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October 29, 2012




To Whom it May Concern: It is a pleasure to recommend Eugenia Ives, who has worked with me as a student teacher this year. I use the term “worked with” intentionally, because I have come to consider Eugenia a true colleague with whom I have exchanged ideas, discussed pedagogy, and shared many moments of laughter. Eugenia is a particularly reflective teacher who recognizes that student learning is paramount when planning and executing lessons. She thinks about how well the students are acquiring concepts and skills, and adjusts her teaching to promote their success. She sees that the needs of her students vary not only from student to student, but also from day to day and lesson to lesson; she designs instruction with that variability in mind. Planning backward from clear learning goals, she aligns activities with the end, learning, in mind. Perhaps most importantly, Eugenia genuinely enjoys the students and her relationship with them. They trust that she likes them, and believes in their capacity to learn. Eugenia’s ability to reflect on students and their learning has made her invaluable to me as a colleague as I have moved my practice more strongly in the direction of standards based learning and grading, and as I have experimented with leveraging technology for learning with my students. She provides excellent critical feedback, and helps me see my teaching through the eyes of a learner - Eugenia has an especially acute sense of the integrity of what happens in a classroom, both in her own practice and in the practices of other teachers. She has become a valued voice in our English department collaborations as well. One of Eugenia’s other strengths is her flexibility. This has been on ready display in her placement in Galileo, a ninth and tenth grade interdisciplinary program here at Drake. Because the class groupings shift more than once in the course of a semester, Eugenia has come to know many more of the eighty-two students than a student teacher would ordinarily be acquainted with, and she has adjusted smoothly to the complications of changing faces, personalities, and the demands of interdisciplinary projects. I am sure that all of Eugenia’s fine qualities as a teacher with continue to develop and to flourish. Any faculty would be lucky to have her. I give her my most enthusiastic recommendation. Sincerely,

Kay Cavan

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