Gender Male


Age: 13-17 18-24 What is your favourite music video? (Able to mention more than one) . What is good about the music video you chosen? . What do you like to see in a music video? (Tick One) The Artist/Band Storyline Dancing Random footage Not related to the lyrics Others, .

Do you prefer a music video which is… Funny Serious Eye catching Dark/ Sad Happy/ Bright

Based on the choices you made above mention a music video, which is related to those. (Only one)


What makes you often listen to a music video? The Artist The music lyrics Music label Others If others please specify

What source do you normally use to watch music videos? TV FACEBOOK YouTube Other If other please specify Rate these music videos. Very Good Psy Gangnam Style Justin BieberBaby Shakira- Waka Waka Rihanna ft Eminem- Love The Way You Are Good Okay Bad Very Bad .

What makes Psy-Gangnam Style (816,175,123) the video with most views on YouTube?(only for people who have seen the video)