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Vol. 1, Issue 7=======================================================November 25, 2012 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the Home Front -------------------Proper Tools are Required for Proper Repairs Lompoc, CA – While tearing into the old Datsun this morning, The Busy Bee noticed an inconvenient truth. We are sadly lacking in the appropriate tools to complete the necessary repairs for safe motoring in the pick-up. To date, the Hitachi carburetor has been “rebuilt” with a new accelerator pump and gaskets, but that has only shown the need to buy new jets or proper sealing to prevent internal fuel leakage. Hydraulic brake lines have been replaced, revealing the need for proper flare nut wrenches. Holes have been drilled into the wheel hubs, revealing a complete lack of cutting fluid. The steering wheel remains attached, but only because the appropriate size wrench or ratchet is unavailable for use. What has been accomplished today is the generation of a nice, long shopping list and Christmas wish-list, which will probably not see the light of day... until tomorrow when the store shall be sought out. As an aside, the spare wheels have been scrubbed of surface rust using a wire brush instead of being properly sanded and cleaned. Once again, a lack of proper tools, but possibly the laziness reappearing. A coat of gray primer has been already been applied over the remaining dirt and debris. It remains to be seen whether or not the lack of sanding or the strength of the primer will cause failure first. What can be confirmed is that these wheels will require repainting in the future. ------------------- Lifestyle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------90’s Fantastic Four Cartoon Shows a Lack of Quality at Marvel Lompoc, CA – This afternoon, we had the distinct pleasure to view the 1994-1996 Fantastic Four: The Animated Series with enough time to reflect on the differences between Marvel Entertainment and DC Entertainment, the two primary US powerhouses for comic book manufacture. While Fantastic Four may not be the best source of information to reflect upon due to its lackluster performance while on air, it is symptomatic of the differences between Marvel and DC. (Photograph courtesy of Marvel Entertainment) The author personally grew up on the Marvel side of the fence, reading and watching Daredevil, the Punisher, Xmen, Spider-man, and ... the Fantastic Four; but maturity brings wisdom and perception, in most cases. It is sad to say that Marvel appears have a greater quantity of characters than DC, but Marvel also appears to lack the quality of characters. Each company has been around since the golden age of comics, and each company maintains a strong core of characters, but Marvel characters appear to adapt poorly from the comic book pages to the silver screen. DC characters such as the Green Lantern fare no better, but the answer to this will be undoubtedly, poor quality. The characters just feel shallow and ill developed, as if their only calling is to fight the super villains and then disappear. Take for example the live action Fantastic Four movies of 2005 and 2007. While these movies were relatively successful, they lacked the depth of character and true familial (continued on Page 2)

Vol. 1, Issue 5=======================================================November 23, 2012

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------------- Lifestyle (continued) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------interaction required. These were “successful” movies because of the special effects, not because of the story or the acting. That story and character development is what made Captain America and the Hulk such great characters: average or semi-average men who are catapulted into some personal tragedy or strife which they must overcome. Their stories also parallel Daredevil’s, the Punisher’s, and Spider-man. On the DC side, these backstories appear to be the norm: Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, and Plasticman. Sure there are some oddball backstories, such as those of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Green Lantern, but these are actual characters. They are not like the X-men: I’m born with these powers so I have to use them for good. These are real heroes: I’m tired of having everyone and everything I love taken away by bad people, so I’m going to stand up and protect everyone and everything I love. This character development is what makes certain characters reappear in mainstream culture. That’s why everybody knows who Superman, Batman, and Spider-man are. Real characters and real heroes: that’s what makes great comics and great movies; the rest of the superheroes are just filler. (Photograph courtesy of DC Entertainment, respectively)

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