for Parma Schools.

Frank Nunez joins “The Vic & Paul Show” theatre party at Sokolowski’s to celebrate with teammate Paul Barrosse ’76.

Anthony Boey started his own business, called A Twisted Mind Productions and is a partner with a sister company View Screen, both ad agencies. They develop business logos, catalogs and web sites and do photography, production videos and commercials. If any CCC alumni need help with their company’s advertisement needs, please send him an e-mail at anthony.eboey@yahoo.com.

1968 OLL
Rev. Dr. Charlotte A (Swaney) Schmotzer serves as a Transitional Deacon at St. Luke's Anglican and owns Lazarus House Counseling. She attended CSU, Akron U and Trinity College, earning degrees in elementary education, clinical counseling and conflict management, graduating in 1975, 1992, 2005 and earning her Ph.D. Charlene and husband Wayne and five children reside in Bath.

Eric L. Hill announces that his daughter, Marley Hill, committed verbally to the University of Cincinnati women’s basketball program. Her high school, Columbus Africentric Early College, won the Division III girls basketball championship in March.

in a mobile patrol unit. His daughter, Dana, graduated from Ursuline College with a bachelors degree in art therapy. Her art was exhibited at the Avon Lake Public Library. She is planning for medical school. Frank’s son Milo is a staff sergeant in the U.S. Air Force, and he looks forward to making the Air Force his career.

Ricardo Brown stopped in during the May open house, in town from Maryland for Mother’s Day. Visiting CCC with his daughter, he remarked, “Thanks for all the great things you’re doing here.” Kathleen Wolowicz Richards works as a career educator at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center. She completed her bachelor’s degree in social work at CSU in 1986. Broadview Heights is home for her and husband Frank and three children.

James Olschlager is a lieutenant in the Nevada Highway Patrol, where he serves as Commercial Enforcement Commander for the Las Vegas District.

1969 SJC
Frank A Kustra, now retired, attended Community College-Metro and majored in communications. He lives in Sheffield Lake and has five children.

Regina Mack Tomek majored in business at CSU and works as a financial advisor. She and husband Thomas live in Lakewood. Frank Nunez has been employed at the Cleveland Public Library for 27 years, presently as a safety and protective services supervisor

Rose Karam attended CSU, majoring in accounting. She works as a Senior Internal Auditor and is married to Shamus Carney.

Darlene G. Calhoun works as a customer service specialist at AAA Travel. Her Shaker Heights family includes Brittanie, Taylor, Hayley, Cydey and Charles.

Bill Loomer visited the campus in June, dropped off donations for a CCC family who had lost everything in a fire, and toured the building with Miss Bednarchik. “I was impressed at how much the campus has changed. As I toured the school, it was amazing how many fond memories came rushing back. I'll always appreciate having had the opportunity to attend CCC,” he remarked. Bill recently received his 4th Emmy Award Nomination as an investigative



Upcoming Reunions

Let us help you organize your event, contact the Alumni Office at 216-441-4700, ext. 261.

Class of 1963 – Lourdes
50th Class reunion planned for the weekend of August 9, 2013. A weekend of activities include Saturday mass, school tour, and dinner. Please contact Joan Miano (Zvolensky) at 419-798-4397 joanemiano@yahoo.com or Janice Evans (Sindelar) at 440-227-3264 cevans5420@windstream.net.

65th Birthday Party for the Class of 1965

at Mavis Winkles Restaurant on September 15, 2012

In Memoriam
Sr. Mary Margaret McGovern, SND passed away in November, 2011. After attending St. Stephen High School, she entered the Sisters of Notre Dame community, serving as a teacher and principal, and later as SND high school supervisor and regional superintendent for the Diocese of Cleveland. Known earlier as Sr. Mary St. Michael, she was the last principal of St. Michael’s before it merged into Central Catholic. Charles A. Kahoun ’63 OLL entered into eternal rest in July, survived by his wife Marge and her children Holly and Patrick. Chuck was active in the local Czech community, and had been a reliable store manager, bus driver and caregiver. Rose Greczanik Dzigiel ’74 passed away in July, survived by children Sarah and Jason and siblings Frank, Felicia and Elizabeth Mills ’82.

Class of 1982 hold reunion on August 4, 2012 at Toscana Party Center.
producer for 19 Action News. He and his wife have a one-year-old son. In Between The Lines, and is a co-founder of the Premiere Intermediate Football League. Chairperson for CEOGC Parent Committee at her daughter's HeadStart Center, Louis Stokes. Their daughter plans on going to St. Stanislaus Elementary School 2013-2014 school year as a kindergartener.

Debert Cowsette enters his second year as defensive line coach with the Hampton University football program. He was a four-year player at the University of Maryland, earning All-ACC honors. After graduating, he was drafted by the Washington Redskins and continued his NFL career from 2000 to ’06 with the New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Chicago Bears. Delbert and wife Alena have three children. He also owns a non-profit youth organization,

Dionna Johnson works as a state tested nursing assistant and is the mother of Jordin Johnson. Recently reconnected with CCC, she wants to be an active alumna and “show my baby what a wonderful school I graduated from.”

Cortney Milczewski made the Dean’s List during her first year of nursing study at Walsh University in North Canton. Marcel Philpotts visited Central Catholic during the school year, and mentioned plans to study firefighting at Tri-C and become a personal trainer.

Olivia Walls Higbee and husband Robert Higbee are parents of Robyn. During the 2011-2012 year Olivia served as CWPC



Cleveland Central Catholic High School
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Calendar of Events

We invite prospective students and their families to visit our Admissions Open House.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

12:30 – 3:30 pm

Scholarship/Placement Exam Dates
(The Saturday tests are Scholarship based) Parents and Administrators Q&A during test times
rents and Administrators Q&A during test times

Saturdays, October 13 and November 17, 2012 Registration: 8:45 am 9:00 am – 10:00 am
(Scholarship) $15 fee

Thursday, December 6, 2012

5:00 pm to 6:00 pm (Placement) $15

More information contact Admissions Coordinator, Ms. Carmella Reiger at admissions@centralcatholichs.org or 216-641-2056

Friday, January 4, 2013

Junior Varsity 6:00 pm Varsity 7:30 pm


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Saturday, October 13, 2012 CLEAN UP + CLAMS 8:00 am – 2:00 pm March 20, 2013 CALCUTTA 10TH ANNIVERSARY ANNUAL AUCTION 6:00 pm

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