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Ultimate goal of any library

The Ancient creed Provide the right book for the right reader

at the right time

Collection Development
Universal process for all types of libraries Three universal facts Increase in size of the community is equal to increase in divergence of individual information needs Increase in divergence of individual information needs is equal to increase in the need for resource sharing Its impossible to satisfy all the information needs of any individual in the community

Collection Development Policy Statement
Definitions Theoretical document which stresses the intellectual reasoning used to select materials(E. Futas) Practical explanation of fiscal, community and space limitations

Shapes stronger collection and wise use of funds Collection Development Policy Statement Source of information on the scope and nature of the existing collection Basis of the budget allocation

Collection Development Policy Statement
Who prepares The librarian and others involved in selection and acquisition Content Objectives, philosophy and purpose of the library Brief description of the community Specific statement on who is legally responsible on the operation of the library


Collection Development Policy Statement
Authority for the selection of materials Methods of selection, budget limitation Community served, profile of users Selection guidelines and criteria Reviews checked

Specification how the collection is to be built Collection Development Policy Statement collection intensity geographical areas collected language chronological period covered Handling gifts Interlibrary loan policy Weeding and discarding

Basic Goals For Selection Meet obligations of teaching programs, research and adult education Meet information needs of the community Meet social needs of the community Meet the cultural needs of the community Meet recreational needs of the community

Collection Development

Community Analysis
Determining library’s and potential users

Do you know the community Does the community use the library?
Compare present users with larger group non-users Specials needs that the library can provide Increase/decrease in the usage Library speed in responding to minorities, disadvantage, elderly

Librarians’ sensitivity to the community needs

Collection Development and Weeding
For Weeding Last day circulation Physical condition Timeliness Reliability Language Ephemera Duplicates Subject area and material types

What Not to Weed Research value Out of print Local materials Balance Rare materials Listing

Criteria of Book Selection
Purpose, scope and audience Authority, honesty and credibility of author and publisher Subject matter Comparison with a material in the collection

Selection Criteria
Timeliness Format Price Curriculum support Demand

Weeding Procedure
Pulling out of the material from the shelf Remove shelf list cards and catalog cards Updating other record

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