1. Read title and first paragraph of the following story (part I):

2. What kind of story is it? 1.Science fiction 2. Comedy 3. Mystery 4. Romance

3. Now read the whole story. Were you right? 4. TIME EXPRESSIONS. Go through the second and third paragraph. Which words tell you what happens first? Underline them.

5. Now complete the following chart with the the time connectors and their translation into Spanish English ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ _______________________ ______________________ Spanish _______________________ ______________________ _______________________ ______________________ _______________________

6. Use the connectors in exercise number 5 to complete the following text. ____________________, Jane had a busy day at work. _________________, her boyfriend called. _________________________she phoned Linda. _____________, Jane phoned some other friends. ______________________, she went home. 7. Read part two of the story and number the pictures according to the events in the story.

8. How do you think the story ends? a. The police discovers where she is. b. It was all a dream c. There is surprise party organized by her friends. WRITING Complete Jane´s letter to her mother. Circle the best word and use the connectors below to fill in the blanks There is more than one possible answer.

Finally first




Dear Mum, Last night, I was very upset because none of my friends wanted to help me celebrate my birthday. 1._____________________while I was driving home, I saw a hug tree blocking the road. 2_________________some men in masks appeared. I was very scared. I though they were going to kill me. 3______________they took me to a house and made me sit in the dark. 4._______________the lights went on and I saw all my friends. I was very angry with her boyfriends for playing such a scary trick. So I pretended to be asleep! Everyone was very amused. 5.____________I opened my eyes and laughed. As you can see, I had the most surprising and scary birthday in my life. Love, Jane. 9. Compare your answer in exer. 8 with the letter. Were you right?