General Questions about Music Magazine 1. What is a music magazine?

A music magazine focuses on a specific genre of music, for example Rock (Kerrang) or Chart Music (Billboard) It informs the music fans of the magazine about the upcoming music concert and music. The magazine targets only a specific audience so that it can keep their interests at heart and doesn’t lose the target audience.

What is a Music Magazine?

A music magazine dedicates its whole magazine to music and what is going on in the music world.

Entertains through the images, interviews, cover mounts and articles with in the music magazine

Creates a relationship between the magazine and the target audience so that there is a direct link between them.

Example : NME
‘Tour special’ relates to the fact this is a music magazine. The NME stands for New Music Express.

The fun image of Dizzee Rascal invites the audience to read the magazine

The large, bold font stands out like music.

Interviews with the music artists

Music News

2. What content (text/copy/writing/articles/stories) would you expect to find in a music magazine? Depending on the magazine there will be a variety of different content involved within.

Reviews Top Music
What content would you expect to find in a music magazine?


Band News/Info

Tour dates

Posters Interviews


Example: Top Of The Pops The bubbled writing attracts the target audience as it is “childlike” and friendly.

The articles are typically written about musicians and artists that are involved in the music industry.

The colours used on this magazine relate to the stereotypical female girl – pink and yellow. Therefore the colours attract the target audience of young female girls. Interviews with the music artists Competitions

3. What images would you expect to find in a music magazine?

Albums Instruments
What images would you expect to find in a music magazine?



Images of Artist

Bands Advertisements


Example: NME
The smaller images throughout front cover engages audience.

Main Image of Lily Allen

4. Identify general characteristics/ Features that you would expect to find in all music magazines.

Masthead is bold and stands out against the blue background. It takes over a 1/5 of the page and is located at the top.

Main image is vital on a front cover because it can tell the audience which type of genre the magazine is.

The rule of thirds organises the front cover so that it looks professional and organised.

The cover lines on Billboard relate to the main image of Rihanna. “My fans don’t really know who I am” entices the reader to read the magazine.

Barcode registers where the magazine is brought from. From this barcode Billboard can monitor where and who is buying the magazine.

The consistent colour scheme makes the front cover look professional and attractive.