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By Jason Mangrum, Author

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STEP ONE Identify the "Problem-State"
Welcome inside and congratulations... you're about to go through a very simple 5-Step process that can potentially change your life and turn your world inside-out. I suggest you set aside at least TEN minutes where you will not be disturbed. Turn off your phone, get the kids out of the room and follow these simple steps... 1. Identify the problem. What troubles you? Do you feel physical pain? Emotional turmoil about an event that happened in your life? Something you would like to CHANGE... anything. Write ONE sentence in the space below that identifies the problem you're having that you would like to free yourself from: (no one will ever see this but you) I would like to free myself from this problem: (print this out or write in notepad)


STEP TWO Intensity Check
Now that you've clearly identified the problem, the next step is to find out how BIG it is... This can be easily determined by doing a "gut check" for the level of intensity you feel about the problem, on a scale of 1 to 10... 1 being "barely even there" and 10 being "I can't bare this another moment." Zero means the problem just doesn't exist. Using one or two words, how would you categorize your feelings about the problem. Does it make you sad, angry, depressed, upset, anxious, nervous, ill, stressed... What is the EMOTION associated with the problem? When I think about my problem, I feel: __________________________________________________________________________________

So, on a scale of 1-10, how INTENSE are your feelings about the problem? When I feel my feelings about my problem, my Intensity Level is a: (1-10) _____________________________________

STEP THREE Recognize the Pattern in Your Body
So far, so good... now that you've identified the problem-state and calibrated its level of intensity, it's time to do a little magic. Not really, but as Arthur C. Clarke once stated, "advanced technology is

indistinguishable from magic."

This step is easy, but requires a few suggestions... 1. Realize that when you break all matter down far enough, you get photons... light energy. Everything that exists is light, vibrating at different frequencies of color, tone and archetype. Light is a carrier wave for information. 2. Everything you can see, feel or sense with any of your senses are patterns of light--information.

3. Any pattern of light can CHANGE when given different information. Light can be manipulated. If you recognize that ANY pattern, no matter what it is, is just that -- a pattern... when you observe the pattern from a certain state of being and with a simple intent, the pattern changes. You manipulate the light. Rather than waste pages explaining the "scientific" theories behind this phenomenon, let's just jump right in and you can observe this change for yourself, alright? Go back to your problem. Feel into it, feel its level of intensity. Now, ask yourself this question:

"If I could feel this problem somewhere in my body, where would it be?"
And now be still and pay attention to where your attention inside your body moves. It might be your chest, it could be your forehead... then again it could be your middle toe on your left foot! You'll never know until you ask, and listen. Wherever the sensation shows up in your body, is the right place. Even if it doesn't make sense. What you've just done is either become aware of the physical reflection of the energetic pattern in your physical body that is representing the problem you're thinking about... OR, you're simply entangling a thought-form of the problem-state with a physical sensation somewhere in your body... Either way, the result is the same. When I ask where the pattern is located in my body, my attention moves to my: __________________________________________________________

STEP FOUR Observe the Pattern in Your Body
Now that you've identified, calibrated and located the light pattern in your body that represents the problem you're having, feel it. I mean really feel it. So often in our busy "hustle and bustle" of daily life, we forget to pay attention to what's going on inside our body. When a sensation arrives that we don't like or enjoy, we avoid it like the plague. Of course, why wouldn't we? Who enjoys pain? Or sadness? Or depression? Or illness? ...none of these things we consider "good" feelings and so whenever a thought bubbles up from the depths of our

mind that contains any emotional "charge" that makes us feel bad, we do whatever we can to get rid of it QUICK! This usually entails doctor visits, medications, therapy, or just ignoring the problem hoping it will go away. (side note: I am in no way suggesting anything here is meant to replace any medical care, to be


Many people struggle for several months or even years with a particular problem, whether it's emotional, mental or physical. It's all the same. It's a pattern of light. And light can be manipulated by giving the carrier-wave new information. This creates a new perspective, which...

Opens the door for a new possibility to experience!
So how can we install new information into this carrier-wave so the pattern/problem CHANGES? 1. Go back to the problem. Categorize the feeling and note the level of intensity. Locate the pattern in your body. Most likely, it hasn't yet changed. But it might have already, which is perfectly ok! Just be aware and notice the pattern wherever your attention is moving to in your body when you ask, "where is

the pattern in my body now?"

2. When your attention moves into the pattern, notice it. Become acutely aware of the pattern, as the pattern. Notice that you can sense the area of the pattern in your body. There's an area and when your attention goes there you think and feel about the problem. Just sit there and feel the area of the pattern for a few seconds. 3. You'll notice since there is an area of the pattern, outside of that area the pattern doesn't exist. Its location is in ONE area and nowhere else in the body. There is a radius outside of the pattern where it isn't there. 4. Now move your attention just outside the area where you feel or sense the pattern in your body. Hold your attention in this area, just outside the pattern. Notice what you feel. Notice how it feels different to be outside of the pattern, than inside. If you again move your awareness into the pattern, notice the changes you feel. 5. Now slowly move your attention away from the area of the pattern, paying very close attention to how YOU feel every time you "move" to a new virtual space inside your body. Just keep slowly moving your attention further away from the pattern... heading for new territory just outside of the body. 6. Continue slowly moving your attention until your awareness is approximately 2 or 3 feet away from your body. And hold it there. Just hold your attention in that virtual space, noticing whatever happens, but keeping your focus on that single point in the air, just outside of your physical body.

Observe this for a few seconds. 7. And now... continue onto the final step!

STEP FIVE A Powerful Realization & Post Test
Now the final step requires another "en-light-en-ing" suggestion... Simply realize that the "virtual space" where your attention is located outside of your physical body, is the same "virtual space" you sensed from inside your body. There is no difference. Go ahead... feel it. Put your full attention into that one space, outside of your body. Notice what you feel. Notice how that singular "point" feels somehow connected to everything around you. And inside of you! The space in which you are focusing your attention feels vastly bigger and more connected than the tiny pattern in comparison, doesn't it? Really think about this... consider this fact. There really is NO separation. You are light. Everything around you is light. Everything you think is light energy, formulated into thoughts, ideas, concepts, perceptions... it's all an illusion. Everything is Light... except for ONE thing... Ask yourself, "What is beyond Light?" Where does light come from? To discover the answer, is to uncover who YOU really are. What is the one thing you cannot objectively experience? Remember... anything you can experience as an "object" (even if it's a thought or memory) is Light energy.

But what about the space between objects?
Even if the object of your attention is a thought... there is a space... a "gap" between where one thought ends, and another one begins. Most people never become aware of this simple fact. And yet... to experience this "gap" in thought... just ask yourself ANY question that causes your attention to focus on your THOUGHT PROCESS. One of the easiest questions to ask is, "where will my next thought come from?"

You'll notice immediately after you ask the question that your thought process stops. It just freezes. Until a new thought bubbles up. It isn't the question that does it, it's the automatic response that comes from asking it. Notice that all your life (as far back as you can remember) you've had an infinite number of thoughts. That infinite, inexhaustible Light energy must come from somewhere, right? It comes from infinite, Pure Awareness. When you become acutely aware of the "nothing-ness" - you realize that you are Self Aware, or aware of awareness itself. Once you get the sensation of your thoughts "stopping" -- what is left? In that emptiness... the space...you might also find a feeling welling up within you... A feeling of stillness... of silence... of bliss... of inner peace. No, you don't have to become a "meditation guru" and study for years...

This process is automatic and instant!
Do you notice the feeling? There is nothing you need to do. Nowhere you need to go. No "hole" that needs to be filled. Everything is perfect, just as it is - right now - in this very moment... ...in the infinite silence of Pure Awareness. That's what you are experiencing... the "nothing-ness" is not an object, therefore you cannot have an objective experience of it... and that's the ONLY thing you can't experience objectively! In that "space" which obviously has no beginning... no middle... and no end... it is infinite potential in its original, pure, perfect state. This is YOU! When you "switch" your awareness from being 'inside your head' (which is where it usually lives) to the SILENCE in the background... a very peculiar thing happens. The volume of the silence rises above the thoughts. This is the same "virtual space" you sensed when you moved away from the pattern in your body... all the way to the point outside of your body... in the "air" of nothing-ness... where the pattern doesn't exist at all... this NO-THING that is Pure Awareness, is where Light comes from. And by being in this perfect state (also called the "zero point") ALL things exist, right now...

Including a possibility that the pattern which has been troubling you doesn't exist!

Now that you've done all 5 steps for this powerful realization, opening the door to a new possibility...
It's time to re-check and see how the pattern has changed. 1. Come back into your normal state of awareness. 2. Once again, bring the problem to the forefront of your mind. 3. Just observe it, and notice how you feel about it. Now, do a Post Test Intensity "Gut Check" and calibrate to notice the level of change... So, on a scale of 1-10, how INTENSE are your feelings about the problem? When I feel my feelings about this problem, my Intensity Level is a: (1 – 10) ____________________________________________

You might have just been quite surprised to discover that the intensity level of the problem has gone down significantly... or even vanished all together! If you notice a change in the intensity and feelings, but it isn't a ZERO yet then go back and repeat these Steps 1 through 5 on ANY new feelings, thoughts or emotions that pop up. Many times this process only needs to be done once to completely change the pattern. Other times, usually with problems we perceive as "biggies" there are several thoughts and emotions attached to different experiences. Using this step-by-step Self Care System you'll notice the correlations and connections between ALL these thoughts, feelings and sensations... and can now locate them in the physical body... and CHANGE THEM! The end-result: The pattern CHANGES. Or doesn't exist. Which means, the "problem" corrects itself ,changes or vaporizes. No matter how big or small you perceive a pattern to be... Light can be manipulated.

Thank You And Please Share With Anyone Who Can Benefit!
Here's Some Early Feedback for “Heal Yourself In Ten Minutes”:

"Awesome" "Wow! That was quick! It certainly gave me a significant, measurable change of mind about my weight challenge. Thank you so much."

"I felt the difference between the situation in the different points. Now I wait to experiment how it will feel. Love the idea of knowing and doing at the same time. Thank you very much." "Have done some NLP before, my wife is a Master Practitioner, but this worked very well, thank you." "It took me three rounds and each time I felt the 'problem' in a different part of me and while the intensity went up after the first round, it is barely there after the third! It already changed something else too - out of convenience/laziness I wouldn't normally do three rounds... Thank you for sharing the SCS!" "It really changed the anxious level from an 8 to a 4." "What a wonderful exercise!" "I loved how I could feel the light move around my body and I could identify it...awesome!" "Thank you! I love that light, expansive feeling that you have shown us how to access. My long-standing worry has gone from an 8 to a 6 to a 3 to a 2....I'll keep doing the process until I can totally release it and stay in this peaceful state!" "I tried this on an issue and my level of intensity went from 10 to 4 on the first try. Second try it completely vanished. Thank you for inviting me to try it." "I just dropped what was a big problem and cleared the bad feelings that I suffered from I made it to the place as explained I feel wonderful" "Hi everyone...Thank you for sharing this with me...It has really worked quite well!!!...Whenever the old feelings try and pop up again, I will simply re-do the same techniques and re-establish reality as it really exists!!!...Again thank you...Louis-Marie" "I went from a 9 to a 4 on not knowing how to experience a relationship with someone. Very big for me at the moment. I'm wanting to go out into the world now and try to apply this to multiple aspects of my life."

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