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Spring 2012

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Christmas Is Coming … Yippeee!
I admit it, I am one of the odd people who are over the age of 10 and still look forward to Christmas! Maybe it is because I am the baby of the family (in my 40’s) and if my sister hosts Christmas Lunch, as she will this year, I get to be the “Princess” and just sit around! Maybe it is because it is the only time that I get a break from my businesses and get to unwind from yet another year of 12 hour days and 8 day weeks! Maybe it is because the family (all 3 of us) come together for several hours and just spend time with each other “being” rather than “doing”. But maybe it is because Christmas signifies the end of a year and the pending New Year. There are two events each year that I use to ‘complete the old and start the new’. One event is the Financial Year - I get to breathe a sigh of relief that the year is over and plan what I want to achieve by the end of the next financial year. The second is the Calendar Year - I get to breathe a sigh of relief that the year is over and plan what I want to achieve by next Christmas! Completing what I start or what I say I will start or what I think I will start is important for me. It is an opportunity to say “Well, I thought that idea would evolve in 3 months and now it is still incomplete at 12 months, maybe I misjudged how difficult or how time consuming it was”. Other times it is “I said I was going to do that,

but you know, I don’t want to do that anyone more. I am now calling that project idea complete”. Being Complete is such a powerful thing. Most times we don't do it or don't know how to do it. Sometimes it is just a matter of making a declaration “that is now complete” or the even more powerful one “That is not finished, it is not going to be finished and I am complete about that!”. Ceremonies for my second business The Vow Exchange is supportive of this “draw a line in the sand” completion. So if you are not looking forward to Christmas as many people say they are, what could you declare about that or about your life, so that you can be complete? What would make the Christmas Season lighter in your heart, less stressful and more joy than chore? Say it! See if it makes a difference!

In Brief:
 Christmas and Completions;

 How many brain cells do you have left?

 Staff Team additions who is the new kid on the block?

 Men and Fertility;

 High Tea @ Sofitel;

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How Many Brain Cells Do You Have Left?

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Experts used to think that we were born with all the brain cells we were going to get and that we slowly lost them over time as we aged.

But there’s a catch. The catch is that if you don’t use the new brain cells that your brain made, you will loose them.

However, since Norman Doige’s findings—refer to his book The Brain That Changes Itself—experts have changed their mind. They now say that perhaps we are not stuck with the number of brain cells that we were born with and we can change our brain, make new connections and even make new brain cells—called neurogenesis.

But there’s a catch. The catch is that if you don’t use the new brain cells that your brain made, you will loose them. This is because your brain concludes that if you didn’t put your new brain cells to use, it must mean that you don’t need them. So, keep active, keep thinking and in particular keep learning new things. If you think that your brain might need some help, Neurofeedback can help you train it. Neurofeedback is a cutting edge, non pharmaceutical treatment approach. It is used for many conditions, some of

which include to improve mood, confidence and sleep, decrease anxiety and panic attacks, decrease the number of seizures experienced by people with epilepsy, decrease ADHD symptoms and improve social functioning in people with autism and Aspergers Syndrome. It can also be used to enhance your skills and abilities such as in peak performance for athletes and those in the competitive corporate business world. If you would like to know more make an appointment to see our Psychologist.

Our Team At The Health Exchange Out to Serve You
Annie Rowe - Receptionist, Thursday mornings; Brogan Trevaskis - Podiatrist, Thursdays & Fridays 9-5pm; Evelyn Lomas - Natural Medicine Practitioner, Tuesday days & nights and Thursday nights; Jana Gazarek - Podiatrist, Monday nights; Julia Cull - Senior Psychologist, Wednesday & Thursday afternoon to evenings; Kevin Williams - Osteopath, Tuesday afternoon to evenings; Moyez Hashim - Acupuncturist & Remedial Massage Therapist, Tuesday & Thursday nights; Nicki Ford - Receptionist, on call; Nicole Hardidge - Podiatrist, Wednesday nights; Sarah Fergus - Receptionist, on call; Sophia Cull - Massage Therapist Wednesday nights and Saturdays & Practice Manager all week long! Vicki Gathercole - Receptionist, Thursday afternoon to evenings.

Dear Potential Father,
If you could do something very simple to conceive a baby would you do it? Imagine a car. Let’s say it’s not running well and you spend a lot of time and a lot of money fixing the engine. You spend months doing it up with new parts and spend a lot of money making sure the parts are of the best quality. Still, after months of ‘fixing’, it isn’t right. It splutters and conks out. You scratch your head in confusion and become frustrated and disappointed. And then someone points out However, the quality of the sperm is not only of equal importance, but it is much easier to test for and treat than any female problems. Some men presume that if they have already produced a child then their sperm must be good. Some believe that even if the mother has a miscarriage, it is nothing to do with them. This is NOT the case as miscarriages can also be due to poor sperm quality and there is research to support this. There are many aspects that can affect the sperm quality their entire egg supply. Men on the other hand renew their sperm and it takes up to 90 days for healthy sperm to be developed. Besides, if it turns out that it is the sperm that needs a boost, you have just spared yourself – and your partner – months of emotional grief with recurrent miscarriages, or no conception at all, with no end in sight. It can be a very challenging time for couples and anything to lessen the emotional damage should be seriously considered. It’s important to get sperm checked at reputable laboratories.

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or vitamin C can cause abnormal formation of sperm. 4. Practice exercise restraint: Physical activity may indirectly reduce the excessive number of spermatozoa to lower the testosterone level. Exercise is important, but don’t overdo it. 5. Pay attention to your weight: Overweight men or those who do not weigh enough for their body size are more likely to have infertility problems. Those who are overweight may experience hormonal disorders and those who are too thin have a lower number of spermatozoa. 6. Reduce alcohol consumption: Alcohol decreases the production of normal, healthy sperm. One particular study, performed on male rats, suggested that rats that were given a dose of alcohol high enough to become intoxicated within 24 hours prior to mating had as much of a 50% less conception rate. However, studies on human beings have even shown that intoxication in particular will, at least temporarily, reduce sperm count. In addition, there is some evidence to suggest that long-term use of alcohol will lead to more permanent damage, including a permanent reduction in sperm count.
Used with permission: Paddington Clinic, Brisbane. See our website for a link.

that the car needs petrol to run deficiencies, stress, and on instead of the diesel you internal toxicity, including have been filling it with. The engine has been fine the whole as lead and cadmium. time – all it took was just switching fuel. The health of the egg and the sperm are of absolute

and many of them are lifestyle In the meantime, here are six related. This includes mineral basic tips to help improve sperm quality. 1. Stop smoking: Both cigarettes and marijuana are associated with a low sperm

heavy metal exposure, such

If you are looking to fall

easiest and quickest way to importance when conceiving a eliminate any possible baby and ensuring the baby problems. It only takes one makes it to full term. A lot of

count, and limited sperm pregnant, getting your sperm mobility (meaning they can’t tested is essential, as it is the swim very well!) 2. Whenever possible, walk away from toxins: Men working in the construction industry, in large factories, in agriculture or with paint are in contact with poisonous or pesticides, insecticides, lead,

set of testing to know if the emphasis is put on getting the sperm is healthy. If it’s engine to run well (a woman’s healthy, then you at least physiology) and yet not many people bother to check if the fuel is right (a man’s sperm quality). Sometimes it is know where the problem lies, easy ways to boost your

and if it’s not, there are lots of environmental toxins such as

sperm quality and/or radiation or heavy metals, presumed by men that it is the quantity. Sperm take 90 days serious risk of suffering female’s health that is the most to form, so you can achieve infertility. important – that it’s up to her profound sperm changes in a to produce healthy eggs and to relatively short amount of carry a full term pregnancy. time. Women are born with

3. Eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins: A low level of zinc

Opening Hours For Spring

High Tea @ The Sofitel, Melbourne
Staff and family of The Health Exchange had a lovely Sunday afternoon outing to the Sofitel, Melbourne. In case you had not heard, our Osteopath Dr Kevin Williams is also a professional pianist and outside of his Osteopathy practice and Music School, he plays at High Tea on the High End of Collins Street! All I can say is the music was great, the service was great, the food was close to great and after 7 cups of tea, the marble floor and walled bathroom with hand cream on the sinks was also great! Maybe you would like to join us next time?

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Christmas Vouchers
We always have Vouchers for sale at Christmas. You can buy for a specific item or you can put a dollar figure to the voucher and the gift recipient can add more if what they want is priced higher than your gift. Most people buy specifically for a One Hour Massage or a One Hour Therapeutic Facial. One year, actually for several years running, a client bought her son 10 Forty-Five Minute Massage Vouchers so he could turn up each month and have his aches and pains ironed out! Now that’s a gift that lasts all year! Give us a call, or ask us next time you are in, what works best for you.

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