Key challenges, priorities and recommendations


Can you list FIVE top priority areas to be implemented in the County in the next five years? Employment creation; How is the unemployment situation? especially for the youth Compared to the last five years, has the unemployment situation deteriorated or improved? How has the prevailing county context (conflict, insecurity, drought) impacted on the unemployment situation? Has unemployment impacted women and men differently? Explain. Has unemployment impacted urban and rural youth differently? Explain. How is unemployment manifested – by lack of work or jobs? What employment opportunities exist in the county? What can be done to tap into them? Do the county members have education levels needed for the employment opportunities? Poverty reduction and inequality How is the poverty situation and the nature of inequalities How do you know if someone is poor? How widespread is poverty in your village/county? How is inequality manifested? How does it impact your life? E.g. Lack of access to resources, facilities, services, power, decisionmaking What measures can you propose to reduce poverty and inequality in the county? Who will undertake these measures (e.g. Government, Development Partners, Communities) What would be the challenges to these proposed measures?



Development of human resource through expansion and improvement in quality education, health and other social services

How is the health ,education, water and sanitation and Housing situation What are the issues/concerns facing health, education, water and sanitation and housing? Are these services/facilities available?

How accessible are they? E.g. what is the distance from the water points/ schools? Are the county people able to access the schools or are they utilized by persons from other localities? How much does it cost to access them? What is the impact on those who cannot afford them? Quality/Standards: What is the state of the education/health/housing/water and sanitation facilities/services? Safety concerns: How secure are the people/children utilizing them? What measures can be taken to improve the quality of education, health and social services in the County? Do you know how much money is available for these services in the County? 4. Reducing the dependence of the economy on rain fed agriculture through expansion of irrigation How is the food security situation in the county? What livelihood/income opportunities other than rain fed agriculture exist in the county? Who has access to these opportunities? Is there potential for irrigation fed agriculture in the county? How many irrigation projects exist? Who owns them? Are the projects contributing towards food security? If yes, what are they producing? What are the sources of water for irrigation and what storage facilities are used? What measures can be taken to enhance irrigation potential and other strategies (e.g. alternative livelihood options like processing of livestock products) to improve food security? 5. Higher investment in alternative and green sources of energy What can be done to improve environmental conservation in the county What are the environmental concerns in your county? How is your county being affected by climate change? What is the impact of climate change on the lives/livelihoods of women, girls, men and boys in the county?

In your view, what measures can be put in place to facilitate development of solar, wind and other green energy initiatives in the county 6. Improving the economy’s competitiveness through increased investment and modernization of infrastructure and faster implementation of reforms What are the different forms of infrastructure in the county? Roads, Electricity, ICT etc. What are the shortages/ challenges of infrastructure in the county? How: Available Accessible Appropriate Safe Affordable are they? What would you suggest to address these challenges? 7. Increasing the ratio of saving, investment and export (especially manufactured exports) to GDP Propose actions/ measures that can be used to promote savings and improve income at the household level? In your view, what can be done to promote saving and investment? Are there opportunities to invest in domestic industries? How can these opportunities be tapped? How can we ensure that women benefit from investment/income opportunities that they participate in?



What produce can be developed for export in the County? What resources do the county have, which can be exploited? Implementation of key Are you aware of Vision 2030 flagship projects Vision 2030 Flagship being implemented in the County projects including In your view, what can be done to increase development of LAPSSET County involvement in implementation of Corridor Vision 2030 Flagship projects? Identify the risks and likely adverse shocks which may impact implementation of the Vision 2030 Flagship projects in the County and propose mitigation measures. Addressing internal and How is the existing security situation in the external security threats County? What concerns exist around security in the

10. National Values and Ethics

County? What are the causes of insecurity in the county? What is being done to address the situation? By who? Are there any early warning systems? How effective are they? Propose measures to improve the situation. What county values do we have? How do the values apply to us as individuals? What are the concerns we have regarding values and cohesion in the county? What can be done to improve National Cohesion and Unity, and promote national values and ethics? What role can communities play?
What role can your Community play in the Implementation of the Constitution? Schedule four of the Constitution outlines the services to be provided by both the National and County Governments, which of these services is of interest to your county?

11. Implementation of the Constitution including devolution

Do you think that your County has the capacity to implement the proposed services? If not, what can be done to support their capacity? 12 Environment
How do the above priority areas depend on the natural environment? Can you identify the specific linkages/dependencies and quantify them? What is the status of our natural environment and its management? What must be done to improve our natural environment and its management in the county?