Eastern Europe's wrong label Introduction Main body -what is easten Europe today? Give examples. Why.

(My idea of Eastern Europe-all coloured countries........http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thu mb/7/74/Europe_subregion_map_UN_geoschme.svg/350pxEurope_subregion_map_UN_geoschme.svg.png) - west and east during WW11- why? Iron wall enemies. What was considered as east - why is the label wrong? E.g. Geographically, politically. Give specific examples - how society is influenced by history, culture and personal perceptions and myths around this subject and wrongly use the concept of Eastern Europe. - today's picture of Eastern Europe. Why? How the rest of be world interacts with it? It's future. EU and Eastern Europe. Give examples. Conclusion Please, use 30 references Textbooks Journals articles Newspaper articles (the times, guardian and independent) Magazine articles ( the economist, foreign policy) Videos Other reliable resources. Essay idea based on this articles Eg. Greece +Cyprus - the west History- ukrain under soviet heel, Albania only brushed it

http://www.economist.com/node/15213108 Time to scrap “Eastern Europe” Jul 13th 2012, 17:22 by P.T.W AND E.L. | LONDON Europe’s divisions are indeed grave. But counting the ex-communist countries as a single category is outdated and damaging http://www.economist.com/blogs/easternapproaches/2012/07/“east”dead

Some possible references: Redefining 'Eastern Europe': A New Regional Geography of ... JStor by A DINGSDALE - 1999 to define because it lacks easily demarcated 'geographical' boundaries. 'Eastern Europe is primarily a historical concept, evolving from the peculiar course of its ... East-Central Europe: a European region G Enyedi - Geoforum, 1990 Abstract East-Central Europe today comprises eight socialist countries. Despite its long history and frequent changes in areal extent and shape, the region has evolved specific characteristics of its own. Deep-seated diversity has begun to reemerge after fo New geographies of post-socialist Europe A Dingsdale - Geographical Journal, 1999 http://www.clas.ufl.edu/users/ckostopo/2001EuropeanExperience/-Additional%20Readings%20for%20the%20First%20Week-/New%20Geographies%20of%20Post-Socialist%20Europe.pdf

A menagerie of monikers Most labels are misleading, sometimes grossly so. Find new ones in 2010 Jan 7th 2010 | from the print edition http://www.economist.com/node/15213613 Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies vol 4, no 1. (Winter 2004), pp. 77-96 Contested Borders, Contested Identity: The Case of Regionalism in South East Europe Dimitar Bechev http://www.sant.ox.ac.uk/esc/docs/region_borders.pdf Eastern Europe http://people.hofstra.edu/jeanpaul_rodrigue/downloads/Geog%20001%20Chapter%201%20(Eas tern%20Europe%20Supplementary).ppt 'Central and eastern European' label has stopped making sense ... www.ft.com 26 Feb 2009 – From Mr Mojmír Hampl. Sir, In the last few days, some commentators have been suggesting that “central and eastern Europe” is on the brink of ... Does Central Europe exist http://www.euroculture.upol.cz/dokumenty/sylaby/T-GAsh_Does%20Central%20Europe%20exist_(18).pdf Inventing Eastern Europe: The map of civilization on the mind of the Enlightenment L Wolff - 1996 Political geography and eastern Europe WZ Michalak, RA Gibb - Area, 1992 - JSTOR

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