With the advent of various programming technologies and their broad support toward a lot of stuffs, our needs

have escalated over the years, making computers our friend, relative, and teacher and guides many times. The need for integrating our daily used Services to these machines (means computers) has become more and more important. Finding the various fields of application for the use of this revolutionary machine is not a new era of research, but even now it has much potential to attract the programmers for making it more functional for simplifying their daily life tasks. Such a field of application is client server. It was very much expected that this technology was going to explode at a day making the whole world crazy for it, but now this craziness is a never ending one, after getting into transport control protocol technology. Computers are a strong medium of communication, are they getting challenged by the client server technology? No one thinks so, because client server application are trying to come out from some limitations where computer user trying to find their new uses every day. Software development has a strategic importance in the present scenario this project “IMPLEMENTATION AND DESIGN OF CHAT SERVER” has been developed to subdue the flaws in the existing system. This software is developed in JAVA and SQL server is very much user friendly and secure. Several feature of this software is designed to make it particularly easy for every one who is going to use this software. This software is much user friendly, every one who is going to use the software. Helped manuals are provided in which instruction and help is given to use software.

Teleconferencing or Chatting, is a method of using technology to bring people and Ideas “together” despite of the geographical barriers. The technology has been available for years but the acceptance it was quit recent. My project is an example of a chat server. It is made up of 2 applications the client application, which runs on the user’s Pc and server application, which runs on any Pc on the network. To start chatting client should get connected to server where they can practice two kinds of chatting, public one (message is broadcasted to all connected users) and private one (between any 2 users only) and during the last one security measures were taken. Today’s commercial world is much dependent on information, not only the information but also the cheapest, fastest, and reliable source of getting information. We can say that we are living on information age. We live in the age where everything depends upon how we can get information of our need in quick time. Hence there is a need of not only getting the correct information but also in a short time. We cannot utilize the information that is not obtained faster enough. The computer has changed the way we work, learn and communicate. Virtually every kind of organizations throughout the world conducts its business, find the solutions of the problems and acquire knowledge through the computers. Computer based systems are now at the heart of daily activities and a major considerations in decision-making process. Now days there are various means of communication or getting information like landline phones, mobile phones, fax etc but the communication through computers is proved the cheapest and reliable one. By using computer one can not only exchange voice services but can also send files, pictures, video clips, multimedia files from one computer to another connected via a network. The two computers must be connected with each other via a network. The two computers can be too far from each other or to close to each other and chatting is the best communication way to connect each other. More than two people can also communicate with each other at time. Chat is probably the most intimidating part of the whole Internet because people can and do watch you. If you're lurking, they know. If you say something stupid, they hear. It's the place where you are

most likely to inadvertently injure someone, or have someone tear a chunk out of you. It is also the best place online to form friendships, and one of the few place in cyberspace where folks think to have weddings.

The main objectives of this project is to develop a fully chat server that works as an expert system. This system provides an easy-to-use, faster, efficient and robust platform for the users. The user can use this for chatting references will have to be taken from the existing system and develop a computer-based chat server. The Other objective of this project is to provide users a cheap, reliable, and convenient way to communicate with each other using computer systems. I want to allow my users to participate in instant message communications with other community members. Chat applications allow inexpensive and efficient social interactions between communities members spread across the globe. A community can use the Chat application to allow its members to have an interactive session with a special guest or a community member through the means of a moderated chat. A customer support site can use the Chat application to offer instant responses to its customers regarding its products. Chat Server is a computer system in a network, which has ability to connect many clients and accept their request and process it. Clients can share the resources of the server in a networked system. Through this project we can communicate with other persons (clients) in the network, which is a cheap and reliable means of communication because here we are connecting too many clients at a time by using only one communication line. It is reliable because we can save the chat session. And also it is providing more facility because we can also send text files etc. to the other person in the network. We can use his means of communication in an organization for communication with the employee’s and manager’s rather than to communicate by using a dedicated phone line. In all we can say the project is providing a cost-effective and fast means of communication. Software development has a strategic importance in the present scenario. This project “CHAT SERVER” has been developed to subdue the flaws in the existing system.

PRODUCT FUNCTION ‘Chat Server’ can perform a host of functions which are relevant with the nature of the software. Addition of records makes possible to add more records of users which want to chat to the other users. Additions are done with the integrity issues kept in mind.

USERS The software targets all those users where users want to interact with other

user by chatting on web. The user should have only basic knowledge of computer to use software. • GENERAL CONSTRAINTS The software framework that ‘CHAT SERVER’ is relied upon is the availability of GUI. The software is designed and coded to work in any environment and is compatible with WINDOW operating system. There are no hardware constraints. • ASSUMPTIONS The Chat Server does not present an absolute solution. It was designed by keeping the target in mind. The structure and format of software adheres to what is required by any particular user.

      Any Processor of Pentium series with at least 350 MHz processing speed. The recommended secondary memory requirement is minimal with 64 MB RAM. Monitor Keyboard Mouse Modem or LAN card

    WINDOWS Operating System Java Virtual machine Java compatible web browser SQL Server

Knowing sockets, protocols, and network programming does not mean that you can easily create a chat server. How you are going to send and receive data. What kind of synchronizations exists between the server and the client application? This section will show how this server is build and what algorithm it follows.

1. Project Structure
Since we are using the TCP/IP facilities, we are obliged to divide the project into two applications. In the next few sections we are going to explain how these applications works and how they are synchronized with each other.

1.1. Client
In the client form first open Chatter Box. In Chatter Box is divided into four sections. First is new user, Second is login name, Third is log off and fourth is add remove contact. To get connected to server you just enter a login name then open chatter box. During this connection operation, the client will send a data “login name” indicating to the server that there is a new chatter. The server will parse this string and call the “User In” functions which adds this username to his list and retransmit another identical control string to all Connected users containing all the usernames in order to update the “Connected users list” in the client’s form. The same thing happens when the user wants to disconnect him.

1.2. Server
Till now it is clear that the server application has dual job, one to receive data And another

to transmit data. In fact it plays the role of a “traffic officer” (Putting everything in order the right order). Since all the chatting operations Are passed through the server, then the main job of server is responding to the Control strings sent by clients. It plays an important role during the private.

2. Private chatting
Writing in the send text box and then hitting the enter button in keyboard. Whenever a client wants to initiate a private session, in the list of connected users, he double clicks the username he wants to chat with. Two phenomenon’s’ Will take place. First, open a localprivate session window. Second, to tell the Server that he wants to chat privately in order to open a remote private Window. When these conditions are satisfied, private chatting can be practiced by just