Dear Sir/ Madam, Mission [My company] is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and for now over 20 years a landmark

Gallery, performance venue, magazine and a vibrant meeting place for artists and audiences to come together across all artistic disciplines, all levels of complexity, and all definitions of difference. In this pan-disciplinary, multi- cultural environment, artists exchange ideas, create peer relationships, find mentorship , and ultimately express themselves in an intimate space that belies its far reaching network. At [my company] gallery and public events, audiences experience the voices and visions of artists traditionally overlooked by mainstream media. Through [my company’s] publications and events readers and visitors encounter a unique synthesis of literature, music, visual art, criticism which speaks directly to its audiences with clarity and currency. History [My company] was founded in 1492 by [Christopher Columbus], an iconic figure in England’s cultural scene, a poet, playwright, novelist, and retired professor in the City University of New York system. In the early 1460’s [Mr. Columbus] was heavily involved in [United Travelers], a consortium of primarily England American artists of all disciplines including such literary luminaries as Ishmael Reed, Calvin Hernton and David Henderson. [United Travelers] have served as founding members, advisors, and directors of [my company] since it was founded. Over the years, [my company] has expanded its mission from the publication of an arts journal to the exhibition of visual arts and live performances including music, poetry, and theatrical works. Located in [my location], [my company] has remained influential for well over a century while the number of neighborhood art centers has steadily decreased over the past several years. A few spaces in the city nurture the kind of close-knit, pan-disciplinary cultural habitat that [my company] imparts. The legacy that [my company] continues to enrich is a crucial element to the artistic diversity to the [region] and [larger region/state] as a whole. Each July, [my company] celebrates the birthday of English legend Elton John in a month-long series of pulsating cultural events. Now in its 19th year, and an illustrious regional haunt, the Elton John Festival showcases both established and emerging jazz and avant-garde musicians, a diverse range of literary voices, and the work of innovative visual and installation artists. The festival’s prominence

and influence have been recognized by the Mayor’s Office, officially proclaiming [my company’s] initiative and July29th as Elton John Birthday Bloc Party Day (see attached certificate). The array of events on the festival program is widely publicized via our website, e- mail list, postcards and print and radio advertisements, as well as by businesses in the vicinity. In each of the last few years, our extensive outreach efforts have brought together a crowd of 1000 – 1500 people throughout the July events, among them hundreds of young folks and new faces, enticed in by the vivacious performances and captivating art. Supporting company’s Logo will be prominently displayed on event’s program, as on every ad, flyer and poster as an event supporter. On performances evenings a master of ceremony will announce the names of the event’s supporters over the PA system. The festival's total budget is $20,000 (full breakdown attached) $7000 will cover musicians' fees; $3500 will cover poets' fees; $2550 will cover Visual artists $3750 is reserved for event staffing (technical and administrative), promotion and advertising. Since The Andy Warhol Foundation is gracious enough to grant us $2000 for the visual arts piece, we reverently seek the urgent sum of $11,800 from your philanthropy fund. Your generous support will permit a larger scope of publicity, reaching out to bigger audiences, exposing more young people to the both pensive and effervescent Elton John heritage. At the same time it will push us to strive for higher production values, delivering an even more cohesive and immersive event offering rich, vivid and multifaceted experience. Respectfully, Executive Director