CJS230 Capstone Discussion Question


Title: CJS230 Capstone Discussion Question Submitted by: Travis Hance Course: CJS230 Instructor: David Foltzer

CJS230 Capstone Discussion Question What is your opinion of probation?


I believe that probation is an important part of our criminal justice system. It allows for prison and justice officials to evaluate offenders and grant a monitored and limited return to society. This helps reduce the burden on the prison system, and the tax payers in general. While the guidelines for probation should be taken very seriously so as to protect society in general, I believe that the concept of probation is both important and vital.

What should happen with probation programs in the future?

I believe that probation programs in the future should be more structured with the goal of providing employment for newly released convicts. It seems to me that it is to difficult for a newly released convict to find both employment and a decent place to live. This often stimulates the desire to return to a life of crime. As Americans, if we consider the billions of dollars we give to other countries in foreign aid, and even the trillions of dollars which we spend fighting terrorism, I think it wrong that we do not provide a program to help those who have paid their debt to society by a gradual reentry through a decent job and a place to live at a reasonable price.

Do you think it would be appropriate to increase restrictions imposed on probation? Explain your rationale.

CJS230 Capstone Discussion Question


Restrictions on probation are an important part of the system. Unfortunately, it often comes down to the ruling of a single person, and because of human imperfection this does not always work out well. I believe though that the majority of the judges who serve mean well, and the system tends to balance itself out over time. We can continue of course to refine the system by providing better support, more funding, continuing education, and enforcing higher standards. My rationale behind these beliefs is simple, we literally throw trillions of dollars around the world in defense and foreign aid, while our criminal justice system is staffed by personnel who receive what I consider to be laughable wages. These devoted men and women fortunately feel a higher calling to serve society, and continue to do their best within the budget that they have been provided. This service is ultimately aimed at the reformation and rehabilitation of offenders, and I can only wonder how much more effective it would be if we as a society provided a path that made crime less lucrative, and inclusion in society more positive.