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Check Points for Installation Testing

Is Installation in “clean state”, working? Is the installer able to calculate needed disk space? Does the amount of space the installer claims it needs for the various type of installation is actually taken up or is there any discrepancy? Does the installation recover in case an error is met during the installation? Is the installer able to Repair any corrupt installation? Is the application installed properly for each type of installation (for typical, custom, complete-full, user specified)? Is Installation over network, working? Does uninstallation leave any registry entry, data files in the system? If there exists a version of the application to be installed already on the machine, does the installer identify that? Does running two instances of the installer should prompt a message to the user that an installation setup is already running? If the user logged in, doesn’t have write permission for the machine, how installation reacts to this? Is the installation path configurable/non configurable? Are all the files installed in the respective folders and path? Check to ensure that when installing the product, it should provide a browse button which enables the user to install at any folder, and it should provide by default folder (For ex: C:\MSC.Software\Patran008_r1) Check whether the shortcuts are installed properly and also the PATH (any other ENV variables) is updated properly. For example P3_Trans.INI file Does the installation support 'UnInstall', 'Modify', 'Repair' options? If yes, does it work? Check the uninstaller entry in add-remove programs. (Check for display string, Display icon and Support information etc.). Does the help documentation work after installation with F1 key? Does Silent installation works properly?

Are all the Preferences, Modules and CAD interfaces installed properly? (Refer interactive tests for respective tests for checking preferences, modules and cad interfaces.) Does the Installation work properly using Local License File? Check for readme file in $P3_HOME ( readme file consists of all recent updates related to release) Check for new Icon sets for Patran Check for the copyright statement in Help > About Patran > Legal notice Confirm that the billboards are up-to-date and have all relevant information. Check the billboards are seen on all platforms properly and no part of billboard is unseen Check we can install previous versions of Patran and new latest version of Patran on same machine Check whether we can install help documentation of previous versions of Patran and new latest version of Patran on same machine Check that there is a pat2010/pat2011/pat2012 for every major release in $P3_HOME/bin If the installed documentation is not installed, the F1 key help should open online help documentation If you delete the registry or rename it, Patran should open with all the icons/toolbars as it were in previous session After installation Patran should be visible in Start > All Programs > MSC Software During installation does Patran installer ask a question about association of new db/ses file with latest Patran being installed? Does Patran installshield gives message if the space of drive is less while uninstalling Patran?


Platforms LX86