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HOBBIT BOARD GAME (W) Reiner Knizia One of the most cherished fantasy stories of all time now comes to your tabletop... Join Bilbo Baggins as he ventures forth from the Shire on a perilous and legendary journey. Designed by Reiner Knizia, The Hobbit is a board game of bidding, chance, and treasure for 2-5 players. Taking on the roles of dwarves, players must guide Bilbo strategically on his quest to plunder the dragon Smaug's lair. Combining strategic card-playing with the unpredictability of dice-rolling, The Hobbit features elegant gameplay that's fun for the entire family. Increase your dwarf's stats while meeting all the challenges that come your way in order to earn more treasure than your companions. But beware, Smaug is descending upon Laketown, seeking to ruin your quest. Can you lead Bilbo Baggins to the dragon's lair? Find out with The Hobbit! Price...34.95 Calculated shipping from 44314 5-6 lBS

TARGET BOARD GAME Get classic cloak and dagger action in this cold-war era deduction game. In The Target, you are either a CIA or KGB agent trying to deposit sensitive intel to your agency's headquarters. Use cutting-edge espionage techniques to ascertain who is with you and who is the enemy. Assassinate your enemies to prevent them from talking. But be careful, the one you trust may be a double agent. Find out who you can really trust in this tense game for up to 10 players! Price...29.95

D&D ESSENTIALS MONSTER VAULT BOX SET This product for Dungeon Masters collects the most iconic monsters of the Dungeons & Dragons world in one handy box and presents all-new variants, including new spins on such beloved monsters as dragons, orcs, and vampires. The monsters described herein are designed to be easy for Dungeons Masters to use and fun for players to fight, and each comes as a die-cut token so they can be easily incorporated into your next game! Price...29.99 Calculated from 44314 shipping 3-4 Lbs

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STAR TREK EXPEDITIONS BOARD GAME (W) Reiner Knizia Designed by award-winning game designer Reiner Knizia, Star Trek Expeditions is a cooperative mission game in which players take on the roles of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Uhura, who are responding to an invitation from the Nibian government to open discussions about the planet joining the United Federation of Planets. However, now that the Enterprise has arrived, you find the President of Nibia less happy to see you than the invitation suggested, and Mr. Spock has detected evidence that another starship may have recently been in orbit. Lead your away teams made up of crew and resources from the Enterprise to solve the major story arcs, plus key side missions, before the Klingon fleet arrives, or the lone cloaked Klingon battle-cruiser in orbit destroys the Enterprise and her crew. Three difficulty levels, random side missions, player strategies and a unique branching mission tree ensure every game will be a unique, memorable experience. The game comes with pre-painted character and starship figures, game board, cards, tokens and dice, so ready your phasers and prepare to beam down 1-4 players! Price ...49.99 Calculated shipping from 44314 5-6 Lbs

ZOMBIE STATE BOARD GAME Far more contagious than the common cold, the Moaning Virus (MV1) swept the planet. Hordes of MV1 infected overran the delicate world that seemed to have finally laid to rest the spectres of nuclear war, hunger, and poverty. The victims of MV1 became the viruses' mindless carriers as they rose from death to feed, their horrid moan ringing out in silent cities. Bite after loathsome bite, the world devoured itself from within. Now, overwhelmed political figures, desperate to salvage the remnants of their once-great world society, turn to once-spurned weapons and forgotten science for hope. Luminaries and leaders must now guess the best path for human survival amidst terrifying outbreaks, geographical factionalism, and worst of all, viral mutations. Can you stop the spread of the walking dead? Price...49.95 Calculated shipping from 44314 5-6 Lbs


(W) Hansibran Maerl, Robert J. Schwalb The Shadowfell is a dark reflection of the natural world, a haunting plane where fear and death rule. Yet, within the gloom are countless lures for adventurers seeking fortune, glory, and more. Just don't get caught alone at night! This boxed set is for Dungeon Masters interested in taking their heroes on excursions to the Shadowfell, as well as Dungeon Masters looking for a sinister setting in which to run thrilling urban adventures. A 128page book presents the fully detailed city of Gloomwrought, complete with location descriptions, maps, quests, and game statistics for monsters and villains. It also includes provides information on other locations heroes are likely to visit beyond the city's dark walls. In addition, the box contains a 32-page book of encounters set in Gloomwrought and beyond, two card stock sheets of die-cut monster and villain tokens, a foldout battle map, and a deck of 30 cards that DMs can use to add suspense to any Shadowfell-based adventure. Price...39.99 Calculated shipping from 44314 3-4 Lbs D&D GAMMA WORLD RPG CORE BOX SET (W) Richard Baker, Bruce R. Cordell

Earth. After the apocalypse. Never mind the radiation you're gonna like it here. The D&D Gamma World Roleplaying Game offers hours of rollicking entertainment in a

savage land of adventure, where the survivors of some mythical future disaster must contend with radioactive wastes, ravaged cities, and rampant lawlessness. Against a nuclear backdrop, heroic scavengers search crumbled ruins for lost artifacts while battling mutants and other perils. This product is a complete, stand-alone roleplaying game that uses the 4th Edition D&D Roleplaying Game system as its foundation, appealing to D&D players as well as gamers interested in fantasy science fiction set in a bizarre, post-apocalyptic world. Game components include: a 160-page book with rules for character creation, game rules, and an adventure, 2 sheets of die-cut character and monster tokens, 2 double-sided battle maps, cardstock character sheets and mutation power cards, Mutation power card deck, and Loot power card deck. Each booster pack contains 8 random Alpha Mutation and Omega Tech cards, pulled from a complete set of 120 cards. Price….39.99 Calculated shipping from 44314 4-5 Lbs

The Dungeons & Dragons Essentials boxed game contains everything needed to start playing Dungeons & Dragons, including rules for creating heroes, advice for playing the Dungeon Master, a solo play adventure, and group-play adventure content. Several different character races dwarf, elf, halfling, and human - and classes - cleric, fighter, rogue, and wizard - are playable, along with powers for each race and class. Inside, gamers will find a 32-page book for gamers, a 64-page book for DMs, 2 sheets of die-cut tokens, cardstock character sheets, a double-sided map, and polyhedral dice. Learning the game has never been so easy! Pice ...19.99 Calculated shipping from 44314 3-4 Lbs


(W) Mike Mearls, Bill Slavicsek

The master of Ravenloft is having guests for dinner, and you're invited... as the Main Course! Evil lurks in every dark corner of Castle Ravenloft, and only heroes of ex-

ceptional bravery can survive the horrors within! This new board game can support 1-5 players and features multiple scenarios, challenging quests, and co-operative gameplay. Complete with 40 plastic heroes and monsters, 13 sheets of interlocking dungeon tiles, encounter and treasure cards, and more, this game will surely prove a daunting challenge for even the most courageous dungeon delvers. Will you prove worthy? Price...64.99 Calculated shipping from 44314 6-7 Lbs

MONOPOLY CARS 2 BOARD GAME The classic board game of real estate and power gets another special edition with this version based on Disney/Pixar's upcoming release, Cars 2, taking Lightining McQueen and Mater on the adventure of a lifetime on the World Grand Prix circuit... with Mater caught up in international espionage! Price...24.99 Calculated shipping from 44314 4-5 Lbs

THREE STOOGES MONOPOLY Woob-Woob-Woob! Calling all knuckleheads! It's time to wheel and deal with Curly, Larry and Moe, the kings of slapstick. Enjoy this classic game of risk taking and deal making as you compete to own memorable locations from classic Three Stooges shorts! Laugh out loud as you buy Moronika and Mildew College; sell King Rutentuten's Tomb and the Lost Arms Hospital; and trade Gypsum Goode Antiques and the Cannonball Express. Step aside nitwit, I'll show you how to do this! Don't be a featherbrain imbecile and go bankrupt! Includes six collectible tokens: Derby Hat, Mallet, Seltzer Bottle, Pipe Wrench, Cream Pie and Violin. Slaps and eye-pokes not included. Pice...39.99 Calculated shipping from 44314 4-5 Lbs

MARVEL CLASSIC GUITAR PICK PACK Peavey Electronics' Marvel Comics-themed guitar picks are exactly what the musically-inclined Marvel Comics fan needs to accessorize their Marvel Comics guitars from Peavey. Each pack comes with a set of picks that feature some of the classic heroes and villains from the pages of Marvel Comics.

Price 9.99 Ships flat rate Domestic ..2.99


(W) Danny Graydon The Jetsons: The Official Guide to the Cartoon Classic

is a fun and fact-filled guide to all things Orbit City! Officially licensed by Warner Bros., this volume includes everything you need to know about your favorite Space Age family, memorable moments from the series, and funny gadgets from 2062. So hop into your flying car and get ready to blast off inot the futuristic past with this informative guide to everything Jetsons!

Price...13.95 Shipping 5.50 Priority


(W) Jerry Beck

Everything you need to know about the original Stone Age family is here in this guide to the classic series, The Flintstones! A tribute to The Flintstone's enduring popularity and its status as a beloved brand in American pop culture, this book will inform, entertain, and surprise new and old fans of this enduring series. Price...13.95 Shipping ….5.50 Priority

LOST IN SPACE SPACE POD 1/24 FINISHED MODEL KIT Launching from the Jupiter-II, the Space Pod took the Robinsons to alien planets in search of supplies or even a way to return home! Now Moebius has recreated the classic pod from Lost in Space as their 1/24Scale Space Pod Model Kit! This finished version of the Moebius Space Pod kit is fully painted and assembled in a beautiful display box ready to display, and its opening door reveals finished interior. Price ...49.99 Calculate shipping USPS FROM 44314 34lBS. FANBOY CREATE YOUR OWN COMIC BOOK KIT The Create Your Own Comic Book Kit includes everything you need to create a full comic book, including 10 comic book art boards, 2 comic book cover sheets, 2 concept sketch pages, 4 comic book layout pages, 20 black trading cards, and 3 micron fine-line pens. Price...24.99 Calculate USPS Shipping from44314 2-3 Lbs

STAR WARS 4PC 10OZ GLASS SET From a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away comes this set of four 10oz. glasses featuring the characters of the original Star Wars trilogy. Dishwasher safe.

Pice...19.99 Calculate Shipping from 44314 USPS 3-4 Lbs.

STARSTRUCK HARDCOVER DELUXE EDITION MATURE THEMES IDEA & DESIGN WORKS LLC (W) Elaine Lee (A/CA) Michael William Kaluta Elaine Lee (w) · Michael Kaluta (a & c) The classic, galactic-spanning saga of Starstruck, the renowned stage play/radio drama/heady science fiction classic, continues! Collecting all 13 issues of the completely remastered Starstruck series by Elaine Lee and Michael Wm. Kaluta. 280 pages of Starstruck and Galactic Girl Guides adventures, covers, pin-ups, glossary, postcards, and so much more! The first truly comprehensive collection of this material in a grand, over-sized hardcover edition. This beautiful book features some of the finest art ever by put to paper by Kaluta, including many pages that were never printed in the original run. Additionally, Kaluta painstakingly added approximately 20% of art to NEARLY EVERY PAGE to ensure the aspect ratio of the comic would be consistent and correct. The end result is unlike anything you've ever experienced, a head-spinning, synapse-snapping, soul-searing ride to a world like no other... the world of Starstruck. HC · FC 360 Pages 8" x 12" Price...49.99 Calculate Shipping from 44314 USPS 2-3 Lbs

TIM SALE BLACK & WHITE HARDCOVER IMAGE COMICS (W) John G. Roshell & Various (A/CA) Tim Sale REVISED AND EXPANDED! HEROES artist TIM SALE discusses his life and work in this comprehensive and lavishly illustrated volume. This is a new, revised and expanded edition of the original sold out and out-of-print TIM SALE: BLACK AND WHITE previously published by Active Images. Includes 16-page color signature.

Price….39.99 Calculate Shipping from 44314 USPS 2-3 Lbs.

STAR TREK ORIGINAL SERIES RETRO CLOTH KIRK FIGURE Featuring the return of the 1970's-style retro cloth figures, this debut release contains Captain James T. Kirk from the classic Star Trek series! Utilizing the original molds, these reproductions feature classic cloth uniforms and accessories and are contained in retro-style packaging! Price...24.99 Calculate Shipping from 44314 USPS 1-2 lBS

SPIDER-MAN BLACK COSTUME VERSION PAPERWEIGHT Have one of your favorite Marvel Heroes hold down the important paperwork in your life with the Spider-Man (Black Costume) Paperweight. The paperweight measures approximately 6" tall. Clamshell packaging. Price...12.99 Calculate Shipping from 44314 1-2 Lbs USPS MICKEY & MINNIE GO SKATING FIGURINE Build a Christmas village with Mickey Mouse and his friends thanks to the artists of Department 56 with three all-new pieces for Mickey's Christmas Village! The holiday season brings out Mickey and Minnie Mouse for some time on the ice, and together "Mickey And Minnie Go Skating On Ice." After they return their skates to Mickey's Ski And Skate Shop (6.5" x 5" x 6"), the smell of fresh cookies from Minnie's Bakery (5" x 6" x 7.5") draws the revellers for some holiday cheer. Then Minnie spreads the warmth of the season with the Minnie's Custom Christmas Cookies figurine (2 1/2" tall). These ceramic pieces can be used to build a world of holiday excitement! Price...12.99 Callculate Shipping from 44314 USPS 1 1-2 Lbs.


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