Group 3 Barros, Rochelle Salugsugan, Macall Alvizo,Rudjame Gabor, Djon Quilon, Karl Jason Lubrico, Gabamel BS Information

Systems II

ISC 20 B

The National Museum Case #3 Point of View -Head Manager Statement of the Problem How to improve the National Museums financial status and attract more tourists and visitors. Objectives -To attract and gain more visitors to increase profit to sustain its operation -To increase the sources of funding for the Museum -To improve the services of the Museum -To maintain the National Museum’s image of being an instrument for the development and preservation of our country’s cultural heritage Areas of Consideration -The National Museum is a non-profit organization -Customer service staff needs training -Limited budget-- the agency incurred unpaid obligations of more than P15, 000, 000.00 for maintenance and other operating expenses such as the travelling expenses, telephone, water and electric bills -There is a lack of data recorded in the Annual Traffic Figures -88% of the traffic figures are comprised of students Alternative Courses of Action Alternative #1: Asking for additional budget from the Government, and private entities for sponsorship and coming up with a Budget Proposal that would make the Museum’s operations more efficient. Alternative #2: The National Museum should open an earlier time, preferably by 8:00, instead of their standard opening time of 9:00. This way, more visitors can be accommodated in a particular day.

and hiring/appointing and assistant director or head supervisors to assist in the monitoring of the different units. Alternative #4: Cost-cutting measures especially in the Security and Janitorial Services by reducing number of workers and maintain one building. Write letter to the Department of tourism and other private agencies for sponsorship of its expenses and promotions 2. Giving discounts to students and during holidays to attract more visitors 5. Employees training and development program to improve services and promotions 7. Acquire additional exhibits to attract visitors .Alternative #3: Increasing all the admission fees by 10% to obtain more income and suggest improvement of the museum. Increasing market saturation using information drive to different schools as part of their study trip to increase visitors 4. Improve proper recording data for careful analysis 6. Business alliances or partnering with other agencies who has similar mission and vision 3. Recommendations: 1. Alternative #5: Adding a Marketing unit to devise effective strategies for the promotions Alternative #6 : Applying changes to the organizational structure to make the agency more efficient and productive. Conclusion: We highly recommend Alternative # 1 because it addresses the problems currently faced by the National Museum and deals with the problems in a more efficient way of solving its financial problem for sustainability.