The Idea of India The Idea of India is a latest innovation, as it is discovered by I. However, it is a false claim, as it ever exits.

I am just emphasizing the fact that every-time you research it, you will get a fresh version of the same. The Idea of India exists in a system, a system of the universe, a system of the self and a system of the self-regulation. The Idea of India is a state of being, the leader of the cosmos, most evolved and thus comprehending and influencing the World. It is not a discovery too as it is discovered by so many peoples in the world, that it is found in almost every system as have they institutionalized the Idea. It ever exists and it needs no discovery. It is inherent, i.e. the Idea of the Birth and offcourse Rebirth. India has never been a geographical expression until 1947. It was ever an Idea, an Idea of Civilization. A civilization founded upon the premises of Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam, i.e. the whole world is a family. And yes, the wide and elaborated family system is the fundamental to the civilization of India, society and state is mere extension of the family. Further the existence of the ‘I’, i.e. the unity of the totality of universe is the essence of the family system, protected so much so beautifully by system of India as it is mere extension of I. Each and everyone are aware of its position, and the rights, duties and responsibilities of that position. In the broad scheme of things, the system of India follows the ideals of Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah. From 3300 B.C. onwards, it is a civilization of numerous tribes and cultures, thousands of and with full awareness of the fact that there are many cultures still outside the scope of its influence. ‘Diversity in unity’ and ‘unity in diversity’ is intertwined in the system of India and hence it provides an equal opportunity to every people and culture for their fuller development. It has space for everyone who comes to it. It adopts everything and refined that in its own way. It recognizes the individuality of the path and thus accepts every path of living. It is the most diverse system of the world, a world in itself. Kosh Kosh Par Pani Badale, Teen Kosh Par Bani. India is a civilization founded upon the principle of the peaceful coexistence, the peaceful coexistence with nature and fellow species and with fellow-cultures and contemporary civilizations. First, to realize the nature of existence and the rights of nature! When I saw, the images and statues of great personalities at almost every crossroads and institutions, I know the purpose of deityfication and sacredship. I know the idea behind and why it is present at each and every crossroad and institution. I know that why it is important to bow down into the feet’s of great personalities and even great ideas. Let’s bow down to the Idea of India.

………………………………………………………………………………………………….. My Cause: - I have come up here with threefold objective of my research, first to know the self. And for this purpose I have chosen to ask you. I have chosen this cause I know that to know my real existence, I have to ask this to the unmanifest and after knowing my real existence my soul will be at rest. I am in a search, search of the purpose of my cause and I know that death is a certainty. It is constancy, of unlimited energy, we can take any amount for our birth but ultimately we have to be assimilated in our constituents. It exists whither you. I have chosen to ask you so that I can make a difference in the present state of things. And if the answer of the unmanifest is that there is no need to make a difference. I will rest at peace. I feel myself free to choose my path. To live and let live! My position is that I belong to a category of the persons who are eager to be cursed. From time immemorial, we are intrusted to protect the Idea of the Absolute and we are successful enough. We feel that we can make a difference in the system. We feel that we can make a more human system for you, and according to Shri A.L.Basham, „The most striking feature of ancient Indian Civilization is its humanity‟, just replace the ancient. We have founded a prosperous civilization in the name of Indus Valley, we have had the most secular and communist system of the world, in times of Ashoka. And we have perpetuated the basic building blocks of the civilization and thus the humanity in a system of Dharma, i.e. the system of self-regulation, progressive enough to accommodate the changes worthwhile. The king’s function was the protection of society and the state was merely an extension of the king for the furtherance of that king. And the Arthashashtra says:“In the happiness of his subjects lies the king‟s happiness, in the welfare of his subjects, his welfare and the king‟s good is not which pleases him but that which pleases his subjects.”

While, revolts against an incompetent and wicked king were permitted, it is also maintained that any king is better than none. Abolition of the system of king in form of the president needs to be more humane. I am an auditor, auditor in the defence of India. Second, to represent the psychology of a young and aspiring youth, I am a youth as I am under thirty. However, the Idea is ever youth. Youth is a sense of maturity, a sense of responsibility, the responsibility of the cause and I feel my responsibility. And I want to know the purpose of my cause. However, purpose and cause are the same, I am here cause I have to be. Third, in this process to generate the original literature whatever I may. The basic principle I have followed everywhere is honesty. I have codified whatever I feel to be genuinely true and worthy and please mind me, for this purpose, I have turned myself into a believer. (… continued)

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