CJS200 Criminal Justice Week Two Final Assignment Submitted by Travis Hance

Of all the lofty aspirations of the human race, inherent in all of our activities is the concept of justice. Right and wrong, good and bad are consistent themes within our society, our media, and our consciousness. We establish systems and structures that establish methodology to question, try, and convict those that do wrong. We enable certain upstanding citizens with special powers in order to protect us. The basic components of the justice system include police or law enforcement, the court system, and the correctional system. All three components work together to achieve a common goal, the consistent application of the law against those who would harm others. The police component is the front line, armed with a minimal knowledge of law, and yet put in the difficult position of bringing wrongdoers to answer for crimes committed. The justice component takes those who would break the law and compares the charges against the rights of the suspect. Whether by judge or by jury, either a sentence or an acquittal is the ultimate outcome. For those that are adjudged guilty, the corrections system comes into play. A correction includes both state and county facilities that are designed to house convicted felons with the expressed purpose of potentially rehabilitating them back into productive society. Local, state, and government agencies have the ultimate and respectable responsibility to guard both our personal rights and freedom, while tirelessly working to ensure that others do not escape after committing crimes, which are defined in written law. This is the ultimate expression of government, the application of law to citizens that respects each individual’s rights while protecting others. While we live in a society that is founded on law, we all must realize that our individual rights are only limited by our fellow citizens. We cannot live peaceably if we tread on the rights of our neighbors. If we allow ourselves to degenerate to a point where law has no meaning, we effectively move backwards and become animals. In our exploration of the Criminal Justice system and its various components, we should feel a small amount of awe and satisfaction that we as a society can fashion a system that works together on both local and national levels to protect honest and moral citizens from those who would do wrong.

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