Huang’s Detox/Addiction Treatments Basic Protocol addressing the three essentials for withdrawal:
Control Desire: Sympathetic Shenmen Eliminate & Detoxify: Kidney Liver Lung Sanjiao Address Withdrawal Nervous Subcortex Anxious Point Be Happy

For Obesity - Do NOT use the Mouth point. Use the Basic Formula, above, plus: Decrease Appetite Enhance Elimination: Stimulate Energy & Activity Regulate Hormones Thalamus Large Intestine Exciting Point Endocrine Hunger Point Forehead Pituitary Add in points for localized fat depots, such as Abdomen and Buttock [To Gain Weight: Small Intestine; Mouth; Endocrine; Digestive Subcortex; Spleen; Stomach] For Alcoholism: Use the Above Formula, minus Lung & Kidney, and add the Drunk Point (just below the Kidney point. For Smoking: Use the Above Formula, minus Liver and Kidney, and use the Mouth and the Lower Lung points. Neurasthenia: Bleed Ear Apex; Shenmen; Heart; Occiput; Nervous Subcortex and Neurasthenia Area (front and back). Add Spleen where there is deficient Qi & Blood of the Spleen & Heart. Add Gallbladder where there is Deficiency of Gallbladder Qi & Heart Blood Add Kidney where the Kidney-Heart axis has been disturbed Add Stomach for disordered Stomach Qi To Excite the Mind: Exciting Line (or Point); Thalamus; Pituitary; Forehead; Gonadotropin; Adrenal Gland, Endocrine. To Tranquilize the Mind: Bleed Ear Apex; Shenmen; Brain; Brain Stem; Occiput; Nervous Subcortex; Neurasthenia Point; Anxious Point.