Running Title: RFRS: The Second Kaiburr Crystal – Timeless

RFRS: The Second Kaiburr Crystal - Timeless

2011 v1.0

Conflict: Ruminations of Remembrances vs Acceptance to Equilibrium Tagline: The Force Exists Timelessly To Move Forward Dramatis Personae: • Galen’tza Marek Starkiller – Human male, Sith Lord, Supreme Overlord to Domain Marek Yemaja Mlise Lah – ½ Yuuzhan Vong ½ Human female, Senator, wife to Galen’tza Marek Half Breeds Crechelings – ½ Yuuzhan Vong ½ Other Sentient Beings, Shamed Ones, “Vong” orphans Pak Quorreal – Yuuzhan Vong, Priest Caste, Praetorite Vong Warrior, Shamed One after the Fitna Ke’tzu – Force Daimon Supernatural Being, also known as Wutzek, can be malevolent but can be kind

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Background: Lord Starkiller searches his space, Domain Marek to assess each planet for use. He starts with the planet Mimban, which traditionally houses shards of the Kaiburr Crystal from the Pomojema priests, and where his alcazar will be built. He visits the spaceport on the planet Gynadine to assess his shipyards. He examines the planet Nixor. Then he examines the garbage planet, Attahox. The planet Attahox is rife with space trash surrounding its orbit as a ring. It is the Galaxy’s waste dump. Many of the natural resources are contaminated and are too expensive for abatement. He is visiting the planet to order its destruction, although there are millions of sentient and non-sentient lifeforms residing there. Some of the sentient lifeforms are orphans of wars long fought, seen as rats. Any droid life on the planet will be ripped up and used for credits and bartering. This level of destruction included Clone Wars B2 Battle Droids. The Empire routinely dumped their trash on the planet, although somehow, the planet gravimetric distortion to push some of the materials in a ring orbit.

Then it was detected by Imperial Galactic Planetologists that the very axis of the planet moved slightly without efforts of the large planetary destabilizers. The Imperial geologists sent to the planet’s surface detected no seismic activity before their holotransmission was cut. The geologists were presumed dead. Even after several Imperial outposts and garrisons were stationed there, they kept disappearing without a trace. Lord Starkiller was sent to infiltrate the sentient being population and determine why the planet moved without seismic activity. Settings: The planet, Attahox. Act 1: Lord Starkiller lands and fights with children only discover these children sensed with variegated Force Powers, until he was attacked by some being who was completely absent in the Force. As he looks up, his wife, Yemaja Lah exits wondering what he was doing. He looks up and realizes the children are half-breeds of Yuuzhan Vong. Act 2: He collects himself and sees that a makeshift True Way Faith center was assemble for their worship of the Gods. And the pain the children had was alleviated by subterrainean heated baths filled with phosvane salts – painkiller salts – to bring relief to their variegated powers. What is more, he discovers that a supernatural being controls the healing pools through the Force as a benevolent. Yemaja tells him that the beings’ name is Ke’tzu. However, the being telepathically tells Starkiller his name was once Wutzek and once he was release, he hid on the planet Attahok for his safety, until he met the half-breeds and decided to heal them as a Force Daimon. Yemaja then mentions that says Ke’tzu was a gift from Yun Yuuzhan to give to Pomojema as delivered by Yun Shuno who failed in her mission and became the Goddess of the Shamed. Wutzek disagrees with Yemaja, yet does remember a Yun Shuno. Act 3: The point of this act is that the planetary axial shifts are done because of makeshift Vongforming of the planet, so that a maw luur can be planted, Yorik coral outgrowths can be built and with Wutzek, rainy atmosphere can be churned to bring the planet back to sustainability. Yemaja was training the children in hydropontics and organic farming, but was treating them with the phosvane salts. The axial shift was to adjust to align with the planet’s sun to maximize both gravity and health of the planet - to bring the planet back into balance. It was testing stage to measure its success to reform the planet versus what the Executor was doing killing all the droids. If the Half breeds and shamed one completed their mission, the Supreme Overlord Shimrra Jamaane would allow them to reside in the sacrilegious planet. But Starkiller suspects all those are lies.

RFRS: The Second Kaiburr Crystal - Timeless

2011 v1.0


RFRS: The Second Kaiburr Crystal - Timeless

2011 v1.0

Galen'tza Marek Starkiller takes off on RSII surveying his space - Domain Marek - one of his planets he has a very bad feeling about. He mutters, ”Attahox: A Garbage Planet. Yemmy will LOVE this place!” His ship whirrs and flying through space trash as he nears the planet. “Damn pirates!” He belts, “After all the resources in the Empire...WHOA!” He avoids large space rock metal debris as he to near the planet and takes evasive maneuvers. He centers himself in the Force and through Force Forsight he sees a path avoiding the rubbish, as tinier junk scrapes the ship, “KARK!” He adjusts the ship when he sees the planet. He wants to frown but remains emotionless while he mutters, “They sure have barricaded themselves in…” He covers himself in his dusky clothes taught to infiltrate and to gain intelligence on the increase in criminal activity. The ship lands his pummeled but not malfunctioning ship on a desolate landing platform. The plank is lowered as he walks out concealed. Force Crushes the various sensors that he identified when he walked out. He smirks for the long distance holograms attempting to identify him as friend or foe while he knowingly scrambles their transmissions. He walks down into darkened tubules of the area that cannot be called a city for there was no real form of municipality. There was land but on that land was a fill of garbage strewn. The place stunk of body odors of rotting corpses, feces, corroding and rusting metals as the planet's beings just gave up on being a civilized. He quips, “When pirates run rampant.” Barely able to complete his thought a large animal stuns him where they think he is dinner. It was not a Rancor or Gorog size but something more vicious, predatory. Not sentient. With a brief wave of his hand in Force Dominant Mind and Animal Friendship the predator decided that dinner will be found elsewhere. As the animal walked away then darted off for his next kill. Other beings started venturing out of their hiding places slowly to see who he was. They brought their old wars type weapons, most of them without ammunition and safeties on. He stops to look at them and mutters, “They are just younglings!” Immediately he turns as he senses one of them in the Force. Not strongly, but oddly. Softly, “Who are you?” The children back away fearfully. He raises his voice. “” Then a tiny hand tugs on his cloak and then he attempts to lift her through the Force to control her actions and when he sees her, “My Maker! You are...”

RFRS: The Second Kaiburr Crystal - Timeless

2011 v1.0


Galen'tza Marek Starkiller ---FADES IN--He glares at this child’s grey blue skin with sunken yellow-green eyes, but has lekkus, “But I-I sense you! You sense like Yemaja Mlise Lah!” Shakes head to wake up from this nightmare.

Yemaja Mlise Lah walks out slowly, “My Lord? You did not think I would be the ONLY halfbreed did you?” She cackles then kneels wiping the child's face.

Galen'tza Marek Starkiller races to her neck to start a Force Choke hold, “What is the meaning of this? Are they all? Whose children are they?”

Yemaja Mlise Lah hacks, “D-D-D-Domain Ke'tzu's-s-s-s... The-the forgotten Creche...” She feels the tightening and tries to sever her Force Connection, but he has blocked her ability to do so by Force Subjugation.

Galen'tza Marek Starkiller’s Dark Side envelops him as he witnesses her eyes bulging and from nowhere and Amphistaff pummels him to the ground. He never knew it was coming as he fell to the ground. Looking up he sees a full blooded Yuuzhan Vong with a read hand on his armor.

Yemaja Mlise Lah screams, “Krel os'a hmi va ta! Bos sos si! VICCAE! VICCAE!” She looks up to the Warrior, “But he is my husband, imbecile! We are Sha ith-har grunnik! Domain Ke'tzu's Yun Shuno's shame! It is his space!”

Galen'tza Marek Starkiller ambles up from the aching kidney back hit he realizes the Yuuzhan Vong was misshapen. His implants failed him, “Yemaja, is he?”


RFRS: The Second Kaiburr Crystal - Timeless

2011 v1.0

Yemaja Mlise Lah replies, “Shamed, dwi. All of them Shamed. Orphaned. ‘Vong’" She throws up her mocking hands, “Because we are hybrids. Mixed with infidel's blood. Not meant to exist. All full blooded Yuuzhan Vong were obviously Tsupped by the infidels. Including my mother. On her many travels while I fought in the Senate. This was one of her projects. Domain Ke'tzu Yu'shaa House...” Picks up another girl more Torgruta than Yuuzhan Vong and holds the hand of a Zabrak Yuuzhan Vong.

Galen'tza Marek Starkiller blushes as he sees the older boys zapping each other through their Amphistaffs. Something he intended on learning as he hobbles following Yemaja, “Where are we going?”

Yemaja Mlise Lah speaks, “To the Faith Tabernacle, of course. For prayers.” She does not look at him gliding forward with the crechelings and she speaks to the Warrior, “Puul! Yun Shun! Rrush'hok ichar vinim'hok?” The warrior speaks. He is Yun Yuuzhan blessed and he speaks.

Yemaja Mlise Lah speaks, “You cannot go against it? Tchurrok Yun'Tchilat Domain Lah?” The warrior backs off and states: "Belek Tiu?" Then Salutes.

Galen'tza Marek Starkiller through telepathy of Force Dominant Mind he realizes they were talking about his blades and whether to disarm him, “Yemaja, he will not take my blades. And why here? Attahox? A garbage planet. Mostly metal junk?” He turns to her, “Who is Kat suit? Or whatever?”

Yemaja Mlise Lah flatly states, “They would not think to find us here. And dealing with the Force is painful for these crechlings. The phosvane salt pools keep them from going insane.” They enter a the disheveled makeshift Tabernacle with eight pedestals for each of the Gods that the children obviously sculpted. “Parts of the Great Doctrine were removed because they

were deemed Heretical. I am the Voorbode of the Foretelling for the coming of Yu'shaa. Nom Anor messed ruined it. My brother of my Amma who was more Yuuzhan Vong in appearance was the Seed Savior, as well as my other siblings - Pele Leilani, Kevelausar and Zhat'heru'taj. But when they all died, that left me and O'O... This… Place… was my penitence for my sins for disobeying my Father, my Domain and the Gods...” She turns to him, “Another part of the Heretical Doctrines is Ke'tzu or that is what he calls himself. He was supposed to be the gift from Pomojema to Yun Shuno. But it was said she failed and was told by Yun Yuuzhan that she would become the Goddess of the Thousand Eyed Snivelers.” She drifts off watching the crechelings pray.

RFRS: The Second Kaiburr Crystal - Timeless

2011 v1.0

Galen'tza Marek Starkiller slightly pushes through the Force some sort of ball for another half breed child to see while it smiles to him, “You all could die here not only by my hand but by others' hands. These-these monstrosities are detected in the Force Yemmy and the Emperor can see that. Unless there is another powerful Dark Side… User…” Perplexed he gets up drawn to it, “What is Ke'tzu? Take me it...Now!”

Yemaja Mlise Lah calmly gets up and goes to another grashal, then through a hall as the air becomes more humid, aromatic and salty, “VEKA!” The membrane of adapted Damutek biots follows the command and opens the iris. Once open, several children are gleefully laughing and splashing in the phosvane salt baths. Above them a harmonic light hovers closely warming bubbling the waters by warming them. She point up, “Tchurrok'tiz...Ke'tzu!!! Yun Shuno's curse!” ***Fade to Black*** Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists presents RFRS: The Second Kaiburr Crystal - Timeless

Yemaja Mlise Lah calmly states, “Veka!” Iris opens as membrane expands to and walks through it. Once through, half-Yuuzhan Vong crechelings dance in the water playing on Attahox garbage planet gleefully. Looks up as a Force Daimon light dances with them, Tchurrok’tiz Ke'tzu! Yun Shuno's curse, my Lord!”


RFRS: The Second Kaiburr Crystal - Timeless

2011 v1.0

Galen'tza Marek Starkiller watches carefully at this Force light and smells the salted air, “Painkillers? You are addicting them to painkillers, Yemmy? Why?” He observes the pool and crouches down putting fingers in feeling the warmth, “What is the source of the heat?”

Yemaja Mlise Lah smartly replies, “Not every can learn internal management in straddling between Force Absence verses having the Force, my Lord! A JEEDAI would never teach it. Only a SEETH will do it, if they are willing to figure it out!” She walks to help a little Yuuzhan Vong-Torgruta out of the water as a Yuuzhan Vong-Twi'lek swims up and smiles, “Bos sos si? Bos sos si?” Through the Force splashes the water as she darts off holding the Yuuzhan Vong-Torgruta shaking her head, “Variegated Force Powers make them sick, worse than seizures. It is not even if we can choose Dark or Light. Not everyone here can Force Sever. This is the safest place for them! The Phosvane relaxes them as best as they can. It is the most palliative care something like us can get... And Ke'tzu helps. Teaches what he can. Balancing what he can.”

Galen'tza Marek Starkiller closes eyes, “Perhaps. But the Empire has lost several troops here and I was sent to find out why!” He paces and looks at a Yuuzhan Vong-Zabrak, “Amazing, only humanoids are hybrids?” He studies the Ke’tzu light as it brightens mockingly, “Kazoo? Eh? But that would not be your name would it?” The children revolved around him hiding to touch Ke’tzu because it forms a ball in the presence of Lord Starkiller.

Yemaja Mlise Lah replies, “Ke'tzu, my Lord.” She yells to the crechings, “Stop running!” She looks down at Yuuzhan Vong-Torgruta, “Cmon, Ily she has to play with her other friends, too. You have to be stronger. Gruvvk!” The little girl gets up slowly and then jumps back into the water. Yemaja looks at Galen'tza Marek Starkiller and sighs, “It is what we have not and yes, there seems to be a predisposition of crossing us with humanoids. Yun Ne'Shel has not determined why. Yet.” She watches Galen'tza touch the orb with is bare hand, “PUUL MY LORD!”


RFRS: The Second Kaiburr Crystal - Timeless

2011 v1.0

Galen'tza Marek Starkiller ignores her as his slight touch envelops the light being. Telepaths, “Amazing. You are a Force Daimon. I thought you were extinct.” His hands let go as he drops them by his side, “Yemmy, I must meditate...” He watches the Yuuzha Vong half-breeds play as he goes outside into the courtyard and sits crossing legged Removing his cloak, he thinks to himself, “That was given to me. All that I am is a clone. It was given to me.” He closes eyes, “They all had gone mad for nulis, except for me. No haunted memories. A clean slate. For the uses of Vader. But Vader, was restrained by my Brolin who turned out to be a Jidai. For nulis. For nulis. He loves Juno. I love…Yemaja. I love her more than my own life, but…” He senses the Force Daimon near him as he speaks, “Your name is Wutzek. Why did you change it?” Wuztek’s harmonics in the light "speak". Lord Starkiller replied, “So why are you helping them?” Wuztek’s harmonics in the light "speak". Lord Starkiller states, “I see. You know we will have to remove them.” He looks up to Wuztek after his answer, “And why not?” He turns back to meditate, “Then show me.”

Yemaja Mlise Lah meanders in, partially wet and stands from afar, “My Lord, I have something to show you... Something big...”

Galen'tza Marek Starkiller he stated, “Yemaja Mlise Lah, I can sense when you have Vongtechnology around, but I cannot tell what kind.” He quickly grabs the amphistaff arounds its head and pulls the Warrior close to him to look upon his eyes before he kills him. Studies him for a long time, “And you are?” Full blooded Yuuzhan Vong stated, “Pak Quorreal, shamed one, once priest” Lord Starkiller glare, “Well, Pak, today is your lucky day, you may make great sacrifice for you Gods yet. Maybe you can become…” He looks down as his clear legs from scars and blemishes, “I see? You protect them, them?”

Pak stays, “Dwi, but I do not fear you like the others.”

RFRS: The Second Kaiburr Crystal - Timeless

2011 v1.0

Lord Starkiller activates blade, “Indeed…” He crosses, them parries his guard around his embolden Amphistaff. Somersaulting into the Djem So form in reverse grip. He emits Force Lightning then Force Throws boulders hurl at the Praetorite Vong Warrior, “You should have protected her? You failed!” Pak leans back dodging the big ones taking the smaller rocks screams, “Hu Carjen Tok!” Lord Starkiller watches as more children come out to see the mighty Pak fight this whimpy "Jidai" as whispers permeate his ears.

Yemaja Mlise Lah focuses on him softly, “My Lord, he is defending me.” She grabs the light saber blade taking the burning pain, “Zhaelor, without me or him, they are defenseless on a forsaken planet. What would you wish me to do?”

Galen'tza Marek Starkiller backs up as his blade reboots then looks to Ke'tzu, “You are helping them!” He becomes angry and wishes to kill Yemaja, but Wuztek or Ke'tzu, stops him as he yells, “You must understand—ARRRGHHH!” Thud bug acid and Blorash fire jelly emits hits his backside.

Yemaja Mlise Lah pushes crechelings back, “PUUL!” He removes bug and adds water to remove acid as it burns his skin, “It will sting my Lord.” She yells around them, “He can help us! In what we do! He can help us!” Crechelings throw more but Ke'tzu made the decision and Force Kinetites over them both, “I know, but do not hurt them we need them to be the caretakers for the Vongforming of this planet.” She looks at Lord Starkiller, “You will stay, puul?” She looks at Ke’tzu, “Dwi. Then it has been decided.” She watches Galen'tza Marek Starkiller to recover.

Galen'tza Marek Starkiller squeezes eyes tightly then turns to here, “Vongforming? How?” He is become delirious.


RFRS: The Second Kaiburr Crystal - Timeless

2011 v1.0

Yemaja Mlise Lah laughs, “Oh my Lord, we are in reclamation of this planet.” She frowns, “Why are you here verses Cyrilla? Or Rhommamool?”

Galen'tza Marek Starkiller looks up to Yemaja then back to Wuztek, “Should I tell her?” Wuztek brightens his light.

Galen'tza Marek Starkiller looks to Yemaja, “Why do you think, khotte? You tell me?”

Yemaja Mlise Lah mumbles to herself, “He knows.” Sighs then shrugs, “The axis moved, our Dovin Basals, re-optimized the healthiest location for this planet to sustain life. The space debris, junk and pollution warped the magnetic field that life became unsustainable. We just, reset it, like a bone.”

Galen'tza Marek Starkiller ruminates and he stop being angry at the Yuuzhan Vong outpacing the Empire in technological advances. He palms her face and smiles as he gets up, “Show me what you have on this planet that is Vongformed.” ---FADES---

Stay tuned for the coming episode of "As the Galaxy Turns!"

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