John Sith, Executive Director The Jedi Foundation 3050 Alderon Rd. N.W. Ste.

270 Tatooni, GA 30305-2212

November 11, 2012

Dear John Sith, [My church] respectfully requests a $20,000 grant allocation from The Jedi Foundation to “spread the good news” of Jedi Christ by cultivating the relationship between performing arts and evangelism. We strive to translate the performing arts into a form of evangelistic context. It is an area of opportunity to witness in a unique way through an indirect approach with gospel stage plays. Our mission is to advance authentic evangelism and a biblical worldview through drama and music. Incorporated in February 2208, The [my church] is a non-profit organization with a 501c3 tax-exempt status. The [church], a faith-based multi-racial organization, got its start when the founder, [Yoda], began seeing a lack of enthusiasm or encouragement for the expression of performing arts in traditional Jedi settings. He had seen that the church has lost touch with the real needs of people and is irrelevant in how it goes about fulfilling its mission. The [church] spawned from a local performing arts ministry into world-wide touring gospel evangelistic ministry. The main objective of the [church] is not to merely entertain. Our production has a message for audiences that could be a catalyst for change in the lives. The mission of our ministry is to: ● ● ● ● ● Minister the Gospel of Jedi Christ into the lives of masses through the art form of theatre and music in unique ways informing them the word of Jesus Christ. Inspire change and growth in the community. We want to see souls saved! Praise is considered the vehicle by which one enters into the presence of God. By creating an atmosphere of praise, anyone can enter into His presence and receive His grace and glory. Produce and perform theatrically captivating programming that will leave the audience desiring the truth and, ultimately God Himself. Produce records of new believers by having them complete survey forms.

We are passionate about our beliefs, and truly believe that utilizing performing arts is a key to our success as an organization, and a team. The [church] is seeking $20,000.00 for our performing arts production. This will cover travel and monthly expenses. I hope The Jedi Foundation shares our excitement for our program. It will allow our organization help even more people understand that a performing arts evangelistic ministry doesn’t have to exist only in a traditional church setting.


Executive Director