Setafire Volunteer Training Program

One of the other contributing factors to the Setafire project is the Setafire Volunteer Training Program. In this program, volunteers (usually University students or in their final year of school) are trained on the methods and teaching styles incorporated in the camps. Besides going through the module, the volunteers are briefed on activities to be conducted with participants as well as go through the moral values that would be taught to them. The training includes a workshop session for the volunteers to learn the performing arts they would be teaching and the games that would be played during the camp. From this training session, volunteers will not only learn how to teach English, but also get to experience working with different people from different backgrounds.


Strengthening English Through Arts & Fun
The Santitham Education and Development Foundation

FLAME (Foundations for Leadership And Moral Empowerment) For further information about the Setafire Service Project, kindly contact: Nadia Suchen: Sita Krishnan:

About Setafire
Founded in 2008, Setafire is a Service Project which aims to bring about opportunities for students to practice English through a creative and fun manner. Thus far, the Setafire camps have been conducted in Omkoi, a town situated on a mountain, 3 hours from Chiangmai, Thailand. Currently, volunteers have come from numerous countries, namely Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Qatar, aged 15 to 25.

The Setafire Program
Setafire focuses on three basic areas when organising camps: lessons, performing arts and games. Recently a health program has been added. The Setafire module was created centring around one of the most important aspects of English – vocabulary. Each lesson in the module brings about new words for participants to learn and concludes with a fable which uses those newly learnt words as well as a quotation relating to the moral value specified for that lesson. 6 different types of modules have been created catering to the different levels of English faced in the camps so far. Performing arts is another method Setafire uses to teach English. The performing arts taught include art, drama, dance and music. Research has shown that the arts is a great active tool for English learning as well as leadership development. Each performing art has an English aspect to it so that participants are constantly exposed to the language.

Games, the other component to the Setafire program, encourages team work and cooperation enabling participants to enhance their leadership skills as well as learn how to be a team player.

Objectives & Aims
To encourage participants to converse in English confidently To inculcate and enhance skills through performing arts To incorporate teamwork and leadership among the participants To build self-esteem among participants To create awareness towards the importance of moral values in daily life To introduce and expose the participants to new cultures

The Health Program is aimed to not only introduce English health terms but also to instil some basic knowledge towards first aid, a crucial piece of information for any youth.

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