Some suggested points for Endocrine Disorders

Pituitary Endocrine = Anterior Pituitary “Endocrine Hormones” (Master Point 4) Thyroid 1 Thyroid 2 Thyroid Control Zero Point Brain Kidney Liver Spleen Stomach Shenmen

Thyroid Disorders For Hyperthyroidism For Hypothyroidism add add
Thalamus Nervous Subcortex Heart Reduce Heart Rate (for any tachycardia) Exciting Point Sympathetic Adrenal 1 Adrenal 2 San Jiao Gonadotropin

Simple Goitre:
Pituitary Endocrine Thalamus San Jiao Kidney Liver

Some suggested points for Endocrine Disorders
Diabetes Mellitus: Ear Center (Zero Point); Diabetes Point; Pancreas; Pituitary; Thalamus; San Jiao; Endocrine Hypoglycemia: Diabetes Point; Pancreas; Pituitary; Thalamus; Endocrine; Sympathetic; Duodenum; Digestive Subcortex (plus possibly Kidney, Liver, Spleen) Menopause: Uterus 1, Uterus 2; Endocrine; Ovary (at intratragic notch); Gonadotropin; Pituitary; Sympathetic; Anxious; Endocrine Hormones, Kidney1; Kidney2, Liver, Heart Mammary Gland Swelling: Mammary 1, Mammary 2, Chest, Endocrine Hormones, Stress Control (Adrneal Gland 2), Occiput Infertility: Uterus 1 Uterus2, Ovary, Gental Control, Clitoris, Zero Point, Shenmen, Endocrine Hormone, Stress Control (adrenal2) Adrenal Gland 1; Kidney 1 & 2, Abdomen 1 & 2, Brain, Allergy 1 & 2 Cushing’s Syndrome: Adrenal Gland; Endocrine; Pituitary; San Jiao; Nervous Subcortex; Kidney; Liver; Shenmen Bleed Ear Apex (add Decrease BP Pt. for hypertension)

Addison’s Disease: Adrenal Gland; Endocrine; Pituitary; Thalamus; Exciting Point; San Jiao; Nervous Subcortex; Kidney; Liver; (add Raise BP Pt. for hypotension) Obesity: Pituitary; Endocrine; Forehead; Exciting Pt.; Hunger; Thalamus; San Jiao; Kidney; Large Intestine; Lung; Abdomen; Buttock.

General Tonification – Dr. H: Tonifying the Kidney: Kidney; Liver; Heart; Endocrine; Pituitary; Thalamus; Adrenal Gland Replenishing the Blood: Kidney; Heart; Adrenal Gland; Spleen; Stomach; Sanjiao; Blood Pt.

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