Monitoring Activities Report Introduction Small grants project for NGO’s in order to support department Peace building and

Social cohesion under MSS, small grants project established in 2010 with objective to support department on conflict prevention and peace building during election 2012 election period, but unfortunately the election went smoothly. Therefore in order to continue the project, panel members together with sorted list of NGO had decided to continue the project with actual objective such as;    Empowerment of youth as leaders for conflict prevention Conflict prevention during elections Socialization of Martial Arts law and their engagement in conflict prevention and peace building

The reason was conflict prevention and peace building not only during the election period but need to conduct in everyday life. Related to the reason above, on 09 October 2012 small grants launched with 10 selected NGO’s which is will focus on Desk research, media campaigning, Training, workshop, and Socialization activities on conflict prevention and peace building in different targeted groups. Monitoring Methodology During the monitoring process conducted with different kind of observation, site visit, and interview with beneficiaries. So far 3 times interview has been conducted in 3 different NGO’s project. 5 site visits has been conducted to 5 different NGO’s and 3 observations conducted to different NGO’s activities. NGOs project activities during November 2012 5 NGOs has started their initial project activities in different place and activities, such as in Liquica JPC-Liq NGO has started with Training of trainer to youth representative from each selected villages in Liquica district, East Timor Reflection Network NGO (ETCRN) in Dili on Forum reflection on CHEGA report as common history to university students in Dili, ITA Ba Paz NGO on District socialization on martial arts law no 10/2008 in Dili with targeted groups was all martial arts organization coordinators. A part of that other 2 NGOs has begin with their activities including Fundasaun Mahein NGO conducted desk research on Security sector and strengthening immigrations works and Ba Futuru NGOs has begun with their activities on Showcase for community and youth at risk in selected area in Dili.

1. JPC-LIQ On 19 November 2012, JPC-Liq conducted activities on Training of Trainer to 11 youth representative from 5 villages in Liquica sub-district, 4 male and 7 female. The objective of the training was to prepare youth from each villages to become peace promoter for their villages, after the selected youth receive training they will go back to their own village and train their community and youth in their village. 2. ETCRN On 20 November 2012, small grants officer conducted interview and observation on ETCRN activities of Forum Reflection on CHEGA report as common history to UNITAL university students. Total students who participate in the forum around 70 people with 50 male and 20 female. 3. ITA BA PAZ ITA BA PAZ NGO conducted district socialization in Dili on Martial arts law No 10/2008 to the martial arts organization coordinators. Total participants 20 people with 7 female and 13 male. 4. Fundasaun Mahein Fundasaun mahein has started desk research on Security and strengthening immigration, the report almost finishes and will report announce within next month by inviting respective actors. 5. Ba Futuru Ba Futuru has started with showcase activities in Dili area. Showcase focus in at risk area with involvement of youth who has been selected as youth at risk. 10 showcases has been conducted in Dili in 10 differences area within month of November.

Monitoring Result Monitoring process has been conducted with 5 NGO’s in Dili and district. Based on the site visit, observation and interviews has been conducted in general the activities undertaken by the NGOs were running well. 5 site visits conducted shows that in general the NGOs has just begun their activities and they have no problems during the implementation of the programs, no obstacle or challenges faced by them. Only small change in their activities, for example ITA BA PAZ they supposed starts their activities in Manufahi district but they have to move it in Dili due to in Manufahi will be important activities take place during period of November. Proximately 25 interviews have been conducted in 5 different NGOs activities. Mostly from 25 respondents said that the project was useful for them, they have increase their knowledge and skills on conflict prevention and peace building. 15 respondents said the time that the NGOs organized was to short as well as time management was not appropriate.

In addition to that, Observation also has been conducted to 5 NGOs activities by the small grants officer. Based on the observation result, the majority activities were conducted went smoothly and no significant issues to rise. Small grants has also found some challenges faced by the NGOs such as less participation from participants as expected in NGOs project Proposal, the activities started late and target speaker did not meet the NGOs expectation. Inefficiency using of time, some NGO conducted activities which contrary with other important event. Next Follow up Monitoring Next follow-up monitoring will conduct in December by covering NGOs in district. It will follow NGOs schedule activities.