Issues in Policing Response


Title: Issue in Policing Response Submitted by: Travis Hance Course: CJS210 Instructor: Jason Garner

Issues in Policing Response What are the issues facing law enforcement today? There are multiple issues facing law enforcement today. The danger of dealing with the worst that humanity has to offer is a problem, the possibility of legal action and liability for a decision made upon the spur of the moment, and many other potential problems face officers who are reimbursed with a general wage that most would consider subpar. Law enforcement officers choose this career path simply because they feel a call to duty, the desire to protect and serve.


How do these issues coincide with those of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)? The Department of Homeland Security is a relatively recent development. It is designed to be a clearinghouse for information and interagency support. Law enforcement is often hindered by jurisdiction, but with the development of DHS, law enforcement agencies around the nation have a means to share information and work towards a common goal of both apprehension and enforcement.

How can the relationship between local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and DHS be improved? In my opinion there are two primary areas that can improve the relationships between state and federal agencies, training and education. Law enforcement departments across the nation have been pushing for higher

Issues in Policing Response professional standards for decades. With education comes a greater appreciation for teamwork. Continual education helps officers become more


proficient, and helps them appreciate the help of any office that might lead to the successful conclusion of a case. Training with other departments builds a sense of teamwork that transcends the old police model, and helps departments work together for a common goal.