Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology Lab Report III
This week, we studied two diagrams Sun+McDon.1989-REEs and McDon+Sun1995 (spider). This report contains these diagrams applied on both sets from the Petrogenesis of Tertiary Continental Intra-plate Lavas from the Westerwald Region, Germany.


Sun+McDon. 1989-REEs



1 Ce La Pr Nd Pm Sm Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb Lu

Figure 1: Sun+McDon.1989-REEs diagram.

With this diagram we compare the compositions of the rock samples with chondrites. The horizontal values are rare earth elements; light ones on the left, and heavier ones on the right side and observing the changes in the REE, we can find out about the partial melting degrees of the rocks. Left side of the diagram (La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Pm, Sm) starts from a bit over 100 and it has relatively steep slope. This means the samples had occured at low degree of partial melting. Slope is lowered through the end of the graph, there is no apparent depletion at Yb-Lu, so we cannot exactly say that there is Garnet formaiton. Also not having depletions mean that there is no accessory mineral formation on these samples. In addition there is no plagioclase crystallization, because we do not see any Eu values that might indicate depletion.

Rock/Pyrolite Mantle 1000

McDon.+Sun 1995



1 Cs

Rb Ba

Th U

Nb Ta

K La

Ce Pb

Pr Sr

P Nd

Zr Sm

Eu Ti

Dy Y

Yb Lu

Figure 2: McDon+Sun1995

On this diagram we have also the trace alements and some new REEs, and they help us comment about the formation conditions and environment. This time, the values are normalized to the primitive mantle. Because the Nb and Ta concentrations are not affected bu alteration, their values indicate the original values from the rock sample. Finding them depleted should mean that the rocks are formed in subduction zones or having crustal contamination. But in these samples they are not depleted. Insted we can say that because these are slight depletions at Th, K and Pb values, these are within plate samples. There are no clean depletions on Sr and P so we cannot say that there are formations of plagioclase or apatite. Yb depletion could be showing garnet formation.