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Notes on auricular massage Per Nogier: 1) Clockwise point massage with a glass rod tends to increase sympathetic tone

. Anti-clockwise massage tends to increase Parasympathetic tone. 2) Massage on tender points tends first to become more painful and then to slowly disappear. By this time, the peripheral pain has also gone – but may return within a few days. 3) Alternative massage method for peripheral, functional, sensory, visceral, and sympathetic problems: Locate the tender point on the front of the ear. Then, gently pressing against the front point with a finger, use a glass rod to gently massage the point directly behind on the back on the ear; massaging in very small and localized clockwise circles. The pain will increases on each rotation until it’s virtually unbearable and a sense of warmth, heat, or burning develops. As this happens, to the practitioner it feels as though the ear between the rod and his finger is slowly becoming as thin as parchment. The pain then suddenly begins to subside until the patient’s ear feels almost numb. 4) Massaging in the direction of the inherent underlying auricular energy pathway sedates the energy. Massaging against the course of this energy flow stimulates the energy.

Typically, it is necessary to massage against the energy flow in order to stimulate the body’s defenses. A sedating massage in the direction of sympathetic flow inhibits ovary implantation (- so acting as a natural contraceptive). To render the patient more receptive to treatment, the tragus can be massaged from anteriorinferior to posterior-superior which will bring the energy of the ear into equilibrium. For a generalized rather than localized effect, the lobe can be massaged (especially with a glass rod) in an upward direction behind and in a downward direction in front.

Notes on auricular massage Per Dr. Huang: Massaging the ear has the same effect as massaging the body. It promotes blood circulation, increases energy flow in the ear meridians, restores organ function, and has anti-aging effects. Massaging the anti-helix from the bottom (tail) to the top helps relax the patient. “Vertical” massage of front and back of ear near its insertion using two straightened fingers, one on each side of the ear. “Horizontal” massage with the flat palm against the ear, massaging backwards on the front surface of the ear and then forwards on the back surface of the ear. “Circular” massage: A) Backwards and upwards around the anti-tragus, upwards and then forwards on the anti-helix, and then curling downwards at “external sympathetic” down across the front of the ear, over the tragus, and back to the inter-tragic notch onto the anti-tragus. This especially influences the Du & Ren channels. B) around the entire peripheral circumference of the ear

Circular Massage – Type A Circular Massage – Type B Ear Lobe Massage Ear Lobe Massage: From Endocrine over Gonadotropin, over Neurasthenia, over Anxious Point, over Cheek Area, Forehead, Temple, Occiput, Pituitary, Brain Stem, Thyroid, Large Auricular Nerve, and then exiting over the helix tail. Head Press Massage: Simply squeezing the head between two flattened palms laid over the ears; holding for five seconds and releasing.