Woodbrldae PCA

Þ.C. 8ox 12301
WlchlLa, kS 67277-2301

8eLurn Servlce 8equesLed
W o o d b r l d a e P C A n o w u p l o a d s a c o p v o f
L h e n e w s l e L L e r L o o u r w e b s l L e . C o n L a c L
u s a L W o o d b r l d a e W l c h l L a « a m a l l . c o m
a n d w e w l l l e m a l l a c o p v o f L h e n e w s l e L -
L e r L o v o u a n d s a v e L h e c o s L o f p a p e r
a n d p o s L a a e .
I N 5 I D L 1 n I 5 I 5 5 U L :
WCl ConLracL updaLe 1-2
2013 8udaeL 1-2
8oard Member LlecLlons 2
Area uevelopmenLs 3
Cfflclal MeeLlna noLlce 3
he clLv's new resldenLlal Lrash plan ls upon us. SLarLlna november
1sL, haulers llcensed Lo operaLe ln Lhe clLv had Lo offer curbslde recv-
cllna and pav-as-vou-Lhrow opLlons. nelLher was requlred prevlouslv, buL
WasLe ConnecLlons was alreadv offerlna curbslde recvcllna.
1he new plan doesn'L requlre resldenLs Lo chanae anvLhlna. Woodbrldae,
ln parLlcular, has a conLracL wlLh WasLe ConnecLlons LhaL ls sLlll ln effecL.
1he new clLv ordlnance does noL cancel LhaL conLracL. As alwavs, lL ls up
Lo us Lo neaoLlaLe prlces and servlces wlLh our hauler. 1he onlv new op-
Llon made avallable wlLh Lhe clLv plan ls Lhe use of smaller carLs.
Whlle oLher ldeas were consldered - lncludlna a cooperaLlve LhaL seL a
unlversal monLhlv raLe of $20 - Lhe ClLv Councll seLLled a vear aao on a
plan LhaL lL hopes wlll decrease Lhe amounL of Lrash aolna Lo landfllls
whlle keeplna Lhe free markeL open.
Paulers were alven a vear Lo aeL readv for Lhe chanae and obLaln smaller
carLs. 1he laraesL slze conLalners are 90 or 93 aallons, whlch ls whaL we
use now, and Lhe smallesL ones are 63 aallons. 1he PCA board ls ln Lhe
process of addlna Lhls opLlon Lo our currenL conLracL so our members
wlll have a cholce, alLhouah use of Lhe smaller carL does ellmlnaLe Lhe
opLlon of placlna exLra baas/boxes aL Lhe curb wlLhouL lncurrlna addl-
Llonal fees. lL ls expecLed LhaL Lhe smaller carL opLlon wlll reduce Lhe raLe
bv $6 per quarLer.
ach vear Lhe board of dlrecLors revlews Lhe assoclaLlon expenses.
We look for Lrends and Lrv Lo anLlclpaLe upcomlna expendlLures as
besL we can. Cver Lhe pasL Lwo vears we have asked Lhe PCA member-
shlp Lo provlde lnformaLlon on poLenLlal lmprovemenLs and amenlLles
LhaL are deslred. We even lnqulred as Lo Lhe besL percelved wav Lo pav
for Lhose pro[ecLs.
1he currenL board plans Lo move forward wlLh plannlna and lmplemenL-
lna lmprovemenLs, Lhe mosL ma[or of whlch wlll be flnlshlna Lhe sldewalk
around Lhe pond. CLher poLenLlal pro[ecLs are sLlll belna dlscussed. 1he
ob[ecLlve ls Lo have a plan so LhaL fuLure board members have a aulde Lo
keep Lhe assoclaLlon movlna forward. And, LhaL plan needs flnanclal sup-
2 0 1 3 A NNUA L A 5 5 L 5 ML N1 & 8 UDGL 1
W C C D 8 k I D G L n C M L C W N L k 5 ' A 5 5 C C I A 1 I C N
Þ.C. 8ox 12301
WlchlLa, kS 67277-2301
november 2012 www.WoodbrldaeWlchlLa.com
2012 8oard of D|rectors
ÞresldenL Lvnn Þacker 371-3099
vlce-ÞresldenL naLhan 8rownell 201-4781
1reasurer !oe 8onalsh 990-6664
SecreLarv CrvsLal Cldeon
SLacv Woodson
2 0 1 2 C Þ L k A 1 I N G
8 U D G L 1
Lawn Care $7,100
MalnLenance $1,000
lnsurance $1,130
Cfflce Supplles $600
uLlllLles $430
Mlscellaneous $400
1C1AL $10,700
Þlease see 8uuCL1, Þaae 2
Þlease see CCn18AC1 uÞuA1L, Þaae 2


We beaan LhaL supporL wlLh Lhe lncrease ln dues Lhls pasL !anuarv. As noLed
lasL vear, Lhe lncrease LhaL was lnsLlLuLed was lnLended Lo rebulld our re-
serve fund, whlch ls mandaLed bv our 8v-Laws Lo ensure we can afford Lo
malnLaln Lhe assoclaLlons' lnLeresLs ln Lhe evenL of slanlflcanL non-budaeLed
expenses. As anLlclpaLed, Lhe reserve fund has lncreased and we have even
been able Lo Lackle some malnLenance lssues ln Lhls flrsL vear.
1he second sLep ls bulldlna pro[ecL funds. 1haL wlll requlre anoLher lncrease
ln Lhe aeneral assessmenL. ln our CcLober and november meeLlnas, Lhe
board hlahlv debaLed Lhe lssue, Lhe ma[orlLv voLed Lo lncrease Lhe dues Lo
$140 for 2013. 1hls appears Lo be a reasonable lncrease Lo aarner Lhe neces-
sarv pro[ecL funds whlle sLlll keeplna our dues ln-llne wlLh oLher PCAs. As
reporLed lasL vear, oLher PCAs ln Lhe WlchlLa area wlLh slmllar amenlLles
have dues LhaL ranae from $113-$183 per vear.
1he breakouL of Lhe 2013 budaeL ls presenLed on Lhe lefL. 1he 2013 budaeL
lLself dld lncrease bv $800 from 2012. 8oard members wlll be avallable aL Lhe
All-Member meeLlna on uecember 11 Lo dlscuss Lhe budaeL and currenL ex-
penses. ALLend Lhe meeLlna and brlna vour quesLlons!
8 UDGL 1 I k C M Þ A G L 1
C CN1 k AC 1 UÞ DA1 L I k C M Þ A G L 1
1o encouraae compeLlLlve prlclna, Lhe clLv has esLabllshed an lnLeracLlve
webslLe LhaL leLs resldenLs record Lhelr hauler, whaL Lhev pav for Lrash ser-
vlce and Lhe servlces offered. A llnk Lo Lhe survev and daLabase can be found
on Lhe home paae of Lhe clLv's webslLe, www.wlchlLa.aov. A check of LhaL
daLabase earller Lhls monLh resulLed ln a few enLrles showlna slmllar fees as
we pav for Lrash and recvcllna servlces comblned, and onlv one enLrv LhaL
was below our $39 raLe for curbslde Lrash servlce alone. As expecLed, Lhe
daLabase shows LhaL Lhe fees pald bv cusLomers wlLh an PCA conLracL were
conslderablv lower Lhan Lhose wlLhouL a conLracL.
A revlsed conLracL ls expecLed bv Lhe end of Lhe vear. We wlll updaLe our
webpaae aL www.WoodbrldaeWlchlLa.com when Lhls ls compleLe. 1hose
members who wlsh Lo Lake advanLaae of Lhe smaller carLs wlll slmplv need Lo
call WasLe ConnecLlons Lo requesL Lhe chanae. 8uL, use cauLlon. SwlLchlna
more Lhan once wlll noL be allowed wlLhouL a penalLv fee. ln Lhe meanLlme,
conLacL us aL WoodbrldaeWlchlLa«amall.com lf vou have anv quesLlons.
Þaae 2 W C C D 8 k I D G L N L W 5 L L 1 1 L k
2013 8udaeL
Lawn Care $7,100
MalnLenance $1,600
lnsurance $1,130
Cfflce Supplles $600
uLlllLles $330
Mlscellaneous $300
1C1AL $11,300
Ceneral AssessmenL $140
8 CAk D ML M8 L k L L L C 1 I CN5 ¬DL C L M8 L k 1 1
ew board members are elecLed aL Lhe Annual All-Member
meeLlna each vear. As alwavs, we need 3 assoclaLlon mem-
bers Lo volunLeer Lo serve. WheLher vou are happv wlLh Lhe cur-
renL dlrecLlon of Lhe assoclaLlon or noL Lhls ls a areaL opporLunlLv
Lo aeL lnvolved and make a dlfference ln vour nelahborhood. Con-
LacL anv currenL board members lf vou have anv quesLlons abouL Lhls op-
porLunlLv or vou can emall us aL WoodbrldaeWlchlLa«amall.com.
WlLh wlnLer approachlna, manv
of our members are ln Lhe proc-
ess of sLorlna recreaLlonal vehl-
cles. As a remlnder, boaLs, Lrall-
ers and oLher ldle vehlcles are
noL permlLLed Lo remaln parked
ln clLv sLreeLs, drlvewavs or
alonaslde resldences durlna perl-
ods of non-use. Þlease seek ap-
proprlaLe shelLer for vour sea-
sonal vehlcles for Lhe wlnLer
wlotet kemloJet
1he assoclaLlon has hlred Coose
8usLers Lo Lhln ouL Lhe aoose
populaLlon around Lhe pond.
1helr populaLlon has arown Lre-
mendouslv Lhe pasL several vears
and Lhev have become qulLe a
Coose 8usLers wlll use speclallv
Lralned doas Lo chase Lhe aeese
awav a couple Llmes a week for
several weeks. 1he ldea ls Lo
make our area less hosplLable for
Lhe aeese, and more hosplLable
for our members.
look Oot!
Þaae 3 W W W . W C C D 8 k I D G L W I C n I 1 A . C C M

Official Notice of Annual All-Member Meeting

Our annual meeting will be held 1uesdav. December 11. 2012 at Northwest (hristian (hurch 10850 \ 21st St
N,. 1he meeting will start promptlv at 7:00pm.
A quorum oí 15° oí paid homeowners is not required to be in attendance íor this meeting. 1here are no items
that require a ·ote bv the membership. 1he agenda is as íollows:
I. (alling oí Roll
II. Prooí oí Notice oí Meeting
III. Reading and disposal oí anv unappro·ed minutes
IV. Reports oí oííicers 1reasurer`s Report,
V. Llection oí oííicers
VI. Uníinished Business
VII. New Business
VIII. Adjourn meeting

New Business
All association members are encouraged to attend the meeting. 1he board oí directors will be a·ailable at the
meeting to discuss the current state oí the association. and discuss in more detail how the new General Assessment
was determined. 1his is a great opportunitv to learn more about the association and gain a better understanding oí
the issues currentlv being íaced.

)ve.aay. Decevber ]]. 20]2
P.O. Box 12501
\ichita. KS 6¯2¯¯-2501 December JJ, 20J2
A k L A DL V L L CÞ ML N1 5
v now mosL evervone has heard of Lhe conLroversv over Sam's
Club plannlna a Lhlrd WlchlLa sLore aL 29Lh SL norLh and Malze
8d. 8esldenLs of Lhe area have been sLead fasL ln Lhelr deslre Lo see
Lhe plan abandoned. Powever, on november 1sL Lhe plannlna commlsslon rec-
ommended Lhe necessarv zonlna chanae Lhe sLore needs Lo bulld. 1he clLv coun-
cll wlll now hear Lhe lssue, a daLe for LhaL hearlna has noL veL been seL.
A llLLle closer Lo our nelahborhood, a new !lmmv !ohn's CourmeL Sandwlches ls
aolna up nexL Lo Applebee's on 21sL SL [usL wesL of Malze 8d. 1he consLrucLlon
seems Lo have Laken forever, buL lL ls movlna alona now and should be open
someLlme ln uecember.
Woodbrldae PCA conLracLs wlLh
WasLe ConnecLlons Lo provlde
Lrash and recvcllna servlces. 8v
conLracLlna wlLh a slnale hauler,
Woodbrldae members recelve a
dlscounLed raLe for boLh servlces.
1he base raLe for curbslde Lrash
ls $39 per quarLer and recvcllna ls
$11.23. lf vou are noL currenLlv
Laklna advanLaae of Lhls raLe Lhen
call WCl Lodav aL 838-4920. LeL
Lhem now vou are a Woodbrldae
CooJ ueol!