Astrology is not just a subject; it's an activity. Consequently, you don't study it - you do it.

Astrology is an activity based on the principle of Unus Mundus - the Universe as Unity. Everything - from atom to galaxy - is rooted in the same universal and all-pervasive reality. And this reality reveals itself in the purposeful, ordered and meaningful processes of nature, as well as in the deepest recesses of the human mind and spirit. 'As above - so below'. Anything happening in one part of the system gets mirrored in a self-similar way everywhere else. Quantum Physics tells us that the very act of observing something changes it. And the Butterfly Effect of Chaos Theory shows how even the tiniest flap of a wing can eventually produce a hurricane. Upon examining my own life, I can see how the slightest shifts of direction have led me down some very divergent paths and presented me with infinitely strange and beautiful experiences. But the most satisfying and successful of these experiences have come when I was going with the flow of time and determinism. The Universe, being the accommodating creature that she is, will provide confirmation of almost any paradigm we adopt. Mental events (perception) and acts of free will carry with them pure information which is transmitted instantly throughout the material world. To this extent, we live in an observer-created reality. Something out there (the Great Organizing Dynamic, as some have called it) responds to what we believe about ourselves and our world. From this standpoint, you are a channel, a vehicle, an agency, an instrument, a representative. And your birth chart may best be described as an output program - an indication of what should be flowing into manifestation through you. Although I might speak of 'my' horoscope, in a very practical sense, it does not belong to me - rather I belong to it. As do all the other entities, animate and inanimate, that came into being at about the same time and place. Cosmic Powers, if indeed there are such things, appear to use me and what I have to offer, and not the other way 'round. You will not get the best out of your birth chart unless you become a go-between worthy of relaying the best. Concentrate first on construction and creativity, and use astrology to define the possibilities as you go along. In the fractal logic of astrology, each planet, sign and house is a self-similar unity complete with its own rewards. For example, you may have transiting Jupiter conjunct your natal Sun. The usual interpretation of this aspect is one of increased vitality, luck and optimism. In reality however this may or may not happen, because the promise of a JupiterSun contact cannot happen without the proper conditions first being in place. And only you can put them there. By adopting an out-going attitude, by exploring new dimensions, by playing with ideas rather than holding rigidly to one static model, you put yourself into the Jupiter mode. By opening up to the Universe in this way, you actually invite luck into your life, and create a positive feedback loop of openness and optimism, which attracts more of the same.

By way of confirmation, the information this report is based on is as follows:

October 2 1966 06:23 AM

Penang, Malaysia +8 GMT 100° 19' E 05° 25' N Tropical Zodiac - Placidus Houses

sharing and interacting with others is important. duets and even duels. Libra doles out only what is demanded . It is also our essence. electronics and everything 'new-wave' appeals. this has been articulated in the concept of complementarity between the conscious and unconscious contents of the mind. You appreciate the value of compromise and would make an excellent mediator. Rather than going it alone. or soul indicator. signifying a person's confidence. that we vitalize. In Jyotish.are thought to indicate the main polarity of your being. A sense of being caught in the middle . This has been called 'intentional living'. original flair. this is the sign of equalibrium . Libran energy expresses harmony and fairplay. Light your fire! Sun in Libra You are able to find yourself best in others and in relationships. The Sun is our central identity and 'true self'. The Sun is creativity. assuming the appropriate reaction or response to any question or statement. The Sun and Moon act as positive and negative poles .an intentional. and that which we do for the sheer fun of it. it represents that which we wish to become and those we look up to. relating. the "lights" .the Sun and Moon . in that it is toward this more than anything that we should be moving and developing. the astrology of the Hindus. giving both sides equal consideration. But of all the planets. Thus. Wherever we allow our consciousness (attention) to rest. preferring instead to keep options open. Sun Conjunct Uranus Unconventional. receptive one (Moon). 'We' consciousness is the glue that holds it all in place. the Sun is known as 'atma karaka'. and a suggestible. revolutions of one kind or another . everything done in proportion with attention to balance and beauty.the quality of output we tend to expect from heros and celebrities.and I don't mean money.the ego center of the horoscope. This is certainly the social sign par excellence. the sign of the diplomat. The Sun is about having a purpose large enough to animate the whole of your life and going about it with a tone of appreciation and joie de vivre. and there is only one center to your psyche. Impersonal and impartial. the emotional conditioning of the Moon is given a purposive and positive expression by the astrological Sun. Your Sun shows how and where you can shine. for this is the sign of 'what belongs together'. authority and power . Hates being tied down with the drudgery of routine. celebration and glory . but nothing or political. What is sometimes seen as 'two-faced' behavior is Libra's facility to respond to each in kind. Computers. Men in particular are eccentric or nonconformist.nothing overdone. directing element (Sun).forced to choose between surroundings that are emotionally supportive (but not progressive) and new directions that bring advancement but may be at the expense of comfort. The Astrological Sun There is only one center to our solar system. But we are each capable of giving out more than we do . Libra energy is always responsive and conciliating. The Sun is the great central powerhouse which illuminates us and shows us where we can get the most from life by radiating all that our sun represents. independent and drawn to whatever is different and original in life. In a beneficial relationship.The Luminaries: Sun and Moon The state of the solar system at the time of your birth points to self-similar (fractal) qualities within you. In psychology. Getting these opposing energies to work together requires real .dialog. Social exchange. our bliss. Gets involved in causes that go against tradition.the delicately-weighted strategic response. as is any other kind of partnership activity . Sun Square Moon Torn between different directions in life with feelings going one way and willpower another.

but as a complex sliding-scale of varying shades and subtleties. The Astrological Moon The astrological Moon symbolises memory. Can be perceived as group has a very decided effect. You bring a sense of honesty to any group. Emotionally suspicious and has compulsions which are Pluto of the situation. Religion. There is also a great affinity for music and poetry.compromising skill. At home in the 'transcendental' realm. Penetrating so intense that presence in a is a secret from you. Political often swayed by cravings and . Others may feel that nothing influence. Sun Semisquare Neptune Dreams and visions are best indicated by the Moon's position and the planets it aspects. The Feast of the Present is spread out around you! Moon in Sagittarius Enterprising. moods and the whole psychological gambit is novel. so makes a natural teacher. independent. Moon Sextile Mercury Good mental dexterity and emotions color the thought processes. Gets pleasure out of engaging in forbidden or unauthorized behaviour. one in which we are continually banging our cup and demanding that our needs be satisfied! What is your special hunger? What kind of stimulation do you need in order to feel good about yourself? True gratification can be had only by feeding your Moon. intellectual perceptivity and flexibility. Ideas and images connect easily with popular trends and concensus feelings. Your knack for understanding opinions. unconscious side of our nature. Original. The approach to feelings. High ideals and an ability to enchant with words and images. The Sagittarian Moon tends to be more committed to ideas . There is concern with the true mysteries of existence. Understands and performs well with younger people. Tends to show emotions suddenly or in unusual ways. prefering to align your life activities with something bigger. for you have an innate awareness of future possibilities and prospects.regardless of the emotional costs . memes and conditioning . the most crucial experiences of life happen internally in the form of deeply sensitive perceptions. instinctive. Very much involved with all that is non-traditional and revolutionary. knows what it takes to create a supportive environment and to communicate effectively. Our interface with the environment .the habitual. It is helpful to see life not as 'black-white' or 'all-or-nothing'. ideologies and how we form them makes you good at politics too. thereby wasting precious energy on painful and unproductive distractions of the past. Lives with no boundaries between the self and the environment. are we react to it .than they are to people. different and unpredictable when it comes to emotional reactions. Manages to get to the searing truth psychological analyses are your strength. Prefers being unconventional and nonconformist. Moon Square Uranus Independence above all. the Moon denotes our sense of belonging and well-being (or not) and what we need in order to feel comfortable and content. You are not bound by your emotions and are thus not much of a domestic person. and at times even a trifle remote. Moon Square Deep soul searching. Good memory. you can even be happy in austere settings. truth and the world of philosophy are of great interest to you. Because it represents our upbringing and emotional background. But all too often the tendency is for the Moon to reflect back the frayed impressions of old hurts and vendettas. especially when it comes to the domestic scene and ideas of home and family. and therefore the most predictible. Clearly what is needed is a more aspiring attitude.

Hermes . wit and reason are brought into play. places . you are free to work with or against the cosmic current. good at getting others to work. and a pronounced affinity for getting into the philosophical grounds of things. The sense of responsibility is well developed and usually ends up managing situations. Serious and frugal but enjoys getting along on less. but fractal reflections of the different facets of reality . takes the initiative in domestic affairs.everything that links and conveys . as it is seen as genuinely giving. continuing to do their work even when the attention is elsewhere. There is a strong desire for both closeness and freedom. They reveal tendencies which are in a continual state of 'becoming'. communications. There is a marked tendency to re-make or re-mold oneself every so often. Enjoys helping others solve their problems and giving them a new perspective. Moon Sextile Venus Personal charm and popularity. A natural talent in and appreciation of aesthetics. excellent raport with women. This is the meeting place of mind and matter. Guided by your Mercury.whole self-consistent categories of meaning. Disciplined and hard-working. Strong spirit with a direct and emotionally forceful manner. Tends to avoid too much socializing but takes familial duties quite seriously. But you will only benefit from the universal self-organising process by intentionally and planfully improving on those features as depicted in your birth chart.the magical crossroads at which the observer stands to see the 'similarity of meaning' in the converging strands of various causes and effects. The Astrological Mercury Mercury is the articulate messenger . Prefers moving forward to maintaining the status quo. But more generally.synchronicity . Ability to counsel others is excellent and is often sought out for advice. Mercury shows how you can 'hijack' people. where logic. thoughts. An inspiration and driving force in the lives of others. can charm a prospective mate with ease. A fine appreciation of female energy. The ancestor of every action is a thought. Impulsive and energetic. But each individual is responsible for developing his or her attributes and actively integrating the planets' detailed messages. Quite able to manage a very active and strong emotional life. Words trigger attitudes and set up resonances of their own. He represents mentality: words. Attracts material benefits and prosperity. and how we say something is often more important than what we say. The power of thought. Gains favours and the trust of others very easily. Affectionate and caring when it comes to relationships. most comfortable in the physical and 'doing' areas of life. bringing together all the unique circumstances needed to trigger results that none of them could have produced on their own.master of the networks. Moon Square Jupiter Emotional buoyancy and growth. this is the planet of connections . you begin to construct a bridge between yourself and the world. Works easily with music and the arts.desires. Essentials are what count. Having had the broad qualities pointed out. Moon Trine Saturn Emotional maturity. ideas. We only get where we're going by moving in the right direction. There is great optimism and an ability to bounce back easily from negative experiences. The Planets: Agents of the Cosmos The planets of astrology are not just giant balls of rock and gas. Moon Trine Mars A born coach or teacher. change and complexity. Destiny is a matter of Destination. The power of words.

Politics will appeal. which means being agreeable and smoothing the path. You're anything but "flip. She symbolises our relationship with all that we meet in the world. secrets and intrigue . A shrewd and penetrating mind. this is Venus . The sciences are natural for you. Your enthusiasm for mind. the intellect. ignoring all else. Good relationships require give-and-take.the sense of love or appreciation we feel. for as any successful businessperson will tell you. When we appraise or appreciate something. In many ways she shows us how we can get the most.anything hidden or occult. Mercury Opposite Saturn You are very deliberate when it comes to words. ideas. Venus Sextile Mars You love to work with younger people and would make a superb teacher or coach. Mercury in Scorpio The original Sherlock Holmes. you must be willing to spend money in order to make it. and how we seek it 'we' consciousness and union. you are never lukewarm in love or business. When you concentrate. Mercury Conjunct Venus You have a love affair going with the mind and you value all of its offspring: words. You would be a good teacher. you always come up with what is essential to the matter at hand. You appreciate .there must be an out-going as well as an in-coming flow of energy. thoughts. you have great psychological instincts and are able to get at the causes beneath the surface of life. You are research-oriented and security minded. and you feel that stimulating mental adventures (either alone or with others) are among the most exciting experiences life offers. as do all successful enterprises. The Astrological Venus Venus is harmony. She is also about making oneself enjoyable. luxuries and their enjoyment. out of life. and the world of ideas makes it easy for you to communicate these things to others. You have a built-in sense of discrimination when it comes to the intellect .all mental activities. you are able to ferret out information and all kinds of secrets. and ideas in all their flavors are what you like best to work with. and such. This is the lifeblood of commerce . to what you say and think. may not always be appreciated when others are in more social moods. This ability to get-it-together is also tested by our talent (or lack of) for developing a sense of wealth and affluence. feel comfortable with and what appeals to us. As the planet of balance and resources. You have no trouble putting your feelings into words. You enjoy making money and the influence that comes with it. And she has much to do with desires. while welcome when there is mental work to do. She is also our need for approval. Thus her energy is what has been called the 'courtier spirit'. You could make a fine entertainer and an excellent speaker. whether that be another person or a possession. Mercury Sextile Mars You have a great love of the written and spoken word. In particular you appreciate good conversation. It's hot or not." and your more serious approach to ideas. interaction with others. You have great personal magnetism and a loyalty verging on possessiveness. Venus in Scorpio A passionate one. reconciliation and balance. And you love to talk. and what you say always carries a lot of content. both relationship-wise and financially.and situations to your best advantage . Venus is what we love. You love mysteries.the way you can go about getting your way. Venus speaks to us about the ways one influences the other. Venus is reciprocity. compromise.

You are a careful technician. In any endeavor. Even when others become daunted or overwhelmed by the task at hand. Matters of the heart. Jupiter is 'conscience'. You understand and encourage emotions. you can remain optimistic and upbeat. It represents our speculations about the world and can tell us much about the process of self-discovery. by adopting a spread of effort rather than a concentration . follow the indications of his placement in your chart. Mars is purposeful. This is a circular process: The more we trust and act. Luck comes into you life through your willingness to do the small things well. salvage and conserve. creating more trust in its own actions.a heart-felt approach and are an enthusiast if there ever was one. especially in a man's chart. In general. and the like are areas where you can help others. The Astrological Mars Mars is the planet of motivation and drive. As the planet of outreach and exploration. To enhance Jupiter's benefit in your life. The Hindu word for Jupiter is 'Guru' (Teacher). as well as our opinions and how we form them. ethics. there we find the planet have your talents fully utilised. Mars looks for the challenge. The Astrological Jupiter When it comes to an astrology of success and empowerment. where our passion is. Jupiter's position in your chart is instrumental in determining your capacity for optimism and attracting luck. Mars also drives us against things too. some planets are more important than others simply because of their nature. you have the ability to see how the parts fit together to make up the whole. You hate waste and are very thorough and precise. There is an organic connection between this attitude and the arrival of the good things in life. It is the self-starting impetus. You have a fantastic appetite for detailed work. Jupiter is the guiding philosophy which provides us with our sense of direction and shows us how to approach life's problems. and take the initiative when it comes to looking after the details of a project. prosperity. and all the benefits we earn through our outgoing-ness and out-giving to others. When we search for the meaning of something. and Jupiter is about having an outlook or belief system . It shows how we search for meaning in our lives. You always want to help and to be of service . and can take it all in and still look for more. initiative and energy we need to get moving. you can have too much of a good thing. direct and saying 'yes' to the exotic and unfamiliar . feelings and creativity and find it easy to work in these areas. and often signifies the sex-drive. life or whatever. for you want very much to feel useful. but this can sometimes be perceived by others as criticism. Jupiter plays a very important role here.we deliberately extend our range of contacts and interests whereby luck can reach us. and therefore has much to tell us about our 'ideal' vocation. As the 'lord of opportunity'.acting promptly on an urge and. good at finding practical solutions to problems. marriage. Mars in Virgo You have an innate urge to save. affluence. You value drive and the ability to get things done. Thus it also has to do with ardor and impulses. as when it sends us into war and combat. takes charge and pushes forward with a pioneering spirit. the more we receive impulses that can be trusted. For the most part. you are understanding and accepting. A note of warning though. it is Mars that urges us on and keeps us searching. Martian energy enjoys becoming involved in the thrust of life .something we can identify with or look forward accepting Life's invitations and maximising what they have to offer . within that conviction. Jupiter in Virgo Your philosophy is one of service. Jupiter Conjunct Pluto .

we are free to give it any point we like. Saturn in Aries You have a need to be bold. commitment and patience. always able to salvage and redeem anything. Become Yourself! Uranus in Virgo You find new ways to serve others and you have brilliant insights into diet. mysticism. and the must voluntarily keep out of the groove.whether we like it or not! It is the boundaries around us that make identity possible. you slowly but surely crystallise a personal identity. conservation. You could have difficulty with leadership. Spiritual problems and questions are easy. You like to tend and . The Astrological Uranus To live a full and satisfying life. You head straight for whatever challenges your sense of identity and puts you through changes. Chance! Uranus is the reverse of the status quo and always unconventional and heretical: If life is accidental. and all that is occult or hidden from common view. and leave not a secret unturned. A need to develop impulsiveness. psychic experiences. it also defines and clarifies.whereby we see our ambitions dare. rash.A career in psychology. the planet that keeps us from getting carried away in one direction or another. You are economy personified. even if this means going against the grain. And if you want to ride the wave of chaos instead of being swallowed by it . Each new day adds to this evolutionary sense of 'I'. the planet of fierce independence. transformation. You can serve as a guide to the nether worlds of the mind and psyche -. health. Realise that change is the only constant phenomenon. In randomness is all potential. and the pressure to conform can be stifling. self-assertion and outgoingness in general. You plunge right in. ecology. the pioneer spirit and pride in self. for you always grasp the unity behind what appears separate. selfcontainment and personal distinction.if you want to liberate yourself from the disruptions and shocks around you .religions. Yours is a career deep in change. philosophy -. psychology.the planet of materialisation and incarnation. New or alternate life styles and ways to make a living interest you. Jupiter Sextile Neptune You would do well in a career in music. poetry. distinct and unique from the others around you. you must be vividly yourself.building layer upon layer with structure and control . Disorder increases possibilties. And although it seems to limit and undermine. challenging and willful. You not only like change and transforming experiences. Saturn rules the limitations of the world we live in and so indicates where we are bound to learn self-discipline and duty .the realms of the imagination. As time passes. Many of us are afraid to be different. areas of the mind and self that are vulnerable and sensitive. is indicated. on being more aggressive. This urge to free-will and self-authorisation is Uranus. dig through the whole mess. You work well in these areas and can help or teach others by sharing your understanding. concentration. You may have to work on being alone. Nothing worthwhile can be accomplished without determination. For it is the process of sedimentation . and so on. by excluding whatever does not seem compatible with your purpose.the jab that gets you out of the rut. Saturn is said to be the hard taskmaster. The Astrological Saturn Saturn is the prince of the material world . This life path could also carry you into subjects like reincarnation. and even a little foolish . you pursue them for their own sake. persistence. Surprise can be stimulating . But to live creatively is to find your own way. and metamorphosis. with the object being an increased sense of responsibility.

Pluto is first-hand sensitive experiences and times of complete identification with a person. This is very intense stuff. when it comes to many of the apparently insolvable problems. starting deep within you and moving toward the surface.inner alchemy. This 'divine discontent' can be the cause of much mischief in itself. Your intensity is obvious. Uranus Sextile Neptune Your insight and vision into what unites people and into the dreams and mystical regions of our mind is profound. Neptune Sextile Pluto You work with real imagination and understanding in areas of the mind that are the most personal or private -. and seen as spiritual as well as physical needs to be fulfilled. Your analytical powers are superb. Uranus Conjunct Pluto Secrets have a short half-life around you. more surrendered attitude in which we expect the best of all unfulfilled possibilities and potentials . once touched. You accept the natural process of birth. . The Astrological Neptune Neptune is the desire and ablility to transcend normal consciousness and everyday waking life to dream the impossible dream.and never stop dreaming! Neptune in Scorpio Unafraid of the darker side of life. It's about waking up to the 'hidden things'.the last great act of defiance! This is the art of 'sitting loose to life'.you get to a certain stage in your development and suddenly you realise what's going on. you have no choice but to change and grow. you are attracted to the esoteric and everything mystical or occult. New paths to world or personal unity are a major interest. Pluto is the process of becoming fully conscious of (revealing) what has been happening all around you. for you have them out in a wink of an eye. often touching upon the most sensitive areas. Neptune placed here has an intuitive understanding of the deeper emotions and tends toward mediumistic or visionary talent. You have an enchanting way of working and communicating with others in these matters and with music and the arts. for to pursue the Ideal is often to avoid the reality of how things are. to laugh at life's absurdities. and doing so by reaching an intensity of awareness whereby. The Astrological Pluto Pluto is the planet of profound change. And sometimes laughter is the only genuine response . Sexuality and desires are encouraged. spiritual and physical. and some may prefer to keep their distance rather than subject themselves to your laser eye. You are like a midwife of the spirit. for people and things. the Neptunian approach is often the most sensible and practical: Rise above it and get over it! The healthy tendencies of Neptune lie in its ability to see the cosmic humor in almost anything. and you have a very practical sense of how to make your dreams real. Like sex and death . which means developing a less resisting. and you enjoy finding new avenues of inner growth. even though you may not have been aware of it. Nothing is passed over without being turned inside and out. and motivation -.depth psychology. psychology. assisting at the birth of each individual going through a spiritual or re-birth process. You are brilliant when it comes to insights into the mind. You bring excitement to the routine. feeling or idea. and to touch upon this material is to go through permanent change and transformation . and have dedicated yourself to helping it along.yours or others'. You would make a great teacher in these areas.

especially when it comes to caring for yourself and others. Here is an analysis of the house activity in your chart based on sign and planet emphasis. or ascendant. It also has to do with how we come across to others. and how we exert our will. You are perhaps overly sensitive to criticism. shows how one deals with the conditions of that house. You manage to communicate an almost mystical sense to a group. how we make a directed effort. The First House The first house. Cultivate the strategies of this part of your chart to move forward in life. to the maximum entropy symbolised in Pisces and the 12th house. . As you read along. coming up dirtier. It rushes past superficialities and right to the heart of any matter. and the sign falling on each house cusp indicates the mode of action applied to the affairs of that house. and sinks below the western horizon at the descendant. Scorpio loves to get involved. also called the ascendant or rising sign. the planets and signs appear to move across our field of vision through what astrologers have termed 'houses'. is a dharma house and connected with motivation and our approach to life. and laying bare anything that lies hidden there.Pluto in Virgo You have great ability in the healing arts and in applying practical to enchant others and bring them under your spell.what is obvious to others as our trademark look or approach. Associated with sexual energy. Scorpio on the 1st House Cusp Scorpio is intense. the twelve houses of the horoscope can be viewed as stages in a complete cycle: From the initial thrust of Aries and the first house. The sun rises at dawn and can be seen on the eastern horizon. The ascendant is the essential stuff that bubbles up in us spontaneously . But this planetary framework is seen to shift and modify itself as the planets slowly move across the backdrop of the signs. thus our appearance and how we make a first impression. This is a primary source of inner growth and transformation for you. going down deeper. this sign does well in politics and all areas where someone who dares is rewarded. or first house cusp. but you are also very effective when it comes to adapting yourself to outer circumstances. The first house shows our ability to be recognised. keep in mind that each house represents a department of life. A loyal friend but a fanatic foe. Like the twelve signs of the zodiac. and very personal. along with any planet(s) contained therein. Your ideals and ability to see the whole picture are obvious to all who come to know you. and a bit radical when it comes to self-analysis. As the earth turns daily on its axis. the sign on each house cusp. They provide clues as to which areas of your life can be given special attention and used depending on the signs and planets residing there. House Activity and Emphasis Astrologers agree that astrology is first of all the study of the angular relationships between the planets themselves. the so-called 'fixed stars' which make up the zodiac. passionate. Neptune in the 1st House You are a real charmer -. It reaches 'midheaven' at noon. In other words.

Capricorn on the 3rd House Cusp Capricorn is the business head of the zodiac. Given to clear ambition and practical insight and vision. Capricorn loves work and the hard-earned results. for this sign is always concerned with the absolute truth of the subject at hand. the climate necessary for things to grow. make comparisons. Friends. This is where we draw parallels. Deliberate and painstaking. The Third House The third house shows how we make connections and communicate with the world. sometimes to the point of austerity. This is how we hold or acquire things (possessions. material goods. This is why the fourth house is related to the mothers. it symbolises the functions of the rational mind . It's about receptivity. and plain old lucky circumstances offer encouragement and backing. The Fourth House The fourth house is a very emotional house. concerned with matters of comfort and security. all manner of questioning. A very mental house. it is concerned with finding. . articulation and conversation. and how we gain material support and sustenance. This sign tends towards coolness. money.The Second House The second house is connected with matters of wealth. and using them to our advantage. when you need it. You often get what you need. independence.linking observations and ideas. the matrix or womb. all 'mothering' functions. Aquarian energy is communal (even global). Associated with philosophy. candid. world views and group work of all kinds. domestic issues and feeling 'at home'. and the goal is always one that is for the many and not the few. and to the point. and other resources). enjoy and get in harmony with our surroundings. co-workers. Here is how we create the right conditions. In short. Therefore it has much to say about our material rewards. for it is the very opposite of the emotional Cancer. how we respond to. in which our desires can flourish. the sign of humanitarian goals and altruism. Sagittarian energy is always welcome in politics as well as social and community endeavors where its basic fairness and expansiveness is helpful. gathering. Moon in the 2nd House Good things (the support you need) always seem to come to you. The focus is on the goal. Thus this sign is connected to far-seeing visions. outreach and all things boundless. Aquarius on the 4th House Cusp Aquarius. Sagittarius on the 2nd House Cusp Sagittarius is nothing if not direct. and sort through it all. as well as the kind of response we get from life and those around us. this sign always takes a distanced perspective and a cool appraisal. nurturing and all the selfprotective measures we take to ensure a secure base of operations. how we make a firm foundation. Status and material reward are very important. Always impartial and nonsectarian. The second house refers to how we secure ourselves.

Hightened sensory input is also important. It tends to act first. animals Your critical faculties are very keen. The Sixth House The sixth house is the house of physical efficiency. accepting and giving of itself for the sake of more important issues. you tend to be relentless in your appraisal.our ability to solve problems and get our way. has to do with creativity and warm outgoing self-expression. Taurus on the 7th House Cusp Taurus is about drawing on the bounty of the earth. unchanging and preserving element. . and bonding with the environment. It takes decisive action and loves self-reliance. adapt ourselves to a situation and then seek to improve upon it. You may have approach/avoidance reactions with children. This sign is understanding. get a sense for what is useful. patient and compassionate. The sixth house shows how well we handle the details of life . relationships and 'significant others'. This is the life stage of 'apprenticeship'. leaders and 'firsts'. where we begin to recognise and appreciate our own dynamic and playful nature. and once you turn your analytical light on. It is the on-going. enduring. but to enjoy it to the fullest. Feeling creative may be difficult. as well as one's ability to respond to a marriage partner. This could make working with others difficult because they find you too scrutinizing. Rushing in where others fear to tread. building confidence and self-esteem. it tends to absorb it's surroundings like a sponge. Aries on the 6th House Cusp Aries is the sign of connected with partnerships. and even pride in ourselves. only thinking about what it may have done later. for you are very hard on yourself in this area. the descendant . It is impulsive. and tend to be cautious and restrained. 'practice makes perfect'. Aries energy is attention-getting and always provokes a response from the surroundings and from others. All forms of creative expression (including love affairs and offspring) are connected with this house. Hence the connection of the sixth house with routine. Here is where we learn to strike a balance . Therefore marriage and union (yoga) are indicated by this house. The sign is very trusting. and express your feelings.the art of give and take.whatever transcends the everyday world. This is the life area of personal sovereignty. This is where we respond to the personal needs of others. Saturn in the 5th House You find it difficult to let go. where we make a connection between mind and matter. emote. All that carries us beyond our personal self (and into an awareness of contradictory or complementary points of view) is symbolised by the seventh house.opposite of the ascendant .The Fifth House The fifth house. enthusiasm. Here is where we find our originality and flair. what is not. and seeking material security and physical safety there. another dharma or 'life purpose' house. Here we separate the wheat from the chaff. and make the best of it. The Seventh House The seventh house. But they also know they can rely on you to carry the heaviest load. Super-sensitive. It loves free-ranging activities which allow for some imaginative scope. Pisces on the 5th House Cusp Pisces energy runs deep and toward the mystical -. becoming physically aware of. assertive and spontaneous. for it is the mission of this sign to not only find a sense of place within the material realm.

A sensitive sign where feelings and real experience count more than cold logic. beliefs. or align our activities with something bigger. Gemini is the communicator.society. where things are done for their own sake. the ninth house is where we take journeys both of the body and the mind. such as death and taxes. the gossip of the zodiac.voice. The Tenth House The tenth house. Thus it also covers any jointly held resources. as well as any planets located therein. commonly called the midheaven.those areas of life that we may not care to face.The Eighth House The eighth house is the house of first-hand transformative experiences and situations . and always theatrical and dramatic. Gemini energy is unattached. Leo on the 10th House Cusp Leo energy is expressive. well as how we can benefit from . Gemini on the 8th House Cusp Gemini is concerned with connections. very inquisitive and changable. always making a home. communication and logic -. and rational mental processes in general. Cancer on the 9th House Cusp Cancer is the mother of the zodiac. here is where we can attract luck by keeping open and receptive to opportunities. their problems and their benefits. sensitive. speculation. bringing a dynamism and enthusiasm to everything it touches. Warm and big-hearted. writing. independent.. Along with Jupiter's position. as well as activities where we find ourselves transformed toward a more integral position. thoughts. Often very artistic. This house covers initiations of all kinds. This is the fearless 'becoming' stage. playfully and with pleasure. .. Leo lives in full appreciation and celebration of the finer elements of life. explore new territory. the collector of trivia. Therefore one's reputation and career are often connected with this house. vital and exuberant. The Ninth House The ninth house shows where we are willing to go beyond our everyday experience in search of meaning. is the house of success and glory. we are operating in the realm of the ninth house. it doesn't get any more physical and emotional than this. It feeds on emotional comforts. practical vision and achieving a public distinction. It is also concerned with making comparisons. Any time we reach out. the so-called 'inevitables' of life. tender and moody. The tenth house is about having a goal in life and the self-determination to reach it. the getting rid of excess parts of ourselves that we no longer need. opinions and how we form them all belong to this house. show how we can strive to be a benefit to . Traditionally the house of 'long journeys'. 'twins' and duplications of all kinds. and often has a strong attachment to the past and ancestry. The sign on the tenth house cusp. The eighth is also concerned with catharsis. this is the sign of creativity and the arts. Here is how we can 'live our calling' and become self-piloting individuals. Cancer energy is always nurturing. protecting and providing a foundation for others. but we must face sooner or later.

implementation. we can also choose to reach outward and upward to a more fulfilled state. You have very original ideas when it comes to community. Virgo energy is always facilitating. often caring more for others than for itself. how we can turn our dreams into reality. This is the sign of 'ways and means'. instrumentation.where all is yet unfulfilled potentialities. An urge to organize and be practical amounts to a minor obsession. betrayal and selfundoing. physical effectiveness and efficiency. where your innate idealism and love for humanity can blossom. Virgo on the 11th House Cusp Virgo energy is analytical and precise.the chaos before the new impulse . and groups with some kind of humanitarian flavor will appeal. eleventh house activities often break from conformity. Although we can choose to become trapped and frustrated by the many obstructions to attaining our dreams. the public mind. This is the indeterminate state . Inventive and unusual. establishing new and unprecedented states of being. You may have an ability to organize and manage all that is vulnerable and sensitive in the human psyche. Pluto in the 10th House A tremendous practical sense and drive cuts through all the red tape and exposes the right decisions every time.. Traditionally this is the house of 'sacrifice'. and is often connected with prisons. the eleventh shows our hopes and dreams. The Eleventh House The eleventh house is where we put our visions and dreams to work for others. The most futureoriented of the houses. transcending the usual down-dragging conditions and rising above difficulties .anything that is altruistic or serves the common good -. Therefore this house has always been connected with altruistic and humanitarian goals. as well as having the self-authorisation to set them in motion. making our collective dreams into a reality.the power of imagination! .Mars in the 10th House You are driven to manage and control things. here the mind takes control over matter. Your career motivation is constant and relentless. The Twelfth House The twelfth house is where consciousness dawns . Uranus in the 11th House You may enjoy eccentric or unconventional friends. Sun in the 11th House Perfect as a group leader.. A mental earth sign. Supervision and taking charge are your trademarks. Here in the twelfth house we have the capacity to attain liberation by using our visionary scope and working creatively with life's intangibles . You can make a career out of your keen organizational skills and clear insight into how things work. Group or community work -.the house of the rising Sun. Jupiter in the 10th House It is natural for you to put your practical and managerial abilities to work. You strive to make your dreams and ideals real.thus establishing a life nearer our where you can be found. always separating out what is worthwhile and worth supporting from that which is outmoded and of no further use. and the opportunities we may have to reach them.

par to serve and help others -. giving both sides equal consideration. This is certainly the social sign. Impersonal and impartial.are what you tend to think about.nothing overdone. and part of their beauty. What is sometimes seen as two-faced is only Libra's facility at responding to each in kind. present and future concerns. and quite another in middle age. but nothing neglected. assuming the appropriate reaction or delicatelyweighted strategic response to any question or statement.Libra on the 12th House Cusp Libra energy is always responsive and conciliating. The symbols of your horoscope change as your life changes . this sign doles out only what is demanded . You value a certain amount of self-sacrifice and a giving attitude. You can discriminate between superficiality and the reality beneath them it. Lastly. there is no 'one and only' reading of the birth chart. allowing you to approach your horoscope again and again with questions about past. Mercury in the 12th House Your mind is naturally interested in all that is psychological and beneath the surface of things. 1993-2012 Chaos Astrology . Venus in the 12th House You can appreciate the difficulties of others and be understanding of the problems they may be having. is that they are flexible enough to be relevant and fixed enough to be meaningful. The mystery of the astrological symbols.they mean one thing in the life of a youngster. Ideas of self-sacrifice and compassion -.