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Esoteric Agenda World Wide Wicked Nazi Implicit Complicit Explicit Political Religious Intellectual Charlatan Kleptocratic Serpentine Brethren Enslavers Awakening Vibrant Exposure Recoils Natal Equality Tranquility Whos in trouble? Whos on First? 87% Seriously Limited Hence Satanic on First of course with seemingly no recourse!! Sex scandals seriously diversionary Hell in daily intercourse with satanic governments WTF Thanks majority demonic rule If only a half a mind humanity a 50/50 chance But hell reality is hell gotta learn to face it 70 years still in kindergarten passing through retirement now time to go thanx Satanic Leaving the people to the SNOW Satanic New Order World Revisions to perceptions of freedom Aint seen nuthin Yet Old MacDonald had a farm A cluck cluck here on and on clucks everywhere Minds of would explaining why the Wood Chuck Chucks wood IRDS RATS ARE Insane Reality Due Sane Realistic Approach to Satanic Antiquity Reign Enslavement

Beliefs vs Reality
Facts must have root 2 take root God Coherency "Catch 22" must have semblance 2 catch doG chase tail 1

UFO Unfortunately Reality Oblivious

As intended osmosis sets in like rigger mortise hearts of or for ice will suffice Implicit Complicit Explicit ICE Insidious Capitalist Emperors
Like other financial empires in history, Smith claims the contemporary model forms alliances necessary to develop and control wealth, as peripheral nations remain impoverished providers of cheap resources for the imperial-centers-of-capital.[1] Belloc estimated that, during the British Enclosures, "perhaps half of the whole population was proletarian", while roughly the other "half" owned and controlled the means of production. Now, under modern Capitalism, J.W. Smith claims fewer than 500 people possess more wealth than half of the earths population, as the wealth of 1/2 of 1-percent of the United States population roughly equal that of the lower 90-percent.

Brainwashing pertinent to SS Satanic Success 2

A world of brilliance 13% minority no wonder I only meet the pathetically sorry or is that pathetically sorry for the ways of me encountering the underdog as a way of non-life due my non desire to be satanic

Down to one tooth on the top too few to mention below, but suffice to offer temptation in the name of God For this exercise I conclude with 1, 2, and 3 difficult to get attention due to reality attentive Homers believing on top of things determining I and others akin fallen to false gold conspiracy theories If only I knew then says the ID Ignorant Devoted the last Holocaust could have been prevented In days of old when Knights of bold wrapped socks around their cocks babies were WTF ? Esoteric Agenda Forgive them Lord for they know naught of what they do being hung up on Beliefs whats new with you?