Using Master Points – according to T.

Treat local corresponding points are selected first, and then the appropriate Master point(s)

Using Master Points – according to T. Oleson 5 Primary Master Points:
Point Zero = Point of Support / Solar Plexus / Umbilicus. [This is Dr. Huang’s Vagus point. Dr. Huang’s “Auricular Vagus Root” or Middle Ear Root is immediately behind, on the posterior surface of the ear.]: It is used to bring the whole body back into idealized, comfortable, womb-like homeostatic balance. It also strengthens the will. [For Dr. Huang, Vagus helps regulate the organs, treating digestive & cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, and Nocturia] Shenmen = Divine Gate / Wonder Point: Alleviates pain, tension, anxiety, & depression [Dr. Huang states that it is also used as the baseline GSR reading against which to compare other points. Commonly used for diseases of the Nervous System, Cardiovascular System, Respiratory system (and skin), and Digestive System (Vertigo, Hypertension, Diarrhea, Cough, Asthma, Itching, Leukorrhagia) Tranquilize the Mind; Alleviate Pain; Anti-Inflammatory.] Sympathetic Tone = Sympathetic: Improves vascular circulation and balances sympathetic nervous system activity. [Dr. Huang sates that it is the *Key point for relieving visceral pain and spasm. However, do NOT use this point for abdominal distension (as further visceral relaxation will be counterproductive) * Also the Key point for Hyperhydrochlorhydria Autonomic Nervous Dysregulation, Smooth Muscle Spasms, Excessive Secretions: Gastrospasm, Enterospasm, Urinary & Biliary Calculi, Gastritis Gastric & Duodenal Ulcer, Asthma. Hyperhydrochlorhydria, Pediatric Ptyalorrhea; Hyperhydrosis; Seborrheic Dermatitis. Vasodilatation: Thromboangiitis Obliterans; Phlebitis, Arteritis, Raynaud’s Disease.] Thalamus: Alleviates pain via the thalamic pain inhibitory system (whereby descending neurons from the brain inhibit signals coming up from the spinal cord). [In chronic pain situations "slow pain” messages (that are generally dull, aching, burning, and cramping) move up a slow tract, called the paleospinothalamic tract, to terminate in the hypothalamus and the limbic structures. The hypothalamus is responsible for stimulating the release of stress hormones. The limbic structures are the places where emotions are processed. Main limbic structures (lower brain involvement in memory, emotions, & “appetites/drives/urges”): Amygdala, Cingulate Gyrus, Hippocampus, Hypothalamus, (Fornix, connecting the Hypothalamus and the Hippocampus), Thalamus, Olfactory Cortex] [For Dr. Huang this point relates to the hypothalamus and so helps with the internal organs and physiological regulation of, for example, temperature, water and electrolyte balances, digestive assimilation, and emotional reactions] Comprehensive’s “Pituitary” point is similarly located at the base of the anti-tragal wall. It is for pituitary & endocrine regulation, sexual dysfunction, polyuria, shock, improper postpartum uterine contractions.

Using Master Points – according to T. Oleson

Endocrine Hormones = Internal Secretion / Pituitary Point: Activates the Pituitary [Acupuncture Comprehensive Text’s “Thyroid #3” is located within Dr. Huang’s “Endocrine” (2), which is located in the inter-tragic notch area and can be used for diagnosis and treatment of urogenital disorders (e.g.: nephritis, irregular menses, urogenital tumors, and low libido) to treat endocrine disorders, allergies, infections, rheumatism, collagen disorders, various inflammatory diseases, & dampness (such as endocrine related edema, angioneurotic edema, eczema, and obesity. Comprehensive’s “Hormone” point is located at the top of the anterior wall of the intra-tragic notch. It is for inflammation, allergies, shock, rheumatism. Comprehensive’s “Endocrine” point (for hormones, absorption, excretion, allergies, rheumatism, urogenital, gynecological, digestive, & vascular systems and the skin) seems to coincide with Dr. H’s Sanjiao region (which is diagnostic for abdominal distention & edema, and treats the urinary & digestive systems, edema, constipation, tinnitus, facial paralysis/spasm, toothache, oral diseases, diabetes, weight loss.]

5 Secondary Master Points:
Master Oscillation: Balances left and right cerebral hemispheres, correcting laterality disorders. Stress Control = Adrenal 2: Activates ACTH and corticosteroid hormones (chronic stress response) [Dr. Huang uses the point especially for adrenocortical dysfunction, stress, rheumatism, bronchospasm, allergies, inflammation, infections and fevers, hypotensive shock, vasomotor tone & bleeding disorders (profuse menstruation, functional menorrhagia, and hematochezia (blood in the stool).] Tranquilizer Point = Relaxation / Hypertension point: General sedation, muscle relaxation, and hypotensive effect. Master Sensorial = Eye Point: Reduces noxious or excessive sensations; especially visual distortions/disturbances. [For Diagnosis and Treatment (Dr. H): Poor eyesight, blurred vision, eye irritation, conjunctivitis, keratitis sicca, glaucoma, hordoleum ++] Master Cerebral = Master Omega/ Neurasthenia/Nervousness/Anxiety/Psychosomatic/Analgesic Point: Relieves nervous anxiety, OCD, psychosomatic disorders, & chronic pain [For Dr. Huang, Neurasthenia Point = “Waking Up Early Point” – especially dream-disturbed sleep, light sleepers, brief sleep, with difficulty falling back to sleep.] [For Dr. Huang, also, there is a separate “Anxious Point” below Neurasthenia Point, which she says is The Main Point to Diagnose & Treat Emotional Disorders e.g.: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Nervous Fatigue.