Our kids are no less than others in their respective subjects but they do not become FRONT RUNNERS at national level competitions. THIS IS DUE TO THEIR POOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILLS. To inculcate good English Language skills right from the primary level, Viswam Edutech introduces Viswam Smart English Language Lab to enrich the experience of learning English. VSELL complements training by reinforcing and motivates children to augment their learning. VSELL also facilitates individual activities by providing distraction free working space enabling creativity. - By introducing Listening & Speaking skills in addition to Reading & Writing Skills in Schools. - By introducing Functional language skills along with the school curriculum. The English Language Lab aims to enhance proficiency in Spoken English through its emphasis on activity-based learning. The Lab organizes a host of contests right through the year to promote confidence-building and personality development. VSELL follows the natural method: Listen, Understand, Read, Speak and Write. - the way we all learned our mother tongue, to teach the spoken English. VSELL is based on learning English through number of activities, games, sudokus and cross word puzzles. The lab is activity-centered completely. The total curriculum is divided into 64 classes in one academic year. The school need to allocate 2 periods for the lab every week. VSELL uses native speakers to impart a global accent, pronunciation and usage. This helps neutralize the mother tongue influence on the accent - a major factor for indian students. VSELL has four levels. Level 1 is for 3rd and 4th standard students, Level 2 for 5th & 6th, Level 3 for 7th & 8th, and Level 4 for 9th & 10th standard students. VSELL concentrate on phonics for each level. An intensive 2 day Teacher training program is built into the Lab proposal. The teachers will be guided through all 4 levels and shown how to implement VSELL. The curriculum mapping for your school will be prepared, and we will suggest how to integrate VSELL into the timetable. The teachers will also conduct mock classes so that they are ready to implement the lab from day one. Skilled experts monitor the performance of students and then track this data for sharing with the school management. We invite you to be a leader and install VSELL in your school.

CALLIGRAPHY-The Hand Writing Improvement Program
We teach to write correct and beautiful cursive hand writing. Our trainers will teach the students directly in the school. And we at Viswam challenge that “We change the attitude of hand writing with our work shop”. A student is assessed on the basis of his performance in the exams. Good hand writing helps the student to impress the evaluator instantly. We will reform the student to continue this habit of good hand writing through out his life.

Before Program


After Program

Course Details:Eligibility - 4th to 10th classes. Duration of program - 7 to 10 days. Classes per day - Batch wise (100 per batch).

Viswam Edutech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Franchise Concept
Franchise option is available for individuals, house wives, and

• Master Franchisee • Franchisee • Course Trainers • Distributor (Toys)

business people who would like to start centre in their area. They can have decent income without a huge setup.
Franchise enquiries solicited all over India

Course Details:Total Levels - 4 levels. Eligibility - 3rd to 10th Classes. Classes - 2 per week. Requirements - One exclusive room.

Viswam Edutech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Corp. Off: Flat No.406, HUDA Maitrivanam, Ameerpet, Hyderabad - 500 038. Tel.: 040-66627007 / 9348099933 E-mail: info@vedutech.com Website: www.vedutech.com

Enhancing Knowledge Empowering Skills

Intellectual Lab is an innovative educational program developed by Viswam Edutech. The concept is to use wooden puzzles and games as educational tools to improve cognitive skills among children. Purpose of the system is to keep thinking and analysis abilities sharp at edge. “Intellectual Lab" functions as a "Mind Fitness Center". It is the physical thinking facility, where children can play, have fun, make competitions or get trained. Here children are guided to discover their greatest potential, explore "thinking out of the box" abilities, challenge fixed minds and learn about decisions-making process that will make their future life better.
 Works as a tool to think beyond the limitations.  Gives opportunity to apply practical ideas.  Enriches in focused concentration.  Opens the gate to apply/implement your creative ideas.  Most of the puzzles are having multiple solutions.

ABACUS is a brain development program which enhances the mental abilities of the students.

Company Profile
Viswam Edutech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is engaged in the concept of promoting wide range of educational products for the students through a vast infrastructure covering the whole of India in collaboration with top educational institutions, corporate and E-learning service providers. We have recognized the demand for qualified trained professionals to meet the challenges faced by the industry. In its endeavor to meet the high demand for quality, Viswam has embarked on a mission to provide high quality programs through its different products and concepts. We deliver cutting edge solutions for enhancement of the knowledge, which will help the aspiring students for their career.

 Accelerates concentration power, improveslistening skills.  Develops logical thinking, memory power andjudgement abilities.  Students able to calculate any kind of arithmeticalcalculation without

help of pen, paper and evenABACUS.
 Students overcome the phobia of math and alsodo better in their

Course Details:Total levels - 10 levels Eligibility - 2nd to 8th classes Each level duration - 3 months Classes - 2 per week Practice - 10 minutes daily Examination - after each level Certificate - for each level

Viswam Edutech vision is to arouse awareness to thinking process, instill thinking abilities and reinforce life skills.
Viswam is dedicated towards innovation of educational products and workshops that help to enhance the inherent abilities of students.

overall academics.
 Activates right brain functionality which developscreative thinking.

Package Details Available in packs of 25, 50 and 100 with clues, solutions, and training.


ABACUS Brain Development Program

Education Today (SAP)
Enhancing lateral thinking capabilities in students through our SAP initiative. School Association Program (SAP) provides a holistic package to students of all classes that will help make them smarter and sharper in their academics.
“We are no longer at the stage of debating the educational value of integration but we rather focus on developing, jointly with schools with effective plans and programs that are needed for the students for overall development of their career”.

TOY Library
Toys-Books-CD’s.... Available for Rent
Pioneers in Innovating New Idea of Toy Library Children love to play and have fun with new varieties of games, toys, books and Cd’s...

Vedic Math helps in solving numerical problems with speed and accuracy.
Course Details: Unveils the shortcut methods in math.

CALLIGRAPHY Improve Handwriting Skills


VEDIC MATH Smart Math & Time Management

Total levels - 5 levels Eligibility - 5th to 10th classes

 Teaches time management.

Viswam Edutech’s Toy Library is a sophisticated Toy Library concept where we provide a wide variety of educational Toys, Games, Books, Interactive VCD’s, CD’s, Play Stations, Computer Games in the library premises on rental basis for the age group 4-14 yrs.
 Encourages mental calculations

Each level duration - one month Classes - 2 per week Practice - 10 minutes daily
INTELLECTUAL LAB Logic-enhancing puzzles ENGLISH LAB Communicate better in English

CHILDREN: This provides the opportunity of enjoying wide variety of games, books, CD’s and toys of his wish for hire. PARENTS: It is not surprising that parent today go to great lengths to find out the correct toy or game to their children which will not only provide entertainment but also provides learning and creativity. Toy Library provides the opportunity of getting the toys at one stop by saving time and money for hire instead of buying.

 Helps to solve problems in minimum simplesteps.

Examination - after 5th level Certificate - after final exam

 Very much useful in talent tests, OLYMPIADand aptitude exams.

“Quality Education for All................... Viswam” From MD’s desk
There is a constant striving and research being put from our end to look at various means and invent new methods of education for students of all ages. The objective is to mould these beings as better individuals and give them the right launch pad for making bright careers and redefining success.