is -= Qur'anthethe sacred book of the Muslims, conr parable to Bible in Chrlsthnity. This selection from

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Chapter 22, titled "Pilgrimagg," discusses the importance of making a pilgrimage to Mecca, one of the Five Pillars of lslam. The plgrim's ftnal destination was the Ka'6a at
Mecca, containing

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He that reveres the offerings rnade to God. shows the piety of his heart. Your catde are usdrl to you in many ways until the time of their slaugfuter. Then they are offered for sacrifice at the Ancient House. For every community We hate ordained a ritual, that thuy *.y pronormce the nanre of God over the catde
God is one God; surrender yourselves. Give good ae$rs to thq.hu+'&;)orhor. hearts are filled with ar,ce at d1e mentionEf@ who dure aduersitywitb fortitude, attend to their prayers, and give fur:lras from rvhat We gave them. We bave made the camels a part of God"s rites. They are of much use to you. Pronounce over them the name of God as you draw them up in line and slaughter them; and when &ey have fallen to the ground eat of their flesh and feed the uncomplaining beggar and the demanding supplicanl Thus have We subiected *rem to your service, so that you eay give thanks. their flesh and blood does not reach God; it is your prety that reaches Hia, Thus has He subiected them to your service, so that you may grve glory to God for guiding you. Give good news to the riglrteous. God will ward off evil from tme belierrers. God does not love the treacherous and the thaoHss. ts.I_g

drich He has given therr for food- Your

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Exhort all mea to make the pilgrimage. Ihey will come to you on foot and on the backs of swift caaels from every distant quarter; they will com€ to avail themselves of many a benefit, and to pronounce on the appointed days the name of God over the cattle which He has given them for food. Eal of their flesh, and feed the poor and the un-fiortunate. Tlren let the pilgrims tidy therrselves, make their vows, and cirde the Ancient House. Such is God's commandment. He that reveres the sacred rites of God shall fare better in the sight of his lordThe flesh of catde is lawful for you, except for that


wtfch has been specifieil before. Guard yourselves against the filth of idols; and avoid the utterance of

Dedicate yourselves to Go4 and serve none besides

Him. The man who serves other deitias besides eod is like him who falls from heaven and is snatcled by the bkds or carried away by the wind to sorre fir-off region.
Even such is he.



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