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Liz  Seabury,  Principal           Eric  Saibel  &  Chad  Stuart,  Assistant  Principals
October 30, 2012 To Whom it May Concern:




It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to recommend Eugenia Ives for a position in your District. I have been working with Eugenia for the past semester as her Directing Teacher. I have found her to be intelligent, hard-working, thoughtful, and creative in her approach to teaching. More importantly, she is an amazing collaborator, collegial in all areas of the teaching profession. There is no doubt she will be an asset to your English Department. Eugenia has been teaching an American Literature class at Drake High School this semester. The class is made up of 32 students, including 7 IEPs and 2 Exchange Students. This is not an easy assignment. However, every day she shows up prepared, ready to teach, focused on student learning. She has been able to flexibly and creatively meet the diverse needs of her students as they tackle challenging texts. In addition, she regularly devotes time during Tutorial to support students who continue to struggle or just need more attention in their acquisition of the knowledge and skills. She gives her students regular, consistent feedback on their progress in her class through the use of both formative and summative assessment tools. She is truly a student-centered educator who cares deeply about her students’ learning, growth and progress. Eugenia and I started meeting this summer to plan our semester together. From the beginning, she came to our meetings prepared with ideas, suggestions and insights, as well as a body of knowledge from her coursework at Dominican that she could easily transfer to her own teaching practice. She orients all of her lesson and unit plans to the Common Core Standards as well as the Tam District English Department Program Goals, which enhances her overall planning as well as focuses her instruction on what students need to know and be able to do as part of the American Literature coursework. She also effectively incorporates technology (Google Docs, Edmodo, PowerPoint) into her instruction design, thereby helping students access the 21st Century skills they will need to be successful after high school. Her work with Kay Cavan has helped enhance her knowledge and expertise in the use of technology in the classroom, a skill that will only enhance her students’ learning. Eugenia comes to teaching with a range of professional experiences that will help her achieve as a teacher. Her work in the film industry, as both a writer and filmmaker, gives her firsthand experience in the creative and writing process as well as an understanding of what it takes to be successful in the world today. However, what has impressed me most about Eugenia is her character – her honesty and integrity, her curiosity as a learner, her willingness to work collaboratively, and her sense of humor. I hope you will consider her for your position as she is an exemplary teacher and educator. Sincerely, Chizzie Brown English Teacher-Leader Drake High School

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