ABSTRACT Integral Relativity, as a Non-local extension of General Relativity, has two Tenets: (a) The Equation of Energy with Consciousness, and (b) The Law of Conservation of Consciousness. It is corroborated by E. Rauscher’s Complex Eight Dimensional Model of Minkowsky Space[2]; by K. Wilber’s Integral Model [12]; by the recent confirmation of the empirical reality, as opposed to the probability, of the Non-local wave function by Pusey, Barrett and Rudolph[3]; and by the ongoing collaborative work of Penrose and Hameroff in Quantum Consciousness[4].

INTRODUCTION The single most profound scientific discovery of the 20th Century, in this author’s view, was that of Non-local reality. Non-local means energy existing in a non-physical state, and not conforming to Newtonian or Einsteinian laws. A contemporary of Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, introduced scientists to this non-conformist behavior with his Uncertainty Principle in 1927, which he linked to the experimenter’s own consciousness. Einstein famously retaliated with “God does not play dice”. Out of the resulting controversy emerged the field of Quantum Physics, shortly followed by the field of Quantum Consciousness. “Consciousness”, even now a forbidden word in empirical science, suddenly became a key word.

Key words like “consciousness”, “mind” and “energy” need to be redefined etymologically to play their new definitive roles in the emerging field of Quantum Consciousness. In this paper I propose a Meta-Theory of Integral Relativity, wherein the differentiation of Consciousness, Mind and Energy as an integral system means that these terms can no longer be used synonymously. Integral Relativity predicts that the observer and observed in Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle are a mutually inclusive Consciousness/Energy continuum, which expands as a holarchy of knower and known all the way to a Supreme Knower and a Supreme Knowledge.

The differentiation of Consciousness, Mind and Energy is made via a new model that combines aspects of the Complex Eight-Dimensional Model of Minkowsky Space (CEDMS) with aspects of Ken Wilber’s Integral Model - All-Quadrant, All-Level (AQAL). I end this proposal of Integral Relativity with a demonstration of that model - the AQAL Cube. The sequel to this paper, “Decoding Quantum Consciousness”, will go into the applications of the AQAL Cube.

Note: The term “Integral Relativity” as used by Integral Theory means taking a Four Quadrant Local (physical) view of a situation; whereas the “Integral Relativity” proposed here transcends and includes that of Integral Theory to integrate the additional Four Quadrants of Non-locality (non-physical). In compliance with the CEDMS model, the AQAL Cube maps locality and nonlocality as co-existent, co-evolving, co-AQAL realities.

shown in Fig. space-time events can become . In this model.. Well before Einstein. 1. She explains: “Events that are remote in four (dimensional) space. who continues to be its leading advocate. and added to the four physical dimensions an additional four correlated. Then Minkowsky went a step further. Complex Eight Dimensional Minkowsky Space The person who adapted the CEDMS model to Quantum Physics was Elizabeth Rauscher. Einstein later adopted that model...COMPLEX EIGHT-DIMENSIONAL MINKOWSKY SPACE The most significant general model being used in quantum physics is the CEDMS. It was an intuitive leap into a domain that would later become known as Non-local. from K. but hypothetical. are contiguous in the complex eight-space. 1. Minkowsky was the first to add the fourth dimension of time to three dimensional space. Renshaw’s “Why Quantum Entanglement Works”[1]. where even Einstein feared to tread. Fig.. dimensions that mapped a correlated hypothetical reality beyond the domain of conventional physics.

The findings of the paper received further validation in March. as a team.EQUATING ENERGY WITH CONSCIOUSNESS The main proponents of a Non-local Consciousness field are Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose who. This is a pre-requisite to be able to model Non-local reality.” “Physically real” means that the quantum wave function carries real information from what is now called “Superspace”. the authors of this paper argue that.contiguous in the complex eight-space. a direct connection can exist between Local and Non-local Energy. began the process of empirically equating the Quantum Field with Consciousness[4]. The CEDMS model set the stage for a groundbreaking discovery published in arXiv[3] and reported in Nature a few days later. 2012. by Eugenie Reich: “Whereas many physicists have generally interpreted the wave function as a statistical tool that reflects our ignorance of the particles being measured. In a candid EnlighteNext interview[5]. on November 17th 2011. Hameroff said: “You know. that can be modeled by CEDMS. a condition called entanglement. demonstrating that the remoteness of the observer and the observed can become contiguous in the complex eight-space in which causality conditions are preserved and the acquisition of apparent remote information is allowed”[2]. it is physically real. rather than mere statistical probabilities. instead. QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS . which in effect validates the basis of Quantum Consciousness as an empirical science. In other words. most people think that consciousness emerged over eons as a byproduct of random mutations and the .

and that biology evolved and adapted in order to access it and to maximize the qualities and potentials implicit within it. Danish physicist Niels Bohr popularized a model called the Copenhagen interpretation. But there is also an alternative interpretation proposed by Roger Penrose. which has repeatedly demonstrated that the consciousness of an experimenter-observer is implicit in the quantum outcome of an experiment. just like an electron orbital shift gives off a photon of light.inherent complexity of natural selection. If a quantum system evolves to a critical threshold – which involves gravitational warping on the quantum scale – it will self-collapse. “In Roger’s model.. This baffling fact has repercussions throughout the holarchy of existence in implying that an ultimate Observer determines Existence Itself. Hameroff continues in the EnlighteNext interview: “Rather. frequencies and qualities. resulting in experimental quantum unpredictability. If so. or at least one particular kind of collapse. this is the key to Integral Relativity. And like photons. he (Penrose) suggested that consciousness is the wave-function collapse. but I look at it the other way around.” In other words. There’s an objective. natural reduction of the quantum wave function that results in a simple moment of consciousness. or a . quanta of consciousness come in a spectrum of different intensities. I think a fundamental field of protoconscious experience has been embedded all along – since the big bang – in the Planck scale. It’s a quantum collapse that gives off fundamental units of conscious awareness. consciousness is inherent in energetic systems from the most fundamental levels of existence as per Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. you don’t always need an outside observer. which he calls orchestrated objective reduction.. which claims that Consciousness causes the quantum wave-function to collapse.

the one without a second. MIND AND ENERGY To even begin a meaningful discussion of Quantum Consciousness.simple “quantum” of consciousness. and that Integral Relativity is ultimately about identifying a correlated Knower and a Known. regarded as the male symbol. And when these collapses happen again and again in your brain. The light yang. “Mind” and “Energy”. consists of a series of discrete events. You can think of it kind of as frames in a movie. Beyond “nama” and “rupa” shines the light of Brahman. and the . we first need to clearly define “Consciousness”. and “rupa” signifies their immanent form. if you will. THE RELATIVITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Amit Goswami in his book The Self Aware Universe[6] says that in the East there is a very clear differentiation: ‘In the Vedanta literature of India. yet is experienced as continuous. the universal consciousness. only with a movie you have an outside observer. the ground of all being… ‘Perhaps the Taoist symbol of yin and yang is more generally familiar than are the Indian symbols. defines the transcendent realm. In Western science the terms Consciousness and Mind are used synonymously because they have not yet been differentiated. you get a series of conscious moments that give rise to your experience of a stream of consciousness. the Sanskrit word “nama” is used to denote transcendent archetypes. In this case. the frame itself has the observer built into it. in this model. So consciousness. The conscious moment and the quantum wave-function collapse are one and the same event.” This implies even more that there is a continuum between Consciousness and Energy.

yang and yin. is Non-local. which is the realm of Energy. “That which lets now the dark. is the field of reference within. now the light appear is the Tao”. where our Non-Local Consciousness-as-experiencer (Vijnanamaya) identifies our Local awareness as Mind-as-experience (Manamaya).’ In other words. So I propose that the answer to the “hard problem” will be to . and as two polarities they are complementary to each other. regarded as the female symbol. heaven and earth. the one that transcends its complementary manifestations… ‘In all these descriptions. It is called “the hard problem”. Quantum Consciousness makes the case that Consciousness. This complementary description is an important facet of idealist philosophy.as Non-local (non-physical). the Means of Knowing and the Known. nama and rupa. Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya. and Local (physical). As the experiencer. etymologically as Mind. defines the immanent.but knowing with what? Early Greek philosophers deduced that perception results from the interaction of three factors: The Knower.dark yin. but the problem all the philosophers and empiricists have had throughout the ages is to correctly identify the Knower and the Means of Knowing. We perceive the world out there as the realm of the Known. “Manas”. Con-Sciousness means “knowing-with” . note that the one consciousness is said to come to us through complementary manifestations: ideas and forms. as the Knower-experiencer. Goswami asserts that the non-physical and physical realms co-exist as the two poles of manifestation from the One Un-manifest. and therefore co-manifest and co-evolve as two co-equal Domains .

It also suggests an Integral Relativity that inter-relates full-spectrum awareness as a continuum between Consciousness. an identifier with a Level-specific identity on the Spectrum. Mind and Energy. in its essence. SUBTLE DOMAIN (Sambhogakaya): NON-LOCAL ENERGY SPECTRUM .Energy Vehicles and Energy Realms NON-LOCAL CONSCIOUSNESS SPECTRUM . Ken Wilber proposed that our awareness evolves through a Spectrum of Consciousness (subject) that correlates with a full Spectrum of Energy (object)[7]. Mind is its correlated Local physical experience of sensations. a full-spectrum . ultimately resides at the high-end of the Spectrum.Consciousness as Three Levels of Attention < Gross / 1st > < Subtle / 2nd > < Causal / 3rd > < Low / Gross > < High / Subtle > < Causal > GROSS DOMAIN (Nirmanakaya): LOCAL MIND SPECTRUM . as the undifferentiated carrier wave of all the lower frequencies. subject and object all point to a core issue of perspectival relativity.show how non-local Consciousness.Mind as Three Tiers of correlated Local awareness LOCAL ENERGY SPECTRUM . The more subtle the Consciousness. as Hameroff was describing with his embedded protoconsciousness. Experiencer and experience. the more subtle the Energy it is able to manipulate. knower and known. in “Ultra-Violet” so to speak. This would suggest a Consciousness-Energy continuum. as the experiencer. It further implies that the Knower.Energy as Levels of correlated Quantum Complexity Consciousness as the experiencer is a Non-local knower. operates locally through its experience of this Physical Universe as Mind. feelings and thinking at that same Level of identification. In 1977.

is the full-spectrum Ladder. is the correlated full-spectrum Climber evolving via that Ladder.as per Vedantic tradition discussed by Goswami. Mind and Energy (both Non-local and Local). Subtle and Causal Levels of existence as a linear sequence of correlated Structural Levels (the Ladder). Looking at the above chart. it will be noticed that Integral Relativity not only shows the progression of Gross. Integral Theory’s Structural Levels pertain to increasing physical complexity through Gross.where the entire Local Realm (the Physical Domain aka Nirmanakaya) is Gross.relativity between Consciousness. as Non-local/nonphysical. but also vertically . . As a result. Subtle and Causal physical structures. I propose that the Gross Domain. Subtle and Causal horizontally. Following that lead. as “not two”. In other words. In the Causal Realm (Dharmakaya) the both are experienced as Non-Dual. as Local/physical. we propose the following synonymity between the following full-spectrum categories of physical and non-physical existence: Physical Local Gross (Third Person) (Third Person) (Third Person) Non-physical Non-local Subtle Sambhogakaya Consciousness Vijnanamaya Nirmanakaya (Third Person) Mind Manamaya (First Person) (First Person) Integral Theory’s model maps the evolution of the Self (the Climber) through the Gross. and that the Subtle Domain. and the entire Non-local Realm (the Non-Physical Domain aka Sambhogakaya) is Subtle .

or “en-ergia”. In an essay on Integral World[8]. The evolution of Non-local Conscious awareness is therefore embedded in and embodied by the co-evolution of Local Mind awareness via correlated Nonlocal and Local Energy structures. means “at work”. but that Non-locality is embedded in and embodied by Locality in exactly the same way that the Subtle Domain is embedded in and embodied by the Gross Domain. This mistaken material Consciousness identity is called Ego. only the Experiencer. then Mind is the Local experience of Non-local Consciousness “at work” as Energy. I proposed that in Consciousness in First Tier has not yet differentiated from Mind but operates as a fused Consciousness-Mind entity. which we now investigate. and that the Body is its Means of Knowing. and Energy is the doing. If Consciousness is the doer. in making the differentiation between Consciousness (Non-local awareness) and Mind (Local awareness). implied is that there is no Mind. This is because First Tier Consciousness-as-experiencer is so identified with Mind-as-experience as to assume it IS Mind. This is suggestive of a perspectival Integral Relativity. “en-quietus”. THE RELATIVITY OF PERSPECTIVES Wilber divided his Spectrum of Consciousness into Three Tiers. awareness is physically-oriented. implying that Energy can be correctly defined as the activity of a doer.quantum Non-locality is not separate from Locality. and when Consciousness is “at rest”. It subsequently assumes that Mind is the Knower of the Known out there. In First Tier. . no Energy. Infra-Red through to Green on the Wilber-Newtonian spectrum. Energy.

where Consciousness manages to differentiate itself from Mind by no longer identifying with it. and then we have the world of aggravation and strife. Evolving ever further along the Spectrum to Third Tier.. Consciousness and Mind are ultimately non-dual in the Eye of the Knower. In Third Tier. and that the Mind AND Body are now the mere Means of Knowing. and that consciousness dances on the edge between those two worlds. This is a great spiritual feat. In other words the Knower. putting consciousness at the most fundamental level of the universe also has big implications for enlightenment and spirituality. Soul awareness now becomes truly Psychic. Blue to Indigo (WilberNewtonian).As we evolve further along the Spectrum we enter Second Tier. the Knower as the Supreme Identity (the I Am) ultimately makes Consciousness as transparent as Consciousness had made Mind in Second Tier. the Kabbalah says that we have this world of wisdom and light. on whatever Level of the Consciousness Spectrum. is the true Experiencer of all its mistaken identities. The Ego has been humbled. and this new more subtle (yet still mistaken) Consciousness identity is called Soul. In fact. or spiritually aware of its Second Tier existence in the Subtle Domain. And that’s why I believe that if the quantum consciousness . By definition. Stuart Hameroff anticipated this scenario in his EnlighteNext interview: “Of course..a humbling experience indeed. From initially being fused. As a result it assumes a spiritual identity where Consciousness assumes it is the Knower. because the Consciousness identity now shifts from Local (physical) awareness to Non-local (non-physical) awareness. and that Soul Consciousness is yet another mere Means of Knowing along with Mind and Body . the Soul identity begins to become aware of Pure Consciousness as the One Knower.

but also because we occupy different positions on the Spectrum. any “reality” being witnessed is relative to that Level of witnessing. that is the Level of reality we identify with. it will give credence to the spiritual dimension of life. Because the Knower is Level-specific. This hypothesis is again supported by Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. where the greater reality behind it cannot be seen until evolving to a higher Level. it is because we do evolve individually through the Spectrum of Consciousness that we need a model of Integral Relativity to understand how our own awareness right now relates to others right now.hypothesis is proven. However. and the resulting perspectival relativity is the basis of Integral Theory. an early proponent of Quantum Consciousness. Wherever our Consciousness is located on the Spectrum. according to its position on the Consciousness Spectrum. An individual in “Red” (tribal) awareness experiences the world with a totally different perspective from another in “Yellow” (dominator) awareness. Amit Goswami. We each see the world differently not only because we are individuals per se. which demonstrates .” Our evolution through the Spectrum of Consciousness will inevitably lead each of us to this realization... The relativity between Consciousness and Energy is therefore Level-specific throughout the Consciousness/Energy Spectrums. Wilber traced the stages of our psychological unfoldment through all the colors of the Spectrum. describes the individual “soul” as an evolutionary entity called a Quantum Monad[9]. An illusion is therefore an “apparent reality” when it has no transparency on that Level of witnessing.

Incidentally. where space is a function of Mass. the underpinnings of these perspectival processes have yet to be integrated as a framework of Integral Relativity between Consciousness and Energy. The inference here is that only the undifferentiated One Knower is the One Certainty. General Relativity implies Integral because Energy. Mass and quantum Locality even more relative. as observer and observed.how subject and object. called the speed of light. nothing is certain. who is reconciling the General Theory with quantum mechanics by making Energy. General Relativity is in the process of being revised by the physicist Julian Barbour [10]. However. which we deal with next. resulting in gravitation as a function of curved space. that pot of Gold at the end of the Consciousness Rainbow. Mass and the speed of light Constant are interdependent. the One Reality. Even within a closed system such as the Physical Universe of physical energy. and that in the relative realms of manifestation. Barbour . as motion in space. resulting in time dilation as a function of Mass accelerating towards the speed of light. in describing the interrelationship between Energy (E) and Mass (M) within the boundary of the physical Universal Constant (C). are mutually inclusive as a perspectiveinduced illusion. One of the physical proofs of General Relativity involves the space-time continuum. Instead of Einstein’s fixed space-time fabric. The behavior of local/physical Energy states within the physical domain is predictable according to the Laws of General Relativity. and where time is a function of Energy. A META-THEORY OF INTEGRAL RELATIVITY Einstein’s General Relativity pertains to this Physical Universe.

effectively saying that Energy is Energy. operating as Intent. Nevertheless. in differentiating Non-local Consciousness from Local Mind. Because the Quantum Consciousness research of Penrose and Hameroff is equating Nonlocal Energy with Consciousness[4]. all this is still within the constraints of the Physical Universe. can model a reconciliation between the Bohr and the Penrose interpretations of Consciousness and the quantum wave collapse: Non-local Consciousness initiates its own wave-collapse through Intent. as per Bohr. the Non-local Domain has Laws of Consciousness that operate in tandem with the Physical Laws. They all have yet to be integrated into a Theory of Integral Relativity that equates Consciousness with Energy. if they can all be identified. Non-local Mass and a Non-local Kosmic Constant. to exert a local effect as a quantum of Mind. the inference is that Non-local Mass would equate with the momentum of Consciousness. inter-relating as E = MC2. and in so doing releases a Local quantum of Mind. as per Penrose. On the other hand. . (Note: Kosmic Constant is a Non-local absolute. Quantum Physics has demonstrated a continuum between Local and Non-local Energy. rather than the cosmological constant of Local acceleration). Local or Non-local.does away with time as a quantifiable entity and instead maps the changing relationships between phenomena. I propose that Integral Relativity. Local Mass and the Local Universal Constant. With a truly Integral model we would expect that Local Energy. and that it still conforms to the Laws of Conservation of Energy when transforming from Non-local wave to Local particle and back. would equate seamlessly with their counterparts of Non-local Energy. It is leading to a model of quantum gravity that accounts for the 96% of socalled missing matter in the General Theory.

resulting in the suspension of Mind “en-quietus”. the conscious intent of a Second Tier Consciousness to meditate is to suspend its collapse into Mind. The higher the Level of Consciousness we access. and so dis-identify with the Mind. But what is Intent? Consciousness identifies with. or “holding in”. a specified Level on the Spectrum of Consciousness according to its Level of Attention. and the Third Attention is the big let-go to Non-dual reality. I propose that Intention. such as in meditation. which is meditation.through which a correlated Local behavior can be enacted. the Second Attention lets go of Local reality to Non-local reality. in Second Tier Consciousness we. This is the first step in moving towards a Second Tier perspective. resulting in No-Mind. we Nonlocally intend the suspension of Consciousness wave-collapse into Mind. The conscious intent of a First Tier (fused) Consciousness/Mind to meditate is to let go of Gross identification. resulting in an increasing capacity to act on an intention. or attaches to. is how Consciousness initiates its own wave-collapse. and as well as. as the self-aware Knower. and that Mass then achieves the desired Local effect. on whatever Level. the “holding out” of Consciousness to project a Non-local Intention into Locality as a particle with Mass. The At-tention is the Knower “holding on” to that Level. Consciousness can operate with Intention. thereby initiating a Local effect through a correlated quantum of Mind. In other words. can choose to remain in Non-local awareness instead of. Mind is therefore the Ex-tension. The First Attention holds on hard to everyday physical reality. in Local . From the Attention. Similarly. There are three Levels of Attention that exactly correspond to the Three Tiers. The converse is also true: To pass from Mind to Consciousness. the greater the gamma-synchrony we produce at the correlating Level of Mind.

We have now arrived at a basis to formulate a fundamental hypothesis of “A Meta-Theory of Integral Relativity”. the Knower. The First Tenet of Integral Relativity is a transcendent but inclusive interpretation of General Relativity. the “Primordial Vibration”. Without any Intent there is only the carrier wave. where full-spectrum Consciousness is the Knower taking full-spectrum perspectives as Intent. which is Pure Consciousness. the Knower would be the true Unifier. the carrier wave of all superimposed modulations of Consciousness and Mind. and where fullspectrum Energy is the vehicle. and the Knower acting through those perspectives. that Energy and Mass are inter-relatable. I propose that: The First Tenet of Integral Relativity is “The Equation Of Energy With Consciousness”. or No-Mind. and the Knower intends the difference in its process of Kosmic manifestation. of that Intent. of which physical light is the Local equivalent as Einstein’s Universal Constant. and Mind is the “tails”.awareness. both Non-locally and Locally. the Kosmic Light. This brings us to the final element of the Integral Relativity equation. If Consciousness is the “heads” side of the coin. then the coin itself is the Kosmic Constant. is Energy. . our evolution through the Spectrum of Energy leads us to What we are. which states: The Knower taking Non-local perspectives is Consciousness. our evolution through the Spectrum of Consciousness leads us to Who we are. or Extent. the non-local Kosmic Constant as the One Knower. the “OM”. As such. When the Spectrum of Consciousness is viewed in parallel with the Spectrum of Energy.

Consciousness. In our model. Full-Spectrum Consciousness at work is Full-Spectrum Energy. As Stuart Hameroff said in the EnlighteNext interview: “Neutral monism says that there’s one common underlying entity that gives rise to. whether Local or Non-local. The Energy Spectrum is therefore the matrix. like Energy. The Second Tenet of Integral Relativity is a transcendent but inclusive interpretation of the Law of Conservation of Energy . but only transformed from one state to another. the underlying ground of being.that Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. the Equation Of Energy With Consciousness and the Law of Conservation of Consciousness essentially become spiritual laws. which states: Consciousness cannot be created nor destroyed. the cosmos. on the one hand. and on the other hand. the vehicle. is eternal. that underlying entity that gives rise to both matter and mind is quantum spacetime geometry. In other words. This implies that we even intend our incarnations. in bearing out Gautama Buddha’s assertion in the Pali Canon[11] of the continuity of Consciousness between incarnations.In other words. but only transformed from one state to another. mind. Car and driver on all Levels. of the Consciousness Spectrum.” . I propose that: The Second Tenet of Integral Relativity is “The Law of Conservation of Consciousness”. In this light. So it’s not materialistic – it goes below matter… You can call it whatever you like – Spirit. quantum gravity – whatever it is that gives rise to both mind and matter and underlies all of reality. matter. In the Vedic traditions you could call it Brahman.

Through recombination these produce Four Quadrants: Interior/Individual. The Four Quadrants. Interior/Collective. Fig. Ken Wilber’s AQAL Square. as Four Fundamental Perspectives. Individual and Collective. The model I that propose to show all of this is the AQAL Cube. Mind and Energy. Ken Wilber modeled the physical universe of manifestation as an expanding All-Quadrant. AllLevel (AQAL) Square[12]. and correlated Energy structures occupy the Right Hand Quadrants. Exterior. MODELING INTEGRAL RELATIVITY The CEDMS model is important in showing the essential differentiation between Local and Nonlocal reality. We now look at that model. . It maps all known physical phenomena on a Four Quadrant grid. 2. However is is not a specific model demonstrating how Local and Non-local reality actually unfold into existence as the Spectrums of Consciousness and Energy. which is the subject of the sequel to this paper.Hameroff is essentially pointing out the lack of model for “whatever it is that gives rise to both mind and matter and underlies all reality”. and from Local back to Non-local. neither does it show how how they actually interface as an evolving continuum of information from Non-local to Local. Exterior/ Individual and Exterior/Collective. Consciousness structures occupy the Left Hand Quadrants. I briefly outline it here to demonstrate the proposed Integral Relativity between Consciousness. expand through all the Levels of the Consciousness and Energy Spectrums from “Infra-Red” to “Ultra-Violet”. formed by four perspective-polarities: Interior.

The Eight Fundamental Perspectives emerge from the six perspective-polarities of the Cube: Local/Non-local. three faces come together as a unique triplet recombination. as Four Quadrants. The Eight Fundamental Perspectives are numbered as per Wilber. in Fig. Non-locality as Consciousness and the Subtle Energy Spectrum. pertain to nonphysical. resulting in 2 x 2 x 2 = “Eight Fundamental Perspectives”. My contribution to Integral Theory transforms his AQAL Square to an AQAL Cube. “Inside-Outside”[13]. as Four Quadrants. At each corner of the Cube. he failed to account for how the third perspective-polarity emerged into existence. Subjective/Objective. . to physical Locality as Mind and the Gross Energy Spectrum. I propose that his “Inside” perspectives. 3. Individual/Collective. However. and his “Outside” perspectives. where the third (vertical) axis differentiates Local from Nonlocal existence.Later in 2006 he differentiated an additional perspective-polarity.

7). the Consciousness Octants 1. Second and Third Person AQAL Cubes. 3. then I propose that proto-consciousness .Fig. (The third paper of this AQAL Cube Trilogy[17]. To do this they had to have a basic use of the above perspectives.7 "Inside" pertain to the experiencer as Self Identity States. In First Person. If. according to Hameroff’s hypothesis.5. The AQAL Cube as Eight Fundamental Perspectives. These perspectives are therefore Self-referential as the Consciousnessexperiencer identifying (Octants 1. organisms had to be able to identify and orientate themselves in relation to their environment as a basic survival necessity.8).4. proto-consciousness is a fundamental (pre)condition of cosmic manifestation.6.6. and the Mind Quadrants 2.3.8 "Outside" pertain to correlating experience as Cognitive Structures. “AQAL Cube Octo-Dynamics”.5.3.4.) From their earliest beginnings. and as the Mind-experience interpreting (Octants 2. deals exhaustively with the mapping of the First.

as Eight Fundamental Perspectives. Expanding as Levels CORROBORATIONS IN CONSCIOUSNESS RESEARCH Other than the work of Stuart Hameroff in Quantum Consciousness. Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Science. 4. and into Non-locality as correlated Consciousness Self Identity states. Fig. through Levels of increasing complexity. Connecticut. and Fellow of the Institute of Noetic Science. . AQAL Cube. there are two other leaders of their fields in Consciousness Science whose research may corroborate the AQAL Cube model: Dean Radin. which inhabit those increasingly complex Structures through Levels of increasing clarity. and Rupert Sheldrake. Director of the Holistic Thinking Program at the Graduate Institute. 4. The AQAL Cube expanding through Levels of the Consciousness/Energy Spectrums from “Infra Red” to “Ultra Violet” is shown in Fig. Protoconsciousness emerges into Locality as Cognitive structures.emerges from the very outset into both Local and Non-local manifestation through the Eight Fundamental Perspectives of the AQAL Cube.

shows how the Attention and Intention of the subjects (First Person) were able to shift the interference pattern (Third Person) in predictable ways. and Third Person Local pet behavior that can be mapped by the AQAL Cubes. we are dealing with First and Second Person Non-local Intention of the owners. as Mind. or Non-locality and Locality. A key paper that Dean Radin sent to me. the owners make a conscious decision to come home. and Morphogenic Fields pertain to the Local effect that such interconnectivity has on the development and evolution of living things. also showed the continuity between Consciousness and Mind. and that this . Again. Goswami says that “Morphic Resonance is a Non-local downward causation into matter. Rupert Sheldrake’s well-known experiments with simultaneous viewing of pets and their absent owners show similar results with the response of pets at. Integral Relativity claims that the Conscious Attention and Intention are Non-local. The Local responses of the subjects. Sheldrake seems to be on a parallel path experimenting successfully with the interaction between humans and animals via Morphic Resonance and Morphogenic Fields. “Consciousness and the double-slit interference pattern”[14]. but Goswami makes no bones: “ I will show that Sheldrake’s intuition is correct. In other words. where Morphic Resonance pertains to the Non-local inter-connectivity between living things.” Sheldrake falls short of saying what the actual source of the Morphogenic Field is. and their Energy effect is Local. . or even slightly before. the Non-local and Local dynamics of the experiment can be perfectly mapped by the AQAL Cube. In Amit Goswami’s “A Quantum Explanation of Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance”[15].Radin is experimenting successfully with the interaction of both the Attention and Intention with Quantum Locality and Non-locality.

the AQAL Cube model gives them both the means to demonstrate the downward causation of Non-local Consciousness into Local manifestation. On the other hand. a proof of an Absolute Truth equating Energy with Consciousness resulted in an explosion of inner Light that inspired that very scripture in the first place. As . CONCLUSION We have arrived at an amazing confluence of experience in our evolution. as Oppenheimer quoted from an ancient scripture when he saw the nuclear fireball he had unleashed. On the one hand.” The mediating vital body he refers to is what the AQAL Cube models as Quantum Mind. Dean Radin made a compendium of scientifically inviable peer-reviewed empirical experiments that have already proved his Psi theory of our Non-local existence in near-death and after-death states[16]. in being able to differentiate Local awareness-as-Mind from Non-local awareness-as-Consciousness. one proof of a relative truth equating Energy with Mass resulted in a “Light brighter than a thousand suns”.intelligence is Consciousness itself. Consciousness acts on matter in conjunction with a vital body that contains the blueprints of biological forms. In the second paper of this AQAL Cube Trilogy[17]. Recently. and vice versa for upward causation. I show how the AQAL Cube models this inter-relationship between our Local and Non-local existence. Neither Radin nor Sheldrake have overtly claimed that Quantum Non-locality is Consciousness. while Hameroff does. as their experimental results would seem to attest. “Decoding Quantum Consciousness”. However.

but on the other side of the shockwave we enter the silence and stillness of Consciousness. It is during our evolution through First Tier. from “old concepts no longer apply” to “concepts no longer apply”. just as inner turbulence becomes integral with outer turbulence. it will initiate the same global shift in awareness as did the leap . of that Unity. clarity. we do not remain in Kansas either. the Knowledge of which is the very cause of that amazing confluence. Inner knowing becomes integral with outer knowing.science approaches its holy grail of a Unified Field of Energy. when Mind gets too complex without yet knowing the Consciousness operating it. as we approach that singularity a paradox emerges: On the one hand Consciousness evolves towards purity. When General Relativity is transcended and included by Integral Relativity. The Law of Conservation of Consciousness yells it from the mountain tops. Integral Relativity is sublimated in the relationship and Non-dual reconciliation between the Conscious Self. Science as “knowing” becomes Scious as “Knowing”. similarly evolves from the practice of rational proofs to the practice of transrational proofs. the human Consciousness is also approaching the true Holy Grail of a Unified Self. But does our passage to Oz have to be on a maelstrom? When science. we are no longer in Kansas. while on the other hand Mind co-evolves towards complexity. The wreckage we wreak in our evolution from the rational to the transrational is the result of our landscape shifting from a paradigm to a paradox. that a state of turbulence begins at around the rational stage of our development. as “knowing”. Toto. the Cognitive Self and their common Source. However. It is as if we are accelerating through a sound barrier of the Mind. with all the associated buffeting.

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