Indian Economy and the Road Ahead Report : “India is the Bicycle and its countrymen are the

wheels and drivers of the (India)”. The wheels and the drivers have been passed through various phases of challenges and are passing through the road of challenges still. Past history tell us that India’s wheels have passed through the hurdles of making India Free from the colonization of Britishers. “For India to reach its greater heights which it has poised, the people of the country (wheels) should be in balanced state.” Though India being one country the people of it are divided into two. One India urge to achieve were as the other India lacks or doesn’t strive for success which is creating the roadblock for India to succeed. There was a time when India had strong leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam who had the vision,”The vision of Prosperous and Dynamic India”. But the present India has short of Strong Leaders who can lead the Country to the prosperity, the country free of corruption, the country free of all social problems. India has been passing from the Rough phase over a half a century embedded with Poverty, Corruption, Economic and infrastructure Crisis, But also there has been the gradual change in India in the recent times, India has proved itself as the global superpower, The Liberalization of Indian Economy post 90s had the major impact on India and its people. As a result of Liberalization there was the transfer of foreign investment, science, technology and trade to India which proved to be positive, The standard of living was increased, Employment Opportunities increased, the healthcare facilities were upgraded and the normal living life of its people increased . India through its Indian Companies due to its caliber and hard work has marked its presence in different countries of the world and created its own identity. India has gradually been shifting its base from the only Agriculturist economy to the Manufacturing and the Service sector based economy along with Agriculture. This has proved positive for the Indian economy. The change in the economic and political reforms, Strong Fiscal policies saved India from the global Financial Crisis. Though India has Developed significantly , to maintain this status it has to still resolve the Infrastructure issue, Reduce poverty ,the quality of education has to be increased, Regional differences within the country and its neighboring countries has to be resolved. India has the highest number of the Young Population. Today’s youth are the face of the nation tomorrow. The youth should start involving itself to understand the problems prevailing in the society and start working to resolve the various issue faced by its society and give its country a bright future. India Needs a Change, A change of corrupt less society, Society Free of Poverty, Society with equal Rights, a society of Education to All, a Society of peace. This all can happen when One India Helps the Other India, One India Leading other India. “Cum lets Lead India”.