Huang’s 10 “Relieving Prescriptions”
Relieve Pain:
Pain Relief is where auricular therapy can really excel. Visceral Pain: First, in addition to Sympathetic it is essential to use the corresponding point, applying strong stimulation. Sympathetic plus Corresponding Point: Digestive Pain: Digestive Subcortex Coronary Vascular Pain: Coronary Vascular Subcortex Chest

Neurological Pain:
The Main Points are: Ear Apex, Nervous Subcortex, External & Internal Sympathetic, Large Auricular Nerve, Lesser Occipital Nerve, Vagus, and Auriculotemporal Nerve For Headaches use Ear Apex & Nervous Subcortex with the following points: Vertex Headache: Liver, Vertex, & External Sympathetic Temple Headache/Migraine: Gall Bladder, Temple, and External & Internal Sympathetic Occipital Headache: Bladder, Occiput, & Lesser Occipital Nerve Frontal Headache: Stomach, Forehead & External Sympathetic Trigeminal Neuralgia/Pain: Auriculotemporal Nerve, Nervous Subcortex

Dr. Huang’s 10 “Relieving Prescriptions”
Musculoskeletal Pain: Pain in the Extremities: Lesser Occipital Nerve Shoulder Pain: Shoulder, Shoulder Joint, Clavicle, Large Auricular Nerve, Coronary Subcortex, Bleed Helix 3 or 4 Large Auricular Nerve front & back especially for anterior/posterior shoulder pain & stiffness Shoulder Joint Point – anterior for anterior shoulder; posterior for posterior Shoulder; both for difficulty raising shoulder Coronary Vascular Subcortex especially for anterior shoulder Clavicle especially for difficulty raising shoulder or posterior shoulder pain and stiffness (difficulty rolling over) Cervical Degeneration Pain: Posterior Neck Triangle, and Bleed Helix 4 C3,C4 Degeneration - with Dizziness: Dizziness Area - with Occipital Headache: Occiput, Lesser Occipital Nerve, and Bleed Ear Apex C6,7 Degeneration - with shoulder pain: add Shoulder Joint - with numb fingers: add Finger, Coronary Vascular Subcortex, plus Large Auricular N. on Anterior Ear Tennis Elbow Pain: Elbow & Tennis Elbow Points, and Bleed Helix #2 Sciatic Pain: Posterior Sciatic Triangle, Anterior Sciatic - with Calf Pain: Calf Point front and back - with Foot Numbness: Heal, Sole, Toe, and Lesser Occipital Nerve Knee Pain: Knee Joint with Int. Knee &/or Ext. Knee, - use posterior popliteal fossa if knee cap pain persists

Dr. Huang’s 10 “Relieving Prescriptions”
Relieve Tinnitus:
Internal Ear, Auditory Center (= Temple), Sanjiao For Tinnitus due to excessive fire, add Gall Bladder and Bleed Ear Apex For Tinnitus due to deficiency, add Kidney

Relieve Vertigo & Dizziness:
Dizziness Area, Occiput, External Sympathetic, Liver, and Bleed Ear Apex. Supplementary Points: Meniere’s dizziness/vertigo: Internal Ear, Spleen Car-sickness, Sea-sickness, or Air-sickness: Internal Ear, Cardia Dizziness due to anemia: Spleen, Sanjiao Dizziness related to Autonomic Dysfunction: Sympathetic, Nervous Subcortex Vertigo due to cerebrovascular deficiency: Brain, Coronary Vascular Subcortex

Relieve Vomiting:
Cardia* - the key point to relieve vomiting. Supplement with Stomach, Liver, Shenmen, Occiput, Digestive Subcortex

Relieve Hyperhydrochlorhydria (Excess Gastric Acidity):
Sympathetic* - the key point for excess stomach acid Supplement with Gall Bladder, Stomach, Duodenum, Liver, Cardia, Digestive Subcortex

Dr. Huang’s 10 “Relieving Prescriptions”
Relieve Cough:
Mouth, Trachea, Bronchus, Lung Supplementary Points: Stop Asthma, Shenmen, Spleen, Occiput, Brain Stem, and Bleed Ear Apex

Relieve Asthma:
Bronchus is the corresponding point. Sympathetic and Adrenal inhibit antigen-antibody excess, hyper-secretions, & bronchial constriction. Supplement with: Stop Asthma, Chest, Allergic Area, Endocrine (relieves inflammation and enhances immunity), and Bleed Ear Apex (relieves inflammation). For Kidney Deficiency Asthma add Kidney For Pulmonary Heart Disease related Asthma add Coronary Vascular Subcortex

Relieve Pruritis:
Bleed Ear Apex to relieve Allergic Inflammation Bleed Corresponding points for localized dermatitis. Lung, Spleen, Shenmen, Occiput, Diaphragm For Allergic Pruritis, add Endocrine, Adrenal Gland, and Allergic Area For Nervous Dermatitis, add Nervous Subcortex and Neurasthenia Point

Dr. Huang’s 10 “Relieving Prescriptions”

Relieve Convulsions and Hyperactivity:
Bleed Ear Apex Shenmen, Nervous Subcortex, Lesser Occipital Nerve, Liver, Brain, Brain Stem, Occiput For Epilepsy supplement with Epilepsy Point

Relieve Leukorrhagia:
Corresponding Points: Uterus, Cervix, Adnexa, Pelvis Supplemental Points: Lower Jiao, Kidney, Liver, Sanjiao, Endocrine