CarFax – VIN Check

Buying a used car? Don’t go in blind. If you were buying a house, you’d naturally get a home inspection. It’s the same when you buy a car: You want to know your vehicles history. Has the car been in an accident before? Who owned this vehicle before? What kind of information does the DMV have on this vehicle? What kind of information was filed by the owner’s mechanic? At CarFax, we specialize in helping people find out everything they need to know to make informed choices about their vehicle. CarFax uses over 20,000 data sources to provide a comprehensive picture about the vehicle’s past history. What Your CarFax Report Covers: When you run a VIN check, you’ll learn about most issues that vehicle may have had in the past. Including: • Accidents. You’ll get damage reports from those accidents, including any repairs that have been made. It’s important to note that minor accidents which were not reported won’t appear on the report, but any major accident that could affect your vehicle’s function will be on the report. Emissions. You’ll get all the state’s emissions results, including whether or not the vehicle passed smog inspections. Repairs. Any major repair that was done on the vehicle will show up on your report. Recalls and lemons. If there are any recalls on the vehicle or lemon reports on the vehicle, you’ll know. Odometer history. You’ll get past readings, as well as notice of any odometer rollbacks, which can affect the vehicle’s value. Any liens on the vehicle. Details on how the vehicle was used in the past. Was it ever a rental? Was it leased? Was it ever used for commercial purposes, like being a taxi? Details on previous vehicle registrations, including the number of different owners who’ve owned the car.

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Get a Free VIN Check! If you’re looking at several cars at once, or if you’re not sure if you want to order a full CarFax report, you can get started with a free VIN check instead.

Your free VIN check report will give you the most important information on a full CarFax report for free. You’ll learn when the vehicle was registered, as well as when the first two annual inspections were performed. If inspections failed or if the previous owner didn’t do their inspections, you’ll know. Buying a used car can be a great way to save money. But if you’re not careful, you could end up with damaged goods that cost you a lot more than you saved. Getting a vehicle report can help you cover all your bases, so you can drive away knowing you got a quality car for the best deal possible. Using CarFax to Negotiate Sometimes the information you find in CarFax will instantly tell you not to buy the vehicle. For example, vehicles damaged by flood damage can be very dangerous to own. At other times, it gives you more ammunition to negotiate with. If you know about a failed smog test or a small accident, you can use that to get a better deal on the car. So what are you waiting for? Get your free VIN check or full CarFax report today!